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  1. Ok, So i just watched the trailer for like the 10th time today and i have come to the following conclusions. 1. Logan lee is definitely in season 2 and most likely his character although listed as a supporting character is probably a much bigger role than last time. Cause now his revenge plot is not just about Seol-ah. It will include Su-ryeon and maybe even his dad (since Joo Dan-tae used him to get his dad to hand over evidence of what all they did to Seol-ah). I say his dad as well because from the last episode, most would have noticed that although he probably hates his parents f
  2. I actually somehow feel like Seok Hoon is quite aware of all his father's deeds, not just the ones against Seok Kyung, himself and SR. But what i don't get is if she is alive, who helped her? Cause YH was in no condition to help, the maid was bought over by money, Logan doesn't seem to know as according to the final minutes of the final episode he still thinks YH killed Seol Ah and SR. The reporter also doesn't seem like she knows as when she confronted YH, she asked how she could do such a thing to someone who considered her a friend. So who could have helped SR, unless JDT's bodyguard actua
  3. Ok. Hopefully in season 2 we will get to see more of Logan Lee. Cause if SR really is dead, he and the reporter are the most likely candidates to seek revenge for her death. But if she is not dead, even then as a dead person to the world, she will need logan and his money's help to get back her life or continue her revenge, now for both herself and for Seol Ah. Plus she needs to get seok hoon and seok kyung out of the penthouse while the 2 are still sane and alive!!
  4. i freaked for a second after watching the preview and I couldn't find the episode online yet where i'm from. So im left hanging. But this gave me some time to collect my thoughts and spin a theory of what is likely to have happened. So I believe its the maid and Joo Dan Tae who killed or at least tried to kill Su Ryeon. Im guessing that Yoon Hee maybe came in just in time to catch her at her last few breaths. But my theory is that Yoon Hee and Logan find her and Yoon Hee helps Logan get Su Ryeon to safety as she gives into her guilt of killing Seol Ah. So she tries to do right by Su Ryeon
  5. Ok. I know this is a little late. But i just started watch the series after having waited for all the episodes to come out and then getting distracted by another drama i had started in the mean time. But can someone tell me how old Wu Xie is supposed to be in Reunion? Cause im trying to figure out his age in each series just for fun.
  6. Not sure if anyone has already discussed this but I feel like Hye In is actually perhaps DT's biological niece. I find that the ease with which he calls her Joo Hye In is almost as if that is the only name he has every known her by and why would he bother calling her by his family name unless that is really her family name as well. Cause DT is a selfish RickRoll'D. If her name were any different he wouldn't let the world know of her existence in the first place since she is not his own daughter. But if she is his biological niece and his father supported Hye In and SR then that could explain w
  7. Not sure if anyone has talked about this already. But i noticed that in every situation that involves SA, JY seems to become more proactive than when he is with others. Like most of the time with HH and JK initially he never managed to say anything real about his feelings (now is a different case though, since now he seems to really be expressing himself more). Even with YI and his piano teacher and with JK grandmother he never really told them anything real about how he is feelings. But with SA, he is always proactive about things regarding her, whether its defending her from that very rude e
  8. I was gonna say the same thing. Perhaps at the end of the drama there might be a wedding scene for our OTP!!! I mean in the drama they are not young, Both are 29, so getting married might actually be a possibility!!! But this is just my dream. SA and JY wedding + JY playing piano for SA at the end... OR By a twist of fate, its JK and HH wedding and JY and SA play a music piece together to congratulate them!!!!
  9. @gracebkk I feel like JK might have really liked HH at first when they started dating, cause compared to JY who is very mellow and not expressive of his joy and stuff with her, HH was like a breath of fresh air with his carefree and playful and joyful character. But i guess as all of them drifted apart due to their respective careers, i think the charm that first attracted her to HH faded, while what remained with her was the Traumerei CDs that JY kept sending her for her birthday. And finally when she saw JY at his concert in New york i think her feelings of loneliness as well as jealousy ove
  10. Another person who came to mind was our very own intern no. 2 Kim Hae Na. If it really is her though, i feel like if JY finds out he is bound to give an earful cause he obviously knows that SA won't say anything and he also knows that HN knows what kind of person SA really is so he will probably unload on her for SA sake.
  11. You know the scene in the preview where in the cafeteria JY asks SA and her classmates if he can sit there? In an ideal setting of this drama this scene should happen after SA confronts JY about telling the professor they are not dating, like as his way of dissipating the rumors that SA is approaching him on purpose and make it rather that he is the one who goes to her of his free will. But knowing dramas and stuff its probably the other way around.
  12. Ok. I have a theory on how the story will progress. I think at some point, JY's not telling her anything about his hardships and telling others they are not dating, even if its to protect her from the bad rumors, SA is gonna ask to either breakup or just give each other space for some time until JY is really ready. During this time JY will realize just how important SA is to him, and maybe witness and get jealous of DY being close to SA, and that will make him confess his feelings and about his problems to her. Im predicting even a possible public acknowledgement to the students
  13. Not really, its more i think that JK returned to korea and joined the same school as JY after her mother died and became friends with JY over his playing of Traumerei. Probably at that time JK grandmother was introduced to JY and identified his talent so decided to sponsor and support him and gave the only piano in her house to him so he could practice piano at home, cause he didnt have one. But the piano was JK's mother's. So JY always feels bad that what started his successful pursuit of piano began with JK's misfortune of loosing her mother who seems to be her only support system in her fam
  14. Totally agree. I wish they would for so many of the dramas, especially the ones with the open ended concept. Pretty sure before censorship there was probably a proper and mostly satisfying ending for most. But then they went at it with their scissors of cliff-hangers just to annoy the viewers.
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