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  1. Tada~~ Huge thanks to everyone for the hard work! Translation team proudly presents The Three Lives Three Worlds Timeline Credit to: Tang Qi 唐七 Original Source: https://freewechat.com/a/MzU3MzA3NDk5Mg==/2247484201/1 Translators: @SC2019 @Ninky @Yori Ten @nitepolaris Original Chinese Version:
  2. I'm thinking along the way that maybe due to the coronavirus lots of roads are block, cities contained and people don't really go out in china thus on the ground promotion might have to move to online... I think I read somewhere that some artistes posted pics of them enjoying themselves in Weibo and was blasted by the netizen for being insensitive at this crucial time... so I guess... Tencent is promoting this show on the next biggest Chinese speaking market which is Taiwan... ohh so much feels for the teasers... gonna prep a box of tissue coming thur.
  3. Yes I totally agree... I've finished reading the English translation of the book and starting to read the Chinese version recently and I still found so much joy in it
  4. Just finished the raw till EP 48~ the sweet and fluffy vibes really makes one swoons. somehow I'm ok with miaoluo's interruption than Jiheng's. Though on random note, does anyone find Prince Qing looking quite cute or I'm the only weird one XD look at the lashes and how innocently he sleeps The different faces of Dijun... Credit: vengo_taiwan IG This scene totally crack me up
  5. Always a lurker here cos don’t have much to contribute. I’ll help with the translation in Weibo then... i lol-ed at zhihe convo hmmm~ am I missing anymore?? T_T
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