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[drama 2005] Hanoi Bride - Chooseok Special 하노이 신부


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Guest CKcrossover

The first time I saw dis on Veoh I thought its a Vietnamese drama lol, I was lik dey make drama now?! I remember all my Vietnamese friends were jus watching TVB or Kdrama wit dub.

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Guest atel

:sweatingbullets: realize this is a little late :lol:

Do you know the song when the girl chasing after the guy in the island 2 give the lotus flower sachet?? :blink: That song so good :P Do you have da mp3 4 dat song? :unsure:


For anyone who still wants this (song that is played in the beginning of the above clip) -

It's from Park Hwayobi's 4th album - Soul Saver (released in 2004).

언제라도 (Eonjerado aka Whenever)


Good song (the drama was bleh... for me). And it'd be hard to mis-identify her voice. ^^

Here's also the 4th album available @ : http://clubbox.co.kr/sylver

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Guest shzzle8dizzile

this was a really cute movie!

i really loved my(our) dong wook here..he looks so cute with that hair.. :D

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was able to watch this drama last year on YT!!! omg... did LDW shoot this before MG?or after MG? hehe... i liked the story... some of the scenes were romantic... wooohooo!!! and LDW was so HOT acting as a doctor!!!

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if im not mistaken LDW made this before MG

found a review on this site http://neymunni.multiply.com/reviews/item/6

Hanoi Bride - Lee Dong Wook & Kim Ok Bin

Category: Other

Lee Dong Wook - Park Eun Woo

Kim Ok Bin - Ly Thi Vu

A story of love and hatred, Hanoi Bride will surely capture the hearts of men and women alike.

Park Eun Woo was a doctor who was assigned in Vietnam. There, he met a pretty half Korean named Ly Thi Vu. They both fell in love with each other and had this typical lovers' relationship.

But there was a catch. Thi Vu's sister who was left by her Korean boyfriend before forbid Thi vu to have a relationship with a Korean man fearing that her sister might experience what she has experienced before.

Another thing, Eun Woo found out that his father has died and was forced to go back to Korea. Before leaving, he asked Thi Vu's sister to tell Thi Vu to meet him at the airport before departure. Trusting her promise, he waited for his girlfriend at the airport but unfortunately, no Thi Vu showed up.

6 moths after, Eun Woo's brother finally returned home from Vietnam with a fiancee. He met Eun Woo and introduced her to him. To his shock, he found out that the fiancee was Thi Vu, the girl whom he loved and left 6 months ago.

Planning for a revenge for abandoning her, Thi Vu agreed to go home and marry Eun Woo's brother. Neither of them knew the real reason why both have separated without words.

Things became complicated as both of them discovered the reason for their fate. Thi Vu found out that Eun woo left because his father died and Eun Woo found out that Thi Vu's sister never informed her about the meeting at the airport that was why she never showed up.

Upon discovering these reasons, Eun Woo and Thi Vu's love brought up another spark to their relationship and returning to Vietnam, again they started a relationship which will now end without misunderstandings.

Hanoi Bride is just a typical love story of two people meeting up, separating and meeting again. But as the story twists, you will appreciate how love can make both terrible and wonderful things.

Five star for this series! =]

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I just started watching this but why they kept on calling the girl Thi Vu. Thi is a middle name, not a first name. There are a lot of Vietnamese who have two first names like Korean, they could have just added one more word. Her name could have been Le Thi An Vu and call her An Vu or something like that. It's really weird hearing the middle name called out all the time. A small nitpick.

LDW accent is pretty good for a beginning, it sound a little bit Hue-ish. The girl's Vietnamese is horrible though, I don't know when she stopped talking in Korean and started in Vietnamese.

Oi having sex on the first blind date? :rolleyes:

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Guest minnie_saranghaeyo

If you are Vietnamese , you can dowload this drama with vietnamese hardsub at www.iuphimhan.com

i was looking everywhere for this!

i really need high quality non clubbox links but i think this will do

but the link doesnt seem to work, can you reupload please?


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Guest yeindarrrling

i really liked it

:D i wish they made it into a longer;

real drama; i would definitely watch every episode X]

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Guest Demllequ

yeh i recently watched it. i think her viet pronounciation sounds funny

but its a good movie. i love LDW

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