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  1. Zhang Ruoyun 张若昀 Profile Nicknames: Yun Ge 昀哥, Lao Da 老大, Zhang Qiliao 张弃疗, De De 的的, Shushu 蜀黍, Cao Mei Ge Ge 草莓哥哥, Jun Shuang Mei Nan 军装美男 Birthdate: August 24, 1988 Birthplace: Beijing, China Constellation: Virgo Blood Type: A Profession: Actor Education: Beijing Film Academy 北京电影学院 (class of 2007, professional higher vocational education) Agency: Kingswood Culture 西安梦舟文化传播有限公司 (weibo) Achievements: LeTV Festival Best Newcomer Award 乐视影视盛典最佳新人奖 (2012, winner), National Drama Festival Excellence Awards Actor 国剧盛典年度卓越演员奖 (2014, nominee) Baidu | Weibo TV Dramas Haide Shiyan 海的誓言(2004) as young Ouyang Zheng 少年欧阳正 Snow Leopard 雪豹 (2010) as Liu Zhihui 刘志辉 [avail with English Softsubs] The Music Box 理发师 (2011) as Zhao Qing 赵擎 Black Fox 黑狐 (2011) as Fang Tianyi 方天翼 [avail with English Softsubs] Blood Rose III 血色玫瑰之女子特遣队 (2012) as Zhou Lichan 周礼禅 Flashing Swords 雳剑 (2013) as Yan Songsheng 严颂声 The Next Life is to Marry You 下辈子还嫁给你 (2013) as Fu Nianwen 傅念文 The Wind Shadow 风影 (2013) as Fang Tianyi 方天翼 Love Song 恋歌 (2013) as Lin He 林恒 New Snow Leopard 新雪豹 (2014) as Zhou Weiguo 周卫国 [Youtube - Eng Sub] Light and Shadow 光影 (2014) as Luo Tianqiang 罗天强 Black Fox: Feng Ying 黑狐之风影 (2015) as Fang Tianyi 方天翼 Wuxin: The Monster Killer 无心法师 (2015) as Zhang Xianzong 张显宗 [Viki - Eng Sub | Dramafever - Eng Sub] Intouchable 男神执事团 (2015) as Jie 杰 [Youtube - Eng Sub] Bao Feng Zhou Yu 暴风骤雨 (2015) as Zhou Yulin 赵玉林 [airdate TBD] Sparrow 麻雀 (2015) as Tang Shanhai 唐山海 [airdate 9/5/2016] Legend of Nine Tails Fox 青丘狐传说 (2016) as Liu Zi Gu 刘子固 [Viki - Eng Sub] Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds 十五年等待候鸟 (2016) as Pei Shangxuan 裴尚轩 [Viki - Eng Sub] Novoland: Castle in the Sky 九州·天空城 (2016) as Feng Tianyi 风天逸 [Viki - Eng Sub] Medical Examiner Qin Ming 法医秦明 (2016) as Qin Ming 秦明 [10/13/16 on Sohu] The Fated General 霍去病 (2016) as Huo Qubing 霍去病 [airdate TBD] Movies Qi Pa Duo Duo 奇葩朵朵 (2015) as Huang Jian 黄剑 [airdate TBD] | [Toudou - Trailer] Sky on Fire 冲天火 (2015) as Pan Ziwen 潘子文 [in theatres 11.25.16] [Youtube - Trailer] Film Short 不可思议的超市未眠夜 (2014) [produced, co-scripted, and acted by Zhang Ruoyun) [Youku - Eng Sub] Music Jian Qiang De Ren 坚强的人 [end song for Black Fox and New Snow Leopard] Xing Lai 醒来 [opening theme song for Love Song] Zui Zhang De Lu Tu 最长的旅途 [cover of end song for Wuxin: The Monster Killer] Chi Dao De Shi Yan 迟到的誓言 [end song for Fifteen Years Waiting for Migratory Birds] Mi Tu 迷途 [sub song for Sparrow] Bu Mie 不灭 [ending theme song for Medical Examiner Dr. Qin]
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