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  2. @lu09 @Lawyerh 26# 18+ moment \ make out / drooling .. adult reading book .. wishing for girlfriend
  3. Hah. That was a truly excellent episode. I skipped everyone bar MR and TJ. So went to the Chairman and Wang Wei conversation. Lol, what the heck? I don't understand why she supports KMR. Did I miss something in between? I mean I understand what she said but why did she say it? At times like this I am thankful I understand the gist. And my Korean is better than my Mandarin. Is the Chairman so easily influenced? I died laughing. Subs will be out in the next 8 hrs or so I think. I also repeated the offce staff meeting SJ 2 times. It was too funny. Night all.
  4. Hi all, it’s nice to find this thread of Yejin and members who support her project with Hyunbin. Actually, I’m lowkey shipper of them since I watched some The Negotiation press conference and promotion videos. But for now, whether they’re dating or not, I’m happy enough they can do the drama together, finally. It doesn’t matter to me whether yejin & hyunbin went to US related to their project or not and who received the drama offer first. Even the other shipper claimed hyunbin went to US because of another reason. At least, they were together at that time, it’s a fact. I just want to say it’s possible if the actor/actress in Korea industry receive the drama offer while still filming the current one. Park Min Young received the offer for her current drama HPL from tvN while she’s still filming Secretary Kim. But the news just came up early this year. It’s just a sample. One thing I hope for the drama is, yejin-hyunbin agencies won’t ask tvN to release limited BTS clips because of their dating rumor. It happened once with the other rumor couple and I hope it won’t happen again.
  5. Welcome to the club. You write eloquently. Love how you compare kookmin to kdrama. I agree with you, they do remind me of a romcom and am enjoying every moment as the relationship progresses. Keep on sharing your thoughts and let's continue spreading positive vibes to all.
  6. lu09

    drama tropes 2019

    Bwahahaha Yuna was the best lol. Oppaaaaaaaaa. @Lawyerh I came across that video 2 to 3 weeks ago and I was ROFL lol. I had to rewatch her parts all over again lol.
  7. from epreview at yes24 whenever I see him, my heart beats i knew he is my love whenever I see him, I am all twinkle, twinkle i knew it at first sight as warm as ?spring star is it possible for love to come? whenever I see him, my heart jumps will you stay by my side for sure Can love come whenever i see you I am twinkle, twinkle today, tomorrow and again and again my thoughts are only of you. for real. don't lose interest. for real don't get irritated. for real don't leave me. for real. embrace my eyes for you. 1. SoJu was really a strange female. I met her for the first time when a friend invited a few to a pub in winter.
  8. Kim Bora (Hyo Jin/Cindy) did a doodle for Jung Won Chang (Yoo Seob). In his caption, he described it with details like it was an art piece on display Support truck from Kim Bora's friends, AKMU's Suhyun and Kim Sae Ron:
  9. This is also probably something the drama wants to bring to its viewers. That they look at fangirls and see past their "squealing, screaming and gushing over their bias" image and find a woman who knows what makes her own self happy and is passionate at making others happy as well. That's what I've learned so far. And it makes me feel proud to be a fangirl.
  10. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    Omo.. i came out ROFL...
  11. No. Ahn Bo Yoon became known in Descendants of the Sun. He has only few big projects before. But he is following a lot of actors and actresses whom he has not worked with. He probably just like to follow big stars. He is not following Kim Ji Won though although they worked together in DOTS, he was closer to SHK back then. But maybe he watched FFMW and liked PSJ.
  12. She would have been very traumatized. Now my questioin then is when did she receive the text from JS? Was it before she went to the meeting place or when she was at the meeting place which was a theater wasn't it? If JS texts were before she went to the date location then she could possibly be lying about the whole thing but if the text were sent when she was at location of the date, outside or inside of the theater, then it is possible she could have been assaulted maybe by a total stranger or someone at school who knew of the date and knew she was stood up by JS? DH may even have sent those text as an SOS to JS who did not want to have anything to do with her. Dahee would have known exactly that it was neither of the boys who did it. I can understand a victim not saying anything about the incident, or the identity of the offender, because of shame, guilt as victims are sometimes made to feel that it was their fault, fear of peer segration and societal prejudice, lack of support... however why accuse someone who isn't guilty? Yes, JH is a bad person who stood her up but she knew exactly who the sexual offender was, stranger or a known person. I hope mom goes to the police. Did JH say the lip tint belongs to DH? I remember him telling mom that he found it in his room so he just put it in his drawer. Mom is always in her son's room. It could be that the lip tint belongs to her that she dropped it from her bag while looking over her son's room. She is a pill popping lush I even wonder how she can stay so elegant and pretty, even drive or function properly. A handful of pills and glass or 2 of hard liquor everytime she gets upset, she should have been on the floor. At this time, I believe JH more than her. That lip tint may have been hers and again did not believe in her son.
  13. the poor wife doesn't deserve this I blame her husband too the seductress is so bad, but the husband is also to blame
  14. @Lawyerh My answer .. no one can come close to her
  15. Wang Wei hinted something to Chairman Han. When In Sook enquired, Han suggested something about a plan for TJ And MIRi together that blew IS away. Ooooh, can’t wait for subtitles!
  16. hi! 1st time posting here. can't get enough with this drama... i love this part sarcasm god level
  17. Laica from Dramabean's brief review of this week's HPL from their "What We're Watching" series:
  18. Wow Im now watching 3 Wed-Thu dramas (this, Her Private Life and Absolute Boyfriend). I love that the female lead is the cold and arrogant one while the male lead is the cute and bubbly one. Dan talking to himself is so funny. I read a comment on YT that the rain might be the cause of the sudden appearance of his wings. After that childhood flashback, I remembered the story of the 2nd couple from 49 days. I hope they dont have the same ending.
  19. For the youtube channel that me and my friends created do well (shameless plug: @ impossible.kids on instagram *becomes a potato*) Have enough money to at least get an iPad so I won't edit photos and videos on a broken phone (the screen's been greeting me since last year) Have a good, flexible side job to have more income For my siblings by heart to have good and well endeavors along their way
  20. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326980wpp/han-ji-sun-to-step-down-from-the-secret-life-of-my-secretary-following-assault-case I wonder if they will recast the role because it seems like an important one. Kinda like a mini villain.
  21. <‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#37 in Hokkaido
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