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[Drama 2022] Juvenile Justice/ Juvenile Judgement, 소년심판


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EVENT: Choose which k-drama characters would win in a street fight and win prizes!




What would happen if you pitted Joo Won from Secret Garden against Ahn Yo Na from Kill Me, Heal Me? Who of them would win a street fight using power, strategical skills and/or verbal skills?


Now is your chance to win prizes by voting in our polls where k-drama characters battle each other out for glory and fame.



Your Event Organizers,

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Take a look, ‘K-sister’ Kim Hye-soo (ft, boy referee)




While Netflix Korean dramas are capturing the hearts of viewers around the world every day, a new K-content runner is coming after ‘Squid Game’, ‘Hell’ and ‘Now At Our School’. It is 'Juvenile Judgment', starring Korea's leading actress Kim Hye-soo.


The work, which contains the heavy theme of 'juvenile crime', contains detailed stories of trial and post-trial about juvenile offenders who have committed felony crimes. If so, what is the meaning and theme of the title?


The first refers to judgment as a procedure to protect the treatment of juveniles who commit criminal acts according to the Juvenile Act, which aims to adjust the environment, correct behavior, and lead to sound growth of the juvenile. The main stage of 'Boys Judgment' is the juvenile court. Unlike ordinary courts, juvenile judges directly interrogate and dispose of juveniles. In addition, even after the trial, the boys look into their environment to prevent them from flying again. The story of juvenile offenders and judges surrounding 'Crime and Punishment' is intended to bring various emotions and thoughts to our society beyond the courts.


In particular, Kim Hye-soo takes on the role of Shim Eun-seok, who openly says, “I hate juvenile criminals,” and leads the play to the fore with her all-time charisma and deep acting. Shim Eun-seok is a person with extreme beliefs with Cha Tae-joo, played by Kim Mu-yeol, Kang Won-jung, played by Lee Seong-min, and Lee Jung-eun, Na Geun-hee. As she has left a strong presence through her eight-tone transformation in each of her melodrama, action, thriller, and human dramas, this time, she plans to show her skills to viewers around the world to the fullest.



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This Friday! Can you tell I'm excited! I know.   Finally a drama without zombies and effects. Just top notch actors.   A mature drama that deals with consequences facing juvenile offenders



@larus I know you'll post  presscon pics  so thanks  in advance!



Netflix loving Kim Hyesoo. Yasss~



This Friday!


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30 minutes ago, jongski said:

This Friday! Can you tell I'm excited! I know.   Finally a drama without zombies and effects. Just top notch actors.   A mature drama that deals with consequences facing juvenile offenders


Let me join your excitement. I don`t watch dramas or movies about zombies or other creatures. I like to watch dramas about real life issues. And the cast is fabulous.





"Meaning beyond fun" Kim Hye-soo and Kim Mu-yeol's 'juvenile judgment', views toward juvenile crime




'The Judgment of Judgment', the subject of juvenile crime, visits the small screen. Although it does not provide a clear answer to this question, it throws an important message to viewers through various perspectives.


On the 22nd, an online production presentation of the Netflix series 'Boy's Judgment' was held. Director Hong Jong-chan, writer Kim Min-seok, and Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Seong-min, Lee Jung-eun attended this event.


'JJuvenile udgment' is a work that depicts the story of juvenile crimes and the judges in charge of them. New writer Min-seok Kim wrote the screenplay, and director Hong Jong-chan, who has drawn the story behind society through 'The Story of My Name', 'Dear My Friends', 'Life' and 'Her Private Life', took on the directing. The reason why the actors of 'Boys' Judgment' decided to appear.




They paid attention to the message of the work. Kim Hye-soo said, "I was surprised and delighted that, while receiving a proposal for a work and reviewing it, I was able to use the potentially heavy subject of juvenile crime and juvenile criminals in this way." At the same time, she said, "I thought it was a work that throws a message beyond fun. It is a work that not only has fun and completeness, but also contains the pure functions that a video medium can do." She also wants viewers to spend time thinking about juvenile crime and juvenile offenders, she said.



Kim Moo-yeol said, "It's an issue that many people are interested in. I think it's been a long time since the public debate has progressed. Still, there were many parts that I didn't understand when I first read the script. There were parts that I understood while going into the work and studying." said. He said that acting made him think a lot and created a sense of responsibility. Lee Seong-min he said, "It's refreshing to take on the role of a judge. I participated with the thought that it would be an opportunity to approach the issue of juvenile offenders with a new perspective." Lee Jung-eun said, "It's a fresh material. It's nice for an actor to do a work that can show the era we live in by touching special parts." He also told me that he was very interested in issues related to youth.


Kim Hye-soo felt her pleasure as she watched the performances of her colleagues. Kim Hye-soo said, "Looking at the characters of the judges, I was curious and looking forward to who will be in charge of these characters. I heard that the four judges were completed as 0-ranked cast actors. When I heard about the casting, my heart felt like it was going to come out. Strong conviction. I went to the scene with exciting anticipation about the confrontation and combination of the judges I met with this, and the ensemble and synergy of the four actors who will be together.”





Lee Seong-min praised Kim Hye-soo.

Lee Seong-min's explanation of Kim Hye-soo was that "Her attitude toward the scene was like seeing a rookie actress." She even released episodes while she was filming. He said, "I was throwing documents, and in the process, there was a scene where actress Kim Hye-soo came in through a pile of documents." He continued, "She threw a piece of paper and it stuck to actress Kim Hye-soo's face. In that state, she approached me until the director cut it. I thought she should imitate that attitude."

The effort of the production team is completely melted in 'Boys Judgment'. Writer Kim studied the reality of juvenile crime by traveling to various parts of the country, and listened to the stories of many people working in the field. He visited the district courts and family courts of each court, visited juvenile courts and juvenile classification judges, the No. 6 disposition agency, and the juvenile recovery center.


Director Hong, who was introduced to 'Boys Judgment' in this way, emphasized that juvenile crime is not just a problem for juvenile criminals. He said, "I felt that the fundamental problems of our society were intertwined. Our work does not provide an answer, but I thought it would be good to deal with it from a balanced point of view."


Writer Kim said, "Actually, I had a strong feeling that I couldn't become someone to the people working in the field. When I was writing the story, I thought that I shouldn't be biased. “Isn’t that what I did?” he wrote with caution.


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wow :D precisely, k-dramas, known for their interesting storylines and intense (if sometimes predictable) plot twists, the drama shows can go from super sappy to incredibly heartbreaking to "what was that?" in a heartbeat. :D that variety is exactly what keeps viewers coming back for more. as someone who's not that into court or lawyer-themed k-dramas, Hyena 2020 does an excellent job of reeling me in from the very first episode. it's the ultimate 언니 (unnie) Kim Hye Soo. she usually plays strong characters. :D *whoa, I plan to watch* - the first one on the list - at least a while. :D

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Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Seong-min, and Lee Jeong-eun 'Boy Judgment', "a work that throws a message beyond fun"



The world-class entertainment streaming service Netflix successfully held an online production presentation for <Judgment of Boys>.


In this production presentation, where the main space of the work, the juvenile court, was the stage, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Seong-min, Lee Jung-eun, and Hong Jong-chan and Kim Min-seok, who played four juvenile judges with different beliefs, participated and had an in-depth conversation about the work. .


Director Hong Jong-chan, who has been illuminating the hidden side of various places in society such as [Dear My Friends], [Life], and [Her Private Life], said, “I thought there were a lot of fundamental problems in society. He said, “I thought it would be good to show it from a variety of balanced perspectives rather than representing one side when showing it as a work.”


Rookie writer Kim Min-seok said about the opportunity to deal with the story of a juvenile judge, which was not well covered in the media, "in a court drama, a lawyer and a prosecutor fight fiercely. I wondered what he would have thought and what his life would have been like. As he investigates, he finds out that a juvenile deputy judge is present during a housekeeping case, and he gets to tell the story of a juvenile deputy judge.”


The writer, who spent about 4 years of time covering the four years before meeting with director Hong Jong-chan, is a juvenile detention center, juvenile classification examiner, facility 6, juvenile recovery center, judges, investigators, court staff, facility officials, and lawyers, including 50 to 60 people. He met in person and built up the story fiercely. In addition, the juvenile division of the family court and the juvenile division of the district court in juvenile protection cases, which are based on the principle of independent trial, have been adapted into a fictional juvenile criminal agreement division in order to cover various stories inside and outside the juvenile court without biasing the views of specific persons such as victims, perpetrators, and judges.









I am curious about this rookie writer. I really hope he wrote a good drama. I admire writers who study so much about a subject and take time to wrote a good script.

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Kim Moo Yeol again!!  this drama from Netflix  and Disney Plus Grid w/c premiered last wek)  ♡♡


I don't know the actors playing the deliquents.  But we might get breakout star.


The director's past drama  are  top notch but we have a rookie writer for this one.


1 hour ago, larus said:

I am curious about this rookie writer. I really hope he wrote a good drama. I admire writers who study so much about a subject and take time to wrote a good script.


Same here.  Hoping this will a breakout for the writer too.  Most kdramas now are based from webtoons. It's good to see new writers doing screenplay for orignal kdrama.





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Premiere Watch:Juvenile Justice

by missvictrix

The drama lineup continues to fill out this week with Netflix’s latest original, and two smaller cable dramas of the melo variety. If we’ve learned anything it’s that these smaller shows on smaller channels can really take off, so I’ll be keeping my eyes on these for sure.



Juvenile Justice




Time slot: Friday
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Drama, legal, crime
Episode count: 10

Reasons to watch: Netflix returns after a short break with their next original — a legal drama about juvenile offenders and the judges who decide their fates. With Kim Hye-soo in the lead, and Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Jung-eun, and Lee Sung-min rounding out the cast, it’s a no-brainer that this drama will boast quality performances. But it’s also full of South Korea’s real-life social and political issues around juvenile crime, so it will be interesting to see not only how this drama is received, but what sort of a message it shares.


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Just got home. Going to watch on Sunday. Chingus here have you watch it already?


I've check some netz feels about this drama.  Acting on point and outstanding excellent. The writing though  is mixed?  I'm gonna watch this weekend. Lemme see.


By the way...netz / posts/  reviews / and others  doesn't affect and has never affect how I view and feel about dramas I watch but I wanted to gauge viewers  take on this.



I feel it already. I haven't watch yet.





all twts ctto.


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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2022] Juvenile Justice/ Juvenile Judgement, 소년심판- Kim Hye Soo, Kim Moo Yeol & Lee Sung Min

Accidently saw this...but ive always been a sucker for legal dramas...


Good to see KHS back in legal drama, this time as a judge.


Just saw two episodes of it... it was okay but it could have been better ... perhaps the directing of it seemed a bit off...  Will continue to watch it nevertheless....


There seemed to be not much promo of the drama; not much write up and i was surprised its a Netflix drama!


Why do KMY makes me think of Lee Sang Yoon....:lol:

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I have seen 2 episodes so far. I like it, but I can see that people aren't immediately drawn in with 2 episodes.


I have to say I was shocked when I found out that Baek Seung U (13 year old boy of ep 1 and 2) , was played by a 26 year old ACTRESS. 


I mean, I thought his voice was very feminine... but then I found out... it's not even a child actor.


Mind Reaction GIF

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14 hours ago, joccu said:

@jongski  I have seen 5 episodes so far. The acting is top notch. Even the kids. They are so amazing. I warn you the first 2 episodes are horrific. 



Netz say there's supposed to be TW for the drama.


5 hours ago, agenth said:

I have to say I was shocked when I found out that Baek Seung U (13 year old boy of ep 1 and 2) , was played by a 26 year old ACTRESS. 

@agenth It's peeve of mine, I always  don't like when high schooler played by 25 and above character. But if acting is good and character portrayal. I can go along.


Gonna watch later...I don't think I could watch all 10 episodes in one seating (besides my sis keeps watching Inventing Anna. Heh)

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i like this drama, like the realistic, real-life addressing societal, humanity issues drama. the juvenile deputy judge is not a easy job, so demanding, they have to follow up with the juvenile criminals themselves, like social workers. some people might not like this as it might be too real - the law, the judges' office, the juvenile criminals, the court, the process... one thing i'd prefer is a clean presentation of the story without this typical character by Lee Sungmin. maybe there is this kind of people everywhere in government authorities, corporations in real life! like the part KHS spoke up to him and defended her principles! yes she hates the youth but she is doing her job and is solving the crime!

compare to ttd, dealing with juvenile criminals is not easy. adults might buy into their innocence, trying to believe that they are not that bad or evil, and hope that they would turn around and be good! it's even more disturbing and horrifying to see children/youth committing vulgar/violent crimes! i personally hope this drama will awaken viewers in this world about this issues. juvenile crimes dont happen in korea only, it's a world-wide problem! governments, societies, adults should all help troubled children/youth to be better people!

i truly appreciate this writer, spending so many years researching and writing this script and story! it is a subject hardly covers and produces in depth in drama world. hope this drama will bring her/him with success and he/she will have more interesting projects in the future!

hope you ALL will enjoy this drama! :fun:


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Finished ep 1.  I like it enough to continue.  I'm really curious about Sim Eun Seok"s background.  She seems cold, but is really affected by Ji-Hu's death.


A site called Decider recommends steaming the drama.  They are also interested in Eun Seok's back story.  


11 hours ago, agenth said:

I have to say I was shocked when I found out that Baek Seung U (13 year old boy of ep 1 and 2) , was played by a 26 year old ACTRESS. 


The Decider deemed the actor portraying Baek Seung U "a sleeper", pointing out his all too natural inappropriate laughter.

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per google translate - It is said that the juvenile judge has been preparing for 4 years. When I met with dozens of judges, lawyers, protection centers, etc. and interviewed dozens of people, the words I heard the most were, 'Please write well...'


Finished watching the whole drama, it gets better and better towards the end! i take back about the pt that there is no need for character like judge KWJ played by LSM. The ones in higher up have to reflect their attitude and ethic from time to time so as to be better influence to the new generation! :blush: the character of judge SES's husband may be needed, but not sure what the mil's presence in the drama is for! 

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Hi Chingus


Hope everyone is keeping well?!


I had been eagerly waiting for Juvenile Justice and I was not disappointed at all :)


I must be honest, I found the first episode a bit difficult to watch, but the characters kept me hooked just enough! However, from episode two, I knew I was going to binge watch :D. Lee Jung Eun's addition was delightful, although at first I thought her Chief Na was just on an ego trip.


I enjoyed the ying/yang relationship between Sim Eun Seok and Cha Tae Tu. Kim Hye Soo's screen presence is undeniable, but Kim Moo Yul's Judge Cha was quietly just as powerful. I totally enjoyed Lee Sung Min, the ambiguous line he walked, always having to ask myself, is he good, is he bad? 


All the actors were great, adults and children alike. The show was not afraid to push the boundaries, I guess it helps to be a Netflix production, and a whole lot more graphic than I thought it would be. It gave a lot of perspective and explored a topic which dramaland in general does not usually give much coverage on.


Perhaps I have a gripe with the directing, there were a couple of scenes which I felt were given more of a dramatic effect than they should have been, and also some scenes where the continuity seemed amiss. However, I could well overlook this considering the story and excellant acting. There were a lot of "new" faces and I hope these young actors and actresses get noticed!


We pretty much got a background story on all the main characters, however I hope the ending scene means that we will get a season 2. I actually found myself missing the show once I completed watching it. 

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Juvenile Justice: Episode 1 (First impressions)

by DaebakGrits



Netflix’s new original drama takes an inside look at South Korea’s juvenile criminal justice system. The judge leading our cast of characters makes no attempt to hide her disdain for teenage delinquents and quickly butts heads with her more idealistic colleagues.



When I heard that Juvenile Justice was about a judge who hated teenage criminals, I was eager to watch. As some of you may know from reading my staff spotlight, I almost became a high school teacher, and part of the reason I noped out of the profession faster than Usain Bolt was because I found teenagers to be absolutely terrifying. Y’all, I think I may have just found my spirit animal. Or at least, the spirit animal I wish I had. I’m more of a bunny, whereas SHIM EUN-SEOK (portrayed by the amazing Kim Hye-soo) is all tiger. We don’t immediately meet our leading lady, though.


Instead, we open to snow, Christmas lights, and a merry soundtrack of “Carol of the Bells.” Stumbling through the brightly lit winter wonderland is a thirteen-year-old boy whose jacket and face are smeared with blood. It’s an eerie contrast, but it’s a perfectly executed opening scene that sets the tone for the rest of the episode, which is all about navigating a world of opposites: adults against juveniles, crime and punishment, lies versus the truth.

In a daze, the boy, BAEK SEONG-WOO (Lee Yeon) wanders to a police station, where a concerned officer stops to check on his well-being. But Seong-woo isn’t there seeking help. Instead, he pulls a bloodied ax from his pocket and turns himself in for the murder and mutilation of Yoon Ji-hu, an eight-year-old boy.


The murder sends a ripple of outrage through the community, and people protest, demanding reformation of the current laws that prohibit minors under the age of fourteen from serving substantial jail time. Juvenile offenders are instead put through a rehabilitation program, which the public considers too light a sentence for heinous crimes like murder. (To note, this is actually an important real-life issue being discussed in South Korean politics currently.)

Enter Eun-seok, one of twenty juvenile court judges in the entire South Korean judicial system. She’s calm, collected, and borderline emotionless as she coolly answers a series of prompts about her profession in front of a camera. The interview ends with the question, “Why did you want to become a juvenile judge?” and Eun-seok — staring down the camera lens like she’s daring it to disagree with her — bluntly answers that she absolutely detests juvenile criminals. (I mean, I certainly get it.)


She transfers to Yeonhwa District Court, where Judge CHA TAE-JU (Kim Mu-yeol) doesn’t initially recognize his new office mate because he’s a bit sexist and assumes Eun-seok is a man because of her name. She responds to his flub by reminding him that she’s his senior, and he looks properly chastised.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2022/02/juvenile-justice-episode-1-first-impressions/

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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2022] Juvenile Justice/ Juvenile Judgement, 소년심판

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