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  2. I don’t understand Bahasa but I can definitely understand Superman! Omo omo omo...too many signs
  3. she used honorifics to kjw all parts in bts. for example "외국에서 온거 아니죠?" "술주정뱅이 같지 않아요?" "제 얼굴 조금만 보호해 주세요" yes she said 주세요(juseyo) to psj in honorifics. because Miso used honorific to Youngjoon in wwwsk.
  4. You are welcome. Thanks for reading and letting me know. I really enjoy translating as it bring me the warmth of WJ MM love story once again. I really love this author writing. I wish i can write as well as her and other fanfic authors in our HSDS thread. I just wish i can have better English proficiency so as to describe better
  5. No, no new guy yet. Just been very busy lately with work to do much stalking Will be back soon!
  6. Finally, MM starts to accept poor WJ!! What a relief. @LaurenPanna Thank you so much for your translations. I enjoy every parts you translate for us.
  7. She certainly was able to nail it, and it never ceases to amaze me how actors and actresses can shed a tear when they need to. Although behind the scenes, it probably takes them time to get into the mood to express what they need to. Somehow though, since she just finished WWWSK, it kinda feels like bits of her are being carried over from there to this show. After all, she is still decked in her professional attire, though with more variation, unlike before where she was mainly in blouses and skirts.
  8. I’ve liked him ever since Misty and Sunset in my hometown. He’s a great actor! He was superb in Misty! Where did you find the special episode? What show did they appear on? Crossing my fingers they’ll sub it!!
  9. Thanks @Cherrine Kim for sharing bubblegum vlive..Its much clearer now. I only got friendship vibe watching that vid, even when Wookie met RyeoWon in Chanel event and patted her back, just friendly old friend pat. So much different when he's with InNa. He is definitely way much more flirty yet considerate towards InNa more than just a friend we cant deny. Even RW said that he isnt as considerate as his character in bubble gum. Clearly she did got different treat from Wookie rite? I believe InNa feel the same way too, its just she is being more cautious regarding her past. What confused me now is, how will they go public later. Wookie seems more showing things and special gestures in public but somehow he hold inNa to do the same way (like he hold inNa from mentioning "vitamins and dont be sick" thing ). I may say they now might have things on being prepared. Something that must be well prepared. Not only about dating news or teenage confession or anything superficial. Something way bigger than that. Amen to that *fingercrossed*
  10. Just to be clear, which part she used honorifics to kjw. For example "juseyo"? And what about is this: Because if im not mistaken she said "juseyo" when she asked psj to cut the skin. Correct me if I'm wrong
  11. I agree with you! it seemed that at one point it would turn a little romantic, and was looking forward to him leaving priesthood to be able to pursue a romantic relationship with the prosecutor/detective but the hit confused when then Pope cane Lol. Then in the last scene, I understood that they had all decided to fight crime but with a costume theme. The prosecutor said something like: you missed the theme for today since he came dressed as a monk, Lol and not a priest. So I guess I thought he can’t keep fighting crime as a priest, Lol. YES! I thought the rising moon reference was very interesting also, I caught on early on. If only all scandals can be taken care of by Kim tsunami! I’m really looking forward to a season two with the same characters, otherwise might not be as fun. Not sure when they’ll be able to squeeze it in though since I saw the female detective already has a new drama coming out. I bet offers for other movies/dramas are quickly coming their way....
  12. April 26 2019 First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Search: WWW” First teaser trailer added for upcoming tvN drama series “Search: WWW” (English title) starring Lim Soo-Jung and Chang Ki-Yong. The teaser has Lim Soo-Jung as Bae Ta-Mi talking to the media/court and stating “Our Unicorn manipulates trending topics.” Unicorn is the web portal company that she works for. “Search: WWW” is now scheduled to first air June 5, 2019 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Wednesday & Thursday 9:30 PM time slot after “Her Private Life“). http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/first-teaser-trailer-for-tvn-drama-series-search-www
  13. Am very grateful to Mr. Kim for always encouraging Rain to act, giving Rain that dual role in the school project to convince him that he can act. As I said earlier, I came to know of Rain as an actor first and he is such a fine actor that I really appreciate. I like it that he doesn't want to be boxed in a stereotype of characters and acting. He challenges himself to portray different roles and act in different genres, both on small and big screens. Unfortunately, for a drama or a movie, it takes so much more than just a good male lead to be successful. Rain's latest Weibo post Credit: RainVietnam fanpage It actually took him about 20mins to finish the post haha, it started with just a "Hi" Then he added in some more words ... Then, finally, he was able to upload a picture! Tada!
  14. Grassland Reunion PART 5 – Sheep herding together Credit to Weibo Writer. Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404364336901538532 Translation done in Spoiler. I happen to be able do one more part today, as for the next two days, i won't be in office. So i usually can't use the PC at home, as my son will pester for my attention. hahahaha Enjoy !
  15. HONEYST will officially be disbanding. On April 26, FNC Entertainment released an official announcement regarding the disbandment of the band. The band made their debut in May 2017 and will now be concluding their activities as a band two years later in 2019. FNC’s statement reads as follows: Hello. This is FNC Entertainment. Though the […] The post HONEYST Announces Official Disbandment appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. NCT 127 Talks Their Love For Lil Dicky, Chooses Between DC And Marvel + More 190426 DOYOUNG, JUNGWOO IG Live
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