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[drama 2005] Hanoi Bride - Chooseok Special 하노이 신부


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Guest sunshine4ever

Me too, me too, I'm from Ha Noi too. Oh woh. Some of the scene





I think sunshine post this once before :blink:

yeah, thanks for reposting them, lol...

anyway, is the sub coming out soon? :lol:

i still think she looks beautiful in Vietnamese traditonal aodai!

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Guest cherrie.7

the way the girl speaks viet is weird, she's supposed to be speaking in a north accent but im north and cant understand her. T_T cant blame her for trying though but the guy's viet is not that bad. the movie looks good, cant wait til the sub comes out.

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Okay, I thought I would have it finished yesterday, but it looks like I'm getting delayed again, and it's all because of Kim Ok-bin's "Vietnamese"....though SandyP translated what she supposedly said in "Vietnamese" from the Korean subtitles, when listening to the "Vietnamese" it doesn't look like Ok-bin said all of that?! Right now, I'm having several people listen to what she is saying to see how I should edit the translations of her lines.

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