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[Drama 2023] Celebrity, 셀러브리티 - Cast: Park Gyu Young, Lee Chung Ah, Jeon Hyo Sung & Kang Min Hyuk


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Netflix Drama




Network: Netflix

Genre: suspense, thriller, drama

Episodes: 12



Director: Kim Chul Gyu (from Flower of Evil)




Celebrity centers around the emerging class called “celebrity” and those who envy them. It features the fierce turbulent fears and painful and sad desires surrounding the world.




Park Gyu Young will play the role of Seo Ah Ri. She came from a wealthy family. She has the looks and great educational background. After an incident that occurred while she was studying abroad 10 years ago, her life changed from best to worst. This will be Park Gyu Young's second Netflix original series. She was part of the globally hit drama "Sweet Home."  


Lee Chung Ah will play the role of Yoon Shi Hyun. She is also from a wealthy family and a child from the upper class. Although she's rich, she is compassionate to those who are mistreated Whatever their social class is. This drama will be the comeback project of Lee Chung Ah. She last starred in the 2020 drama "Awaken"


Jeon Hyo Sung will play the role of a lawyer and also an influencer on social networking sites. This will also be the comeback drama of the idol-actress since "Memorist."


CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk will star in this serie too.






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Lee Chung Ah Is Every Influencer’s Dream In Upcoming Drama “Celebrity”

Jun 29, 2023
by S. Kim

Netflix’s upcoming drama “Celebrity” has released new stills featuring Lee Chung Ah!

“Celebrity” is a drama that depicts the true reality of the glamorous and competitive life of celebrities encountered by Seo Ah Ri (Park Gyu Young), who jumps into a world where fame brings riches and experiences a whirlwind of events. Other personalities in Seo Ah Ri’s chaotic influencer world include third generation chaebol Han Joon Kyung (Kang Min Hyuk), who takes a particular interest in Seo Ah Ri, Yoon Shi Hyun (Lee Chung Ah), who doesn’t even have social media but is envied by many, Yoon Shi Hyun’s husband Jin Tae Jeon (Lee Dong Gun), a representative for a large law firm, and social media star Oh Min Hye (Jun Hyosung).

Lee Chung Ah plays the role of Yoon Si Hyun who is more famous and influential than any influencer even though she is not on social media.

In the newly released stills, Yoon Shi Hyun captures attention with her unmatched aura and elegance that is on another level.





Ahead of the drama’s premiere, Lee Chung Ah expressed her feelings, saying, “It feels like a night before the typhoon. A very thrilling and bittersweet story is coming. Please show lots of interest and love for my character Yoon Shi Hyun, and please watch ‘Celebrity’ a lot and leave lots of good comments.”



“Celebrity” is set to be released on June 30 at 4 p.m. KST.





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by Hazel Jung, June 27, 2023
12 1



On the 26th, Lee Dong Gun attended the production presentation of the Netflix series Celebrity held at Hotel Naru Seoul Gallery in Mapo-gu, Seoul. It has been four years since his last drama, TV Chosun's Leverage, ended in December 2019.

The production presentation was attended by Lee Dong Gun, director Kim Chul Gyu, and actors Park Gyu Young, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah, and Jeon Hyo Sung.

During the press conference, Lee Dong Gun revealed why he returned after four years, saying, "You may wonder why I took such a long break. I spent time with my daughter as she was growing up."





In Celebrity, Lee Dong Gun portrays the character Jin Tae Jeon, the husband of Yoon Shi Hyun (played by Lee Chung Ah), the owner of the law firm Taegang, who encounters the dazzling and fierce realities of celebrities, a world that turns everything they touch into money and power.

Lee Dong Gun's return after four years has garnered attention, and fans eagerly anticipate his performance in Celebrity, set to be released on the  June 30th.









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May 31 2023

Teaser trailer and poster for Netflix drama “Celebrity”


English subtitled teaser trailer and teaser poster added for Netflix drama series “Celebrity” starring Park Gyu-Young, Kang Min-Hyuk, and Lee Chung-Ah. The teaser poster has captions that states “The murderer who killed me is my follower.” The drama series revolves around Park Gyu-Young who plays Seo A-Ri. She becomes a popular social media influencer.

“Celebrity” will be available to stream from June 30, 2023.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: If someone gains fame and popularity on social media, they can also make a lot of money. Seo A-Ri (Park Gyu-Young) jumps into the social media world as an influencer. She makes bold moves that gains her even more followers and is able to use that for her personal gain. While she enjoys her life as a celebrity, she also encounters its uglier side.




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  • partyon changed the title to [Drama 2023] Celebrity, 셀러브리티 - Cast: Park Gyu Young, Lee Chung Ah, Jeon Hyo Sung & Kang Min Hyuk

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