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  1. Same. I usually re-watch from the episodes after episode 9. For one I just don't want to see the scenes when they are fighting. Secondly the harassment scene from episode 9 is kinda upsetting to me especially because other than XK, no one knows that happened to QY and they never attempt to show the repercussions of such actions especially in this time period. But that's a personal opinion since many shows recently have been showing the repercussions of harassment, so I kinda expected a youth drama to be a little more empowering in that aspect
  2. Im sorry to ask this but can someone who has read the webtoon spoil Yeo Juda's shadow character. She seemed to smile in the latest episode during the stage scene when NJ supports her and rebukes Semi (not sure if that is how you spell her name). Anyway, i get that she somehow became aware, but can someone explain that scary smile of her's? Cause i have a feeling that she may have been long aware of everything and purposely using DH to avoid her difficult situations with the bullies and stuff.
  3. Just finished my finals. So i finally have time to go watch Jade dynasty. Im gonna grab the ticket for tomorrow's show. SOOO EXCITED!!! I can't wait.
  4. Anyone else notice that the Jiang family people all called WWX A-xian (although his birth name is WY) but Jiang Cheng was always called A-Cheng with his birth name rather than his adult name Jiang WanYin. If you think about it his so called adopted family seemed to put a small distance between themselves and WWX even from a young age by creating a nickname for him using his adult name rather than his birth name. Even after growing up, WWX calls JC as Jiang Cheng while JC keeps calling him WWX. And then there is LZ, who out right calls him by his birth name from the get go. He has only ever called WWX as WWX, and that was when he confronted him for the first time over switching to demonic cultivation. It goes to show that in WWX's life, even his adopted family kept him at an arm's distance while LZ was the only one to keep him by his side as all times. But maybe im overthinking it. Let me know what you guys think. And sorry if i confused you with all the switching between birth names and courtesy names.
  5. I agree with you. I think QY is not actually like your usual clueless female leads. In most dramas the female lead is portrayed as almost completely oblivious to male leads feelings, any other male character's feelings for her and even her own feelings towards the male lead. But I think as a whole GYH has portrayed a slightly different kind of romance. Both of aware of their attraction for the other character and mostly aware of the other character's attraction to them as well. Notice that when QY was running away after the first Miya and JXK confrontation backstage of her concert, she asked XK why he made her misunderstand that he liked her. This tells us that she is not clueless about his feelings. She is well aware of the way she feels about him as well, which is why she openly flirts back when he flirts with her. So I would say that she is quite in tuned to other's feelings (except maybe Pei Xi cause i mean no one knows what the guy is thinking about). I also think that from the conversation she overheard between the GDV president guy and LT kind of made her already suspect something about his feelings for her moving more towards the romantic side cause right after her resignation was handed in and LT offered to walk her out, she out right rejected the offer saying that XK was waiting for her downstairs. If she didn't suspect anything, she probably would have let LT walk her to where JXK was waiting. But the simple fact that she didn't even let him go that far makes me think she already had a hint about the matter. Anyway, today's analysis rant ends here....
  6. Hey, Does anyone know how JXK became so close to SZY? I mean i get that during college he was offered a chance to become a professional player and after college he joined a professional team, which i am guessing is not Legends but some other team. But that doesn't explain how he is so close to SZY and how SZY knows about Miya? Cause that is a secret XK didn't even mention to LYX?
  7. @themarchionessDo you understand chinese? Cause I noticed that the episodes after 25th august are not subbed in english?? Or is there a site where the episodes are subbed?
  8. @themarchioness I agree with your stance on LT and his love interest in QY, although i think its more along the lines of puppy-love than just infatuation. I had a thought that perhaps it was their mentor-student relationship that actually led to this puppy-love. My thought was that LT had begun to accept QY as his disciple and always supported her when people in GDV tried to target and harm her because he knew that she was very hard-working and had what it takes to become a very professional commentator, maybe even his successor (Just a thought ) . But he also constantly witnessed the pain and physical harm she went through as a result of her relationship with JXK. He watched as everyone tried to abuse her sincerity, kindness and hardworking nature. I think that frustrated him as a mentor that his disciple was going through all this and it grew into a kind of protectiveness over her. After all she is his very first disciple. I think from there it developed into a kind of puppy love when he probably felt that if he were JXK he would treat her much better and stuff like that. Anyway this is just my opinion! I began re-watching GYH for the 7th time yesterday and am now paying attention to all the tiny details i missed from the previous 6 times
  9. Is there an English version of the book somewhere online? I really want to read it!
  10. Does anyone know why WWX's Suibian sword is the only sword that seems to be able to seal itself up and only release when pulled on by WWX or JC who has WWX's gloden core? I checked and noticed that no one else's sword seal's itself. Not XXC after he died, cause XY used the sword, not Baxia, after NMJ's death and not anyone else?
  11. BTW does anyone know anything about JXK family background? From my understanding of what Miya said about their past, they were poor and JXK worked odd jobs to pay for everything she had back then. Does that mean they were orphans and had no family or that only Miya had no family so JXK always took care of her?
  12. I just realized after watching the whole drama for the fifth time, QY is the only person JXK almost always tells the truth to about his feelings and stuff. He can't seem to hide it from her, be it when he got no offers from other teams after leaving Legends or during their training time at phoenix. But the same can't be said for when he was with MY. If you check the flashbacks he even lied to her that her Taylor guitar was not as expensive as she though, even though he asked the owner if he could work for him and pay in installment (meaning it was still super expensive even though it was second hand). I kind of feel like JXK always treats MY like a delicate doll that needs to be taken very excessive care of and he needs to be super careful around her. But with QY he seems so comfortable, to the extent of always speaking his mind to her and flirting with her with so much ease. It goes to show that without realizing he always treated QY as an equal and his soulmate. . . . . . But this could all be me over analyzing as a result of Wang Yibo withdrawal from finishing Gank Your Heart and The Untamed.
  13. I feel like this is the first chinese youth drama that I have watched where the male and female leads flirt so obviously. Its refreshing compared to the usual almost flirt but then hid their emotions until some super big incident. Also, I managed to download all the episodes and have binge watched the whole series almost 5 times in a row already. I can't stop and the minute i finish the last episode, I start re-watching from episode 1. I can't stop
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