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Found 2 results

  1. Kim Hye-soo 김혜수 PROFILE Name: Kim Hye-soo [김혜수] Born: September 5, 1970 | Dongnae-gu, Busan, South Korea 
Body: 170cm | 50kg | 245mm | Type A 
Family: 1 elder sister, 3 younger brothers Education: Seoul Midong Elementary School > Duksung Girls' Middle School > Paiwha Girls' High School > Dongguk University (Theater & Film / Bachelor) > Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Journalism (Cultural Contents / Master - forfeited) 
Religion: Buddhism Debut: 1985 ‘NESTLÉ MILO’ CF | 1986 movie 'Kkambo' Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, collecting photo books, swimming, tennis, bowling, taekwondo Nicknames: Edge woman, Hyesooni, Barbie doll Agency: HODU&U Entertainment [ Instagram | Post.naver | Facebook ] Official SNS: [ Instagram | DC Gal ] || [ namu ] [ kofic ] Born in 1970, KIM Hye-soo debuted at an early age, having received her first role in 1986, as one of the leads in the action drama film <Kam-Bo>, and even picked up the Best New Actress in Film Award at the Baeksang Arts Awards for that early performance. She quickly rose to fame through drama series and commercials and collected a large number of awards throughout the 1990s, including the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress in 1993 for <First Lover>. As her appearances on the big screen became more frequent, with notable credits including <Kick The Moon> (2001) and <Y.M.C.A. Baseball Team>, she also diversified her roles by starring in horror movies such as <Hypnotized> and <The Red Shoes>. Her captivating allure as Madam Jung in the smash hit heist movie <Tazza : The High Rollers> rekindled her career and led her to receive even more roles. She boasted fabulous dancing in <Modern Boy> and reunited with her old screen partner HAN Seok-kyu in the suspense comedy film <Villain and Widow>. KIM next starred as a professional thief in CHOI Dong-hoon’s smash hit <The Thieves>, released in the summer of 2012. Another major hit came her way when she signed on as a gisaeng in HAN Jae-rim’s period drama <The Face Reader>, with SONG Kang-ho, in 2013. Following a brief break, she returned with a new image as a mob boss in the 2014 female-led gangster thriller <Chinatown / Coin Locker Girl>, alongside KIM Go-eun. In 2016, she headlined the comedy <Familyhood>, playing a star who fakes her pregnancy in order to get her revenge against her ex-boyfriend, while also giving another highly praised performance in the hit drama series <Signal>. With <Default> (2018), which retraced the events leading to the 1998 IMF bailout of Korean economy, KIM Hye-soo reinvented herself as a specialist on monetary policies. [ BiFan 2019: Gorgeous Charming Dangerous, KIM HYE-SOO ] FILMOGRAPHY MOVIE (Src: Kobis) Opening Date | Title | Role | Total Admissions (people) 2022 ‘Smuggle | 밀수‘ // Ryoo Seung-wan 2020-11-22 ‘The Day I Died | 내가 죽던 날‘ as Hyun-soo 현수 [229,425] 2018-11-28 ‘Default | 국가부도의 날‘ as Han Shi-hyun 한시현 [3,754,983] 2017-11-09 ‘A Special Lady | 미옥‘ as Na Hyun-jung 나현정 [238,587]
 2016-06-29 ‘Familyhood | 굿바이 싱글‘ as Go Joo-yeon 고주연 [2,108,273] 2015-04-29 ‘Coin Locker Girl | 차이나타운‘ as Eomma 엄마 [1,472,006] 2013-09-11 ‘The Face Reader | 관상‘ as Yeon-hong 연홍 [9,134,586] // Han Jae-rim 2012-07-25 ‘The Thieves | 도둑들’ as Pepsi 팹시 [12,983,330] // Choi Dong-hoon 2010-11-24 ‘Villain and Widow | 이층의 악당‘ as Yeon-joo 연주 [605,224] 2008-10-02 ‘Modern Boy | 모던 보이’ as Jo Nan-sil 조난실 [758,473] // Jung Ji-woo 2007-11-29 ‘My 11th Mother | 열한번째 엄마‘ as Woman 여자 [350,204] 2007-03-01 ‘Skeletons in the Closet | 좋지 아니한가’ as Oh Mi-kyung 오미경 [321,654] 2007-02-08 ‘A Day for an Affair | 바람 피기 좋은 날’ as Dew 이슬 [1,847,875] 2006-09-28 ‘Tazza: The High Rollers | 타짜’ as Madam Jung 정 마담 [6,847,777] // Choi Dong-hoon 2005-06-30 ‘The Red Shoes | 분홍신’ as Sun-jae 선재 [1,371,122] 2004-08-06 ‘Hypnotized | Faceless Beauty | 얼굴 없는 미녀’ as Ji-soo 지수 [520,753]
 2002-10-02 ‘YMCA Baseball Team | YMCA 야구단’ as Min Jung-rim 민정림 [1,480,000] // Kim Hyun-seok 2001-06-23 ‘Kick the Moon | 신라의 달밤’ as Min Joo-ran 민주란 [4,800,000] // Kim Sang-jin 1999-01-16 ‘Dr. K | 닥터 K’ Pyo Ji-soo 표지수 [30,843 Seoul] 1998-11-28 ‘Too Tired to Die | 투 타이어드 투 다이‘ as Anouk 아누크 [1,008 Seoul] 1998-05-16 ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon | 찜’ as Chae-young 채영 [168,813 Seoul] 1997-03-01 ‘Mr. Condom | 미스터 콘돔’ as Sung-hee 성희 [157,032 Seoul] 1995-04-29 ‘Dr. Bong | 닥터봉’ as Hwang Yeo-jin 황여진 [376,443 Seoul] 1995-02-11 ‘Affliction of Man | 남자는 괴로워’ as Kim Hye-soo 김혜수 [53,618 Seoul] 1995-01-28 ‘Eternal Empire | 영원한 제국’ as Yoon Sang-ah 윤상아 [46,767 Seoul] 1994-11-05 ‘Blue Seagull | 블루시걸’ as Chae-rin 채린 (voice) [202,751 Seoul] 1993-01-22 ‘First Love | 첫사랑’ as Park Young-shin 박영신 [5,856 Seoul] // Lee Myung-se 1991-07-13 ‘Lost Love | 잃어버린 너’ as Kim Yoon-hee 김윤희 [179,859 Seoul] 1990-03-24 ‘Ose-am Temple | 오세암’ as Nun Angela 안젤라 수녀 [12,433 Seoul] 1988-07-01 ‘Grown-Ups Just Don't Understand | 어른들은 몰라요’ as Yura 유라 [220,591 Seoul] 1988-02-18 ‘The Last Winter | 그 마지막 겨울’ as Young-ae 영애 [39,401 Seoul] 1986-07-05 ‘My Daughter Rescued from a Swamp 2 | 수렁에서 건진 내 딸 2’ as Yuri 유리 [18,650 Seoul] 1986-03-15 ‘Kkambo | 깜보’ as Na-young 나영 [16,244 Seoul] TOTAL ADMISSIONS: 50,200,677 people AVERAGE ADMISSIONS: 1,476,490 people DRAMA Year | Network | Title | Role 2022-10-08~2022-11-27 tvN ‘Shuroop | 슈룹‘ as Im Hwa-ryeong 임화령 // Kim Hyung-sik 2022 NETFLIX ‘Juvenile Justice | 소년심판’ as Shim Eun-seok 심은석 // Hong Jong-chan 2020 SBS ‘Hyena | 하이에나’ as Jung Geum-ja 정금자 // Jang Tae-yoo 2017 SBS ‘Dr. Romantic | 낭만닥터 김사부’ ep 20-21 as Lee Young-jo 이영조 {cameo} 2016 tvN ‘Signal | 시그널‘ as Cha Soo-hyun 차수현 // Kim Eun-hee 2013 KBS2 ’The Queen of the Office | 직장의 신’ as Miss Kim 2010 MBC ‘Home Sweet Home | 즐거운 나의 집‘ as Kim Jin-seo 김진서 2009 SBS ‘Style | 스타일’ as Park Ki-ja 박기자 2004-2005 MBC ‘Han River Ballad | 한강수타령’ as Yoon Ga-young 윤가영 2002-2003 KBS2 ‘Royal Story | Jang Hee-bin 장희빈‘ as Jang Hee-bin 장희빈 2001 MBC ‘Loving Hye-soo Eonni | 사랑하는 혜수’ {cameo} 2000-2001 MBC ‘Golden Era | 황금시대’ as Kim Hee-kyung 김희경 1999 MBC ‘Kuk-hee | 국희’ as Min Kuk-hee 민국희 1999 MBC ‘Did We Really Love? | 우리가 정말 사랑했을까’ as Lee Shin-young 이신형 // Noh Hee-kyung 1998 SBS ‘Soonpoong Clinic | 순풍산부인과’ {cameo} 1998 SBS ‘Era of 3 Kims | 삼김시대’ as Kim Ye-ri 김예리 1998 MBC ‘Three Ways to Propose like a Movie | 영화처럼 청혼하는 세 가지 방법‘ as Jung-ah 정아 1998 MBC ‘Enemy Society | 적들의 사회’ as Yoon Ji-yeon 윤지연 1998 MBC ‘Report on Subway Molester | 지하철 치한에 관한 보고서’ as Jung-soo 정수 1998 MBC ‘Love in the City | 도시에서의 사랑‘ {cameo} 1997 MBC ‘Revenge and Passion | 복수혈전’ as Jung Mi-kyung 정미경 1997 SBS ‘Miss & Mister | 미스&미스터‘ 1997 SBS ‘Saekki | 새끼’ as Sun-joo 선주 1996 MBC ‘Scent of Apple Tree | 사과꽃 향기’ as Seo Kyung-joo 서경주 1996 SBS ‘A Boiled Beef Soup | 곰탕’ as Soon-nyo 순녀 1995 MBC ‘Basics of Dating | 연애의 기초’ as Lee Il-young 이일영 1995 MBC ‘Love and Marriage | 사랑과 결혼’ as Seo Ye-hee 서예희 1995 KBS2 ‘Twilight of Gods | 신들의 황혼‘ 1994-1997 MBC ‘One of a Pair | 짝’ as Cha Hae-soon 차해순 1994 MBC ‘Song of a Blind Bird | 눈먼 새의 노래’ as Seok Eun-ok 석은옥 1994 SBS ‘Goblin is Coming | 도깨비가 간다’ as Choi In-young 최인영 1993 MBC ‘Man of Woman | 여자의 남자’ as Kim Eun-young 김은영 1993 MBC ‘Pilot | 파일럿’ as Lee Ji-won 이지원 1992 MBC ‘Rainbow in Mapo | 마포 무지개’ as Park Young-mi 박영미 1991 MBC ‘Rosy Life | 장미빛 인생’ as Chae Jung-seo 채정서 1991 MBC ‘Expert | 고수’ as Oh Jung-hee 오정희 1991 MBC ‘Neighbor Eun-i | 이웃집 은이‘ 1991 MBC ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream | 한여름 밤의 꿈‘ 1990 MBC ‘Under the Same Roof | 한지붕 세가족’ as Hye-sook 혜숙 1990 MBC ‘Fun World | 재미 있는 세상’ as Seo Byung-sook 서병숙 1990 KBS2 ‘If Blooming Flowers Weeped | 꽃 피고 새 울면’ as Baek Mi-kyung 백미경 1990 KBS2 ‘Erased Woman | 지워진 여자’ as Jung Soo-min 정수민 1989 KBS1 ‘Senoya | 세노야’ as Kang Jung-ae 강정애 1988 KBS2 ‘Sun Shim-yi | 순심이’ as Sun-shim 순심 1988 KBS2 ‘Tale of Chunhyang | 춘향전’ as Sung Chun-hyang 성춘향 1987 KBS2 ‘Samogok | 사모곡’ as Bo-ok 보옥 1986 KBS1 ‘Young Zelkova | 젊은 느티나무’ as Yoon Sook-hee 윤숙희 1986 MBC ‘Doll’s Classroom | 인형의 교실’ as Oh Hye-sook 오혜숙 RADIO [2020-04-26] KBS Cool FM ‘Kang Han-na’s Volume Up | 강한나의 볼륨을’ [ x ] [2018-11-12] SBS ‘Cultwo Show | 두시탈출 컬투쇼’ [ x ] [2018-11-09] MBC FM4U ‘Bae Cheol-soo's Music Camp | 배철수의 음악캠프’ [ x ] [2016-06-27] MBC FM4U ‘Bae Cheol-soo's Music Camp | 배철수의 음악캠프’ [ x ] [2016-06-22] SBS ‘Cultwo Show | 두시탈출 컬투쇼’ [ x ] [2015-07-20~21] MBC FM4U ‘Bae Cheol-soo's Music Camp | 배철수의 음악캠프’ ALBUM [2013] ‘The Queen of Office OST | 직장의 신’ (‘Love Is’) [2008] ‘Modern Boy OST | 모던보이’ (‘Shikisai No Blues | 색채의 블루스’, ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’, ‘Gaeyeoul | 개여울’ K-version, ‘Gaeyeoul | 개여울’ J-version) [1988] ‘You grown-ups don't know OST | 어른들은 몰라요’ (‘Beautiful World | 아름다운 세상’) AMBASSADOR [2019-03] 애스턴마틴 DB11 홍보대사 [2018-05] 국세청 홍보대사 [2017-09] 유니세프 친선대사 [2012-08] 유니세프 특별대표 [2008-12] 국제구호단체 굿네이버스 홍보대사 [2008-10] 제6회 아시아나 국제 단편영화제 특별심사위원 [2006-11] 경기북부 범죄피해자 지원센터 홍보대사 [2005-11] 경기영상위원회 영상위원 [2005-09] 사랑의 친구들 홍보대사 [2004] 소망화장품 사외이사 [2001] 성균관대학교 영상예술학부 연기예술학 겸임교수 [2000] 캐릭터랜드 홍보이사 [Blue Dragon Film Awards: Kim Hye-soo won Best Actress in 1993, 1995, 2006 | Cr: Chosun] AWARDS [2020-10-25] 2nd Asia Contents Awards: Excellence Award (Hyena) [2019-05-01] 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Bazaar Icon Award [2019-01-30] 10th KOFRA (Korean Film Reporters Association) Film Awards: Jury Award (Default) [2018-03-05] 52nd Taxpayer’s Day: President's Commendation [2016-10-09] tvN10 Awards: Best Actress (Signal) [2016-06-03] 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (Signal) [2016-04-06] 21st Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress (Coin Locker Girl) [2015-12-22] 2nd Film Producers Association Awards: Best Actress (Coin Locker Girl) [2015-11-16] 35th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best Actress (Coin Locker Girl)
 [2015-09-20] 35th Gold Awards Festival: Best Actress (Coin Locker Girl) [2015-07-18] 10th Asia-Pacific Producers Network (APN) Awards: APN Award [2013-12-31] 2013 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize, Best Couple (Queen of the Office)
 [2013-11-28] 21st Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards: Drama section Grand Prize (Queen of the Office)
 [2012-12-06] 20th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards: Best Film Actress (The Thieves) [2011-12-29] 12th Visual Arts Festival: Photogenic Film Actress [2011-11-25] 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (Villain and Widow) [2009-12-31] 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars (Style) [2009-11-11] 2nd Style Icon Awards (SIA): TV Actress (Style) [2009-11-11] 2nd Style Icon Awards (SIA): Icon of the Year [2007-12-07] 8th Visual Arts Festival: Photogenic Film Actress [2007-10-19] 1st Korea Movie Star Awards: Best Actress (Tazza) [2007-05-08] 8th Newport Beach Film Festival: Best Actress (Tazza) [2006-12-26] 2nd Korea University Film Festival (Uniff): Best Actress (Tazza) [2006-12-26] 2006 Cine21 Movie Awards: Actress of the Year (Tazza) [2006-12-15] 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress, Popular Star (Tazza) [2006-12-12] 23rd Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed Female Movie Star [2006-] 2nd Pierson Movie Festival - New Currents Movie Stars: Best Actress (Tazza) [2006-10-27] 14th Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress, Popularity (Tazza) [2006-07-08] 42nd Grand Bell Awards: Best Actress (Hypnotized) [2005-12-05] 3rd DONGA TV Fashion Beauty Awards: Fashion Icon Award [2005-05-02] 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Film Actress (Hypnotized) [2004-12-30] 2004 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence - Actress (Han River Ballad) [2004-11-10] 12th Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress (Hypnotized) [2003-12-31] 2003 KBS Drama Awards: Grand Prize (Jang Hee-bin) [2000-] Korea Fashion Photographers Association (KFPA): Photogenic Actor [1999-12-30] 1999 MBC Drama Awards: Talent of the Year (Kuk-hee) [1999-12-30] 1999 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence - Actress (Kuk-hee) [1999-] 12th Grimae Awards: Best Actress (Kuk-hee) [1996-12-30] 1996 MBC Drama Awards: Grand Prize (One of a Pair) [1996-] 32nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best TV Actress (A Boiled Beef Soup) [1995-12-30] 1995 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence - Actress (Man of Woman) [1995-] 16th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress (Dr. Bong) [1995-] 31st Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular Film Star (The Eternal Empire) [1993.12.16] 14th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress (First Love) [1991-] 27th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular TV Star (If Blooming Flowers Weeped) [1988-12-31] 1988 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (Sun Shim-yi) [1987-] 23rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Film Actress (Kkambo) [2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards | Cr: Chosun] REVIEWS Coin Locker Girl (2015): hangukyeonghwa | PierceConran | Default (2018): PaulQuinn | The Face Reader (2013): KyuHyunKim | PaulQuinn | PierceConran | Hypnotized (2004): DarcyParquet | Juvenile Justice (NETFLIX, 2022): PierceConran | zapzee Tazza: The High Rollers (2006): KyuHyunKim | The Thieves (2012): KyuHyunKim | hangukyeonghwa | PierceConran | ACC | Villain and Widow (2010): KyuHyunKim | NEWS [2020] [2020-04-01] Why Older Actresses Are Often Cast With Younger Actors in Korean Dramas [2019-06-18] Actress Kim Hye-soo returns to big screen as policewoman: x [2019-05-20] Bifan 2019: Gorgeous, Charming, Dangerous, KIM HyeSoo [2018-07-03] Kim Hye-soo reflects on her ‘charming’ career [2016-06-09] Kim Hye-soo’s career going strong: x [2016-01-20] Kim Hye-soo Returns to Small Screen with Detective Series [2015-09-02] Top Korean Actors Who Guarantee Box Office Success: x [2015-04-25] Kim Hye-soo Excited to Take on New Challenge [2013-06-01] Kim Hye-soo’s Latest Soap ‘a Microcosm of Society’ [2013-03-26] Kim Hye-soo to Forfeit MA Due to Plagiarism [2013-03-25] Kim HyeSoo Apologizes about Her Thesis at Press Conference for ‘God of the Workplace’ (Under construction) Thread started by Dashuu. Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | kobis | kobiz | Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (all copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators) RULES [ Soompi ForumRules | K-Dramas/Movies/Actors/Actresses ForumRules ]
  2. 2022 NETFLIX DRAMA JUVENILE JUDGEMENT Drama: Juvenile Judgement/ Juvenile Judge/Juvenile Court Hangul: 소년심판 Genre: legal Network: Netflix Episodes: 10 Director: Hong Jong Chan (My Secret Hotel, Dear My Friends, Live Up to Your Name, The Lost Beautiful Goodbye, Life, My Private Life) Writer: Kim Min Seok ( Release Date:February 25, 2022 Runtime:Friday Production Company: OST: [Full Album] Juvenile Justice OST / 소년심판 OST Official site: Plot “Juvenile Judgement” is a legal drama that takes place when a prickly judge who hates juvenile offenders is newly appointed to the juvenile court of the Yeonhwa District. The judge, who was a victim of a juvenile crime before, will face various cases involving youth and discover what it truly means to be an adult. Cast Kim Hye Soo as Shim Eun Seok Kim Moo Yeol as Cha Tae-too Lee Sung Min as Kang Won-joong Park Jong Hwan as Go Kang-sik Park Ji Yeon as Woo Soo-mi Shin Jae Hwi as Seo-bum Kim Chang Hyung as Geum Kwang-San as Kyung Joong-Han Oh Min Jung as guardian Character descriptions Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo) is a judge in the juvenile court of the Yeonhwa District. She is someone with charismatic eyes and a rough personality who is fierce enough to be considered arrogant. She has a competitive streak, which helped her push past her male colleagues to reach the top. (Kim Moo Yeol) ia a judge who is 180 centimeters (5 feet 11 inches) tall and has broad shoulders, described as “both manly and sexy,” he is someone who overcame the hardships of a poor environment and became a judge after taking the high school qualification exam (the Korean equivalent of a GED). Posters Teasers/Trailers 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs!Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like SOOMPI TV, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
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