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Please Help Me! Thread!


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how do you watch ental avi.001 files?

it doesnt seem to work on windows media player xD

help me!


the .001 extension means that was a split file. you need to combine your files with an hjsplit to get the .avi file that can be played with almost any player.

where can i buy my sassy girl and windstruck dvd from the original manufacturer?

preferably online websites i can trust

yesasia.com, dvdheaven.com, dvdfromkorea.com

I'm not sure if i should ask this here but what is the name of the website where I can rent Asian movies and Kpop Drama? I remember seeing the banner ad for it.

i think it's http://www.tigercinema.com/

What are soft subs & hard subs?

And I was also wondering where I can download movies or dramas in mp4 format.

hard subs are encoded to the video file itself. soft subs aren't - you download them as a separate file (usually in .SRT format)

i don't know where you can find dramas in mp4 format though.

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Where can I find the cyworld list thread of Korean celebrities? It used to be in the "Korean music" but it's not there.


the subs not showing up :( i've got the avi n srt files in same folder.

must i download some kind of subtitle sw?

what's vodsub? remember seeing it somewhere.

its called vobsub- if you dl vobsub and install it you should be able to play the video and see subs with windows media player, also make sure the sub file is the same name as the video file, except with a different extension (example: the video is name video.avi and the sub file is named video.srt or video.sub)

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Hi i have download an episode of coffee prince along with the softsubs... separately but how do i make the SRT subs appear on the movie itself? please help!!!!

the FAQ doesn't help


Q2. How do I view subtitles with the video? What program do I need to view subtitles?


See this how to view subtitle using softsub guide.


theres something wrong with it~

please please helpppp..

Hi Mixue etal,

To combine subtitles with the video, I strongly recommend that you go to www.cnet.com and download a free software called "jetaudio", trust me when I say it works its very easy to use and will take care of this problem for you.

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Guest huangsy

hi, i don't know where to post this so i'm gonna do it here.

where can I get the daily schedules of programs played on SBS / MBC / KBS?

go to this link


anyone know where i can find scripts to korean

dramas such as





I want it for my audition ^^


Go to http://www.dramabeans.com/kdrama-scripts/

Hello, I hope someone can help me with this:

Does anybody know sites which contain all movies & dramas which were released in 2007?

(If possible pages, where they even rated the movies or dramas^^)

Thanks very much!!!

You can try http://www.koreanfilm.org/films2007.html

or http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/

Hi i hope someone can help me. I have an HQ video that I want to upload in youtube.

It's an hour long video.

How do I split the HQ video to 10 minutes in 6 parts, and still retain the same quality.

I tried with Tsunami mpeg but the quality after splitting isn't very good.

Have u tried Windows Movie Maker?

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Guest babieangelz

Hello. I hope I'm posting this in the right place and in the right way. Here goes. I purchased the YA Entertainment box set of Spring Waltz. While watching it, I'm shocked that the drama was completely butchered apart with so many scenes cut out completely. It's so bad that if I hadn't seen the way it was originally intended for television, I wouldn't even be able to follow the story and get the full effect of what a masterpiece the original was.

Anyhow, I want dvd's of korean dramas. And I'm hoping there is another version out there that I can buy which doesn't destroy the drama in it's original form. Does anyone know where I can get a legitimate version of Spring Waltz on dvd? There must be a way to get the original. Right?

And are other dramas released by YA Entertainment hacked to pieces as well? Please tell me because I don't want to buy dramas that are re-edited to the point of ruin. I want to have dramas on dvd so I'm searching for answers about where and how to get legitimate, original versions. Thank you for reading this. Any tips will be much appreciated. Believe me, I don't like blasting a company that releases licensed, subtitled versions of korean dramas. I am passionate about korean dramas and passionate about doing my part to support the industry. But I'm very upset about my SpringWaltz purchase right now. I'm absolutely shocked at how the release of it was handled. If there is some Spring Waltz thread somewhere that I should have posted this, then I apologize. I tried a search using the words Spring Waltz but didn't find anything. Thank you for your time in reading this.

I had the same problem from YA Entertainment ... My friend said to try YesAsia.com for korean dvd's and I haven't had any problems since (just bought My Lovely Kim Sam Soon and Goong) the dvd is exactly as how it's intended for television.

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anyone know any site that has these sort of info??? i want to watch some movies but i never know what's good or out and soompi doesnt list all movies so i wanted to find out myself.

im thinking something like rottentomatoes for movies and nielsen ratings for tv... but in korean.

You can read the Korean movie box-office on the KOBIK (KOFIC) site.

A lot of sites and blogs publish it weekly in English, for exemple Twich or Korea Pop Wars.

Korean TV ratings are available via TBS Media Korea.

I hope you'll find what you want.

But here is an advice if you want to watch good movies : don't trust ratings, don't trust box-offices, don't trust reviews, watch it "random". :crazy:

(I mean it, it's often more profitable to chose movies by chance)

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hi everyone..

i have a problem & need ur advice..!!

i've downloaded VirtualDub long time ago to hardsubbed videos.. but some of the videos i've downloaded cant open on VirtualDub. It says some audio bitrate error. before, i've tried some manual way - i recorded the whole video audio into WAV format and recompress together with the video but it seems the audio is faster than the video's moving.. (get what i mean..?) so, i need to know how to delay the audio so that it'd be constant and working smoothly.. anyone can advice me to overcome this matter? Maybe download any constant bitrate encoder or etc.

*****ANDY - LOVE SONG - ANDY*****

About ur problem, try googling and downloading Vdub-mp3-freeze... it's a different version of virtualdub. I used to use virtualdub to hardsub my stuff too and the audio was always out of sync until i got this other program. Works exactly the same as virtualdub but is much better. Hope this solves ur problem :)

by the way, other than hardsubbing the video before burn cd, could we do like most dvds now ( we can choose to watch the video with or without sub ). Is there any software for that? and what is that 'process' called..?

Did u mean u want to convert the video into a dvd? Coz i think that's the only way u can turn the subs on or off while watching. If ur planning to watch it on ur pc, then u just need to rename the subtitle file to the same name of the file (e.g. ABC.avi - ABC.srt) and players like VLC Media Player will automatically display the subs. But if ur planning to watch in with a dvd player, then u have to convert it to a dvd. I use ConvertXToDVD to convert my videos, works great. It can take anywhere from 2-6 hours to convert 3-4 files to fit one dvd so i usually leave it on while i sleep. I hope that answers ur question... pm me if u want convertXtodvd :)

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Guest kdramafanusa

hai...... is there anyone who knows the list of top ten korean dramas frequently most seen during year of 2005,2006,2007 ????

Highest rated dramas in Korea for 2007 can be found in this thread:


I will post 2005 & 2006 in a bit. Topping the rating charts for 2005-2007 are "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon" and "Jumong" (#1 for 2006 & 2007).

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Hullo! I tried looking this up, but I couldn't find any answers. I downloaded some drama. Files were split, and in "rmvb" format. May I know how to merge these "rmvb" files? Thank you in advance.

does the file have ending numbers like 001, 002 etc if it does

make sure they r in the same folder

dl hjsplit

press join

browse for the first file the one ending with 001

after that it should combine all the files..

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Guest Jonanovi

Anyway, a question of my own. I was helping someone on Yahoo! Answers, and I'm very puzzled as to what drama they are trying to identify. I guessed Terms of Endearment (but I haven't seen all of that, and I didn't think it was quite popular enough that it would air in the US).

They said it was on PBS 13 late a few nights ago (New York, I'm pretty sure).

This was their message (a wall of text, I know :P):

This show was a modern korean soap opera. It was not a historic kind of thing. It had plot scenes that included characters in their 30's and then had their parents in it too. I really dont know any of the actors, but i can bring up some plots scenes:

There was a very beautiful woman who was keeping it quiet that she was pregnant with another man's baby. She was very honest and timid. Meanwhile, another man came from abroad trying to be with her, but she couldnt because of her pregnancy. She didnt want to tell the baby's father bout it, because he had gotten married with someone else, some business woman. Meanwhile, the business woman got pregnant, but the stress of her suspicions made her lose the baby.

In another plot summary, there was a young eager whiny girl. She got married with a reluctant guy. They went on their honeymoon and already were arguing that day.

There was a character who had a moterbike. He was like the bad boy. I think he was the pregnant woman's brother.

Unfortunatelly, this is all I remember....

Any ideas? I want to help them out.

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Guest Aiedail

I have a general question about the channel SBS. Through DirecTV I was able to get a few Korean channels (SBS of course being one of them) and it's fantastic except for the fact that the DirecTV channel guide is highly incorrect (not to mention confusing). My biggest problem is that the guide doesn't display every program the channels have to offer and so causes programs to be labeled in error (like Exploring the Human Body is listed as Good Sunday and music programs are labeled as being movie news) and so for this reason I miss out on a lot. So my question is, is there a source (online or otherwise) that has a correct and up to date guide listing? Like a Korean tv guide of sorts?

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Guest fathuljay

does any1 can suggest which software can convert .rmvb files to .avi? it's much more appreciated if u can post the link to me (here or PM). i really need help coz i have 1 video file that urgently need to be converted to .avi so i can watch using VLC Media Player.. huhu..

thanx in advance!!!

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Guest ripgal

Hmmm, I'm not too sure....streaming websites....crunchyroll? veoh? (but u gotta download veoh tv 4 that....so I guess that's not really an option, without veoh tv, u can only watch the first 5 mins of the video)

hehe~ I got question! *raises hand*

I watching this korean drama like...YONKS ago! I was pretty little. I have no clue what the name is, but i reallly want to find out!

All I remember about the drama is that;

There's this girl, who looks alot like this famous singer?

And then she pretends 2 be her at some stage...and performs on stage?

The girl had long brownish/honey coloured hair that was curly.

And I THINK i remember that the girl who pretends 2 b the celeb had an older sister who was...strict?

OOOO!! And I think I remember there was this scene at the start, where her and her sister are eating at a resturaunt, and she wanted 2 eat something, but here sister's like...eat more veggies.


Haha, that's all I remember...TT_TT

Anyone have any clue?? Thnx in advance! >.<

Yea, I think it's called Mina..

Here's the wiki link


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Guest d.j smile

AH! I think it is!! THANKS!!! >.<

Was it not very popular? Coz it's so hard 2 find info on it! And there r like...no pictures ANYWHERE! The closest pic I could find is the cover on the DVD box set that someone was selling -___-""

Thanks again! ^.^

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Guest errharrison

My Tutor Friend, ringtone

Does anyone know the name of that ringtone that was on their phones =o

Can tell me please

tq tq :D

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Guest jinju kim

does anyone know where i can find FIRST LOVE korean drama 1996 with bae yong joon and choi soo jong to either download or watch online? if it has english subtitles that would be great. THANKS!


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Guest huangsy

Can someone help me find out the name and cast of this drama, either Chinese or English? (if Chinese that would be great as well since this one seems like an oldie and I'll probably only be able to find it on Chinese sites...)





I'm missing Episode 14 and it's a big one and so I'm somewhat lost as to what happened. Like this girl


was she forced to sleep with the bad boss (the guy who helped her win the beauty competition)?

Also, who killed the big boss's right-hand man?

Anyways, thanks for any help :) Greatly appreciated!


Is Barefoot Youth starring Bae Yong Jun.

Go to his or that drama thread, may be able to get more info.

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