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  1. the past few episodes has been good, it's nice to see that mother suffer after what she had done. i really hope they don't forgive her, but somehow the family might but things may never be the same. I have a hunch grandma might even collapse or something. Also want CW hubby to get busted by her, I can't believe he does not call what he is doing as cheating! even his own family thinks so! A breath of fresh air here is YY and JC, i they look so sweet together!
  2. definitely happy for the last 2 episodes! I spot new characters, although im sensing the daughter of the taekwondo might be a potential rival of YY. but im so happy for YY and JC, i hope her brother sides with them against the mom. and it's weird why i cannot (yet) hate CW husband, i dislike the other woman but i find him adorable (haha)-- must be the actor i guess.
  3. just when i thought i was happy about CW finding her family her comes another scene that is so absurd! *rolls eyes* plus there is this annoying side characters, the hubby and his mistress! only nice scene to watch is YY and JC! I wish they would get to the point of getting married!
  4. aside from the partial reveal of CW real family, I'm sooo happy for YY and JC! These two are just the purest couple. I hope they get more scenes soon. also i hope CW's cheating husband gets busted soon
  5. poor grandma! i felt sad when she was killed, although i hope sunni gets redeemed when they find the letter of investigation provided the killer did not get rid of it yet! i hope the crown prince tries to intervene or something, sunni needs a strong ally in that horrendous place! although i do think woo bin is still trying his best to help her without getting detected.
  6. im really liking this drama so far and poor pure hearted Sunni, i hope she become ruthless in the near future. And shin sung rok, another villain role but he plays it oh so well!
  7. Im liking YY and JC even more. I like their story, the rich yet kind girl falls in love with a boy who is equally kind like her yet who is of lesser status, although we know it's going to be tough in the next episodes. It's cute that she also likes him first, surely he will like her back. But as I said they have a rough future ahead with that horrid mother of hers. Also i hope the grand ma and CW find each other soon, no more dragging. So they can incorporate those other side stories of the other characters. And yes, I really dunno how to put that other sister of CW, she is quite useless.
  8. I was right to stay with this drama, I love love the main couple. Aside that they look so beautiful together. The announcement scene reminded me of Notting Hill, which makes me all fluffy till now. It was cute how the doctor looks so shy after the announcement and was walking hand in hand with YYJ. I was so giddy haha!
  9. i seriously like Yi Yoo and CW's brother to be together soon, I'm sure that would make CW BIL and MIL so furious, oh i can't wait for that scene
  10. this is my 2nd 'missing heiress' drama for this year although the storyline is more or less predictable, i'll give it a go and i like dramas with lots of episodes too. nice to see yeon jung-hoon again. btw, CW sister is so damn annoying
  11. credits to cloverblossoms I hope they get married, excited for this special !!
  12. i'm glad the subs are picking up slowly, really want to watch the story towards the end
  13. i decided to give this drama a go, since I keep seeing it around. and wow, i am not disappointed. first it's so visually stunning, all the props and costumes and the main actress i like how calm and collective she could be. (still in episode 42 btw) i rarely watch chinese period dramas (last one was the Princess Huai Yu) so I'm glad this one after a very long time is a good find.
  14. liking the drama SURVIVAL WEDDING so far ! the cast are great, although the storyline i've seen something similar before still makes it a good drama.
  15. omg ive read about this too in twitter too. im excited as well! im curious what the story will be? a baby perhaps?
  16. although i love this drama to bits, im still confused on what's real or not. like if the other writer really did die and she was brought back to life by Eul Soo writing? or whats the deal between her and YA? it's confusing but it makes it more interesting.
  17. i'm rather late, but Chul and his father in law met! love it! so it's true JS is heading to the army right?
  18. i am officially enchanted with this weird yet interesting drama! I mean i am still a bit confused and sometimes a tad scared with some scenes, but the story draws you in. I just want to verify that ES has been writing a story that a ghost possess her to? and that despite this Philip needs her to protect him from the misfortune of the story she writes?
  19. still in ep 01, and i liked seeing Haha's cameo! I mean other RM members did so in SJH drama before right? i remember seeing Gary though and yes I am a fan of both main leads, so i'll try this one out.
  20. well, i still keep on believing in this ship, despite all the denials and stuff. as long as there is no news that one of them are seeing someone else i can still hold on to the hope that they are either together at present or in the near future. we as fans have to give them time and space, i know we very very much want to see them out in the open together. but spreading bad rumours will only push them far from the public
  21. oh how i like how safe PSJ is, there may be a possibility that something is really going on between him and MY.
  22. lee-chan

    The Tollgate

    @Saja La hahahaah! iw wish i was part of the production team. As i've said, i've only watched two dramas this year, i would love to add more if it involves the past few years. but then im only limited to two as of the moment.
  23. feeling quite conflicted about something important
  24. lee-chan

    The Tollgate

    Here's my nominations! I actually just watched two dramas for the first half of this year villains: award # 1. the character you wanted to slap the most! how silly are they... >> Choi Tae-pyung [Enemies from the Past] award #2. the villain you are glad to see in jail or dead >> Oh Na ra [Enemies from the Past] --- i never saw her dead or in jail though, was disappointed dramas: award #3. this drama is hahahahah drama! with scenes that kept you giggling... >> What's wrong with Secretary Kim award #7. it started off well but ended stupidly >> Enemies from the Past; but I still watched it anyway since it was too late to let go side characters: award #2. everybody needs friends and family like these side characters >> What's wrong with Secretary Kim; the side characters are a gem! I loved everyone OTP and secondary OTPs: award #1. the OTP that made you swoon >> Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim : Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So ♥ [Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young] award #2. the OTP that made you laugh >> What's Wrong With Secretary Kim: Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So ♥ [Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young] leads: award #1. you wish the character was real and you could meet him/her >> Lee Young Joon [Park Seo Joon] of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim fan service award #1. scenes that made you giggle >> What's wrong with Secretary Kim; Lee Young Joon's narcissistic ways award #2. scenes that made you swoon > What's Wrong With Secretary Kim kiss scenes and confessions ♥ the stuff behind! award #6. I want that watch! where the clothes/accessories are too good that you don't even care if that character annoys you. >What's wrong with Secretary Kim
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