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Where to Download Anime

Guest A.J.

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Guest Kazehana

I've just been to this site a while it have almost every file you are looking for http://yurikamome.info/

This Site has.....

Anime Series[6679 episodes] Manga Series[324 titles] Dorama[2519 episodes]..

[Requires Forum Posting! user need to score 1 post count on the day he registers in order to be allowed to access free download. And for the next following days, the minimum 0.5 post count rule applies very simple..]


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Guest minshoo

thank you so much! for the links!!! im gonna try to download. but i hate torrents file cuz if no one seeds it it means its gonna take forever :(. does any1 knows where i can download 'Tenchi Muyo', 'Sailormoon' ? like what is a good website to download these two. thanx so much!

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Guest nayoungxp

does anyone know the site where you can download random manga the host posts up in the forums, and you have to find the login and password before you go into the forums, because of the people who were hotlinking? There were series they were doing like koukou debut and five and such.

Sorry if the description is too broad, i just cant find the paper i wrote the link down on T_T.


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Guest liL Moo

hmm does anybody know where to get Ojamajo DoReMi Motto & Dokkan in french [audio]? thanks :]



dunno if som1's already has posted this site, but i haven't seen it yet;;


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Guest Max_4_lyfe

does anyone know where to download the manga love celeb?? thanks!

which chapters? or the whole thing as of right now?

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Guest Mirae-chan

does anyone know where I can download the ANIME of ANGEL SANCTUARY / Tenshi Kinryouku?? T__T cant find it anywhere except for the first 3 eps ..

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Guest heromal

how to watch anime on the computer.

what is opensource video project codec ? where i can download it. this thing is disturbing my mood to watch anime .ish......

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