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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Crossroad Bistro 北辙南辕

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Title: 北辙南辕 / Bei Zhe Nan Yuan
English title: Crossroad Bistro
Genre: Metropolitan, romance, drama

Director:  Feng Xiao Gang

Episodes: 30

Broadcast Date: 2021-Jul-11 to 2021-Aug-10



La Mu Yang Zi as Liu Jinfeng / Liu Heipang
Li Hong Yi as Duan Yunzhang
Chen Xin Yu as Liu Baiyu
Guo Cheng
Lu Yu Peng as Xiao Jingtang
Yang Wan Li
Qi Pei Xin
Li Bo Yang
Bai Shu
Yao Qian Yu
Wang Dong
Lin Yi Ting
Wang Wan Juan

About five women who opened up a restaurant named Bei Zhe Nan Yuan; and in the process they mature and attain love.

Cr dramawiki

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





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here are two official trailers!


this drama seems very interesting and like one of those slice of life dramas with mild drama itself. but it seems like a women empowerment sort of thing, but can't really say for sure, but just from the trailers it gives me off those vibes. there's only 2 episodes i've seen so far and it's weird seeing iQiYi making dramas nowadays, but i think it has, but it's weird that they have a youtube channel... i think that's why lol

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Loving this sisterhood drama laced with workplace and romance snippets. Reminds me of "Nothing But Thirty" or "Ode to Joy," though not as good as those were, at least not just yet.

k1Bxb_3f.jpgNothing But ThirtyOde to Joy 2



My brief random thoughts about the 5 FLs:

I love all of them!:fullofhearts:




I was beginning to root for Xiaoyu and Liangzhou, and thought they look awesome together, but she went back to her ex-bf Peng Pai after his seemingly sincere pleas and offer of materialism. I don't feel good about this union. Let's see how they pan out.



I like housewife-blogger Si Meng, but thought she handled the husband/intern matter poorly. It did show her eagerness to get out of a marriage "damaged by infidelity" (proven otherwise later), though I wouldn't fault her for not trusting her husband when she saw what was shown to her. Her husband, Shijun, seemed honest and upright, but his attitude towards a working wife vs a full-time homemaker is so undesirable, yet that's quite the mindset of many traditional-minded men, even in this modern era. I hope the family will stay intact because there was no infidelity, and their kids are so cute. Btw, that shameless, scheming intern Wei Lan is simply a "POS!" who shouldn't be let off easily. 



I did not feel good about the pairing of Bao Xue with designer Songyang when I saw how his adrenalin needed to be peaked in extreme sports. It really was not easy for Bao Xue to deal with the anxiety and I wouldn't blame her for giving him the ultimatum - quit extreme sports or her. 



I guess the future coupledom of manager Feng Xi and chef Henan is the pairing I am most excited about right now. It was such a good riddance when Fengxi's bf asked for the breakup. I was seriously jumping up with joy when that happened. The minute that he did not factor Fengxi into his future plan was when I wished Fengxi would wake up from her dream. Yes, it was a decade-long dream, but it's better late than never to realize what would not work than to hang on and regret even more later.



Lastly, I can't say enough about Shanshan. I thought she is such a cool and level-headed sisterhood character, despite her own setback in marriage. I love how different (but still beautiful) she looks with her hair down or with her hair tied up. I wish there'd be a good man in the line up for her. That artist/craftsman (forgot his name) just felt more like a mentor to me but perhaps he meant more to Shanshan than I'd have preferred. I love that impromptu instrumental piece the whole group played in one of the scenes.




In essence, I'm enjoying another good project from renowned director Feng Xiaogang. The FLs featured are not from the regular working class per se, but are from a middle-upper stratum. Their struggle in life and love seems realistic. I love the movie-like cinematography. It's a good watch for sure. 



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This ain't bad, although it feels more like Shan2 hard carries the entire drama tbh. She's my fave here. The way she fiercely protects the other 4 ladies. Wish I had a friend like that (sigh) 

    Bao Xue acts like a overgrown teenager & so extra, guess that's why she's an actress. Xiao Yu is mostly a mannequin ha-ha. 

    Feng Xi is super dense, she kind of look like Si Meng's sis ha-ha. The 2 also seem to share the same brain cell. 

    I'm now excited for Feng Xi/He Nan but I got bad vibes her douchebag ex will come for her when he get back from Germany. 

    Does the bistro make profit LoL? It just look like a meet-up place for the ladies & more a "free dinners place" for Shan2's business partners. 

    Gran with Dr. Lv is cute too~ Bistro keep gettin' suspended LoL is it tryin' to say women are lousy at doin' business? 

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