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  1. This same scene is taken from the novel. What annoyed me about the ML in the novel was:
  2. In response to the "logic" you didn't seem to understand: Chen Wan, the first GF: It is because of Qin Fang's guilt (believing he indirectly caused her death) and love for her that Shen Yi Deng is able to use her likeness in an attempt to get information on Si Teng. An Man, the 2nd GF: She was once Zhao Long Jiang's (Jia Gui Zhi's husband) mistress. Due to the online posting, he figured she was in the area and made use of her to distract the two guys who were also after the item his wife had asked him to obtain. When the two guys caused the car with Qin Fang to fall of
  3. I don't think Bi Soo's mom even knew Joo In's dad. She left to study abroad when the guy she was going to marry dies in an accident. Joo In's dad dies much later. What if the guardian angel is actually that guy?!
  4. Guess it depends on what language you know. I'm watching the drama with Vietnamese subtitles.
  5. I was so shocked by that truck scene! But haha! Guess there might be a bit of a supernatural element to this drama?? And wow, can't believe what he witnessed of his father as a teenager. And
  6. Binged the first 8 episodes (w/ Vietnamese subs) and I love it! Now I have another drama to watch while waiting for episodes of My Star Bride to be available. But from the intro...this is only the 1st season?! What an amazing way to start the series!
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