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C.N Blue's Jung Yong Hwa

Guest uka

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Guest Crazedphase.

I'm a huge fan of JGS and Hongki so Yonghwa was

just like the "other guy" for me.

But OMG. I've watched the first two eps and I FREAKING LOVE HIM <33333

He's absoloutely adorableee. & next episode he goes to her

"Do you wanna call me oppa?" KYAAA. He's too cute.

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Guest xxxxxxx

omgggggg, I'm happy there's a thread for him. I really couldn't find any information about him. I really thought he was a new an actor. I never knew he was already in a group :)

hahaha, he's siblings with jung kyung ho ( I liked him from ja myung go)

great genes. I hope he becomes more successful in acting or music.

I'm always happy that he's garnering a lot attention from You're beautiful watchers, I thought he would be overshadowed by Geun Suk of Hongki.

In the drama, he looks so serene & charming.

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Guest FTIsland&Primadonna

^ I think its just a rumor.

But man they really could pass as brother.

Scanned this from cnblue Mini Album


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just a clarification, but jung yong hwa is NOT jung kyung ho's little brother.

after days of mis information, i found out that jung kyung ho only has a little sister.

so, they are not related. but they look super alike, no doubt.

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Guest soleely4u

I just finished watching two episodes of "You're Beautiful" and he caught my attention immediately. His character is that typical drama guy who is expressively sweet, nice, protective to the main girl...but chances of him ending up with her is =/. So far, he played that role quite well.


exactly what i was thinking .. the nice ones never get the girl :/ LOL its like jihoo in BOF . haha im so loving his character though .. his expressions are so cute ~ x)

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yup, he's Jung Kyung Ho's little brother.

he's so freaking cute. good genes run in the Jung's family hahha.

i can't believe Yong Hwa is only a 89er! he looks so much more mature on YB

and he's so good at acting :) he would have made a perfect Rui <3

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Guest adieu.cloud

Am i the only one who thinks he looks a little like changmin(2am) at some angels? :o!

He's my favoritee! :D AHHA, he's like jihoo but has better acting.

I watched the drama and i was only drooling over JGS & HG >___>


he's so cutee :D, this drama's like BBF but with a different story plot and all, and IT'S HILARIOUS :D

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Guest she-smiles

*Sigh* Okay. My obsession for Jung Yong Hwa started today.

I started on You're Beautiful and.......... :wub: Well, I think I'm in love with Jung Yong Hwa. (I haven't memorized their character names yet, so I'll refer to them by their real names. ANDDDDD spoilers approaching?) So Jang Geun Suk has just discovered that Park Shin Hye is actually a girl, so he rushes to the dance studio where everyone is at. Then BAM! The camera turns to the sweaty yet oh so SEXY Jung Yong Hwa, and I...... OMG! SPAZZED. It was love.

This scene:


:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

& gahh, he's like a month younger than me.... :huh:

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

OMG< no way I love Yong Hwa and his brother! Gosh these two guys are going to be a Jung STORM! lol there should be a JUNG BRO thread :D

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