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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] The Starry Love 星落凝成糖


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From the trailer bits and pieces we could probably guess that after everything, Yetan might sacrifice to seal up the Guixu again, while Shaodian Youqin and the immortals and void walkers will realise that they were wrong about all these prophecies at birth and disaster-causing fortune etc. Maybe if they follow like the idea that Ashes of love had, they might show that Ye tan and Qingkui are reborn somewhere with no memories of their past and now its Chaofeng and Youqin's turn to find them and reunite.

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so much bugs on this forum , take 10 minutes of refreshing and loading just to post a few video










I watched to ep36 , final 4 episodes to go


currently I rate it 8.6/10 .... it's been a long time since I rated anything above 8.5

I like these themes where the main character try to revenge all the way up , similar to 天醒之路 , 扶摇  , 楚乔传  , 剑王朝 , 与君初相识 , but i'm guessing it will not work out as recent years scriptwriter always make the main character U-turn away at the last moment


lead actress is good at crying


some sweet moments at around ep30+ but we know there is something dark looming over them and it happened

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Just started episode 35.


So the plan is to stand under the hot sun for three days. You sure your poor troops will have any energy left to fight?


Aggravating and threatening the two flower spirits deemed powerful enough to wipe out all four realms. Doesn't seem like a wise move to me. Just saying.

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completed this drama
I rate it 8.0/10 ... downgraded from 8.6 after watching the anti-climax last 4 episodes

ruined by the minor character trying to screw everybody up
repeated "flying through tunnel" CGI second and third time , cmon why don't anybody bring a physical shield
repeated flying black smoke CGI , at least in this drama the smoke didn't drill into their ears and mind control them


great promotion by youku youtube , lots of BTS , interview , song mv

best supporting actor/actress is the bird actress


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Most kind of that world-obliterating chaos to pause its destruction and let the female lead finish her speech.


The dad


outliving both his daughters was quite sad.


The world needs more people like Wudai. The talking-to he gave Chaofeng was the best.



21 hours ago, nitepolaris said:

wooo~~ finish the whole series and totally enjoyed it! Even though its a


happy ending

,  really do hope they could just extend 1 more episode to wrap it up properly though... 


I was surprised it ended just like that,


without the full resurrection of the sisters.



5 hours ago, 杨过是大哥哥 said:

cmon why don't anybody bring a physical shield


Hahah true.

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2023] The Starry Love 星落凝成糖

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