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  2. really not happy about netflix.... have to wait 2 weeks before episode airing... so frustrating I am sad VIKI did not got this as netflix have delay in airing episode and also their sub is bad. sorry to seem mad, just needed to went out my frustration about Netflix...
  3. More photos of PHJ and Secret team in action helping the affected families of Gangwon-do forest fire 190419 PHJ IG/Weibo update "작은 도움이라도 좋습니다. 저도 계속 돕겠습니다."「小小的帮助也好,我也会坚持下去……」 A little help is good, I will continue to help
  4. Dear @triplem & @stroppyse chingus!!! I've already watched today's eps where Choi Daniel & Beak Jin Hee do the cameo with Jung Gook's father & they are so so so sweet & cute together with Jugglers theme music in background! Then Jung Gook popped out & hah haaaaaaa, the usual hilariousity!! I will watch the full eps gradually later with other eps! And thanks a lot for your explanation on Hoo Ja! Yes she is something unique I've seen in a K-drama! She has the guts to be the perfect villainess ahead!! And I couldn't stop myself!!! So I've already watched eps 5-6 & I am so impressed by the plot!! It has all the qualities to make you glued to the screen!! And yes, the guy from jermany, Mi young calls him oppa but he seems to be interested in her!! He can't be her biological oopa at all! He seems a really nice guy but I am afraid of seeing him with Jung Gook! Hope oppa doesn't go in the wrong path! And I am so curious over the next eps..... With Hoo Ja's threatning to kill Mi Young, won't Jung Gook be a good guy or something giving up con artistry..???! I feel something like that! He seems a bit bad but he really cares for her! His husband material is so nice! But I can't wait to discover how a con artist live up with a detective wife without being get caught! You can't fool Mi Young! And WOWWW!! This is so intriguing! I can't predict the next move for anyone & I like that! This is the true enthusiasm!! Can't wait to see the next eps!! THANKS A LOT AGAIN FOR THE RECOMMENDATION, LOVELIES!!!
  5. There's no need to hide or delete any photos. It's her face, she can do what ever she wants with it. There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery. She didn't harm anybody with her surgery. Not sure why fans always want to hide before photos because it makes it seem like surgery is a bad thing. Many fans are proud of her not because of her face, but because of her talent and personality. Her having beautiful visual is an icing on the cake.
  7. "The Divine Fury" movie was bought to show in America. But the bad news is that my state is not show "The Divine Fury"
  8. she still looks cute tho. I was chubby too when I'm that age. what matters now is this is our queen now. Captain, she's beautiful right? (oh my eyes ... ) and that slim figure. It will take me years to look like her. lol.
  9. I hope the fact that he was seated number 2 next to SKH means that his screentime is substantial enough. Still didn't like his styling here too much, especially the hair. Liked the ring, although it's likely just a designer accessory they asked him to sport, not THE wedding ring:
  10. @Eeveeta wheres the part here in this forum that says or implied that no one can accept her for who she is?
  11. No one can force anyone in this thread.If she don't delete it, it's her right. But it would be better if not searched by this thread, isn't it? As far as I read in this this thread , No one doesn't accept her.
  12. I am sorry, I might have missed the discussion. May I know what rumours are of Joseph and management treatment thingy? He is great in this version. I was hoping for more WJ and ZM bts scenes now that the series is done broadcasting. The bts seem to release the more serious interaction between WJ and ZM bts (why why why? I want to see more ). Seems like from my quick browse of weibo (without having an account or even understanding what is written. Ouuch ), some users screen shot weibo interactions between Joseph and Yukee so they might not be that distant. But seems like my hopes are futile lol Among the four female, lookwise, I really like Yinli at the later episodes. Bambi is prettier when ZR repented. However, ZM acting make her the most memorable for me. I like this type of beauty, i feel like it's fresh type, not typical beauty. (no offense please folks ) It's great to hear ZM will appear sooner in the TVB version. She is among the best best part of this version, yet she appeared so late (for sure it feels so late for me
  13. Tomorrow ? Not on 24th ? While the whole world is probably waiting for Avengers : End Game on Apr 24th, I'm dying to see her drama's 2nd teaser. Agreed with @Ni Wen that the 2nd teaser would be the angel's narration (+ black swan).
  14. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU PD-NIM FOR ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS!!!!! AND IT'S A ROM-COM!!!! here's the teaser clip Not really sure about their roles but their clothes give off a lot of grim reaper vibes. MooKang being badass even in the afterlife.
  15. TWICE is back at the top of many major realtime charts, this time with “Fancy“! The JYP Entertainment group released their new mini album “Fancy You” on April 22 at 6 p.m. KST. It features the title track “Fancy,” which was written by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon. As of 9:30 p.m. KST on April 22, […] The post TWICE Shoots To Top Of Many Major Realtime Charts With “Fancy” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. You are laughing at me you said I am new fan but I am in truth fan of PMY for many many years and you are the ones who does not know her well. This is her. She was chubby as a teen and in her early days as actress. If you cannot accept her for who she is then go away you are the fake fans and do not know her and not me.
  17. with all do respect, Soompi is not the only fan forum. there are private groups also, this one is public. and while its true that these photos can also be googled.. its different when it is collected in a collage and ready to be copied by haters. and I did NOT dictate.. it was a suggestion.. just like @jingjajasaid.. she should not be criticized for it again. and those 3 photos above that you said.. only two is her.. the one with short hair was already approved not to be her. it was a different person (at least as posted in an IG account)
  18. Hello! No not yet but already downloaded! I think it will be good since all the actors are talented just like our Jinyoung. It is only an 8-episode drama. I watched his movie tho and it's really good, awesome! Funny!
  19. Darn it! I was afraid the writer would use the biblical "sins of the father" on the JS character. And, probably on the SM character, too. I wonder if SM, set their apartment on fire, in the belief that the fire would obliterate all traces of him and his mother, in order to prevent his father from finding them because ... the father is also psychometric. In his desperation and emotionless naivety, he didn't factor in the effect on the rest of the building, from the fire. As for who knifed the obnoxious woman and her family, perhaps, it was a blackmail tactic used by SM's father to get SM and his mother to return to him. And, he duplicated, at the nursing home, what he, and SM, did at the apartment, as another warning to SM and his mother. BTW, I just found that Dramamilk.com does live recaps on her site.
  20. There’s no charge for older dramas. As for the new ones, you can start free trial. I don’t remember anything about the sub where I got it or who did it for EOG at all. Appreciated for such a great job well-done though. It’s a difficult drama to tackle.
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