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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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Good bye 2021!  It's been a difficult year for Minoz without a drama or movie from LMH.  I do want to thank those who kept this thread alive.  I don't want to single out individuals, because inevitably I'll miss someone and don't want to hurt anyone's feeling.  Hopefully, we will have more to :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1): about in 2022!.  Let's listen to his calming voice and his words. 


cr: via ICE Beyond_MinoBoiz_ICE


Back to our rewatch of Heirs on Sunday!  I think we're on ep 16


Happy New Year GIF by JOKARI-Krampe GmbH


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@CarolynH, @backstreetboysfan, Thank you for your congratulations and good wishes! With all my heart I wish 2022 to be more successful and kind for everyone. So that in the new year we all have many reasons for joy, and Lee Min Ho, I wish good health, good luck and success, creative energy, interesting work and great personal happiness. We hope that Minoz will have something to discuss on this forum and new  impressions await us! Happy New Year!! 




[SC Focus] Continuation of Netflix's single player against the start of a counterattack ... Summary of expected OTT jobs in 2022




Apple TV + Doctor, which launched alongside Brain but received little attention, is catching up with Pachinko, the most anticipated work of 2022. The blockbuster drama Pachinko, co-produced by Korea, the United States and Japan, is based on the novel of the same name by Lee Jin Ming, a Korean American highly praised by former US President Obama. Drawing an epic about a family of Korean immigrants spanning four generations, Hallyu's best star Lee Min Ho and the first Korean actor to win an Academy Award, Yoon Yeo Jung, appear, which is encouraging.


Translation from korean google


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Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan recollect TKEM drama in New Year's greetings

The friendship that began on the set of The King: Eternal Monarch thrills fans of Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan on the eve of 2022.




Woo Do Hwan played the right hand and bodyguard of Lee Min Ho in The King: Eternal Monarch. Photo: MYM / SBS


December 31, 2021


It has been a long time since "King Eternal Monarch" aired, but Woo Do Hwan and Lee Min Ho don't pass up the opportunity to remember the characters they played in the Korean drama. On the eve of the New Year's Eve, both actors once again demonstrated the bromance that conquered the public in 2020.


Hours after his goodbye to 2021, Lee Min Ho has shared his congratulations with over 27 million Instagram followers. "Happy new year. Spend a year of joy with those you love the most," he wrote and showed a series of photos of his dinner at a luxury hotel.








Lee Min Ho wishes his fans a Happy New Year. Photo: Instagram


The "Boys over Flowers" heartthrob received thousands of comments that matched his wishes, but he highlighted the line from Woo Do Hwan, a member of Lee Min Ho's group of friends known as "the real F4."


Referring to the characters they played in a parallel universe fantasy setting, Woo Do Hwan left the cherry blossoms behind and replied, "You've done a great job this year, Pieha (Your Majesty)."





Woo Do Hwan congratulates Lee Min Ho. Photo: Instagram


The actor, who was discharged from the army in October, used the respectful term he used to refer to King Li Gong in King Eternal Monarch.


"Can't wait for Lee Min Ho's response!"





Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan in The King: Eternal Monarch. Photo: Instagram


Lee Min Ho in 2021

As Woo Do Hwan mentioned, 2021 was a turning point in Lee Min Ho's career. In the first months of this time, the figure of Hallyu completed the filming of one of the most important projects of her career: the international series Pachinko for Apple TV +, which will be released in 2022.


He also interacted with major Hollywood figures, attending the Art + Film 2021 Gala in Los Angeles for the first time. Lee Min Ho's red carpet appearance was one of the most talked about moments of the night.




Lee Min Ho at LACMA Art + Film 2021. Photo: AFP


Translation from spanish google



Lee Min Ho celebrates New Year 2022: how will an actor live according to the Chinese horoscope?


Will Lee Min Ho's Fortune Smile in the Year of the Tiger? These are predictions for the "king" Hallyu in matters of love, work and much more.




Lee Min Ho was born in 1997. These are the predictions for a famous Korean according to the Chinese horoscope. Photo: composition La República / MYM


December 31, 2021


After a productive and successful year 2021, the star begins a new cycle that promises a radical transformation in the upcoming Apple TV series Pachinko. How are you doing in the Year of the Water Tiger?


Lee Min Ho's Chinese Sign

The famous Korean Lee Min Ho was born in 1987, so his sign is a rabbit according to the Chinese horoscope.

We remember that this eastern horoscope, like the western one, consists of 12 signs. However, they are represented by the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Each is assigned to a person according to the year of birth.

The Water Tiger is distinguished by its courage and strength, as well as its ability to ward off bad luck. 

In the Year of the Water Tiger, the rabbit will be one of the most beloved characters, like the rat, dragon, snake, cobra, monkey and pig.

Unlike in 2021, this season will be quiet; however, the practice of patience will be a daily practice because it does not always produce the intended results, especially in the workplace.

On a sentimental level, 2022 will be a memorable year for the rabbit as love will be latent in your life.


Translation from spanish google


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Blackpink: When Jisoo’s 30-second ad with Lee Min Ho was as good as a heartbreaking K drama, watch




Prior to her debut in Blackpink in 2016, she starred in several advertisements and even made a cameo in the K-drama The Producers, In fact, it was one of her few advertisements with the South Korean star, Lee Min Ho, that became the talk of the town back then. While Lee Min Ho was already an established actor, Jisoo was still known as the ‘YG trainee’, and yet, even then, she was noticed for her screen presence. The advertisement for a backpack was nothing less than a K-drama itself — and fans flooded YouTube, saying that they would have liked to see a full show, with Jisoo as the antagonist. In the 32-second advertisement, Jisoo appears to have a heated exchange of words with Lee Min Ho, leaving him teary and emotional. Lee Min Ho then runs after the car, and she stops. As the two appear to have a moment, it turns out that Min Ho just wanted the bag in the backseat. With her style and acting range, fans have actually demanded to see Jisoo as an antagonist in a K drama... 






Lee Min Ho 《이민호》 is live now. 19 mins Min Ho Live. Min Ho





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8 Tourist Destinations That Often Become Favorite Kdrama Filming Locations


Korean dramas always present a beautiful setting that makes the atmosphere and storyline more impressive.

No wonder these 8 tourist destinations are visited by many Korean drama lovers.


Namsan Tower




N Seoul Tower or often known as Namsan Tower is a tourist spot located on Namsan Mountain.

For fans of Lee Min Ho, you really have to try taking the cable car at Namsan Tower, which was the location for Boys Over Flowers shooting.

In addition, at Namsan Tower we can also install love locks with our respective partners.

Not only Boys Over Flowers, The Legend of the Blue Sea, My Love From the Star, and City Hunter were also shot here.


Jeju Island




You could say, because it is often used as a shooting location for Korean dramas, Jeju Island has become one of the most popular destinations in Korea.

It's not surprising, because Jeju Island does have a very beautiful panorama.

So it's only natural that the island, which is located in the south of the Korean Peninsula, is often used as a shooting location for Korean dramas, such as Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, and Princess Hours.








After the South Korean success Boys over Flowers, the actors who gave life to F4 took different directions. Learn more about them below.


The popular South Korean novel called Boys over flowers, whose plot is an adaptation of the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, still gives something to talk about, since within its cast there are many artists who have taken advantage of the popularity they left their characters.

As it is remembered, Boys Over Flowers had as its protagonists a quartet of handsome actors that made thousands of fans of the hallyu wave sigh in 2008: Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.


About 14 years have passed since the premiere of this series and the F4s continue to make news, some more than others, but fans always remember them fondly.


Lee Min Ho, South Korea's most recognized actor, unsurprisingly had many successful starring roles after his leap to success with Boys over Flowers. He participated in dramas like The heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea and The King: Eternal Monarch.





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Korean Actors with the Most Instagram Followers


Many Korean actors use the Instagram social media platform as a means to interact with fans from abroad. In 2021, there are recorded rows of names of actors who have a fantastic number of followers on their personal Instagram accounts. Here are a number of Korean celebrities with the most Instagram followers.


1. Lee Min Ho – 27.3 Followers

In the first position, the Korean actor with the most followers is occupied by Lee Min Ho, with the name Instagram @actorleeminho. In addition to sharing his activities on the platform, the 34-year-old actor also has a personal YouTube channel, namely Lee Min Ho Film.






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Pachinko release this spring?!






These are works that informed the world of the excellence of Korean actors and directors. What kind of work will boast the power of Korean content this year? Sports World collected opinions from industry officials and summarized candidates who are likely to follow up.


Apple TV is planning to release the drama Pachinko, which was jointly produced by Korea, the U.S., and Japan. It deals with the hard lives of Korean-Japanese who moved to Japan after the Japanese colonial period. Hallyu star Lee Min-ho and Yoon Yeo-jung, the first Korean actor to win an Academy Award, are drawing attention. Revealed this spring.



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Netizen meets Lee Min Ho in Los Angeles?Take a photo with the fan Biye, the body is thin and the face is rejuvenated





Netizens revealed that after having a supper with a friend last night, the friend found Lee Min Ho, and only our table in the restaurant recognized him. Because my friend is a fan of him, I dared to ask if I could take a group photo, but he agreed.


In the photo, Lee Min Ho is wearing a gray sweater with a white T-shirt, a satchel on his shoulder, and black slacks. He is very handsome with a slightly curled midsection. He took a photo with his fans. It seemed that there was no celebrity frame. He smiled at the camera and showed his scissors hands. Lee Min Ho, who is 34 years old, can't tell his age at all, and he feels full of youth.




Netizens also posted pictures of Lee Min Ho having a meal with his friends. He was sitting with his friends, drinking beer in his hand, and looked good. It can be seen from the photos that they should be in a Korean restaurant. Lee Min Ho did not expect that like ordinary people, Lee Min Ho usually drinks and chats and is very grounded.




After drinking and eating, Lee Min Ho walked to the door with his friends. He was holding his mobile phone and his complexion was a little ruddy. Although he drank, he was still very handsome. I have to say that this height is also quite advantageous, everyone else is wearing a mask, while Lee Min Ho is smiling and looking good.






Judging from the addresses posted by netizens, Lee Min Ho and others should be in Los Angeles, but they went to a Korean restaurant. Some netizens pointed out that this is a bunch of first-line Korean male stars, including Zheng Yusheng and Lin Yingxiong. There is also the main creator in "Squid Game". The author responded that I don't chase Han Xing, only Lee Min Ho.


Lee Min Ho, who hasn't shown up for a long time, is still handsome, and some people say, is Yuan Anyi fatigued? He thinks her husband is more handsome. Lee Min Ho's favorite Korean male star is him, and I also think that Jang Jilin is much more handsome than Lee Min Ho.


Everyone is familiar with Lee Min Ho. He used to be popular in China with "Boys Over Flowers" and "Heirs". He was called a male god by many people. Because of his tall body and handsome appearance, he soon became a fan of numerous fans.





Last year, Lee Min Ho had a work "The Forever Monarch". Before that, he hadn't filmed for six consecutive years. I don't know what happened.







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Nina_mitrokhina and Syntyche - you are like detectives!
Thank you for all the articles and info that you find and post on here 

for us all.

Looking at Twitter it feels like anticipation is starting to grow for

Pachinko. Hopefully the number of Apple subscribers will go up as we get nearer to a start date. Apparently Dr. Brain didn’t have a big impact.


LMH is doing ads this week- I wonder who for.
Also did you see the notice that MYM is moving- they are warning fans who may want to send gifts that their address is changing.

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15 Korean dramas with the highest ratings on Asianwiki, successfully attracting attention


Years since it first aired, the drama is still being welcomed and getting quite lively support from Korean drama fans.


Asianwiki is a blog site like IMDb which compiles almost all archives of Korean films or dramas. Whether it's already aired, ongoing, or it's been done for years. On Asianwiki, all Korean dramas can be judged directly by its users.

On Asianwiki, Korean dramas of the romantic genre became one of the most selected and received the highest rating. Until now, there are several favorite titles that are very memorable even though it's been years since it ended.

The dramas that are included in the list are guaranteed to be dramas that do not disappoint and present interesting stories. This achievement proves that the drama is still welcomed and gets quite lively support from Korean drama fans.

Summarized by brilio.net from Asianwiki and various sources Monday (3/1), here are 15 Korean dramas with the highest ratings on Asianwiki.

1. The Heirs (2013).





8. The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017)




13. City Hunter (2011)







@Lindyloo421, I'm always hoping for the best for Pachinko. We're getting closer and closer to the release date.

Saw that MYM post, too. I love that LMH and MYM are accepting gifts from fans. It's really one way for fans to express their support for him. Other artists and agencies actually discourage fans from sending gifts.

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Thanks for the news about Pachinko@syntyche.  I keep checking to see if Apple has updated its upcoming releases.  They seem to release shows on Fridays.  It is current to Feb. 18. They most likely will not update until mid January, but I'll keep checking.  I think (fingers crossed) it will be March or April.


We will need to figure out if we can watch as a group.  I think I posted a while back that, according to Apple, it's via Facetime.  I believe even those with Androids can now interact with iphone users on FaceTime, so no one will be left out!:1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):

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HBO Max Launches in January 2022


The HBO Max platform has a full catalog and the news doesn't stop. Check out what are the movies, series and new seasons that arrive this month.


The HBO Max has a catalog filled with amazing productions, and even with a great number of works in its catalog, the platform will increase the list further on arrival of each month. These are very diverse novelties, which will appeal to various age groups.


The Heirs

The Heirs follows a group of wealthy and privileged students about to inherit the family business. Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) is the heir of a South Korean conglomerate called the Jeguk Group. He was banished to the United States by his brother Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyuk) who was trying to single-handedly control the family business. During his time in the US, he meets Chan Eun-sang (Park Shin-hye) who traveled there in search of her sister. Although engaged to the beautiful Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji-won), another heiress, he ends up falling in love with Eun-sang.








6 Recommendations for Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas or Rom-Coms, Guaranteed to Make You Flutter!


Korean dramas have romantic scenes but still have an excited comedy side. This Korean drama genre is known as the romantic comedy genre or rom com.

It is undeniable, the creativity of Korean drama writers in developing the script is something that greatly influences the whole story.

This makes us even more curious and can't just watch one Korean drama.

If you're looking for a Korean drama with the rom com genre, this article is for you.

Legend of the Blue Sea


Cast: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun

This drama tells the romance of a mermaid and the son of a rich businessman who turns into a con artist.

Jun Ji Hyun's slick and all-out acting makes fantasy dramas have cute characters and beautiful love stories.

The reason you should watch this drama aside from the fact that two of Korea's top actors are cast in this high-budget drama, this drama is an eye-catching fantasy drama.

Having funny scenes, love stories, magical elements in it wrapped with the beauty of another country that is the background of this drama is another reason.







@CarolynH If it does air in March, we could possibly see promotions next month! Anticipation is rising for Pachinko, indeed. It would be fun if we could figure out a way to watch together.

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What are the top 5 OTT films you're looking forward to in the first half of 2022?


◆ Pachinko.

Lee Min-ho, Yoon Yeo-jung, Jeong Eun-chae, and Jeong Woong-in. Outstanding actors gather through Apple TV+ Pachinko. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Pachinko depicts the lives of immigrants during the Japanese colonial era who moved to Japan and the United States and struggled to continue with their lives.


Including Yoon Yeo-jung, who was reborn as a world star by winning in the Oscar awards, as well as the solid original work selected by the New York Times for "10 Best Books of the Year (2017). Expectations for "Pachinko" are also significant. 






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Boys Over Flowers
13th Anniversary!!!! 






"The King: Eternal Monarch" Starring Lee Min Ho Summary & Highlights! Play as an emperor from a parallel world! Korean drama explains the gorgeous scale of a fantasy romance novel in depth!




Actor Lee Min Ho exudes a stunning aura with a height of 187 cm and a dignified face like a man.


As of January 2022, Instagram has 27.37 million followers! He is extremely popular with many Korean celebrity actors around the world.


In The King: Eternal Monarch, Lee Min Ho returned for the first time in about three years after serving in the military. His role is the prince of the country, the young emperor.


Great scale and high-quality worldview, not like a drama. And "King: Eternal Monarch", which drives you crazy with what you see in the unpredictable development of two coexisting worlds (the so-called parallel worlds)! Let's ask JUMI JUMI
, Korean playwright, Korean wave enthusiast, give a detailed explanation.


Translation from Japanese google


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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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