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[Drama 2022] Juvenile Justice/ Juvenile Judgement, 소년심판


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by Lily Alice, January 28, 2023
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After the huge success of the first season, the K-drama has been in the pre-production phase for the second season before the news broke to the cast and crew that the show has been canceled. 

Reportedly, the auditions for the roles of juveniles for the second season had started, but the applicants were notified that the production  of the second season has been canceled. 


Juvenile Justice is a courtroom drama that casts Kim Hye SooKim Mu YeolLee Sung Min, and Lee Jung Eun among others. 

The story revolves around Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo) - an elite juvenile judge who despises young offenders. She is assigned to a local juvenile court where she tackles complex juvenile cases and faces opposition for her methods. She holds the firm belief that young offenders must not escape lenient juvenile law and they must face the punishment they deserve for their crimes. 

Kim Mu Yeol plays the role of Cha Tae Joo who is a compassionate juvenile judge. He holds opposing views to Shim Eun Seok and tries to give young offenders a second chance to reflect on their mistakes and help them lead better lives. 

 Lee Sung Min acts as Kang Won Joong - chief of the Juvenile Justice Division. And Lee Jung Eun plays Na Geun Hee, who took the chair of the chief of the Juvenile Justice Division after Kang Won Joong. 

"Juvenile Justice" is regarded as one of the most intense courtroom dramas of all time. The show addresses the sensitive issue of juvenile crimes and also explores the circumstances that compel juveniles to commit crimes in the first place. 

The drama received immense praise for its plot and the actors' performances. It also won the award for best screenplay at Baeksang Arts Awards 2022. 



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