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hello. i'm curious, where online can i buy korean movies that can play in the region 1 (U.S. & Canada). I usually buy my korean cds on yesasia.com. i want to buy some movies but on yesasia.com, their movies can only be play on the region code 3. so does anyone know where else can i order korean movies online with region code 1???
like what epikt said just modify ur dvd player..there r some coneds on the internet to make ur dvd player region free..
Sorry if this has been asked, but what's a quick and easy way of making screen caps?
if u have gom player as ur media player, it has a screep cap option..it's ctrl+g.keep pressing it when u want to cpature a cap n it will automatically save in the gom player caption folder..
Can someone help me? Windows Media Player and real player can't play .avi videos. Does anyone know how to fix this or know a type of media player that can play .avi vids? :tears: Yeah, figured how to download from the clubox now. Thanks. But the important thing is that I can watch them! I'm going crazy! :angry:
they should work..but the question is do u have the necessary codecs? for more needed help go to this forum: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11015 if i can make a recommendation..i use gom player..
Hi guys, Can anyone tell me where I can buy the official release of ' Witch Amusement' with English subs.? I know ebay are selling them but I think they are bootleg. I would buy one of them but I am not sure of how good the English subs are. Would anyone have any info on those on ebay? or about the official release as I have not found one anywhere. Thanks for your help.
it takes abt 2-3 months or longer after a kseries ends to get the dvd release...the series that u mention just ended a few weeks ago so give it some time...and if u r looking for an official release, don't rely on ebay unless u buy the series on yaentertainment's ebay account...
how do i take screenshots of videos? i cant seem to take them using windows media player.. the picture changes..
i use gom player as my media player..luckily it also has a feature that take screenshot.. but i believe there r plenty of programs out there..google is ur friend..
I was on drama wiki the other day looking up Joo Ji Hoon dramas and I couldn't find any information on his debut drama Old Love. Why is that? Since JJH is SOOOO popular, how come there isn't a high demand for this drama? :blink:
maybe because it's an old drama..and probably just had a small part that's not really noticeable..and goong is like the series that made him well known..
how di i play an SRT FILE? i download love letter on megaload. but tis an srt file. PLEASE COMMENT ME PRIVATE ABOUT THIS.
u only downloaded the subtitle file..did u also download the actual raw video file?
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Guest tancy38
if u have gom player as ur media player, it has a screep cap option..it's ctrl+g.keep pressing it when u want to cpature a cap n it will automatically save in the gom player caption folder..
Eh, I'm using real player and windows media player, do they have that option too?

I posted this question everywhere but nobody is answering

:( Everything I tried to download on my CB remains at pause 0%. The highlighting jumps from one to the next but none starts downloading.. Has this seriously never happend to you?? What to do? :wacko:

I still don't quite understand how clubbox works but I guess you're downloading an old file...that happens to me too. Try downloading a recent file and it will probably work, can't help though on the files you are currently downloading, maybe try a different clubbox?
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Probably not the place to mention this but various threads have been ignoring the 'no image quoting' and the 20-character limit rules. Not to pinpoint anyone (I might be breaking some other rules instead) but many still have no idea they shouldn't quote pics and regular members at the threads who knew have stopped reminding newbies as well. Korean Dramas & Movies Forum Rules http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=116755

4. Do not quote pictures. Instead, remove the %7Boption%7D tags around the link. Quotes do not count towards the 20-character limit rule. If you're going to quote a picture or post, say something about it. Threads that are meant solely for pictures belong in the Korean celeb photos forum. In addition, do NOT quote full texts if it is especially long. Quote a subsection so that we can save resources.
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i think i saw a similar question here but it didnt really help me very much so im going to ask it to match my specific needs n hopefully someone will help me out... right? =P ok. so i dl-ed 'Romance of Their Own' (KDRAMA) which was split into parts using hjsplit. i tried to join them n dled hjsplit. wen i clicked JOIN n then INPUT the files that i need to join wouldnt show up on the window. 1. That's my first question. Why isn't it showing up and how can I make it show up? it says its only viewing 001 files but it IS a 001 file (wmv.001) And so I used realplayer (which would only let me open n watch the first file) and found out the address type thing of the file and copied and pasted it into the INPUT instead and i got an error message saying INVALID FLOATING POINT OPERATION and I have no idea what to do. 2. My second question. How do i fix this? So if someone could please help me, or even attempt in helping me, i would be forever grateful!!!
You only need to select the 001 file, the program automatically search for the other 002 003 etc files and join them together. But I doubt it, whether this will work, if you have the files spread all over, so better have all the split files that you want to join in the same folder/section.
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Guest baekkyungzqt

i just want to ask, how am i going to play the video and sub at teh same time? im sorry, its my first time... please help.. thank you!

make sure the two files are in the same folder, and labeled correctly.. if the video is called "abcd" then make sure the subs are "abcd.srt" then all you have to do is play the video and the subs should come out with it

I'm new here and I did read all the rules and stickies (or at least most of them).

I was watching youtube and they had a few users that posted Xman episodes (parts of it). They only included parts that they felt uploading or a previous user has uploaded but their account got removes.

My question is, is it possible for me to download or go somewhere to watch them all? I've seen Xman episodes with chinese subtitles, too bad I can't understand chinese even though I speak it (cantonese). I don't want to upload them to youtube, I just want to watch all of them with english subtitles.

Just about every single Xman vid posted on youtube said that it was subbed by users of soompi, so that's why I came here.

Another question I have is, do soompi give out the whole episode with the subtiles or just the srt (subtitle files)?

Sorry if this should be posted on some other part of the forums... :sweatingbullets:

try looking at this post that slyph wrote: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...t&p=6236937

i havent checked it out myself, but there are supposed to be all 155 episodes in high quality and some/most/all (?) have softsubs.

normally, soompi does not provide subs and it is rare to find an entire variety show subbed, but if you go to the xman website http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35 there might be more information as well. good luck! :)

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Thank you but I mean I can watch MBC and SBS on tvants online. BUt I can't see KBS because there are those chinese letter, Í have searched KBS on tvants but they said no channels, does anyone know how can I see in those channels which one is KBS?????????

It probably means whoever was streaming KBS isn't anymore and you can't watch it through TVAnts.

where can I download HJ split??


You should have done a Google search for this.

uhmm im a little confused.

so when i use the divxlandland mediasubtitler

when i save the subs on the video

is it considered to be like hardsubbed?

No Media Subtitler doesn't actually hardsub subtitles with video files. The subtitles you save are usually saved as an .srt file which is soft subbing. Hardsubbing requires different programs.

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hello. i'm curious, where online can i buy korean movies that can play in the region 1 (U.S. & Canada). I usually buy my korean cds on yesasia.com. i want to buy some movies but on yesasia.com, their movies can only be play on the region code 3. so does anyone know where else can i order korean movies online with region code 1???

I don't know if you found the answer but you if you are in US/Canada, you could buy at :


I bought 95% of the Korean dramas there. Check on the details but most of their dvds are for "all region".

Their price for Japanese dramas are a bit more expensive. BTW, they are very efficient in shipping time.

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I want to ask what is the highest rating for drama?

Like if a drama got 10% rating...is that good?

The highest rating for korean drama is over 30% usually around 32% for previous years but for now usually a good/popular drama rating is about 25% and above. For a 10% rating it's not consider good but anyway sometimes a good drama may suffer from poor rating because it clashes with another major production drama at the same time period.

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Guest papabear

You need a video codec--not sure if it can be installed to real player; the ones that I know of will install to windows media player. For a list of suggested codecs, to go the ed2k links thread, I think they are still listed there on the first page.

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I don't know where to put this so i decided to post it here. I need help on viewing sofsub. I downloaded the sub from d-addicts and the drama from the clubbox that was posted, but i still can't see the sub. What happened? how can i fix this?

make sure you save them to the same folder/place and then make sure they are named the same like say



should be listed in the same place, and then when you click on the avi file, the subs should just automatically come :)

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Guest Sidicas

does anyone know how to convert a HQ file into a LQ file?

You mean make the file size smaller and less quality? You just recompress it with a lossy codec.. You might be able to use VirtualDubMod or something like that depending on which codec you want to compress it to.. There are other codecs such as .rm that you can compress to also, and RealMedia has a video compressor that is freely available but I can't seem to find the link at the moment. Some codecs let you choose exactly the size of the file you want it to become and it will do the rest.. doom9.org is a good place to start for learning about codecs..

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Guest puppyiz

I have a Q myself..What is a really easy simple subbing program (hardsubs)? I'm not familiar with computer lingo, so all the info I find on the internet confuses me..like encoding, codecs, and much more. I've been using the Windows movie maker that comes with my computer, and it's works okay, but I'm just wondering whether there's an easier way to do it?

Thanks in advance~

yonnie ~ Hardsubbing Tutorials for newbies : CLICK HERE

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Guest cookiemonster1430262540

Does anyone knw hw to change frm asf to mp4?

I hv download Coffee Prince eps 11 to 12 and snow in august eps15 to20.

But these files are all in asf format which I'm using window media player to play. I was unable to watch. Can someone kind enough pls tell me wat i shld do to able to watch these shows? Many thkx. :)

You can use a SUPER Converter to convert asf to mp4 but in case you want to play it as asf you can use GOM Player.

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Guest tortyserox

Streaming Tv Channels

I'm having a problem finding all the links to stream video , a while back some posted all of them up from japan , koera, China, etc... but I i cant find it

does anyone know them, cause I've talked to a few people and they would like to find out too

if any one has them can u please post them

yeap.. its called tvants.

one qn reg KBS.. how do we watch live streaming now that tvants doesnt support it?

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I'm confiused about the MickeyBaby versions. How are they different from Ental and do I need something specific to be able to play them?

Thanks in advance.

^^ MICKEYBABY versions are better quality versions than Ental versions. They are also encoded with a different codec.

If you are watching video files with MEDIA CLASSIC PLAYER then you need to make a slight adjustment to your player settings in order to watch MICKEYBABY versions:::

Klite-codec pack {CLASSIC MEDIA PLAYER} just click into configuration > ffdshow video decoder and change H.264/AVC from disabled to libavcodec.


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I downloaded "Insoon.Is.Pretty.E04.KOR.HDTV.720p.x264-MickEyBABy.mkv " from S2 clubbox what player can I watch this? Thanks !!!

You can play that file with realplayer, or better yet, Real Alternative which you can find if you google it. With Real Alternative you get a player just like Real Player but without a lot of spam etc. The player you use though for files on your comp is called Classic Media Player, and is basically the same thing.

how do you watch ental avi.001 files?

it doesnt seem to work on windows media player xD

help me!


glooee: files like those needs to be put together before you can watch them! Use the program hjsplit! You can find it on download.com and there seem to be a site specifically for it also, but I would use the download.com just to be on the safe side you know. When you have the program you just have to press "join files", and then just tell it where the first file, 001, is.

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hey guys.. :w00t: i'm new to this downloading tvdramas and movies area.. just need help for the sub.. on yooneunhye.org there have a goong download. i beleive this is the related pages..so the problem is how i want to combine the episodes and subs..i already download the episodes and subs but donno how to combine it.. i also go to d-addicts but i didn't have a torrent. really need to know how is it.. :sweatingbullets:

okay tHis is what that i know...

from what i read i understand that u have the soft subs of the drama...

now all u need is to put the vid and the sub files ie *.srt files in one folder (pls make sure that the video and the soft sub have the same name

for example if the vid is goong1.avi then the soft sub should also be goong1.srt

then use the player to play the video...

u can use player than can play soft sub...

for example media player with codex...

power dvd, or even ivivo...

just choose any...

if u do that then hopefully the video will play with the subs...

hope that help...

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how bout i have windows media player, media classic and winamp??

WMP and Media Classic should work as long as you have the correct codecs installs. I suggest you download K-Lite one or the Storm one. I personally use the Storm one and it works pretty well for me. Just make sure you follow chubby^green^'s instructions.

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