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Where to Download Anime

Guest A.J.

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Guest sasmi_yuy

Senusal Phrase or Haou Airen..does anyone have it or do they know where I can get the full series?...thanks!

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Guest krnforsale

where do u gets yours? i get mine fron www.stoptazmo.com ...they only have it uptill 124...other have it till like 180 something. I REALLY wanna catch up and i've been looking through MIRC but can't find...can ne of u help me out?

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I recently got into voice drama cds but I'm having a hard time finding places where i can download them. Does anyone know a site where they have drama cds for download? I'm really interested in finding Loveless, DN Angel, and Wild Rock drama cds.

If anyone can help, I'd be soo grateful!

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Guest Max_4_lyfe

Boxtorrents has it!

anyways i'm offering mangas I have some are completed some aren't! if you want the link just PM me!

Here's what I have!

Just Wondering but it seems I uploaded some mangas for my other forum and thought before the links run out if anyone would like any of the following titles...If you want PM me or post here what you'd like and I'll PM it!

Absolute Boyfriend< All Volumes 1-6>

Summary (from aerie scans)

After being rejected by a guy yet again, Izawa Riiko finds a lost cellphone ringing on the ground. She answers it and agrees to meet the person on the other end to return it. Thus she meets Namikiri Gaku, a strange "cosplaying" salesman. As a thanks for returning the phone, Gaku offers her merchandise from his company, Kronos Heaven. When she shows no interest in his wares, expressing the sentiment: "get me a boyfriend", Gaku gives Riiko an internet site from which she purchases a lover figure on a three day trial. She names this robot Night, and soon becomes rather attached to him, but upon accidently exceeding the trial period, she discovers that Night has a huge price tag attached. He's the one hundred million yen man! How will Riiko pay for her new boyfriend figure? And why is her childhood friend and next door neighbor, Asamoto Soshi, acting so strange now that Night is around?

Fiancee i can't readai

Summary: . [sTORY 01] (English Title) I Want to Be a Fiancée (Japanese Title) (Romaji Title) Fianse i can't readai Yukimi is a high school junior and cheerleader already scheduled for her first marriage interview. She's seen a disappointing picture of her nerdy potential groom -- and he has such a weird name -- so Yukimi has every intention of rejecting him, but she's still curious to go and see what a marriage interview is like. Later that day, Yukimi meets her ideal man at a football match and inadvertantly begins cheering only for him -- despite the fact that he's the opposing team's quarterback! He gives her a bold and seductive response. Ah, if only Yukimi's marriage interview could be with a guy like this... But why won't the sexy quarterback tell Yukimi his name...? [sTORY 02] (English Title) My Darling at the Infirmary Room (Japanese Title) (Romaji Title) Hoken i can't readsu no Mai Daarin Maki doesn't mind a few cuts and bruises if it'll earn her a ticket to the campus infirmary room. That's because her school's doctor is handsome Takashiro, age 23, single. She works so hard to make passes at him -- and Takashiro knows it. But is Maki really so busy trying to catch his attention that she doesn't notice... (!!!)?

Wagamama Na Kuchibiru

Summary: Yuu gets a job acting in a commercial with popular idol star Kano Itsuki. When Yuu works up her courage to introduce herself, he kisses her! What does she do but punch him\


Sunako Nakahara is an agoraphobic, horror-movie-loving, pockmark-faced, frizzy-haired, fashion-illiterate recluse who tends to break into explosive nosebleeds whenever she sees anyone attractive. How are four gorgeous guys supposed to live with her??!?!? And more importantly, will she ever turn into a 'lady' so that the guys can get free-rent [they live at a Sunako's aunt's mansion]?

Kakene Nashi No Love Torihiki Story

Summary: Now that Ami's father is dead and she had to pay for all his depts, she will do anything for money. She was asked by Ruka Hakomori for a marriage interview and cuz' of pride, Ami accepted it

A Thousand Years Of Snow


Chiyuki is a young girl born with a heart problem that would only allow her to live until 15. Currently, now 17, Chiyuki while managing to stay alive is slowly getting worse everyday. One night, she meets the vampire, Touya who unlike other vampires hate blood. Because of this, he refuses to suck the blood of a human partner whom he would spend his thousand years of life with. Chiyuki asks Touya to make her his partner but he refuses. Chiyuki eventually reaches the limit of her life but Touya who realizes she was about to die gives some of his vampire blood to Chiyuki. A vampire's blood can temporarily extend the life of a human. Now with her life slightly extended, Chiyuki hopes that some days she will be able to win Touya's heart and live with him for a thousand years.

Akkan Baby


High schoolers Yuki and Shigeru aren't dating, but still enjoy a highly active sexual relationship. Naïve and still very child-like in the way they think, it comes as a great shock to them when Shigeru discovers she's pregnant. The two are confronted with the decision of aborting the baby and wounding Shigeru, or to keep it and face great opposition from their parents and high school, and *gasp* miss their beloved Conflict concerts!

Haou Airen


On the way home from the part-time job she works to support her family, Kurumi Akino is suddenly kissed by an enigmatic young man. He's being followed, and he's badly injured. Unable to simply leave him alone, Kurumi tends to him, and he kisses her again before vanishing, leaving only the name "Hakuron." The next time Kurumi meets Hakuron, it is on his private jet headed for Hong Kong. There, she learns that she has been kidnaped by the head of the most powerful Mafia organization in Hong Kong! The uncharacteristic kindness shown to this Mistress by the Supreme King draws the attention of Hakuron's enemies to Kurumi while testing the limits of her ability to love.

<warning: Some Sex Scenes included>

Kiss Wa Naisho Ni

Summary: When Ayumi's dad remarried, he brought home not only a new mom for Ayumi, but an older brother too! Takeru's handsome, nice, and really popular with the girls. So popular that his phone never stops ringing! Ayumi can't help but be bothered by his popularity, but if he's a player why should Ayumi care? Isn't it wrong for siblings to have those kinds of feelings for one another? (Taken from Ephemeral Dreams)

Although the story got a bit boring in the middle, it's a cute story to pass time. So please, keep reading till the very end! =)

Alice 19th


This is a story about a 16 year old girl called Alice Seno, who never had her own identity because she was always hidden behind the shadow of her beautifu and more popular sister, Mayura Seno. Alice has a love for rabbits and her whole adventure starts when she finds a rabbit while crossing the street. It later turns out that this rabbit is actually some magicial scout who bestows powers on those chosen to be Lotis Masters. These are people who = practice an ancient art of ridding evil in the inner hearts of people who have been possessed by demons...

Those are some I have at the moment but i have to upload more for my other forum! If you guys like i'll post summaries of those up as well and leave it available for you guys!

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^me too, for Absolute Boyfriend ^_^ I heard its good.

and also : Fiancee i can't readai & Kiss Wa Naisho Ni

btw what's you forum? ^^

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