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[Upcoming Drama 2023] Accounting Firm, 회계법인- Kim Myung soo& Choi Jin Hyuk


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Drama: Accounting Firm/ Numbers(Watchers of Concrete Jungle)



Network: MBC

Episodes: 16

Director: Kim Chil Bong


Release Date: May/June

Runtime: Friday & Saturday

Production Company:Tiger Studio and Image Incorporation



Official site:




Accounting Firm" will depict the story of Jang Ho Woo who has a tragic family history. He will join the Taeil Accounting Corporation and he will be the first and only high school graduate accountant in the company. 




Kim Myung soo as Jang Ho Woo

Choi Jin Hyuk as

Choi Min Soo as Han Je Kyun




Character descriptions







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L (Kim Myung Soo) to reportedly star in new MBC drama 'Accounting Firm'



INFINITE member/actor L (Kim Myung Soo) will reportedly make his drama comeback in MBC's 'Accounting Firm'.

On November 29 KST, one insider revealed that L has been cast as the male lead in MBC's new drama 'Accounting Firm'. He'll play the role of Jang Ho Woo, the first and only high school graduate accountant who joins the 'Tail Accounting Firm'. The drama will depict the story of Jang Ho Woo as he grows as an accountant.




Kim Myung Soo, well known as INFINITE's L, will star in the upcoming MBC drama Accounting Firm?

Mirchi • Updated: 10 days ago

Kim Myung Soo was cast as the male lead in MBC 's new drama 'Accounting Firm,' which is set to air in the first half of next year and is set to begin filming at the end of the year, according to a broadcasting official on November 29th. The title of the drama 'Accounting Firm' suggests that it is about an accounting firm. Kim Myung Soo portrays 'Jang Ho Woo,' the first and only high school graduating accountant who joined 'Taeil Accounting Firm' and grows as an accountant.


Kim Myung Soo, better known as L, is a South Korean singer, actor, and model. He made his debut as a member of the boy band INFINITE in 2010 and its subgroup INFINITE F in 2014. He departed Woollim Entertainment in August 2019 but remains a member of the organisation. He made his acting debut in the Japanese drama Jiu Keishicho Tokushuhan Sousagakari in July 2011, which aired on TV Asahi. In 2012, he was cast as a guitarist in the tvN romance comedy series Flower Band.

L appeared in MBC's historical drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask in 2017. His portrayal of a commoner who stands in for the monarch was well received by fans, and he was named Actor of the Month by MBC Dramanet in June. L played a judge in the judicial drama Ms. Hammurabi in 2018. His role in the series was well-received, bringing him more attention. L appeared in the fantasy romance drama Angel's Last Mission: Love in 2019. L left Woollim in August 2019. L appeared as a cat who transforms into a human male in the fantasy romance drama Welcome in 2020. L will appear in the historical comedy Royal Secret Agent in December 2020.





Kim Myung Soo COMEBACK After Military: A New Drama with Choi Jin Hyuk

 by Jihye Park
NFINITE Kim Myung Soo (L) is returning to the small screen in a new drama with Choi Jin Hyuk, “Accounting Firm”. So, what is the drama about, and what are the roles they will be performing? Check out the following reports for the full details.

Korean top idol actor Kim Myung Soo, also known as INFINITE L, is finally returning to the small screen. Following his military discharge and successful fan meeting, Kim Myung Soo will be starring in new drama alongside his sunbae Choi Jin Hyuk, titled “Accounting Firm”.

On November 29, Korean media published a report from a broadcast official that MBC’s new drama, “Accounting Firm” has cast Kim Myung Soo as their male lead. Apparently, it coincided with the announcement that Choi Jin Hyun had also received a casting offer for the same new drama.

Agencies of Kim Myung Soo and Choi Jin Hyuk both stated that the actors had received and are now positively reviewing the offer to appear in the “Accounting Firm” new drama. Therefore, if both actors accept the offers, it will be the first time Kim Myung Soo and Choi Jin Hyuk appear together on the same small screen.


Just as the title suggests, “Accounting Firm” new drama will depict the stories surrounding an accounting company: Taeil Accounting Firm.

INFINITE Kim Myung Soo (L) will take on the role of Jang Ho Woo in the new drama. In Taeil Accounting Firm, Jang Ho Woo is the only person who graduated merely from high school. This new drama will then show the development of Kim Myung Soo’s character, Jang Ho Woo, and his dedication as a young and growing accountant.


At the same time, Choi Jin Hyuk will play the role of Kim Myun Soo sunbae in Taeil Accounting Firm. Although we still don’t know his character’s name just yet, explanations stated that Choi Jin Hyuk will act the role of a senior manager with 12 years of experience in the accounting field.


This “Accounting Firm” MBC new drama is a production by Tiger Studio in collaboration with Image Nine Comm. And it will be under the supervision of director Kim Chil Bong, who previously worked on “The Second Husband” and “Everybody Says Kungddari”.






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@larus Thank you for opening the thread  :dorashakes:
Still no full synopsis   I suspect they are revising the script.

Choi Min-soo, comeback with 'Accounting Firm'... with Choi Jin-hyeok as father and son


Choi Min-soo makes a comeback to the small screen with the new drama 'Accounting Firm'.

Choi Min-soo was cast in MBC's new drama 'Accounting Firm (directed by Kim Chil-bong/produced by Tiger Studio and Image Nine Comms)'. In the play, he takes on the role of Han Je-kyun, vice president of 'Taeil Accounting Firm', and works with actor Choi Jin-hyuk as father and son.


Choi Min-soo returns to the small screen after about 5 years through 'Accounting Firm'. His last drama appearance is tvN's 'Lawless Lawyer'(2018).
His return to the drama after a long absence draws attention as recently he only appeared in entertainment programs such as 'Miu Bird' and 'God Father'.


Choi Min-soo debuted in the play 'Wandering Stars' in 1985, and enjoyed syndrome-like popularity through the dramas 'What is Love' and 'Hourglass'. He appeared in numerous works such as the dramas 'Road No. 1', 'Warrior Baek Dong-soo', 'The Man Who Dies to Live', and the films 'Mr.


Meanwhile, 'Accounting Firm' depicts the story of Jang Ho-woo, who has a tragic family history, joining Taeil Accounting Firm as the first and only high school graduate accountant to realize the justice he had dreamed of.    The fact that Kim Myung-soo was cast for the male lead, Jang Ho-woo, was previously reported by YTN Star.



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by lo_ve, December 9, 2022
14 5


Choi Min Soo is returning to broadcast channel K-dramas after five years with "Accounting Firm."

It was officially confirmed on December 9th that Choi Min Soo will be part of the upcoming MBC K-drama "Accounting Firm." 

This will be his first broadcast channel k-drama since 2018's "Lawless Lawyer."

Choi Min Soo made his acting debut in 1985 and became famous after starring in the dramas "What Is Love?" and "Sandglass." Since then, he has appeared in numerous works such as "1% of Anything," "Han River Ballad," "The Legend," "Warrior Baek Dong Soo," "The Royal Gambler," "Man Who Dies to Live," and more. 

The actor last starred in the Netflix original series "Extracurricular" which aired in 2020. 

In one of the recent episodes of "My Little Old Boy," Choi Min Soo also had a special voice appearance as Choi Jin Hyuk called him and bragged about the actor always answering his phone calls.

Choi Min Soo will also return to the big screen with the upcoming movies "I’ll Become Rich" and "Ungnami."




"Accounting Firm" will depict the story of Jang Ho Woo who has a tragic family history. He will join the Taeil Accounting Corporation and he will be the first and only high school graduate accountant in the company. 

The upcoming series will be led by INFINITE's Kim Myung Soo and Choi Jin Hyuk. 

Choi Min Soo will portray the role of Han Je Kyun, the vice president of Taeil Accounting Corporation and the father of Choi Jin Hyuk's character. 

"Accounting Firm" will be the next work of director Kim Chil Bong. The k-drama will be produced by Tiger Studio and Image Incorporation.

There are no official details yet on the broadcast date of "Accounting Firm." The upcoming series will exclusively premiere on MBC.



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by lo_ve, December 14, 2022
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Former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo is in discussion to join the upcoming MBC K-drama "Accounting Firm."

Media outlets shared on December 14th that Yeonwoo will be added to the cast of the upcoming MBC series that will premiere in 2023. 

The agency that handles Yeonwoo, 9ato Entertainment hasn't responded to the casting reports. 

Yeonwoo will possibly work with Kim Myung Soo, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Choi Min Soo

"Accounting Firm" will depict the story of Jang Ho Woo, a person with a tragic family history who joins the  Taeil Accounting Corporation and becomes the first-ever high school graduate accountant in the company. 

The upcoming series will be the next work of director Kim Chil Bong who also worked for the drama "Second Husband."

"Accounting Firm" is slated to premiere in 2023.




If Yeonwoo confirms her casting, this will be her next project after the 2022 fantasy K-drama "The Golden Spoon." She worked alongside BTOB's Yook Sung Jae, Lee Jong Won, DIA's Jung Chae Yeon, Choi Dae Chul, Han Chae Ah, and more. Many praised her performance in the drama as well as her great chemistry with Yook Sung Jae. 


Yeonwoo made her official debut in 2016 as part of the K-Pop girl group MOMOLAND. While being part of the group, Yeonwoo also started her acting career. In 2020, Yeonwoo decided to part ways with her girl group and focus on her acting career. In 2021, Yeonwoo didn't renew her contract with MOMOLAND's agency MLD Entertainment. Early this year, Yeonwoo started anew and signed with the agency 9ato Entertainment.

The idol actress has starred in several K-dramas such as "Tempted," "Pegasus Market," "Touch," "Alice," "Live On," "Cheat On Me, If You Can," "Dali and the Cocky Prince," and more. 



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