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C.N Blue's Jung Yong Hwa



  • RouennaRouenna Posts: 250Member
    Have a lovely Christmas eve, everyone!

    Yonghwa is back in Korea and it's good to see him and the boys appearing on music shows. They need to be visible at least (although I don't mind them being in Japan as well). As always, Yonghwa's singing brings a lot of energy to the crowd and before long on every performance, everyone is hyped up.

    His rendition of Lucky with IU is lovely, too. It would have been more interesting for him to sing new covers and not a rehashed song he knew how to play for years. I hope he can spend more time learning fresh new songs, too. Then again, I'm just glad he was given a chance to show off one of his acoustic talents.

    They will be back next week for the year-end music rock fest in Japan. I'm totally psyched they get to perform with all these Japanese rock bands who are very known on the band scene.

    Happy Holidays!
  • kyotie077kyotie077 Posts: 511Member
    anyone thinks Yong Hwa had romantic feelings for Seo Hyun@ snsd in reality?
    not just in WGM... but for real?
    too bad Seo Hyun never had any special feelings for him

    its sad but life goes on
    Yong Hwa can always find someone that looks like Seo Hyun kakaka
  • tecletecle Posts: 270Member


    hello emotional angels..

    wanna greet you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year..

    @ kyotie..regarding seohyun declaration in HT...theres a saying that there are things that need to be said to cover the truth..we really never know... :wub:

    ill go where and who will makes yong happy..i wish the best for yong..
    said_fujimotocatherine annlunaPaolaG
  • jjeennyyccaajjeennyyccaa Manila, PhilippinesPosts: 431Member


    edited December 2011
    Hello eveyone from this thread.. ^_^ been a silent lurker for a while now..

    He is really good in singing...His voice can really shift from rock to pop...a very versatile singer which is lacking in kpop....
    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
    lunacatherine annCrystal392med
  • jjeennyy19jjeennyy19 Posts: 1,913Member


    Hello eveyone from this thread.. ^_^ been a silent lurker for a while now..

     I've just recently discovered how a great singer Jung yong hwa is.. I was not a fan of Kpop at all  because more than the eye candy or superficial package of an idol, I'm more interested in his or her singing ability. I watched him singing confession in happy together and from then on I'm hooked. I did not notice him from you're beautiful days because I was shipping for go minam and hwang tae kyung but after watching (hearing) him sing, I've re watched you"re beautiful, watched his variety shows and as mc stints, got addicted to heartstrings, got also hooked on his band and watched his live performances every free time I've got.  I've always been a fan of rock music from aerosmith, blink 182, coldplay, red hot chili peppers, simple plan, wheatus, etc...and finding a band in kpop was really a refreshing feeling..hope they go far with their career...







  • street.k2street.k2 Posts: 236Member


    CNBLUE - 「Where you are」30sec.Version

    2nd Single
    「Where you are」
    2012.2.1 ON SALE!!
  • Crystal392Crystal392 Proud to be a Boice~! Posts: 3,154Member


    edited January 2012
    jjeennyyccaa & jjeennyy19: Welcome here!! :D I am sure they will go far, very far ^_^

    kyotie077: As a fan, I really don't care how the person uri YongYong loves looks like, as long as that person makes him very very happy, I will be super happy for him and support him (:

    tecle: *waves* I hope you had an amazing Christmas and wish you the best for this 2012!

    Rouenna: How have you been? *hugs* I've missed you dear!

    Happy New Year to all emotional angels!! <3
    I hope this 2012 will be full of blessings, for us and for uri YongHwa :D

    Here are some fancams of him, he is so talented and his voice :wub:

    ~A must-watch! He is soo cool here, rocking the stage~
    [FANCAM] 20120101 MBC 가요대제전 - 합동무대 (Yonghwa ver.).avi

    ~Have you had a rough day? This will cheer you up 100%! His smile @3:15 <3 his happiness is contagious~
    [Fancam] 111229_Rehearsal_YH Ver.

    Where is uri YongYong now? In HK!! :D
    "What bad at the time may actually be a blessing" ~ One Time by CNBLUE
    I ♥ CNBLUE, UEE (After School)Susy (Miss A) || SoEulmates
    Jung YongHwa musician thread ~ actor thread || Lee JongHyun || Kang MinHyuk || Lee Jungshin
  • RouennaRouenna Posts: 250Member
    Anyeong! :w00t:

    It's a new year for everyone. I hope all Yonghwa fans are doing great.

    @crystal. How have you been? Pretty busy, huh. Yes, he's in Hongkong! I hope they have a blast with the Bluestorm concert there. :D

    A friend of mine cannot wait for the one in Bangkok and she's gonna fly there to watch. Ah, I will wait for my own time to watch, too.

    Thank you for posting the new japanese single teaser. The song sounded powerful, just like In my Head. I'll be waiting to hear the full version soon and I believe this is also a composition of Yonghwa?

    Hello to the new lurkers coming out. Yes, me too, I admire Yonghwa for his musical ability more than anything. Although truth to tell, I haven't really watched his dramas (I'm not really into K-dramas except sageuks, that is) and to watch him acting with conscious effort (which shouldn't be there and can only mean he's not yet blending seamlessly into his roles yet) just doesn't do it for me. Maybe if he'll overcome that block and be casted in a sageuk, then I will watch. :lol:

    But, hey, that's just me. I'm contented watching him perform on stage and grow as a musician, which, for now, I feel he knows he is best at. There's always room for improvement, of course.

    GDA is coming soon and I do hope they will get an award. Fighting! B)
    catherine ann
  • winniebearwinniebear Posts: 60Member


    Hello Im newbie here, Happy Anniversary to CN Blue especially Yong Hwa! I love your voice, hope to see your more on a series and movies.
  • RouennaRouenna Posts: 250Member
    Congratulations to Yonghwa and the members for winning Disk and Digital Bonsangs during Golden Disk Awards! *throws confetti* :w00t:

    It is worth telling that they are the only group who got bonsangs on each award events held in Osaka for 2 days. It is a bummer, though, they weren't able to attend Seoul Music Awards.

    Also, Yonghwa's composed song For the First Time Lover was used as BGM for High Kick 3's ending scene. Apparently, the song rose to music site's digital charts right after.

    Soon is the BKK Bluestorm and their Japanese promotions. May Yonghwa continue to compose varied songs, and later on, find his own signature. I'm so proud of him. :wub::)
  • kath2xkath2x Posts: 119Member, New Member


    Any news about Yong Hwa?  
  • LoveysLoveys Posts: 6Member
    Hope there are fancam of cnblue during kiss concert.. ^_^
  • kath2xkath2x Posts: 119Member, New Member


    FNC Music warns Jung Yonghwa fans about a fake me2day account

    Some people aspire to be like celebrities, some idolize them, and a select few will actually take the time to create fake SNS accounts pretending to live their lives. It’s been revealed that CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa is the latest celebrity to inspire an impostor account on a social networking service.

    On January 24th, a netizen pretending to be the singer wrote on me2day, “Kang Dong Ho senior sang CNBLUE’s “Love” on a Lunar New Year special. ^^ Thank you Kang Dong Ho sunbaenim“.

    It seemed as if Jung Yonghwa was personally thanking actor Kang Dong Ho for his cover of CNBLUE’s song on SBS‘s ’Pop Star Actor‘.

    However, CNBLUE’s agency firmly denied that such an account exists.

    On January 26th, FNC Music spoke with TV Report and stated, ”Jung Yonghwa does not have a me2day account. The account in question has been created by a netizen impersonating him.”

    Jung Yonghwa is the latest celebrity to have inspired a fake account in his name. Others in the long list include Kim YeojinKim YujinRyu SeungbumJung IlwooBoAPark Shin HyePark Han ByulLee Byung HunRainLee HyoriJang Geun SukSon DambiIUB2ST‘s YoseobYG Entertainment artists, and more.
  • RouennaRouenna Posts: 250Member
    Anyeong! :w00t:

    It's February! A good month to start since Yonghwa and the boys had recorded MTV Unplugged Japan and they are the first Korean artist featured. Also, congratulations to them for snagging the first place in Oricon Daily Chart for their album Where You Are. That was yesterday the last I peeked. Woot~

    The song, Where You Are, is a rather strong song composed by Yonghwa with the lyrics co-written with Kenji Tamai. For the song Feeling, this one is a lighter song but still a bit funky, was co-composed by Yonghwa and Ryo with the lyrics written by him. He is making progress with his compositions and that's what I'm rooting and looking forward for. :blush:

    I'm ecstatic to know, too, that they played live during the KISS event in Japan. The boys all rocked, especially Yonghwa. I could see them playing with such energy, unlike on most Korean stages where he is too busy making faces with the camera. :lol:

    I heard they are making a comeback in Korea soon.
  • Crystal392Crystal392 Proud to be a Boice~! Posts: 3,154Member


    *waves to all Emotional Angels*

    I hope you all are ok :D

    I've been super busy but I will try to drop here more often....
    I am just super happy right now because CNBLUE has achieved soo much, I am so proud of them.... and only in two years!!

    Lately, I've become obsessed with CNBLUE's song "Feeling". Have you heard it? I am sure most of you (if not all) will love it. It was written by uri YongHwa!! :wub:

    I am so proud of all the recognition he (and the boys) are receiving as musicians... I am really really really proud

    Feeling (with lyrics on screen)
    Lyrics by: JUNG YONGHWA
    Music by: JUNG YONGHWA, RYO
    Arrangement: Kenji Tamai, Rui Momota
    "What bad at the time may actually be a blessing" ~ One Time by CNBLUE
    I ♥ CNBLUE, UEE (After School)Susy (Miss A) || SoEulmates
    Jung YongHwa musician thread ~ actor thread || Lee JongHyun || Kang MinHyuk || Lee Jungshin
  • kath2xkath2x Posts: 119Member, New Member


    edited February 2012
    Aside from singing,  Im looking for his new drama for 2012.
  • laila.saranghelaila.saranghe Posts: 1Member
    i really really love jong yung hwa he is my favorite boy from cn blue wow when i saw him at first time i said he is so handsome but after watching you are beautiful i think i fall in love every day wow so handsome and cute and ho... he is the best ^^ 
  • RouennaRouenna Posts: 250Member
    Anyeong! :D

    Where is Jung Yong Hwa these days?

    I read recently the boys arrived in Korea. They will probably take off for the Bangkok Blue Storm soon.

    @crystal How've you been? Indeed. The boys have been getting a lot of recognition and is totally on their way. I do hope a lot more will like CNBlue. Little sure steps for that Billboard dream. For now, breaking that Oricon history for a foreign rock band on reaching top chart is more than they can hope for.

    And what is this I hear of Yong-hwa being interested on getting a tattoo? (You mean getting the hang of your title song? :rolleyes: ) Haha! The rock vibe is getting into him. Well, he can do what he likes. :P
  • RouennaRouenna Posts: 250Member
    Anyeong! :D

    Yonghwa and the boys are now in the US for their LA concert with FT Island. I'm pretty sure they are having a blast at the same time pretty wracked with nerves, I guess.

    Their BKK concert ended and a friend of mine, whose a huge fan of Yonghwa, attended and she was totally raving about him. Here's her fanaccount for anyone who wants to read a first hand experience. The boy is totally cool! B)

    For now, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it will be my turn, too. A happy weekend to everyone!
  • YongSeoTURKEYYongSeoTURKEY Posts: 29Member
    edited March 2012

    CNBlue Announces Title of Track Written by Jung Yong Hwa

    Earlier today, CNBlue revealed the title of its comeback single. The new single from the upcoming third mini album is titled “I Still Love You” and is written by none-other-than Jung Yong Hwa. Yesterday, CNBlue made it official that it would be releasing its single as well as a making-of video on March 16 via its official YouTube channel.  CNBlue will release the teaser for its comeback mini album on March 19. According to FNC Music, the new album will showcase CNBlue's unique color and expressions. 

    Recently, CNBlue successfully wrapped up its nationwide Japanese tour and held a successful joint concert with labelmates F.T. Island in Los Angeles on this past weekend.  

    Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates regarding CNBlue's comeback!



    [News] CNBLUE’s new song “I’m Still Loving You” set to be released on March 16

    The title for CNBLUE’s new song that will be released on March 16 has been decided.

    The upcoming new song, “아직 사랑한다 (I’m Still Loving You)”, composed by leader Jung Yonghwa which has aroused  interest from fans will be released online on March 16. The recording video of the song will be published on CNBLUE‘s official YouTube channel and also Nate’s main website.

    Following the song release, fans would gain more of anticipation  as the teaser images for all members will be updated starting on March 19.

    Meanwhile, aside from the new mini album, CNBLUE is also planning to have more domestic activities this year.  Drummer Kang Minhyuk is currently acting in KBS weekend drama “My Husband Got A Family” and as recently reported, lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun will also be acting in SBS weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” in May.

    Source: Asiatoday

    Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

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