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[Drama 2004] Full House 풀하우스


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Guest annashaari

actually, annashaari, I agree with you..I would LOVE to see them together again...well, I'd perfer them to just get married and stay together forever...if not, I want to be next in line to get married to Bi...*runs off*

Who knows ya, you dream would come true, see Young Jae and Ji En. Happily together.

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Guest hazel_witch

thanks sheivar for reposting this

i'm sure lots of fullhousers appreciates this...and i'm really going to copy it this time. thanks again! :)

here are some FH Special caps that i posted before


Next to go is SHK-- she’s not sure if her friend will answer because she thinks she’s at work. She calls her friend Ee-Jin and she answers by saying, “where are you.” SHK starts singing and her friend then says, “Papa bear, mama bear,…what is this?” SHK tells her “keep going.” She finishes the song. So SHK, success! SHK then explains to her friend why she called. SHK asks her who she wants to talk to and she chooses…the MC (after sounding kinda torn about who to choose). They’re laughing at this point because she said it kinda like “I guess I’ll talk to him”. She talks to MC and tells him she likes to talk to people she feels comfortable with. He then tells her to talk to KSS and she perks up and says, “Really?” MC asks why her tone of voice has changed all of a sudden. She talks to KSS and can’t stop giggling but tells him she enjoyed FH very much. MC then gives SHK only 2 of the 3 bears because her friend didn’t sing to the end

* i just realized that she was calling Lee Jin of finkl...didn't think of that before!


Next to go, Bi. As Bi’s making his phone call, MC is surprised that everyone has succeeded so far and says it’s probably because they all have very good friends and relationships in their personal life. Then tell Bi that shouldn’t pressure him… But no one is answering, so MC wipes sweat from Bi’s forehead at one point. Finally his friend from g.o.d., KimTaeWoo, answers…and Bi sings but his friend just says, “hey, where are you?” and Bi sings again, but his friend says “I’m watching FH right now and I’ll call you after.” Bi says, “wait” and tries again. But he hangs up!


So, Bi, failure!! So MC gives Bi the smallest bear so he won’t go home empty handed. MC tells Bi, “It’s going to keep growing…”

more caps...



picture credit to hyesa.com

translation of FH Special by p_baller

can i download this? where? thanks!

hi jacqie!!!!

hi sheila!!!

hi gemt!!!

miss u all!!!:P


full house party




both wont work... do you have any alternates?

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hihi fullhousers....is been ages i haven't visit soompi.....

i miss full house but can't online.....cuz my com got infected by virus.....

hihi gemt...hihi biase_jer...^^

n hihi all.....wow....it seems like we got a lot new fullhouser here......

any senior fullhouser tat changes name???pls...let us noe..^^

hi, jacqie!

miss you here...

Thanx qemt! :wub: I really do appreciate that info..Will post some pics soon..

no problem...glad to be of help. anything for fullhouse and fullhousers!

can i download this? where? thanks!

hi, you can dl from here

Full House

thanks sheivar and biase_jer for reposting the translations

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Guest longmao32

MY absolute fave drama. I don't know how many times I have watched it :P Watching this drama is just so different than watching other dramas, always leaves me with happy satisfied feeling :wub:

And the chemistry between Bi-Kyo are just outta this world, my absolute fave K-Couple

Awww yeah this scene, the look on BI's face when SHG said you mean nothing to me too....ah :( Makes me want to watch FH again :rolleyes:

Absolutely love all these piccies. Thank you for posting them, bring back so many good memories....:wub:

Why can't i d/l it?? It said blocked?? Can some1 plz upload again!! Thx .....Haha...I oso love Full house like mad...It's been the best korean drama I watch since the first one (which is Autumn Story oso starrin SHG).Her actin improves alot.....She grows prettier too!!! Thx alot!!! :lol:

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Guest prinsesa

Hi Full House fans! :)

I'm planning to buy reading glasses, anyone who has a picture of SHG in the show with the clear-yellowish framed glasses?

I'd really appreciate it, thanks in advance :)

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Guest bier4ever

hi mary..long time no see here...pm me if you like :D

I think this is the best drama that I ever saw. I love Bi

very sweet couple...i am reall sooo in love :)




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I adore this drama!! SHG and Bi had such good chemistry!! I loved the ending...i loved every moment of this drama. SOOO good.

I have a cute, or i find it cute anyways, stroy about when I first watched the drama.

I downloaded it, and I loved it so much that after 6 episdoes I ended up buying it off of yesasia. Then once I finally got it I asked my dad if he wanted to watch it with me. He likes to watch movies and such so he said yes, and my brother even said he would watch it (my brother is a big punk and makes fun me for everything I do). My dad was hooked after one episode. My brother said he hated it, and didn't want to watch anymore. The next time we watched it...guess who ended up in the living room with us...my brother. I think he became more obsessed than I was haha. He blew off plans with his friends just to come home and watch Full House with me. This drama must be good, if he liked it that much haha. Cute, no?

hihi emukins

haha...lol...ur bro is cute ...so as mine...

my brother is a basketball lover....he will rather die than asking him not to play basketball for 1 day

but haha....cuz of fullhouse, he change his daily routine for 3 days....

when i watch FH frm tv, i said i would definately buy the FH cd......my bro heard it n say i m mad n is ask me is FH tat nice?(haha...cuz i could hardly spend money on buying VCD..i m stingy)

i did buy the vcd the next day n finish it in 1 day n keep in my cupboard

the next morning i found tat it is gone...it is wif my bro

he say FH is great n funny....i want to watch...pls lend it to me....he was like nvr went out for 3 days other than schooling...

even my mom feel surprise....lol

we can't deny tat FH is so nice n addictive....^^

hihi biase_jer, gemt n sheivar.....good to see the old pals......^^

hw r u guys recently?

i miss u guys very much too...^^

Let's work hard n keep up the spirit of FullHousers...!!!!!


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Guest coffeee

hey does anyone have the Full House Special download in high quality? the one from popcornfor2 is kind of hard to watch.. but if not i'll bear with it thanks in advance!

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I really do love this drama. The very first k-drama I've seen and after this I was hook with k-dramas. but somehow I can not find any as good as this one. I dont't know how many times I have watch this but never ever get tired. I do hope shg and bi will make another series together, I want to see them together again they're so perfect together.

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Guest shinebi


HEY FULL HOUSERS!! Here is my share to you all!! This wallie wasmade by me, and I just wantt o share it with all of you!! Thanks for all the pics and news you've all posted!! <3 you all!!

Crdits to me: shinebi

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Guest apricot

Thanxs for all the screencaps of Young-Jae. Reminds me of those Full House scenes..I miss Young-Jae so much!!

Nice wallie, Shinebi! How I wish they can shoot a photo like that. They look like lovers..=D

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