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  1. I really hate those ending with just staring into each other eyes plot!!! IT just a huge dissapointment!!! well at least a hug ok.. if u hv not see the guy u lov that much for so many years!!! last episode it's really rush!!! they could hv split ES time traveling into two episode or something while showing how CY miss her etc!!! i thk the pd really hate to give faith couple some good times... while i thk they'r having a peaceful n happy time together the next min they'r seperated again!!!sometimes i wonder if they really are the main leads in the drama. the way those baddies dies just really unconvincing!!! there'r too many unknown character added to this drama, i thk just to make it longer!! y ES never mention king uncle in her diary! or what a threat KC is !! he's the one that make her separted from CY!! there are so many potential this drama could have been a hit!! the leads is perfect!! everything just turn out so wrong after they decide to make doc bin dissapear!!!
  2. Oh i hope they wouldn't drag the story of king n cy so mcuh!!! i wan to see ES n CY together again !! seem like next episode there would be less ES scene again !!
  3. the hwata really doesn't exist at all~~ it's all what they imagine like ES to be the doc from heaven i suspect the hwata they keep on talking about is also somebody from the future~~or it might be ES herself ... she go back to the future then came back to CY but in another time zone oh that will be sad!!!!
  4. how could the ratings drop so much!!! it's a big hit to the cast & the staff of the drama!! i wonder if they'r doing live shooting for this drama? base of the gif and review i thk there are lot's of interaction of es & cy !! n i love it i thk ppl just bored out because there'r too many back story ? hopefully the rating would go back again ~~~
  5. i kinda like this drama! i like the story of this drama !! but i hope they won't mess up all the storyline because of the rush schedule!! kind of excitign to see KHS comeback!! i wonder will there be a love triangle between philip lee , KHS and LMH!!
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