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  1. Apparently there's supposed to be a Century Couple Special Disc (contains 2 discs + postcards) that's sold separately (based on the photos at the daum cafe), but was only offered through the cafe? Looks like I'll be missing out on that (since I'm not sure if it's still order-able and directions on how to do it).
  2. Just received my Blu-ray Director's Cut set w/ OST & ep6 script today in the mail from Yes24! This was from the first pre-order I believe.
  3. I see that 6 episodes English subbed are on the YoYo Television Series Exclusive channel so far.
  4. great...looks like we might not even get the reveal of Lao Chaofeng in the continuation, which has finished shooting since end of Dec 2018. Part 2 is titled "Antique Bureau Midgame".
  5. Minimum # pre-orders before blu-ray production is 1000. The correct page for YES24 pre-order is not 66913332 but 66914432
  6. If SDJ had to butter up to his stepsis's fiance the one time, was it possibly in the early years of his face-blindness? I hope SDJ and KSR have all the dirt on this guy.
  7. That would be so cool if HSG ends up truly playing 6 different roles for the movie "Six" due to her monthly transformations. Also I couldn't help being reminded of how Ke Huy Quan obtained the role of Short Round for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when HSG as the little boy tried to show to the other boy how it should be done. Loved the gesture from SDJ, considering it was unexpected and made HSG surprised and happy--perks of having a rich boyfriend.
  8. But grandpa seems to be the only one OK with SDJ dating HSG! Nonetheless, I had to agree with SDJ mentioning how excessive/extravagant it was to have a family meal the way they did.
  9. Or just maybe, he was waiting to see whether she would have another transformation--like before on the plane; it just confirms what HSG told him. So the next time we should see the 2 on the same bed, SDJ isn't there for that reason.
  10. THIS! So many little details that I feel many may have overlooked and attribute it to the actor being stiff/giving off Se Hee vibes . I think we should all go read articles on people describing how it's like having the disorder. Even in that shower scene, you can tell how annoyed SDJ was with HSG's effect on him. I wonder how much HSG remembered of her confrontation with SDJ in her closet? The next morning she thought she was still in her older woman transformation until the delivery guy asked her for her autograph.
  11. Anyone else notice that towards the end of ep1, SDJ was actually nervous sitting next to HSG? His slight hand movement on the article "Xi's Summer of Discontent" he was reading while she had her head resting on his shoulders during sleep. Recall that earlier in the trip on the plane ride to Gyeongju she had asked him if he wasn't nervous sitting next to her.
  12. Why do I feel we the audience are missing a scene b/w from when HSG first provoked SDJ with a group photo at the awards show and herself the next morning, thus the ambiguous words between the two at the end of episode 2 as he leads her away from the crowd of people. Seems like these first 2 episodes are the set-up for the next part of their relationship?
  13. I think I'm one of the very few that didn't mind this "threat". She is the one who thinks he knows her secret, but he didn't. He's been holding onto her luggage for more than a day. Imagine what his stepsis would do if she knew it was in his possession--remember he considered the luggage something of a situation with his secretary because the scene right after that was his stepsis with photos regarding his mysterious trip with HSG. Note that he took her luggage home when he could have left it in his office, but he didn't. His initial attempt to contact her regarding her belongings and he gets a voice on the other line telling him she's taking a shower (it's been 1 day since returning from the trip). He made another attempt later the next morning/afternoon, this time through text which she wasn't responding to. He even apologized for the call the night before. She didn't remember her luggage until he reminded her. And then, she was even willing to let him throw it away when she wasn't able to contact her manager and friend till she recalled the special gift inside. After all this, why should it be under her terms when she meets him to take back her belongings (he was definitely miffed being told she was in the shower as if she couldn't be bothered/didn't want to speak to him)? He's a busy person too. Personally, I feel SDJ was expecting some other response from her, thus the smile during the meeting noticed by his entire staff.
  14. I would think many who go through an experience where they realize their mortality would have complete change of views. Not to mention that Lu Fei's mother, in this case, also had the opportunity to speak to He Xin, allowing her to see things from another perspective that she would have never considered before. What I found humorous was the conversation b/w the women at the mahjong table about the plots in dramas they've watched--how if someone dies in the last 2 episodes, then they're really done for.
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