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  1. Good questions and theories you guys brought up here. there seems to have many mysteries of MY past, like when she mentioned about her mom being in a car(?) accident, the details she gave were so real, make me think her mom is really dead but MY trauma being so deep, her mom is practically still 'alive' in her. I also wonder how did she live all these years and with whom. Hopefully the show will shed light more on that. I don't think the highschool uniform int they met that time, bc it'd be too coincidental and a bit illogical ^^, If not i wonder again how MY makes GT wear that lol anyone watched 'my sassy girl' the movie? there was similar scene. I already saw some comments saying to be uncomfortable with it, well personally to me it's like cosplay, and we don't know the context yet so maybe better make it sth it's not ^^ About the head nurse, she's growing more and more suspicious to me, i hope i'm wrong cause i like her character at 1st. But the scene with MY's dad and her reactions to him talking about 'MY's mom' were very odd to me. and how she didn't talk about it to the director after. From the few scenes we see the mysterious figure stalking MY and GT, it looks like her too. She has acknowledge on mental disorders and if she's revealed to be the real 'psycho' here wow it's gonna shock more than one o_o
  2. Looks like we're gonna get more flashback? but i think it could also be them having some fun kkk a la 'my sassy girl' lol can't imagine how embarrassed GT would be xD and look how he's following her, please let it be some cute scene https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=kimsoohyun&no=674407
  3. Removed my draft comment about ep4-5 (im so late lol) to only say that what an episode today!!! i love the characters development and more reveal from their past. and the dynamic has changed a bit and it's totally worth all my tears TT Tbh i was afraid they'd drag the chasing but thankgod they didn't. the last scene was heartbreaking, but then they come with the most hilarious epilogue loll laughing and crying at the same time what this drama is doin to me lol
  4. Episode 3 was quiet emotional, I cried at least twice ;__; I've seen people being uncomfortable by MY's behaviors ,as in her advances to GT, some even goes as far as calling it 'sexual harassment'..well are they speakin for GT or just for themselves. while i can't speak for the victims out there or how people feel bc for me if you feel being harassed then you have every right to say so. back to MY, i'm not using her APD as an excuse but i feel some people ignore that and put their usual standards on her. She literally pushed a guy down the stair, almost stabbed a man, that alone should have been a huge alarm and signal on her character/personality. MY clearly doesn't know boundaries or follow society rules. Everyone acting nice and polite doesn't mean they're all nice and don't have hatre. Some scrutinized her and people watching her as if we all condone her actions. and i just find it funny how the same people are actually finding Juri interesting, for what, for her affection towards GT? for how 'sane' she is compared to the unusual MY? it's the niceness that kinda irk with me, you never know what those people are thinking for real behind that smiling face. Anyway, personally i don't feel the drama glamorizing MY doing, actually they emphasize it as an abnormality/derange, looking at how people around her react to her or the fans reaction to her rude behaviors. They present MY as how she is, blunt and straightforwards, crude and has no filter. Actually only the patients, the 'crazy' ones are listening to her and the ultimate message she gave to them is to be 'happy', accept the reality and get a hold of yourself. I really like how MY has called out GT multiple times. it's interesting to note how she question him why he's only angry whenever he see her, certainly bc only with her he can be like that. He never showed any other feeling towards his brother beside caring, worry, like to a child, he forgot ST is a person with his own identity, like and dislikes. while neglecting that GT also repressed himself into believing that's how he should live. His mother told him so, and he wanted to feel love and wanted by her. I'm already sad from what we saw of his childhood which was completely robbed off. The convenience store scene where we see adult MY chatting with young GT, as in soothing his pain. to me MY has that she can see through people heart and she'll react to it according to her interest, but without prejudgment. She doesn't care about etiquettes bc it's meaningless, we're all hypocrite and it's okay. MY wanted GT to know it's fine to have desire for sth without reason, it's fine to be frustrated, to be angered, to complain about it, to talk to somebody and build a relationship with someone. You just gotta have to deal with it face on, accept who you are and how some things are just out of your control. For me this drama is a journey of acceptation your destiny. Everyone has their own story and burden, the society norms make people turn away from those who don't fit in. but we're all crazy in some way or other, nobody is perfect, why should we look at others or care about their feeling first before our own? I admit i don't know much about the mental disorders presented in the drama but in no way i felt the drama was making fun of it or use it on comical purpose. if anything they try to make it as light and easy as possible for viewers to watch and relate. Their parallel portrayals of what the patient see and how their reality look like, how they also have their story to tell that we outsiders can resonate. I shed tears during GD speech, it was so heartfelt and poignant. and in the epilogue, GT sudden realization that what he thinks is doin good for GD isn't actually what he wants. what he thinks is acceptable by society actually doesn't suit with him, so are we goin to live for them or for ourself? ohmy what this drama is doin to me ^^,, The next ep looks like another turning point in our leads relationship. What MY did with ST that made GT angry again? idk what to expect, even though part of me is worried she's gonna cross the line(again) and hurt ST along the way, i really hope i'm wrong. I didn't discuss enough about MY own situation, when she's tormented by her nightmares really made me sad. even more when she had to turn to an imaginary GT to hold onto. The next morning, when she looks at the mirror and her expression changed, like she wouldn't let that side of her be shown. only the strong and fierce MY is allowed to get out. i hope she'll get the help she needs, either it be GT or someone/ sth else. I think her purchase after GT is also her silent cry for help but for now he doesn't recognize it or simply he's too charged with his own demons to see it. i hope he will soon.
  5. omg i'm so so late to the party >< It'd been a crazy week at work and rl stuff for me TT but i watched the 2ep and what to say it left me speechless. I'm so in awe with everything, from the excellent directing, gorgeous cinematography and transactions, so innovative and smooth. and that animation intro?! woww it's just creative and really setting the perfect mood for the drama. I gotta mention the unique ost/bgm too. I like how they use it in the otp scene, like their first meeting, with how beautiful the setting was, you thought it's gonna be 'cheesy' but nope, the music and editing really brought a peculiar atmosphere, it's like the usual 'love at 1st sight' scene but Moonyoung style lol I thought her line would sound corny but the way she said it wasnt at all. Like ah she recognized those signs of cliché but she doesn't give af at that moment or rather both of them lol I think i'm not alone to be owned by Moonyoung charm lol she's charismatic, mysterious in the way you know underneath that extravagant look and mean demeanour and harsh words lies more story to tell. I love my characters to have layers and i'm already so invested in MY and GT journey. Both are carrying emotional scars and burden, that it'd take more to heal. I read someone comments about how they're perfect for each other and i agree. (aside from their out worldly chemistry that's given lol) GT seems to live but not really living. All his life he has repressed to the life of ST, his brother. Tbh GT left me a quiet different first impression. The first scene when the director complained about ST and the later noticed it. His expression when he cleared out ST's locker, he was clearly upset, but then he kept a smiling face to ST. GT seems like having a certain resentment towards his brother, i don't doubt his love for ST but sometimes it wore him down. I think it's part of reason people telling GT to stop smiling or saying 'it's okay' cause it's 'disgusting', for me it's bc even when he's smiling, his eyes don't really mean it. Then MY appeared, she made him feel things he's refused to for so long, he's frustrated, he's mad, he's intrigued and he desired, she forced him to rethink about his choices. made him realize what he's been doing and also how strong ST actually is. I really like that scene where ST said he's the older brother and GT can count on him ^^ In return, MY seems to be attracted to GT look, i mean practically everyone in this drama is attracted to him in some way lol but deep down i feel she wants somebody to see and accept her for how she is. and through GT actions and words, she thought he'd be different than others, that he'd be able to see through her too. She looked hurt at the elevator scene when GT just deemed her as a hopeless case without cure and he should just avoid. MY is similar to GT in some way, she stays at a hotel and isn't settled down. Beside her disorder, I think her mother also had a mental disorder even more severe and MY became a victim of her outrages. Her father probably felt hopeless in the situation when he couldn't do anything to save his wife and daughter until he realized MY was or has become like her mother, he decided to end it his way.. MY may just be as empty as GT, before meeting him, every night no doubt she's drown in her own nightmares that's her mother memories and constant presence. I think her mother is dead, but she has 'succeeded' in installing her 'soul' in MY mind since she was young. I feel her 'obsession' with GT started after him confessing about the girl from the past and when he told her she's more like a 'clueless freak'. MY must have thought maybe just maybe he's different, by he'd not judge her for who she is. She felt warmth, sympathy and more from another human being for the first time and that her mind now is occupied by other feeling than self hatre and agony. I'm really looking forwards to how their relationship will grow, how they'll affect each other. I don't hope for a 'love will cure all'.. well let's be honest it's gonna be partly that way, but still i hope they'll show us how between very damaged and hurt people we can find solace and help healing each other to be happier. I don't expect MY to change either, she is what she is and in the end i just wish for her to find peace with herself. kkk why i sound so biased towards MY lol I'm also curious about the butterfly murdere (not gonna lie, i was screaming, no not butterfly again, those who watched Born Again will feel me lol) I wonder how much it's going to be involved in the story. as some theories, is it linked to MY's mother? And in ep1 they hinted it when that patient was killed by MY's knife, is there another murderer? a 'thoughtful freak' roaming around MY? i don't think they'll make it that evident she's the culprit but then who? Last but not least, i love love how they portray the world in Sangtae eyes, the scene was beautiful and put a smile on my face through out. I also love how MY used the exact same words the woman said about ST to get back at them. So satisfying, go my Queen! Btw, i'm so happy there's many FMV of our otp on yt already ^^ no srly, Soohyun and Yeji chemistry is justtt WOWWWW *chef kiss* the intensity in their scenes could burn my screen xD You only get this once in a lifetime, don't ruin it tvn!! I can't get enough of how obvious GT is attracted to MY xD all those stares at her lips, heart beating fast, face turning red whenever she's close, he isn't uncomfortable he just doesn't know how to react lol while on other hand keeping a certain distance to Juri kkk please give us more writer-nim!!
  6. Looks like they were on a radio show? gonna air tomorrow ^^ https://www.instagram.com/p/CBmis6_l57Z/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://twitter.com/green_tea0325/status/1273781263740973058
  7. the cinematography looks really good to me too. some of the scenes look ordinary and typical in kdrama but if filmed differently and adding the leads chemistry (intensity x1000) it can easily become classic. Let me see, when he held her hand to stop her leaving, when she fixed his hair, when they met under the cherry blossom (so pretty), convenience store 'date', kabedon (loll), and also that rain scene where he came to find her. Not to forget those flashback(?) scenes of MoonYoung. now please have a good script ><
  8. DO NOT WATCH BORN AGAIN. I haven't watched Item but if you like fantasy mystery drama you can give it a go. Personally i like Doctor Stranger, despite her getting so many hate, to me her and LJS still had nice chemistry in it ^^
  9. I really like the ost, and i feel like i'm gonna like the scene where she messes up his hair, alot ^^
  10. I like the message of the drama that is to look at others and accept who they are. I'm also curious how they'd tackle different kinds of 'mental illness'/wounds, as of what i took from it, they'll present many type of 'patients' and their stories. I'm anticipating but worried as well, as it's a sensitive topic but i think after the director words, they ultimately want to heal and comfort people and i hope it'd be able to touch viewers heart somehow.