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  2. Yea indeed @Lawyerh a overstuff rice sushi is me. With that little filling on top as a hat it's cutttteeeee Thannnkkk youuu 982
  3. LOL! I think they are just exaggerating details of their soon-to-be-maybe-wishing lavish wedding. Because PMY came from a wealthy family right? and they are both top Korean stars now...
  4. Anyway What I believe rn is PSJ n PMY just starting their relationship for just few months now, and taking it slowly .. And In the meantime while observing one another,they are saving money for the 63 billions dollar wedding.... 63 billions dollar wedding, and she is going to wear a 2.3 billion dollar gown which is take 700 hours to make it. that’s what i read on Twitter
  5. @gm4queen loved your answer , and everyone , for me I loved 2 scenes, they different in so many ways , every scenes have its own journey that make it meaningful & special in a way the other isn’t but if I have to choose, I will choose bed scene because : 1 - I don’t find bed scene disgusting or lust , I see it as next step of love story or journey of two couple that I watch growing on each other want to see where things may lead - but sadly in denial case he nearly was dipping in to a pool of happiness when everything was cut short with knocking on the door , the person who knocked on door should be in most wanted list 2 - maybe it’s only me but I find bed scene say more in romance department , it’s way more intimate between two lead , I love that the actors have nowhere to hide but to show the chemistry between them , I believe they have from the start I wouldn’t want to make myself long and bored you girls so the bed scene of me , it’s the pleasures & joys of being young and in love always so let’s hope to see him in more bed scene in future Waves to sweet , @nohamahamoud2002 thanks for tagging me if I come cross weird with my post , I also like unspoken attraction, specially staring at each other from 2 mile away , like my lovely @Lawyerh
  6. yep @rulebox3000.. i think you might have read a fanfic.. or maybe someone gave you a wrong info. So lets not carelessly state something here and claim its the truth especially if theres no reference for it.. since you are new here and didnt know this forum exists.. we suggest you read from page 1.. its a lot i know.. but trust me, you will know the REAL FACTS... and you'll learn that most of the things youve read, like what you just posted are fiction.
  7. gurl pdnim is never gonna make PSJ kiss her belly in the drama.. that’s too raunchy for tv.. i would love to see it but still it’s gonna too much for those poor innocent non perv people i guess..
  8. No babe. With yang mi lol... I watched a lot of his drama actually. I was crazy about him before... haha... Dolphin Bay / Chinese Paladin 3 / Detective Tanglang are some of my favourite. 980.
  9. Yeah make me smile to look all stills and gifs.. Just hope KJW will continue romantic hero..
  10. I saw this definition in an article while browsing just for fun. A kiss on the hand. Nowadays it is a bit old-fashioned which makes this kiss even more romantic. It used to be a formal gesture to greet a woman. However now it can be a sign of attention, courtesy or even affection, which is more than just love. Kissing a wrist is sexual and revealing. Moreover, psychologists also think it can be a sign of the intention to bring the partner into subjection. A kiss on the forehead is a patronal kiss, like maternal or paternal, expressing care. Such a kiss can be typical if one of the partners (usually a man) is much older than the other. A kiss on the nose expresses tenderness and liking. Such a kiss is given to a person you like or to your pet. It shows that you trust your partner. A kiss on the cheek is nowadays a routine way to say “hi” to your friend, relative or other people you know well. In such a case, the kiss has no deep meaning. Still, if a person in love gives such a kiss to his partner, it could mean the desire to become closer, the genesis of the relationship, when it is difficult to make the first big step towards it. A kiss on the corner of the mouth. It signifies a try to proceed in relationship, which can help you know if a partner will let you more. A kiss on the lips shows both passion and desire. A quick kiss on the lips can be a way of saying “I like you”, “We have had a good time together”. Such a kiss is typical of people who do not like saying a lot about their feelings. Generally, a kiss on the lips is very intimate and can be shy, tender, tremulous, passionate and even demanding. It depends on the temperament and intentions of the partner. Most often, it means that the partner wants close relationship, ready for that and there is no escape. A kiss on the lips can be of different level of passion. A too aggressive kiss means the lack of self-confidence and a wish to assert oneself. Biting the lips while kissing may signal that the partner is jealous and will not give in. A well-known “French kiss” is the sign of maximum passion and physical attraction. It also matters whether you kiss with your eyes open or closed. In the first case (eyes open), a partner is not confident and tries to watch and check the reaction. In the second case (eyes closed) partners fully give in to the process and by closing their eyes they reinforce the senses and sensitivity. HOPEFULLY WE WILL GET TO SEE THIS : *ehem A kiss on the neck means the desire to seduce. It is likely to be made by an experienced partner, who wants to excite a woman, knowing that neck is one of the erogenous zones. A kiss on the ear is an attempt to involve the partner into a love play and is seen as a foreplay.
  11. 978 @Lawyerh with yang mi? Yes you must watch it btw I have never watch cdrama that is not serious and romantic. I think we have a lot of romantic and serious cdramas than kdramas Wallace huo always handsome ya.. sighhhh
  12. Thanks a ton! i was planning to read the actual webtoon but i got distracted & forgot about it! & woah their first night in the webtoon looks & feels more realistic than the original drama haha but i'm sure the actors had their reason for not showing all those interactions which happened in the webtoon! btw in the webtoon didn't they spend the night at lyj home then why is he wearing a cute girly pajama haha? & i wanna cry why didn't they made psj kiss pmy's belly in the drama!?? it would had been such a dreamy moment
  13. Team of stylists, photographer, PR, and studio media who followed Wookie to France recently. Lucky team, and one of the stylist also had smilar Boy Chanel handbag as DH.
  14. Cutie Shinhye with her girls friends at the beautiful mint life festival cr: sarahmoon0217 IG; @cigeumyooo2 twitter
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