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  2. I had the same thought, lol, but I think I was even more shocked that he spoke nicely to her from beginning to end. He usually pushes her back so harshly at some point of their regular interactions. It was also interesting to notice that he showed more compassion toward her... when the colleagues were not around. I keep thinking he doesn't want people noticing when he cares for people, probably by fear of them getting hurt (killed) in the end. That much was clear in season 2, if I remember well. That man has been through such incredible trauma throughout his life, I'm surprised he hasn't broken down yet. The writing of this season is terrifyingly great, once again. Loved the twist with foreign wife.
  3. That Esther’s scene tho. If she knew Noah is her child, why did she look so worried and afraid that someone knows the truth? I was confused at that scene too. I thought Noah is really Sanha’s child. Lmao
  4. *** old news *** Cinematheque KOFA's 11 Best Movies of 2018 The Remnants The Spy Gone North Ode to the Goose Miss Baek Burning Last Child Microhabitat Dark Figure of Crime After My Death Claire's Camera Grass Source : KOFA & Propaganda ------------------------------ Cine21's 10 Best Korean Movies of 2018 1. Burning 2. Last Child 3. 1987 4. Grass 5. The Remnants 6. Claire's Camera 7. After My Death 8. The Spy Gone North 9. Ode to the Goose 10. Microhabitat & Night and Fog In Zona Source : Cine21
  5. Mung bean flower, episode 9 Mung bean flower, episode 10 Wow yessss!~ Another of his layer of acting talent gets revealed and discovered
  6. Ryan Gold spotted filming (nothing much can be seen so not putting this under spoiler):
  7. This is just for suspense. A very silly plot as usual. The good guys are never punished, so don't worry, she won't donate anything. Jo Aera will try to save her son, she needs to make it up for abandoning him, so she will do anything in her power to save him. She might even leave all her shares in Aura group and beg the Parks and Suho to help her son. Suho is a doctor, he might be able to save NJ, in exchange for leaving Aura group. Now NJ considers Chairman Oh his enemy because he tried to kill his precious mother. Will NJ change his mind now? After all Suho saved Jo Aera. Will NJ feel grateful to Suho???
  8. NCT드림 다섯 멤버가 말하는 ‘깨끗하고 안전한 인터넷 세상’ 만드는 방법 2019 u클린 청소년 문화 콘서트 - 엔씨티드림 'We Go Up’ 'Go’
  9. I hate him , he married he wouldn’t set a fire on the drama , or behind scene - we wouldn’t be able to see wet kisses but dry kiss -2
  10. I will have to admit that it was not necessary to have the 2 years separation. It is just a ploy to extend the drama but it still the same plot. Kao Er and Mo Chin in their happy times are a lovely couple to watch. I find the narcissist Qi Shu Li really hard to take although at least he kept his hands to himself. Well, it is endearing he gave up his life so that the woman he loves could be with the man she loves. Mi Lan's character is totally bonkers. Her reason for the revenge makes no sense.
  11. MBC’s “Different Dreams” stars Lee Yo Won, Nam Gyu Ri, and Park Ha Na, who are greeting viewers with three different girl crush charms each week. “Different Dreams” is a historical spy drama, set in the Joseon Dynasty during Japanese colonial rule. It tells the dramatic and action-packed story of doctor Lee Young Jin (played by […] The post Why The 3 Leading Ladies Of “Different Dreams” Are Absolute Girl Crushes appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Was it mentioned for sure that at some point Dominique is going to recognize fake Veronica and play along with it? That would lead to assume that he will not be so angry about the deception. But I'm not sure if that was mentioned just as speculation or if it was something stated by production as fact. Then I thought if he doesn't realize the fake Veronica, how could it be revealed? Isn't there a still shot of GH dressed like Veronica and the real Veronica wearing the same outfit and standing right next to her? That could be a scene for revelation hmmm. I wonder if at some point, Gal Hee will ditch the red cardigan and he'll still recognize her, but she won't realize "hey he's seeing me without my cardigan on." Actually, Dominique might not realize he's doing so either. That could be cute. So many curiosities how this will play out. Yes I'm starting to think about this show a lot. Obsession starting uh ohs....
  13. While you guys are going all psycho... I'm freaking out at how yucky it is when DKW tried to put a bandage on KJ's wound. Like eww? Wash and clean the wound please? #ocd
  14. 936 @Sejabin LDG i like him on When at Night, old drama with Kim Sam Soon lady... Let's see angel or human will be the winner haha...
  15. 5 episodes left guys!! Jo Aera has given up on taking over Aura group but Namjoon is so stubborn. He didn’t want to go to the US to do a surgery either which is a sign of him going to die in the end. He already signed the contract with Chairman Oh about the wedding with Hayeong which is another sign of him being killed by Chairman Oh or his thug, I guess. Please don’t tell me, Sanha’s mother will donate her cornea to her husband after she went to the restroom and didn’t see her after. I want a happy ending of this family. They went through so much. I am so cringe with Chairman Oh. I used to see him having a role as a good guy but when I see him playing a bad guy is making me felt uncomfortable and annoyed by his gray hair.
  16. It's alright, I can't wait for the whole OST to release too. I want the opening song and especially the Wolf song, lol. As good as this drama has been its surprising me how much I love the soundtrack. Almost every song is on point, either catchy and fun, or mellow and tugs the heartstrings just right.
  17. 934 @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama I found a reason to stay in angel wkwkwkwkkw.. of course the storyline is really good but you know I will stay if there’s a mature namja. Hua Ha Ha Ha Ha .. I found Lee Dong Gun there KWWKWKKWKWKWWKKW ok I am officially will continue to watch angel lol. And about mister gold. I hate his tender gaze to PMY/SDM too watch his eyes for her. After a wild long wet kiss at the end he will stares at her tenderly. I hate him
  18. 934. @ktcjdrama not watching One Spring Night? I'm trying it now. Look a bit depressing. Haha... But JHI & HJM cute together i think.
  19. @kimdaehwi The scenes of Jo Aera's father killing Namjun's father are not aired. He killed Namjun's father because he wanted Jo Aera raise her son, which upsets her marriage to the rich Parks. Yes I also noticed that JTH deleted photos, it seems people are attacking him severely, they may even use abusive language I made another parts of the blog, I might send again after some hours, I am trying to finish before the end of the week part 10 https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-10.html part 11 https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-11.html
  20. @dolley, yes after 1 week, none of DH loving C-fans following them. I thought they love the clan so much. Waiting for another move from DH in helping her clans to get into public outside of Korea. I'm just curious, why don't use another NAME to promote DH, why using 13 years MY GIRL glory, which of course 100000% related to Wookie too.
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