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  2. I hate him he is too handsome :bawling:



  3. I also think she does understand his true nature, like when she got released from the interrogation back then she knows what she has to do by leaving to Shanghai for things settle down before she could come back. I’ve been wondering what makes Hiroshi seems like genuinely caring/loving YJ so much, unlike to what Oda describing about Hiroshi before. And if he actually knows what YJ has been doing all along like you guys said, then why he still wants to protect her if his real nationality as is now. It would be a nice twist if your theory is correct. However, from what I've observed from behind the scenes images, that is probably not the case. It feels like they would have a tragic ending. In any case, it’s interesting to see what’s more on his story. I don’t think adopted father of Miki is Japanese. He is just a pro-Japanese activist. He has a Korean name and it’s most likely that’s his origin. There’s a big contrast between YJ’s adoptive father and Miki’s. Yes, the preview suggesting Miki is abused by her father. She got whipped. He’s a powerful man, even Hiroshi showing him respect. Wondering if has any intention by the way he looks at YJ when she coming in. The background music making the scene a bit spooky feel.
  4. 534 so here's the reaction in my office after they knew that Lee Minho will be paired with Kim Go Eun in Kim Eun Sok new drama. ME, and my friends: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! my boss: ehem.. Dinni: Lee Minho must be very handsome after military service ME: I will watch it until the end because it's Kim Go Eun Ira: I try to be rigid since I knew So Ji Sub is officially dating someone this news console my broken heart Alief: please nah. back to the real world everyone." WKWKWKWKWKWK
  5. Say it again. Accusing rape falsely is no small crime. Innocent boys have been gaoled and their lives ruined in the old days without DNA tests. I wonder how the writer is going to deal with this. Will there be forgiving and crying all round? I am not too sure if I like the using of this 'lie' to begin to expose school bullying. If SH did not fall of the roof, the parents and teachers would not know about it. At the rate JS has been manipulating his classmates, the teachers would at least have some suspicion. This is a scene which is a bit hard to swallow even for KD. Wouldn't the mother at least want to see physical evidence? Or she would be dishevelled? Take her to hospital to prevent pregnancy. The parents seemed to be well to do so assuming they are educated, no way will they not do anything. At the very least a mother would seek out IH and do some hair pulling.
  6. I don’t think he was even attempting to kiss her anymore at that point.....just trying to get her face covered in flour....his head movements when she asked what he was trying to do...indicate a slight tease/ taunt.....Like the beginnings of a food fight... very cute
  7. As I said before.. Yes we know that, why you love being surrounded by the young one-their energy. Energetic is one favorite word for Wookie. Their energy, implies similar description as what he said to DH during his last message to her end of MY Girl and HK drama. Her energy gives him strength. http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/05/20/2019052080041.html
  8. This is my 1st time write a comment on this thread. I have retired writing a recap for my Fav Actor but my brain couldn't stop working so I think I really should writing it. Hehehe....It's my 1st time writing a first impression so this is my short ones about My Absolute Boyfriend. I couldn't finish reading ABF's manga nor watching Taiwanese's version coz don't like the female lead character. But I could watch the Japanese version until the end. So I think I could understand the concept of the story. N I'm so happy that in Korean's version there are many things have been changed. 1. 1st of All, I like that they make Da-da as a likeable lead female. hehe...It's so important for me. She is a woman who has an interesting job. (I think it's the 1st time they using Special Effects Make Up artist as the LF's job. Correct me if I'm wrong)...n she's the Team Leader. I like that Da-da isn't the one who order the Humanoid due her needs to have a boyfriend n coz of her job, the changing of the box is understandable. I like that Young Goo calls her as Yeoja Chingu" instead her name so there is a scene that we're really looking forward. A scene when he calls her with her own name. Da-da..... N coz of her job, we could see Young Goo with many interesting costumes. Hahaha.... 2. I like they use Young Goo instead Night to be his name. It's like to honour Jin Goo. Hehe..n the scene when Nam Bo Won describe Young Go's features. ...He has manly features but I think I can say that his lips is so pretty. Some lines are so chessy but I think it's good for him to experience this kind of role. 3. I like that they give us a background story about Young Goo....how he learn about love n became an Ideal Boyfriend. N LMAO at Number One aka Nam Bo Won who likes to show him weird videos. Hahaha....n I like that we could see the relationship between both of them. Not just a Robot Maker n the Robot without any kind of feelings. 4. I like at the beginning, Da-da had a love relationship with Wang Jun n she's the one who broke it off. N tho it make her insecure about love. These are quote's from 2 (4) eps & so looking forward for more to comes. "Love isn't just about giving. It's give and take." So when WJ is no longer giving her the reason to trust. It's no longer a Love ...it's like Y9 said... "Love doesn't change. Love is everlasting". "Things become precious not because of what they’re worth but because of the memory they hold.” N The Ring that WJ gave to Da-da is no longer a precious thing. These are many interesting scenes but I chose for 9 expressions from our Young 9...divided into: 4 Smiles.. # The Smile that didn't work for Da-da....it's so funny especially coz the smile she has was for the Bus. Hahaha... # The Smile that made Da-da couldn't control her car. Plus the wink...its so understandable. Hahaha.. # The Smile that made Da-da so scare to be in a room with him. Hahaha.. # The Smile that made Da-da uncomfortable n made her should make an excuse. Hahaha.. 5 Sadness # The Sadness coz his likeability test couldn't have perfect. # The Sadness coz the girlfriend run away instead welcome him. # The Sadness coz Da-da afraid of him. # The Sadness coz Da-da angry with him. # The Sadness coz Da-da is no longer believe in Love. N these are my 5 FAV Moments. 1. Da-da -The Anti Machine I think Y9 drop from the case coz of her touch. N then Y9 is alive n coz he's a very high tech n just like the manual, even when Da-da touch him. Nothing happened. So, looking forward what will happen when Y9 starting to feel like human. 2. Catch the Mosquito. Did Y9 really catch the mosquito? Or he started to feel humanism? He doesn't like WJ's attitude on the drama. So he punch him (the screen). 3. B'Day I would like to see another b'day scene when he could do the right thing with the candle. Hahaha...and Da-da make the dolls of Y9 with his costumes. Hahaha.... 4. Cover My Self. LMAO....this is the most funny scene. He doesn't understand that his body exposed could make her uncomfortable. Hahaha.... 5. Dating Companion OMG...I couldn't help to laugh when watch this scene. With the cheesy BGM ...LOL...N his gaze on this scene...Ohhhhh, I've never seen Jin Goo with that kind of expression. Wonder how many NGs they made for this scene. So, it's good that he chose this genre. He is still young n poor him if he should do only heavy drama. N for the chemistry I love it. I'm so looking forward to get many cute, funny, fluttering moments. So, let's just enjoy this drama n starting the journey to find out .....
  9. Same here A 38 yo lady like me having a crush on him. Wishing my husband have that same pair of eyes
  10. https://www.hancinema.net/kim-go-eun-joins-lee-min-ho-in-kim-eun-sook-s-the-king-forever-sovereign-129785.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Kim Go-eun Joins Lee Min-ho in Kim Eun-sook's "The King: Forever Sovereign" Kim Go-eun is starring in the writer's latest, "The King: Forever Sovereign", alongside Lee Min-ho. She will take on the challenge of playing two roles as a detective named Jeong Tae-eul, and Luna, a low-life criminal in this fantasy romance drama. Hwa and Dam Pictures stated, "It's not easy playing not just two roles, but two very contrasting roles. However, we decided she has the capacity to pull it off, as she has proven herself through various movies and her performance as a girl to a woman in the drama "Goblin"". "The King: Forever Sovereign" deals with the subject of parallel worlds. A deity has unleashed a demon unto the world of humans, and that demon has opened the door to a parallel world. An emperor of the Korean Empire tries to shut the doors to a dimension opened by demons, and a detective tries to protect their life, the people, and their love. "The King: Forever Sovereign" begins filming later this month and aims for a release in 2020. Source : www.newsen.com/news_v... Copy & paste guideline for this article Always put a link back to the source and HanCinema permalink
  11. 532. Ha ha ha will be a bit annoying for sometimes and yeah got noble idiocy breakup. But hang on there, u should watch ep 13. Very funny.
  12. Aiyo @Lawyerh eps 11 ..the omma found out about them & he finds out that Soo Ah paid for his fees in college ...wahh it’s gonna be angst ahead is it ? Is there any noble idiocy ? Pls give me the heads up 530
  13. Yes, another DL's drama. Was looking forward to this one, finally..... Whenever I see ZYL, sometimes he remind me of KJW. Being so long in this industry he does not hesitate to take the second lead character. I may have a second lead syndrome even though I like DL. Have not watched the episodes yet. But after reading @jewelsc post, if there are too many side stories, I may get bored too. Anyhow I LL give a try for both the ML's.
  14. *** It was a 2-day event but RAIN performed on the 2nd day, which was May 17............... with Swings & Noel Band. ****************************************************************** May 17, 2017 - Rain @ The 28th Gumi University Festival
  15. Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop show off great chemistry behind the scenes of tvN’s “Abyss”! In newly released stills, the pair is seen diligently looking over the script and discussing how to act in a certain scene. They are constantly beside each other and display their friendship and chemistry both on and off camera, which […] The post Park Bo Young And Ahn Hyo Seop Are Close Friends Both On And Off Camera For “Abyss” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Doesn't anyone feel that JS might do some self harming? When SH wakes up and realize that he had not believed JS , he might feel regretful. Moreover, in-spite of jealously i do think JS love HS. I hope there will be happy ending. JS and SH making their friendship stronger.
  17. 190520 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “Crush on VANCOUVER-Jaehyun” “Crush on VANCOUVER-Jaehyun”
  18. SEUNGYOON Twitter Update MINO IG Update
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