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[Upcoming Drama 2021] Pachinko, 파친코 - Lee Min Ho, Youn Yuh Jung, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, Kaho Minami - on Apple TV+


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Title: Pachinko

Author : Min Jin Lee

Pages : 512 pages

Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

Language : eng

ISBN-10 : 1455563927

ISBN-13 : 9781455563920






Read Online and Download Pachinko. In the early 1900s, teenaged Sunja, the adored daughter of a crippled fisherman, falls for a wealthy stranger at the seashore near her home in Korea. He promises her the world, but when she discovers she is pregnant--and that her lover is married--she refuses to be bought. Instead, she accepts an offer of marriage from a gentle, sickly minister passing through on his way to Japan. But her decision to abandon her home, and to reject her son's powerful father, sets off a dramatic saga that will echo down through the generations. Richly told and profoundly moving, Pachinko is a story of love, sacrifice, ambition, and loyalty. From bustling street markets to the halls of Japan's finest universities to the pachinko parlors of the criminal underworld, Lee's complex and passionate characters--strong, stubborn women, devoted sisters and sons, fathers shaken by moral crisis--survive and thrive against the indifferent arc of history. .


Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

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7 Recommended Dramas Worth Watching in 2021






This drama which airs on Apple TV stars Lee Min Ho, who plays Han Su. This drama is adapted from the novel Pachinko written by Min Jin Lee.


This drama presented in Korean, Japanese, and English languages features the story of immigrant families in Korea, Japan, and the United States.




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[Exclusive] Patchinko Apple TV starring Lee Min Ho and Yoon Yeo Jung, newcomer Seo Ho Yoon selected


Enter 2021.08.03. 

By correspondent Kim So Young


Filming of the film "Pachinko" by an independent film star
Yoon So Ho has already been completed as Yoon Yeo Jung is a grandson and expectations for his activities are growing.




/ Photo = Instagram Yoon So Ho

Independent movie star Yoon So Ho will also appear on the Apple TV Plus "Pachinko," which is expected to star Lee Min Ho and Yoon Yeo Jung.

According to a report from Hankyung.com on the 3rd, Yoon So Ho appeared on Pachinko and has already finished filming. Based on the novel of the same name, which explores the hopes and dreams of four generations of Korean immigrants in Pachinko, So-ho Yun is portrayed as the childhood of Solomon, the grandson of Song-ja, played by user Yun Yeo-jeong.

"Pachinko" is a drama about a global project, created as an original for Apple TV Plus. The domestic actors were Lee Min Ho and Yoon Yeo Jung, and the Japanese women Anna Sawai, Soji Arai and Kaho Minami were also involved. Producer Media Reds, author of "Terror" and "Murder" Soo Hugh is involved as the main writer, general producer and showrunner. In addition, director Kogonada, a Korean American known for his sensual directing, and former director Justin have taken charge of each of the four parts.

It is known that Yoon So Ho was selected to Pachinko as a result of fierce competition. Yoon Kyung Ho, who made the face in the 2019 film Strong Guy, grabbed the attention of stakeholders with his extraordinary screen handling, despite being new to the Art of Fighting series and works such as July 7, Hwacheon "and" Georgia "is known as an actor.

"Trance," who recently starred, gained attention when he was invited to compete for "Korean Fantastic: Feature" at the Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival this year.


Kim So Young

Translation from korean google



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Parasite actor to star in first Korean-language series for Apple TV+


Apple TV+ is getting its first Korean-language series and Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun is set to star. The sci-fi thriller, Dr Brain, is based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same name...


Also in the works for Apple TV+ is Pachinko, a limited series starring Lee Min-ho, which will be in Korean, Japanese and English.







What it’s about: The best-selling novel Pachinko follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family, following the line from Korea to Japan and finally America. The New York Times named it one of the 10 best books of 2017.

According to Variety, Apple has secured the rights to develop Min Jin Lee’s novel into a series. A later report in The Hollywood Reporter stated that Apple has moved from simply optioning the novel to ordering a full eight episodes. It’s not clear if it’s a single season of a multi-season arc, or just an eight-episode miniseries.

Important names: It will be written and directed by Soo Hugh, who was the showrunner for the first season of AMC’s The Terror. Min-Ho Lee (Boys Over Flowers) and Jin Ha (Devs) will star.

When you can watch: No release date yet.



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[Official] Rookie Soho Yoon, Secret ENT exclusive contract


Song Bong Suk, 2021.08.06.




Actor Yoon So Ho.


Yoon So Ho, the rookie who gained attention after being selected for Apple TV Plus 'Pachinko', has signed an exclusive deal with Secret ENT.


On the 6th, Secret ENT announced that they had signed an exclusive contract with actor Yoon So Ho, stating, “I am happy to have a good relationship with actor Yoon So Ho who loves acting and details. We will do it. we do our best to support both physically and mentally for this to happen. "


Yoon So Ho is a rookie who has solidified his acting skills by starring in leading films. After appearing in a number of independent films, he made his mark on screen in earnest with Strong Guy. on his consistent acting ability.


Through Hwacheon, he was officially invited to wide-angle Korean short films at the 25th Busan International Film Festival, and his film Georgia won the top prize in a Korean-Asian short at the 2020 Busan International Film Festival. Recently at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, he drew attention to his starring role in Trance, which was invited to compete in the series Korean Science Fiction: Feature Film.


In the face of fierce competition, he was thrown into Pachinko and surprised him. Pachinko is a novel based on the novel of the same name, which explores the hopes and dreams of four Korean immigrant families. Earlier in this attention-grabbing work in Korea, Lee Min Ho and Yoon Yeo Jung have appeared. Yoon So Ho will appear as a child of Solomon, Song Ja's grandson, played by Yoon Yeo Jung.


Yoon So Ho, who showcases the diversity of the acting spectrum with superb character interpretation in every work, is well received for his deep acting, so he looks forward to the acting moves he unfolds in the future, announcing a fresh start with his new agency.


Translation from korean google


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[Kim Dong Ha Culture Report] Korean American Pachinko, Apple TV + Major Drama Written by Korean Americans]




Professor Dong-Ha Kim, Department of Autonomous Humanities, Hansun University


Pachinko, Apple and Song Jung Ui. It's a pretty strong combination, but the names are limitless as storytelling material. A short explanation of the meaning of this combination is as follows. still a forced combination, but if we make sense of this cycle, there are many stories to tell. This is due to the fact that it is not only a complex cultural phenomenon in which novels and dramas, technology and capital, bloodlines and nationalities are mixed, but also an economic phenomenon in which huge flows of capital flow.

Now Apple, the most valuable company in the US, and Softbank, the most successful company in Japan, are investing in content and companies focused on Korea. Let's take a little more insight into the phenomenon of this combination, which was born as a result of the "merger" of Korea, the United States and Japan. Roman "Pachinko" and writer Lee Min Jin.

<The dramatic production of Lee Min Jin's novel Pachinko, which tells the story of Koreans in Japan, is in full swing. This is a global project in which Apple, the most expensive American company in the world, has spent a huge amount of money on production of more than 100 billion won to use it for its Apple TV +. Song Jung Ui, who led the rapid growth of SoftBank in Japan with Apple's iPhone, is a third-generation Korean of Japanese descent. His father made money from the pachinko business in Japan, which allowed Song Jung Ui to study in the United States.>

"Pachinko" is a novel about a Korean man who was forced to make a living by dangerous businesses, such as pachinko, living in Japan, experiencing discrimination and conflict. It was published by the major American entertainment company William Morris-Endever in 2017. In Korea, it was translated and published in History of Literature magazine in 2018, and as of 2021, it has been published in 40 languages around the world. In 2017, when it was published, it was voted in the Top 10 Best Books by The New York Times, USA Today and the BBC Book of the Year.

The author of this book on Korean life in Japan is a Korean American. She was born in 1968 and a 1.5 generation Korean American immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of 7. After graduating from Yale University School of History, she worked as a lawyer before turning to writing, and began preparing this book at age 19.

Her Japanese-American husband greatly influenced her ability to write novels for Koreans living in Japan on the themes of "immigration" and "diaspora" in the United States. She lived in Japan for four years, working for a Tokyo finance company, and has written this book, adding long-term coverage, historical research, and research to her experiences during this period.

During the interview, when the artist was asked: "Aren't you Korean?" What does her nationality mean in covering the lives of Koreans living overseas as strangers who insist on the Korean name given to her at birth?




Roman Pachinko


The world's most expensive Apple, Pachinko B was chosen
GDP of South Korea (20 years nominal reference 1933 1 trillion), the most valuable company in the world (23 July market cap at a closing price of $ 2.5 trillion), Apple novel <pachinko> about its Apple TV samgo to focus on content + made big investments for the drama. Media Res, third party producer.

Apple TV + Produced and directed by Kogonada and Justin Chun. Kogonada (Korean name: Park Jun Eun) and Justin Jung (Korean name: Jung Ji-tae) were Korean Americans, and the directors of Korean Americans, "After Yang" and "Blue Bay" were invited side by side to the Cannes Film Festival in this year.

Director Kogonada, whose stage name is a variation on the Japanese screenwriter's name, debuted in 2017's Columbus starring Korean American John Cho and gained attention at the Sundance Film Festival. Former director Justin is an actor-turned-director who also starred in Twilight. In Blue Bayou, he took on the direct roles of both director and protagonist, portraying the hard life of a man who was adopted from Korea to the United States.




The drama "Pachinko" is starred by Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, and actress Yoon Yeo Jung, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, also appeared. It featured Korean actors such as Jung Un-in, Jung Eun-chae and Kim Min-ha, as well as Japanese American actors Anna Savei, Soji Arai and Gaho Minami. It is a global project in three languages: Korean, Japanese and English. In the United States, the production cost of this 8-part series is estimated to exceed 100 billion won, and the release of Apple TV + in Korea is expected to coincide with the release of the drama "Pachinko."

33-year-old naturalized Japanese, Masayoshi
Son Jung Ui was born in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture, Japan in 1957 as a third generation Korean-Japanese. Father Seung Sam Hong was born in Daegu, and the main building is Iljik in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Song Jung Ui is said to have lived with her grandmother when she was little and suffered from bullying and bullying for reasons such as Korean = kimchi. After avoiding bullying by using the Japanese name Yasumoto Masayoshi, he decided to become a businessman and headed to the United States.

Song Jong Yoo was Korean in Japan until he was 32, and at 33 he became a naturalized Japanese due to business difficulties. In the process, he not only defended his Korean surname, but also founded the Son family in Japan for the first time. The Japanese government did not adopt the surname Son, which did not exist in Japan at the time that it was Japanese, and for this reason he changed his wife Masami Ono to Son, made her a Japanese surname, and naturalized as Masayoshi.

Song Jung Ui is said to have read Ryoma Goes away by Ryoma Sakamoto, a man he admired as a teenager, and decided to leave Japan and become the best businessman in the United States. Ryoma, a reformer during the Meiji Restoration, founded Haewondae in Japan, a naval organization and trading company that focused on the army and adopted Western-style weapons, thought systems and education, and engaged in active exchanges.

The SoftBank logo has the same shape as the Haewondae logo (red), only the color is different. However, the Softbank logo, which started out in yellow, changed to a silvery white, the symbol of Apple, after meeting Steve Jobs and Apple. Softbank's acquisition of British telecommunications company Vodafone Japan is a well-known example of the acquisition of exclusive rights to Apple in the United States. He was able to become the richest man in Japan thanks to his early acceptance of the education and culture of the United States and the American company Apple.

Pachinko Yi, Koupang and writer Lee Min Jin are 1.5 generation Korean American, and Song Jung Ui is a Japanese Korean who inherited a Korean surname. Writer Lee Min Jin has stated several times in official interviews that Japan will not change 99.9%. While the position of the Japanese government or establishment shows no sign of change, Song Jung Ui appears to be acting as a bridge between Korea and Japan.

The son's father and uncles earned money in Japan from consumer finance and pig breeding, as well as from the pachinko business. As the protagonist of the novel "Pachinko", as the figure of the Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, who will be portrayed in the future in the Apple drama.

As a result, Song Jong-yi was able to go to study in the United States in the early mid-1970s and opened his first Korean job, Son, in Japan. SoftBank, founded by Song Jung Eee, has made a massive investment of over 5 trillion won through Vision Fund in Coupang and Yanolja, both of which operate in Korea. In any case, the cultural and economic phenomenon in which Apple and Softbank, the leading US and Japanese companies, invest in Korean content and Korean companies, is clearly a result of Korea's high profile.

Should we really focus on the diagnosis "history has ruined us"? Or should I focus on the will "it doesn't matter anyway"? I am very curious which side of the history of Korea and Japan after August 15th, the 76th anniversary of liberation, will be written with a center of gravity.

This article was published in the August issue of Leader, a journal on legislation and government.

"History has ruined us, but it doesn't matter."

This is the first phrase of the novel "Pachinko".

Translation from korean google



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"Pachinko," a novel that made defectors in Canada cry




The novel "Pachinko," which is recently popular in North America, including here in Canada, is also touching the hearts of North Korean defectors. Pachinko is based on a Japanese gamble game called pachinko.


North Korean defector Lee Sun-hee (a pseudonym), an ordinary housewife in Toronto, Canada, said she could not help crying because she felt like she was seeing her past while reading the book.


First of all, the novel Pachinko is written by a Korean-American writer, which is about Koreans who have lived in Japan. It has been selected as the best book of the year by the New York Times and BBC since it was published in English in 2017, and has been recorded as the best-selling book in Korea this year. This novel will also be produced and aired as a drama in the U.S.



The novel Pachinko depicts the unfortunate lives of the four families of the main character Seonja from Yeongdo, Busan, South Korea, who have moved to Osaka, Japan, since the Japanese occupation in 1939.

The main character's husband, who refused to visit the shrine against Japan's colonial rule of Joseon, passed away as a wreck in prison and is his brother, but his husband's brother, who thought the greatest value was to be faithful to his family and make money rather than ethnicity or ideology, also lives a painful life after being burned to death by an atomic bomb.

The two main characters, who inherited Korean blood, also struggle to survive on Japanese soil in different ways. His first son, Noah, completes his studies with the best grades in school and goes to the most prestigious Waseda university in Japan, but he is shocked to learn that a Korean Yakuza, who is known as a dirty person in Japan, is his biological father, and Noah completely changes his status to Japanese, but eventually commits suicide after realizing that he cannot escape the yoke of his identity. His second son and Son-su, who gave up his studies early on, enters the Pachinko business run by the majority of Koreans in Japan who have no academic background or connection.


The title of the novel "Pachinko" is a metaphorical expression derived from the fact that the fate of Koreans in Japan is like unpredictable gambling and that if you win gambling and earn money, you can raise your status and be treated like a human being. But what you can lose and destroy everything at once is Pachinko.


Lee Sun-hee, a North Korean defector who lives in Canada, says these points are too similar to her fate of leaving North Korea and not being able to live in South Korea. Of course, there is little discrimination experienced by Japanese Koreans in Canada, but Sun-hee has been discriminated against and suffered until she came to Canada, especially that the main character looks too much like her while raising children without her husband.

It was said that Koreans living in Japan had at least two or three names, or the parts that both South and North Korea could not feel affection were the same as those of North Korean defectors who could not belong anywhere.

The hometown of the author's father who wrote the novel Pachinko is Wonsan, North Korea, and her mother's hometown is Busan, South Korea. But she lives in America, and the background in the novel is Japan. This novel is evaluated because it portrays the agony of discrimination, pain, loneliness and identity, which are common to human beings, into the life of a family.

Doesn't the phrase "History ruined us, but it doesn't matter" in the first chapter of the novel mean that we have hope and life goes on no matter what pain life gives us?



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UTA Signs ‘Pachinko’ Actress Minha Kim


By Rosy Cordero
August 11, 2021




EXCLUSIVE: UTA has signed South Korean actress Minha Kim in all areas. This is the first U.S. role for the newcomer, who is fluent in English and Korean.


Kim recently nabbed the leading role of Sunja in the upcoming Apple TV+ drama series Pachinko, based on the New York Times bestselling book from Min Jin Lee. She’ll portray the younger version of the character and Academy Award-winning Yun Yuh Jung stars as the older Sunja. Kim was selected from a competitive worldwide search.


The drama chronicles the hopes and dreams of four generations of a Korean immigrant family. Epic in scope, intimate in tone, the story begins with a forbidden love and crescendos into a sweeping saga that journeys between Korea, Japan, and America to tell the unforgettable story of war and peace, love and loss, triumph and reckoning. The series will be told in three languages— Korean, Japanese, and English.



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When Will Lee Min Ho’s Drama Series Pachinko Premiere?


Meanwhile, avid fans of Lee Min Ho will finally see him again on small screens before the year ends or in early 2022. Reports have it that his forthcoming project called Pachinko is scheduled to be released soon despite it being elusive for details.


The Apple TV+ series is an epic-historical K-drama series based on the second novel of Korean-American novelist Min Jin Lee. Published in 2017, the book centers on the story of a Korean family that immigrated to Japan, where they experienced racism and stereotyping.


Aside from Lee Min Ho, the cast of Pachinko also include Youn Yuh Jung as Sunja, Jin Ha as Solomon Baek, Anna Sawai as Naomi, Kim Kinha as Teenage Sunja, Soji Arai as Mozasu Baek, Kaho Minami as Etsuko, Han Jun Woo as Joseph, Felice Choi as older Kyunghee, Jung Eun Chae as Kyunghee and Steve Sanghyun Noh as Baek Isak among others.


Han Joon Woo, in July, was confirmed to be part of the forthcoming Lee Min Ho-led K-drama series. The actor, who also appeared on Into the Ring, My Unfamiliar Family, and Be Melodramatic, will play the role of Joseph, who is a hard-working factory worker living in Ikaino, Osaka where numerous Koreans live.


The filming for Pachinko started in October 2020 in America, Japan, and South Korea. Lee Min Ho, during an interview with GQ Korea, said that the shooting for Busan, South Korea was completed in December 2021, and filming in Vancouver kicked off in February 2021.


Recent reports suggested that Pachinko is likely in the final stages of editing already. No details about the reason behind the delay were made public as of this writing.



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Large recruitment..Netflix vs.OTT domestic landing


This is an era of unlimited competition for OTT (Online Video Service). With changes in the domestic market starting with Netflix, TVing and Wavve are making all-out efforts to revive the pride of native OTTs. On top of that, the content war continues to heat up as Disney Plus officially announced its landing in Korea in November, and global OTTs such as Apple and Amazon are also about to enter the Korean market.


Already, domestic content has been confirmed to be competitive in the world through global platforms such as Netflix. At a time when content has been advanced, producers are now actively recruiting stars to further enhance the competitiveness of content. Especially, the starting platform has increased the interest in stars and is burning the will for success. Star casting, which can increase viewers' interest first, is currently the biggest topic of OTT competition.


For Apple TV+, the stars' acting battle through OTT is expected to be on fire, with " Dr. Brain" starring Lee Sun-kyun and " Pachinko" starring Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Min-ho.


OTTs landing in Korea are working with stars to ensure stable penetration into the domestic market. Even if stars are at the forefront, it is a lesson that Korean viewers have already learned from years of viewing that their work and box office success are not guaranteed. However, it is also an undeniable reality that the news of the appearance of stars raises viewers' expectations.



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Lee Minho is on the cover of Esquire September issue. This is the first photoshoot after he became a Louis Vuitton’s watch and jewelry ambassador. We have talked deeply about his career from ‘LMH film’ to Pachinko. You can see the interview with him on the Esquire Sept.



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A large, detailed and interesting article on the history and future of Korean dramas. Here's a tiny excerpt:


The K-Drama Renaissance
How South Korean entertainment took over your TV.


AUG 17, 2021


... And it seems the global popularity of K-dramas will only continue to grow. Currently, K-dramas on Netflix are dubbed and subbed in over 30 languages, including English, German, French, Swedish, Hindi, Portuguese, and Bahasa Indonesia. The entertainment powerhouse announced earlier this year that it is investing $500 million in Korean content in 2021. Apple TV+ and Disney+ are following suit, with the former adding at least two of its original K-dramas, Dr. Brain and Pachinko, later this year, and the latter working with local producers to create more Korean content...



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Lee Min-ho: "My YouTube channel starts with inspiration for good people. Not greedy to show something"



Actor Lee Min-ho's photo shoot with a brand's 2021 FW marked the cover of the September issue of the men's magazine Esquire. With the theme "I'm Not There," the pictorial is said to have started with a plan that sheds light on actor Lee Min-ho's unique charm and present a new image. From bold chain necklaces, skateboards, pizza boxes and tumbler-shaped bags to colorful suits, red padding jackets and silver monogram pattern coats. Lee Min-ho showed a new pose and expression in each outfit with a high understanding of the concept and immersion, leading to admiration of the field staff.


The following interviews also reveal Lee Min-ho's colorful charm. First of all, regarding his YouTube channel "Lee Min-ho Film," which has recently become a huge sensation, he said, "People are the most important factor," adding that most projects start with inspiration for good people around him. I'm not doing this out of the greed of showing something new to the public.


He said, "I think I always have an obsession with novelty in my acting," adding, "That's the context of choosing Ko Han-soo of the Apple TV drama "Pachinko," which recently finished filming." He thought it was a must-have role in terms of the Korean landscape from the eyes of the overseas filming team and the history of Korea shot with large overseas capital, but he felt that he could show something he had not shown before through Ko Han-soo. In addition to that, the interview continues with various stories, including the personal meaning of the previous film, "The King: Eternal Monarch," the reason why he appeared as a no guarantee in a documentary, and his thoughts on his works in his 20s.



In addition to pictorials and interviews, video contents include "Fashion Film," which sensibly captures the filming site, and " Comment Interview," which immediately answers various questions left by fans. The two videos will be released sequentially on Esquire Korea's YouTube account within August. Actor Lee Min-ho's pictorial and interviews can be found in the September 2021 issue of "Esquire," and some of them can be seen on the "Esquire" website.



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From <Boys Over Flowers> to <Pachinko>, Lee Min Ho's "The Chronicles of Lee Min Ho"


What Lee Min Ho didn't say. What Lee Min Ho wants to show now.
I'm not there


Q: You starred in the MBC documentary <DMZ The Wild> without any guarantees. I think it makes sense to do it now ... Ah, maybe Lee Min Ho always wanted to create something new and test his capabilities.


Answer: I don’t think there was something like that.


Question: Oh, right? (Laughs.)


Answer: At that time, I personally really liked documentaries, so I thought that if there is a good project, I would like to participate. Unfortunately, the documentary group did not have a budget, so it was carried out without a guarantee. It's the same now. It's just that there are good people around me, and since I have been working in this field for over 10 years, I had the opportunity to work on something, so I am personally satisfied with it. I'm going to do something new, I'm going forward, I don't think so.


Question: There is no compulsion to be new.


Answer: Rather, it is always my main job. As an actor, there is always a desire to come up with something new, something that I have never seen before. Rather, in other areas, the opposite seems to be the case.


Q: I think I heard that this aspect was the reason why you chose the role of Go Han Soo in the drama Pachinko.


Answer: When I am over thirty, I think that now I will deal with the "real". Otherwise, I cannot agree with you, so it becomes more and more difficult. The selection criteria for reading the script, the final video and the fact that I do what I do in it is difficult if it is not realistic now. So while I was in big trouble, I was offered an audition for Pachinko, and when I read the script I was convinced. If this works, I can really try it. I want to try it once. I auditioned like this, so it looks like everything went well again.


Q: I think there must have been some audition pressure for an actor the size of Minho.


Answer: Firstly, at that time I did not think about it. In the car, on the way to the audition, a thought suddenly occurred to me. “No, wait a minute. If I audition and lose, will there be rumors? "Director, I think you misunderstood this?" - I said. Laughs). When I saw the script, something happened in it. It was a difficult feeling. I thought it would be new to shoot Korea through the eyes of foreigners, and for filming the history of Korea with foreign capital at such a high cost, I thought, “Should I do this? “I felt so.


Q: Rather because the original novel is a work that attracted worldwide attention (Pachinko is a work that addresses the discrimination faced by Koreans living in Japan and their descendants who came to Japan during the Japanese colonial period. ) Could it be more burdensome?


Answer: By the way, as I said earlier in the video interview, there is something like “if you do, you do it.” Once connected, these things don't matter. Anyway, if I'm stuck, I have to do it, and if I do, I think I will try to match my eye level as much as possible There are things I think about later.


Q: I don't think you've played a lot of villains in the past. Although Heo Joon Jae was a con man in The Legend of the Blue Sea, he had the image of Robin Hood, and Jung Dae in Gangnam 1970 was an anti-hero, but he was a heart-warming character with a family reason behind his ambitions.


Answer: Yes. Since I've played characters in the "good" position for over 10 years, so it seems like now is the time to be more attracted to the roles in the evil position. Even when I look at the original work, I find the villains more attractive. If this is a significant villain, of course, I want to do it anytime. In fact, the people I work with have told me a lot about this. I think characters like villains and assassins will really suit you. I do not know why.


Q: When Jongdae was riding a motorcycle in a burgundy leather jacket and shouting, "Everything I run is my land!" There was an aspect that made me imagine if this character went crazy in this chaos.


Answer: Right. I don't think I've ever called Jongdae so crazy. At that time, Lee Min Ho expressed himself at the highest level even then, but there was a sense of responsibility not only. In fact, Lee Min Ho in his 20s lived with a great sense of responsibility, and I think he also had that responsibility in the film through Jongdae's character. Now, if I played Jongdae again, I think that from now on I would start acting completely crazy. If Lee Min Ho is now expressing himself, he seems to be able to absolve himself of responsibility and draw a bell heading towards evil.


Question: Actually, I wish I could read Pachinko. I heard that you shouldn't talk a lot about work in interviews. What about Go Han Soo's character? From the synopsis, it seems that this is a character who is on an indefinite line between good and evil.


Answer: Han Soo is a person who seems evil to everyone. Despite being a villain, he is still a villain who keeps an eye on him. Looking at the circumstances, I can understand why it had to be like this, but I think he is such a character that the word "bad guy" sounds natural.


Question: Did you accidentally put the questions together gracefully? So Minho from Pachinko is looking forward to it?

Answer: (Laughs).


Q: The interview about Lee Gong from the previous work, King: Eternal Monarch, was also impressive. You said, "If there is a picture of a prince on a white horse, let's go to the end."


Answer: In fact, before the drama Boys Over Flowers, I always played the role of a poor man. (Laughs.) In Boys over Flowers I played the role of a rich man for the first time, but I made this choice not because I wanted to achieve a certain image. It was just that I was desperate at the time and wanted a chance to star, so I auditioned and got through. I got this role by accident. When I was filming the Heirs, that image doubled again.


Questioner: At that time you were chasing an opportunity, and all these opportunities turned out to be vivid images.


Answer: Yes. To be honest, even for Boys Over Flowers I thought it was a really bad outfit for me. I actually didn't live very well, so I remember thinking about how to look like a chaebol, thinking about how to use chopsticks. But in any case, I got this image, and after living in this way for 10 years, I recognized it again. “Not everyone can have this image,” so I thought I could put an end to that image before it was too late and let it go. It was then that I met <King: Eternal Monarch>. Personally, I was thinking about finishing the role of "Prince on a White Horse" with this job.


Question: Graduated. There are no more such roles in Lee Min Ho's career.


Answer: I did it at 20, and I did it at 30. You can tell a fabulous love story at the age of 30-40, but the texture will be slightly different. There are stories that are more realistic and appropriate for this age group. Whether it's desperate love or love that heals each other's pain. There is no longer a story in which the protagonist appears and rescues the heroine whenever she gets into trouble. Even the main characters don't often face this kind of crisis when they get older (laughs), and women save men these days, so I think that even if we talk about love, things will be different.


* Full version of Lee Min Ho's photo and interview can be found in the September issue of Esquire.


Translation from korean google


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Not just K-pop: Korean TV shows gaining US popularity


The awareness of K-dramas outside Korea seems to be growing, said MacDonald. “The number of people that contacted me in the last year and a half to say, ‘Oh, I just discovered K-dramas, what do you recommend?’ It’s significant.”

Other streaming sites are also adding more Korean content to their offerings.


Apple TV+ has two Korean language projects in the works: one based on the animation series “Dr. Brain,” and an adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s novel “Pachinko” about four generations of a Korean immigrant family. That series will be available in Korean, Japanese and English.



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Lee Min Ho opens up about YouTube channel & playing an antagonist role



In the latest issue of 'Esquire' magazine, Lee Min Ho talked about plans for his YouTube channel 'leeminho film', which has reached over 700,000 subscribers since last October. He expressed, "While filming, there are moments where you know you've got to use this. When I go watch the final video, there are scenes that I miss. In order to prevent that from happening, I go in and watch everything through. Putting it in order helps the editor understand what I want. It's a better explanation than saying it over a hundred times. It's not like I'm stubborn about exactly what I want. I ask the editor to edit in their style, and later we mix the two edits."

On his videos, the actor shared, "In real life, there are two sides to everything. When I work, there are good things, but also uncomfortable things. There are happy moments, but also sad moments. I think I like the emotions of both sides. I try to live my life balancing in the middle."

As for his upcoming plans, Lee Min Ho said, "When I first started, there were four categories. I wanted to make something similar to a short film. For now, I'm not sure. I'm too lazy. I like the vibe of short films that emulate music videos from the 90s. There weren't many opportunities to partake in projects like that. I thought it'd be fun to make a short film about 10 minutes long in that kind of vibe. That's where I'm at."

On playing the first antagonist role, the actor shared on the upcoming drama 'Pachinko', "Now that I'm in my mid-thirties, I prefer what's real. If it's far from real, I don't agree with it, and it gets harder and harder. When I got the offer to audition for 'Pachinko' and reviewed the script, I was convinced that with this project, I could give it a go. That I wanted to give it a try. I think thanks to this conviction, the audition went well."

Take a look at Lee Min Ho's pictorial for 'Esquire' below.










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Lee Min Ho Talks About His YouTube Channel, Taking On Antagonist Roles, And More




Lee Min Ho also took time to talk about his upcoming drama “Pachinko,” based on the novel of the same title by Korean-American author Min Jin Lee. He has secured the role of Koh Hansu, who according to Lee Min Ho is “a villain by all means.”

On taking on his first antagonist role, the actor shared, “Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, I prefer what’s ‘real.’ If it’s far from real, I don’t agree with it and it gets harder and harder.” He added, “When I got the offer to audition for ‘Pachinko’ and reviewed the script, I was convinced that with this project, I could give it a go. That I wanted to give it a try. I think thanks to this conviction, the audition went well.” One other factor that convinced Lee Min Ho to pursue the project was that Korea’s take on history would be filmed through the eyes of foreigners.



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