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[ Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] A League of Nobleman 君子盟


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Saw this on twitter and although I can’t understand a word, the emotional actings bringing me to tears. can’t wait to see the episode to understand their conflicts… 


The filming of this segment is beautifully done. 



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Speaking of seizing the opportunity, during this period Goose (Ten Cents) parachuted into the costume suspense detective drama "A League of Nobleman".





Due to force majeure, "A League of Nobleman" has cut down a lot of plot length and turned into a pure ancient costume detective suspense drama.  

(Just as I have thought.  So let us all do not blame the Scriptwriter or the Actors.  They have to make a lot of "Cuts" in order to get pass the Censors)


For those who might be "Confused By The Cuts", allow me to summarise the plot so far.


Jing Bo Ran

"A League of Nobleman" tells the story of Lan Jue, the servant of the Ministry of Rites. In order to clear his father's grievances, Lan Jue gets involved in court disputes.  There are intrigues all year round, step by step.


He used Zhang Ping to lay out for himself.  As can be seen from stealing beads. If Zhang Ping was not good at investigating cases and found out the truth by himself, he might have become Lan Jue's scapegoat.


This is even more evident in the "Dancing Girl Case". The dancing girl in the painting died suddenly, with chapped skin and a strange death pattern.


(These  are 3 Pixs Merged Into ONE.  So pls do not penalise me)



Lan Jue sent clues immediately, and the murderer was probably her teacher's daughter. At that time, the position of the Minister Of Rites was vacant. Lan Jue needed a letter of recommendation from his teacher in order to be promoted.


He immediately chose to cover up the evidence and hide the suspect.  Even when Zhang Ping followed the clues to find the suspect, Lan Jue still chose to cover up the truth to prevent the suspect from turning herself in.


And he used this incident to try to blackmail his teacher that night, asking him to write a recommendation letter for him.


But there is a reason for all of this. His father died unjustly, and his reputation has not been cleared up to now. He bears the burden of humiliation just to find out the truth covered up under many conspiracies.


This character is very complicated. On the surface, he is doing seemingly villainous things, obstructing and using Zhang Ping everywhere.   But in fact he has a heart struggling to become better.


(If only the Censors have not ruthlessly "cut out" the vital scenes, "A League Of Nobleman" would have given us A Beautiful and Heart-Rending Story.  So let us Not scold the Actors. If one watches it with More Efforts and Careful Analysis, it is still a Good Drama)



Song Wei Long

The role of Zhang Ping is just right for him.


The character Zhang Ping is a growth-oriented male protagonist.  A single-minded, stunned young man who goes straight and wants to say what he wants to say.


In addition to finding out the truth in my mind, nothing else is important. He is very persistent and reckless when dealing with the truth.


Song Wei Long's own characteristics just matched Zhang Ping's character characteristics.  His recklessness even made him act in a straightforward and cute manner.


Thanks to Zhang Ping's recklessness, Lan Jue found out where he was lost, and reined in the precipice.


"A League of Nobleman" is a watchable drama. Although there are some shortcomings in acting, there are also bright spots in the drama.



@Wuzetian   All the Episodes will be out by 13 February



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Finished up to episode 20.  This drama is like ancient CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)… I’m loving it more and more. The actings are getting more gravitas along with character developments and every actor is doing a great job in his role. Bravo!!!  I’m starting to see how the plots of the story begin to connect all the characters toward the theme “A League of Nobleman” and not just a simple detective drama...beautiful and brilliant!!! I’m forgiving all the previous clumsiness in the making. This drama is quite a gem: unique, creative, aesthetically pleasing. Looking forward to more episodes and all the events building up to that triumphant climax. 

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@leo2020  They parachuted "A League Of Nobleman" in so suddenly because they are afraid  the Censors may change their minds.  That is the Reason. :lol:


@FavSong_JKWL  I just finished Ep 15 and loved it!   I rushed through the First Half.  But I'm taking my time to "Savour" the Second Half.


@omiki  Just as I have predicted,  the Second Half is better.   I guess all the "Cuts" have messed up the First Half.  But the Flow of the First Half is definitely slower.  It picks up in the Second Half.


And they finally explained the reason for the  "Magic Bowl".   It is necessary for the Story.


@Wuzetian  This drama is worth watching.   


As for Song Wei Long's "Lines-Delivery", I found out that his Character - Zhang Ping is supposed to talk like that.  Being a Quirky character, he initially speaks like that.  But after Ep 15, Zhang Ping has matured a lot.  And the way he speaks will be different.


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"A League Of Nobleman" will premiere in Thailand on 16 February.  It will be the Full Version.   The Thais are so Lucky.  



Empress Dowager's Phoenix Head:

In the last ten episodes of the TV series "A League Of Nobleman", there is a Case about the loss of the Phoenix Head.


In the last years of Yong’s reign, the emperor had the ambition to govern the country but had no real power. He had to be reduced to a puppet emperor controlled by the queen mother.


The appearance of the phoenix head is equivalent to blatantly telling the world that the Empress Dowager Dayong is the one in power, and her desire for power was clearly revealed.


Zhang Ping found that the phoenix head on the "Qianqiu" instrument was missing.   And the people below could only cover it up because the phoenix head represented the Queen Mother's head.


But when the Queen Mother knew about this, it could be seen from what she said to Lan Jue that she did not care who the thief was.


The truth does not matter to her.   She only cares about whether the truth is what she wants.   In other words, the truth and the real murderer have already been determined by default.   Even the reason for committing the crime has already been thought out.


The queen mother took the opportunity to get rid of Taifu Liu who opposed her. Lan Jue knew what she meant.  Which means Zhang Ping and Lan Jue's investigation was meaningless from the very beginning.  Only  Zhang Ping really took it seriously.


Zhang Ping's only shortcoming is also a fatal shortcoming. He takes things too simply.   Thinking that black is black and white is white. 


The point is, Zhang Ping's character will implicate more innocent people. Fortunately, he met Lan Jue, who is well versed in the rules of the world, and was willing to help him on the sidelines.


But there are bigger secrets behind the theft.  And all the directions lead to the truth behind the case of the divine punishment in Moluo Village.


The "Magic Bowl" comes from Moluo Village.  And it is related to the Death of Lan Jue's father.



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@hush puppy Thanks! Just that I didn't have time for any dramas nor movies now...Still lots of work to do...


Keep this thread going...I'll pop by off and on...


Valentines Day Love GIF by Dave Gamez


Omg! I just saw Wang Duo is part of the cast! It has been a while since I last saw him...

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After Ep 20:

I have seen some of the "Deleted Scenes".   It is obvious that the "Cuts" were made on the BL Moments.   The "Emotional Moments and Connections" which would have "Exploded" this Drama, just as it had done for similar dramas in the Past.  Hard Luck!


Anyway, having seen up to Ep 20, it is clear that the Main Culprit of this Story is the Empress Dowager herself.


Every character in this play has a complete character development trajectory. The main line, dark line and branch line intersect with each other, and the inside story of many murder cases will be revealed soon.


It is "Touching" to see the Two Male Leads thinking of the other when each was looking for clues.   

-  Zhang Ping will ask himself:  "What will Official Lan Jue do in this case?"

-  And Lan Jue will ask himself:  "What will Zhang Ping do in such a moment?"

(It just goes to show how far their Friendship has developed)


At the beginning of the story, Guo Yun (the young Emperor) and Lan Jue really had a long-standing grievance, which was involved in a murder case.  The queen mother who controlled the government did not trust Lan Jue after the "rebel army", and even wanted to find various opportunities to get rid of him.  The seemingly cowardly and powerless emperor gradually showed his opposition to the queen mother. It can be seen that Lan Jue is in the vortex of a power struggle .


Lan Jue's father was identified as collaborating with the enemy before his death.  But thanks to the empress dowager, Lan Jue was saved. This matter became Lan Jue's heart demon. What happened to his father? Is he really a Traitor. Or is there something else hidden? There are many contradictions in this. If Lan Jue's father really colluded with the enemy, how could the powerful queen mother protect Lan Jue? If she really wanted to protect him, why did she always point the finger at Lan Jue at every opportune time?


Is Zhang Ping a descendant of Moluo Village? 

-  Is his mother the witch from Moluo Village who "tricked" Lan Jue's father into going south? 

-  Why is it the same orchid can appease both Lan Jue and Zhang Ping's nightmare?   

-  And in Ep 20, Zhang Ping even have the same "Eating Style" as Lan Jue.   

-  Since Zhang Ping has Lan Jue's father's sachet, does it means that they have a relationship?

-  Could it be that Zhang Ping's mother and Lan Jue's father have other secrets?


It seems that the clue is pointing to one person: the Queen Mother!  With that, I am looking forward to the rest of the episodes. :blush:


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What a compelling character. Had me riveted to the screen. To me he made the supposedly good guys look like self-righteous hypocrites. I felt for Gu and was rooting for him.


I found the actor good. He made an already compelling character even more so for me -- and outshone every other actor in the show by a country mile.

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