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Please Help Me! Thread!


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Guest miss_midori


what happend in the end? Did he come back to life? did she die? Did he live?!

please PM me back! :)

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Guest jenny____x

hey i was wondering if anyone knew this drama

but i saw only a small part of it

and i was in a restaurant

but the part i saw was

this guy that was on some sort of island i think and he looked maybe 15 or something

and this other girls was stuck there as well.

i think she was from a well off family because i think her family was really trying to find her.

eh. i hope it wasnt general enough for anyone.

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Guest huangsy

Hi, I have a question.

I can't remember the title of this movie and the name of the 2 actors. I know that it's a movie I have already seen, and it's make me nervous :wacko:

Please, If anyone know the title of this movie or the name of one or the two actors, that's will be great ^^

The picture of the movie:


Actress looks like KIM Ji Young but no thread on her here.


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does anyone know any link to watch KBS world online while it's airing?

thank you so much

but it hasn't KBS World, has it?

I don't think there's any VOD service for KBS World. . . there is for KBS (Korea) as provided by gerryg.

Here is KBS World Website incase you wanna explore it yourself, especially the TV schedule page.

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Guest chip packet

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section :sweatingbullets:

I've been downloading My Girl (starring Lee Dong Wook, Lee Dae Hee, Lee Junki, Park Si Yeon) and I've noticed that some places list episodes up to 22 whilst others go up to 16. I've been taking episodes from a source that goes up to 22, however, that source no longer has ep20, so I was wondering if anyone knows what episode 20 would be equivalent to in the list that goes only up to 16?

thanks and sorry if this is a bit confusing

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Guest huangsy

Hi i have some Question does anyone have tried signing up in SBS? Do we need to pay if we want to sign up to watch their video? Your help will be much appreciated!

Yes, SBS charges. Only KBS is free.

Hi, I wanna ask you where I can get a detailed synopsis of a MBC's drama - Pretty Woman (2003). Or anyone who watched this drama please summarize the drama for me. I cannot find the thread of this drama.

Thank you so much for your replies! :)

Hi Gerryg, thanks for your reply but My Fair Lady is not the drama I mentioned - Pretty Woman, starring Jang Shin Young, Jung Bo Suk, Lee Ji Hoon,... I have search it in MBC's web but there's no infomation of this drama in english but korean (here) which I can't read. If you can read korean, could you please translate it for my, I will be so grateful for your kindness.

Would be very hard to find, 145 episodes ? and not listed on MBC's English site http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/03/index.html

check out the following and also search at Youtube site.




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Guest sveta21

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a drama Eel Jjum Oh, i'm not 100 % certain when it aired (likely in early 1990s-) or what channel it was on. Can anyone tell me a clubbox where i can find it? Thanks so much. This is the summary of it, i believe. It is also called 1.5?

korean family consisting of 2 sons and mom and dad, moves to California, face hardships such as racism, appendectomy, own a drycleaner, then a gas station, then the LA Riots occur.

I was also told that the younger brother was dealing in gangster things, and older one was studying to be a doctor. I think it might 10-20 eps? If anyone knows of it, thanks in advance!

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Guest jadoreparis

Hi I was having trouble getting my KBS reg. info confirmed. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their KBS ID and password with me


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Guest Crichton

Hey, does anyone know in which episode of "My Girl" does Gong-chan get mad at Yu-rin when she jokes about how everyone says they look alike? It goes something like this...

Gong-chan: You know, Yu-rin, it really makes me mad when everyone talks about how we look alike.

Then he walks off, and Yu-rin mutters..."Well, who wants to look like you."

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Guest xiaochingu.

hi hi's everyone...i hope i can ask here

but does anyone know which episode of nonstop 5 danny im (Taebin) appeared in?

or where i can watch that episode?...i checked the nonstop 5 thread and i'm not sure which episode

i should download..or if they have it on there even because it seems like the only ones uploaded

are the ones that have lee minwoo in it. and i don't mind if its raw or subbed =D

thank you for your help in advance!

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Guest lilyrose

Go to TVAnts.com to install the TVAnts software (Another website you can use: http://tvsbox.com/.

Hi, I can't figure out how to use TVants or tvsbox. They are in languages I cannot read.

1. Can someone help me figure this out, OR send me to a link where I can read about it?

2. Also are these two sites BitTorrent or P2P sites? IF THEY ARE, do MBC, KBS, etc., have sites where they do live streaming of their shows and episodes?


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Guest pinkwave

I'm really a fan of jang seo hee. But i guess i am not that updated when it comes to news about her...coz i dont know how to translate hangul into english...i need help! please...anyone!

this is the link:


this one also:



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I watched this one korean drama series probably more than 5 years ago, but I'm not sure what the name is, so could anyone help me please find the title to it?

Summary: (sorry it's really long!)

A brother and sister get along really well ever since they were born, and the sister is really lucky because her family is almost perfect. They are all talented in art, except for her, and it's subtly hinted but it's a big clue that there's something fishy about it. Another girl in her school has a huge crush on her brother, and she's jealous of the first girl because she gets to be with him all the time (She, however, is really talented in art). Something crucial happens to the first girl (I don't remember what) and when she goes to the hospital, the family finds out that her blood type is different from all of her family's. Now, the brother has a flashback of when he was little, when his "sister" was just being born at the hospital, and he remembers that he accidentally dropped her name tag and the other girl's name tag that were on their cribs. So the nurses found him and took him out of the room, but they switched the name tags with her and the other girl without knowing. Both families find this out, and the second girl is really happy because they switch families. The second girl's mom, who is really the first girl's biological mom, is single and really poor, but she's really loyal to her anyway, and the second girl gets really cocky with her biological family because she gets to eat well and have cute things.

When they both grow up, the first girl still lives with her mom working at a hotel as a maid, I think. We don't know much about the second girl because she's not the main point of the story. So this first girl meets this guy (who's REALLY hot, one of the reasons I'm looking for this drama again), who really falls for her and does so many sweet things to her, but she's always holding back because she can't forget about her former brother, who she realized that she loves over the years. This guy won't give up, however, and takes her to the beach one day, where coincidentally, she finds her former brother. So now that she's finally seen him, there's this whole love triangle, and the girl doesn't know what to do because both guys are so caring to her. I think there's a little complication between both the brother and the girl and the other guy and the girl, but she chooses the brother in the end. When we think that it's all great, we find out that she's sick with cancer, and the other guy is devastated because he still loves her. So both guys are struggling to find time to spend with her until the end.

The girl who is the main character has also acted in other dramas, but I'm guessing she's in her late 30's or something if I watched this 5-10 years ago. Sorry, I don't know any of the names, I wish I did.

Anyone who knows more information on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

song hye gyo is not that old actually

she is not even close to old actually

the story is autumn in my heart (there's another title but i cant remember it)

the main guy is seung su hon(sp)-(he's the brother) and wonbin (that's the hawt dude)

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