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Where to Download Anime

Guest A.J.

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making a site, i set the forum up, all the downloads are up so have fun there ^_^.

Black Lagoon 1 + 2

Jigoku Shoujo 1 + 2

Death Note

D.Gray Man

Welcome to NHK

Pumpkin scissors

Night Head Genesis

Kanon 2006

you can request as well if the anime is not a old one, we would upload for you ^_^

District-47 Forum

have fun download. i upload only new anime basically.

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Guest PecanPie02

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ MUCHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: But I was wondering, are these websites safe, like do they have any viruses that can lol INFECT your computer.... because last time I tried downloading in some random site I GOOGLED, first of all it didnt work... and I was scared my computer was gonna have a meltdown.. like the last time we tried downloading something from the internet...I think it was for a game...

Well, thanks again!!!!!!!! :P

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Guest aznboi4lyfe

where can i get free direct downloads for detective academy Q and not a site where i can only download like 2 eps per day or something like that? i'd appreciate any help i can get

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Guest prettykorean07

does anyone know where i can find some korean manhwa? i can download off of mirc, if that's cool.......please????? oh and just so i won't seem so needy and stuff....

animemediacentre (they have anime episodes)


getitfido.com (they're pretty packed w/ lots of stuff)


phoenix gate index (not sure if this place is still up, but they lots of stuff)


and everybody had everything else that i had ^^

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Guest NewsStrive717

does anyone know any clubbox that has Japanese anime for download? Series like Gokinjo Monogatari? The english subbed ones are coming out so slowly, I can't wait like 2 months for an episode. Anyone? please help me out. thanks

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Wow... This is an awsome topic!! ^o^ I love it... Thank you for the links! ^^ I was

wondering if anyone knew where to download Street Fighter manga... It seems that

I can't find it anywhere. But I guess it's because it's very old... Oh! And here this is

a link to Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga!! ^^ My cousin showed me and it is

VERY different from the anime. I like the manga version better... But anyway

people, here it is!! http://neonobility.digital-wing.com/multimanga.php

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