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[Drama 2020] Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon, 유별나! 문셰프


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200212 Shinhwa’s Eric Official Updates:

What a delicious food~ The smell of delicious coffee~
I’ll do my best with filming

#ERIC #SHINHWA #ChannelA #Romance #UniqueChefMoon

Note: the coffee truck & lunch support was by EricSHCJ Taiwan











Sources: Official Eric (1, 2)



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Watch: Go Won Hee And Shinhwa’s Eric Bicker Over Food In Fun New Teaser For Upcoming Rom-Com

Feb 14, 2020
by J. Lim



Upcoming Channel A drama “Eccentric! Chef Moon” has released a fun new teaser!

The romantic comedy will tell the story of Yoo Yoo Jin (Go Won Hee), a reckless world-famous fashion designer who suffers from memory loss but experiences love, growth, and success after meeting star chef Moon Seung Mo (played by Eric).

The teaser is atmospheric, with Moon Seung Mo preparing a dish with meticulous care. He says, “Food is a war. In the battle where ingredients become bullets, you must be colder than anyone.” The moment turns comedic however when he finds the ice water he dunked his hands into too cold for his liking.

Things return to being serious as he says, “You have to be more exact than anyone.” Yoo Yoo Jin looks expectant as Moon Seung Mo says, “Food is a war. A soundless war dedicated to the person you love,” shedding a tear. However, he pushes her away from the food and says, “Tasty romance that you don’t want to share,” stuffing his face with the food he just made and teasing the fun romantic comedy the show will be.





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200213 Coffee Truck Support by China & Canada Fans for Shinhwa’s Eric at #UniqueChefMoon Filming Site in Yeoncheon:







Text on Top Banner:

It’s on Eric today!
Left corner: Handsome MAX
Right corner: Have some drink everyone






Text on Side Banner:

It’s on Moon Chef!Take the cookies~
















Channel A Featured it on Their Insta Stories



Fanarts by bambyeol_moon

Source: kky86912, Phi_216 (1, 2)

Via: EricMun.tumblr





I'm sorry for the flood of Eric's posts but there are so many just recently because of the fan supports....



200213 Shinhwa’s Eric #aguTV Stories Surprise Update from Yeoncheon Filming Set


Source: aguTV




200213 Shinhwa’s Eric Official Updates

Moon Chef took a cookie and had a drink
I’ll do my best to film today for your support

#ERIC #SHINHWA #ChannelA #HealingRomance #UniqueChefMoon








Source: Official Eric (1, 2)




200214 Channel A Update - On set of Unique Chef Moon’s

#The hard work from the staffs
<Unique! Moon Chef> Emotional Explosion

Healing just by looking only :heart:
A preview of the full warmth of Seoha Village Set!

Channel A mini series <Unique! Chef Moon>
Friday, March 6, 2020 10:50pm first broadcast











Source: Channel A
Translation: EricMun.tumblr



When Ric bunny turns reporter:lol:


200214 Shinhwa’s Eric Official Updates:

The rabbit has something to say
(bunny emoji): Happy Valentine's Day

#ERIC #SHINHWA #Valentine’s Day








Source: Official Eric (1, 2)


Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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Go Won Hee with the little Go Do Yeon






19 hours ago, larus said:




Thanks for sharing.  I love the new poster.  It's like a real family  :lol:


200218 “Unique! Chef Moon” New Smiles-Filled Poster Revealed With Shinhwa’s Eric, Go Won Hee & Go Do Yeon



Channel A's new Friday-Tuesday drama 'Unique! Chef Moon' (script by Jung Yoo-ri, directed by Choi Do-hoon and Jeong Heon-soo) released a new three-cast member poster with Eric, Go Won-hee and Go Do-yeon on February 18th.


The new poster not only shows Eric and Go Won-hee but also Go Do-yeon (as Sul-ah) who will show great chemistry with the two leads. They are showing bright smiles and happy expression against the backdrop of a tranquil countryside house, conveying a warmth ambience.


It manifests the healing sensibility to prospective viewers by bringing out the feeling of a happy and cheerful family's daily life.


"Unique! Chef Moon" will premiere on Channel A on March 6th at 10:50pm (KST)


Source: News1
Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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200219 Shinhwa’s Eric Official Update:

Moon Seung-mo’s Doenjang-jjigae stew (soybeans paste stew), a waste of money to give to others :tounge_xd:
Moon Seung-mo's perfect side profile is a bonus :star:


Freeloading comedy! “Unique! Chef Moon"
Premieres on Friday, March 6th at 10:50 p.m.!


#ERIC #SHINHWA #Channel A #Romance #UniqueChefMoon





Source: Official Eric (1, 2)
Translation: eric_munleader for



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They were back filming in Danyang for the last few days after spending much of January and February at the film set in Yeoncheon


200223 Unique! Chef Moon - Choi Kwang-je’s Update with Shinhwa’s Eric, Go Won Hee and Go Do-yeon

Today too…


Take care of your healt
h, everyone #Fighting




Source: 88rhkd
Translation: EricMun.tumblr



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200226 “Unique! Chef Moon” Go Do-yeon IG Update with Daddy Seung-mo (Shinhwa’s Eric)

Daily grams
Child actor Go Do-yeon
The photo was taken from previous filming day
The photo that Uncle Dahun took and sent to me :heart:
Dad Seung-mo (Eric)
Pretty :heart::heart:
Personally, pretty photo :heart::heart:
Do-yeon, what are you thinking about?



Source: lee_6038
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr





"Unique! Chef Moon" - Character Teasers


Eric looks quite cool with that short knife dance there :wub::wub:












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Actor Ahn Nae-Sang transforms in 'Im Chul-yong', the embodiment of power desire, regardless of means and methods.

In the released photographs,he  is equipped with a bitter eye that looks like a penetrating opponent, and it is already giving out a unique force to catch the attention. The expression and posture alone make me feel like I'm one body with the ambitious and cold-blooded 'Im Chul-yong'. I'm looking forward to the acting performance in the guide through 'Moon Chef.'






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It's so weird Channel A deleted all of Unique Chef Moon's videos on their Youtube channel, on Naver and the drama homepage as well, except for the latest one.  :(  What is going on???


Edit: turn out they privated those video because they have the old premiere date in the captions.  They just reup the new vids now :)


So latest news is like other programs that are affected by the COVID-19 situation, Unique!  Chef Moon's premiere is postponed 3 weeks later from March 6th to the 27th. It's unfortunate but safety for the cast and crew is the number one priority.  I'm sad but glad they took the precautionary.






ASTRO's main vocalist, MJ, is participating in the OST for Unique! Chef Moon








It doesn't make news yet but Acoustic Collabo also participates for Chef Moon's OST according to this post!

I'm looking forward to this one as they did 2 nice songs for Eric's Discovery of Love before



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10 hours ago, Phi said:

So latest news is like other programs that are affected by the COVID-19 situation, Unique!  Chef Moon's premiere is postponed 3 weeks later from March 6th to the 27th.

 Thanks. I saw somewhere that this drama will premiere on March 27 but I was not sure if it is correct.

Yeah, it is better to be cautious.

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Watch: Go Won Hee Goes From Intense Designer To Total Space Case After Losing Her Memory In “Eccentric! Chef Moon” Teaser

Mar 1, 2020
by S. Park

A new teaser has arrived for Channel A’s upcoming drama “Eccentric! Chef Moon”!

The upcoming romantic comedy will tell the story of reckless, world-famous designer Yoo Yoo Jin who suffers from memory loss (played by Go Won Hee). After meeting star chef Moon Seung Mo (played by Shinhwa’s Eric), she slowly begins to experience love, growth, and success.

In the newly released teaser, Go Won Hee gives viewers a glimpse of her character before her memory loss. The fashion designer sits in a dark room and sketches at her desk while commenting, “A hard worker can’t beat a happy worker, and a happy worker can’t beat a crazy worker.” With a smile, she draws, cuts, and sews her way into the night. She concludes, “An artist needs to be crazy.”

Yoo Yoo Jin then undergoes a complete transformation, and the preview cuts to the character sitting in the living room of a countryside house. She watches TV in comfortable clothing and munches on a baked sweet potato. Moon Seung Mo comments, “She really is crazy,” and Yoo Yoo Jin replies, “I can hear everything you’re saying.”



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200302 Shinhwa’s Eric, Go Won-hee, Go Do-yeon Are Coming With a Romantic Comedy That Will Bring Laughter and Healing This Spring



There comes a new family that makes you look forward to the “sweet” chemistry of laughter and healing.


Channel A’s new Friday-Tuesday drama, “Unique! Chef Moon” (also known as “Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon” or “Eccentric! Chef Moon”) has released a new photo-set showing the eccentric trio Moon Seung-mo (played by Eric), Yoo Bella (played by Go Won-hee), and Kim Sul-ah (played by Go Do-yeon).


‘Unique! Chef Moon Chef’ is a heartwarming romantic comedy of a world-renowned fashion designer Yoo Bella who looses her memory due to an unexpected accident and her experiences of love, growth, and success after meeting star chef Moon Seung-mon at Seoha Village.


The released photo stills revealed an unusual chemistry of Eric, Go Won-hee and Go Do-yeon. Yoo Bella, who got there due to an unexpected accident; Kim Seol-ah, who claimed Moon Seung-mo is her father; and the tsundere Moon Seung-mo, who was put in charge of caring for these two.


The show will premiere on March 27th every Friday and Saturday at 10:50pm on Channel A


Source: Herald
Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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Shinhwa’s Eric, Go Won Hee, And Go Do Yeon Tease Interesting Dynamics To Come In “Eccentric! Chef Moon”

Mar 2, 2020
by J. Lim

Upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Eccentric! Chef Moon” has released new stills showing an interesting dynamic between Moon Seung Jo (Shinhwa’s Eric), Yoo Bella (Go Won Hee), and Kim Seol Ah (Go Do Yeon)!

“Eccentric! Chef Moon” will be a healing romantic comedy that centers around globally-renowned fashion designer Yoo Bella, who loses her memory due to an accident and begins to live a carefree life in the town of Seoha. There, she meets star chef Moon Seung Jo and learns about growth, love, and success.

The new stills give a glimpse into the dynamics that Moon Seung Jo, Yoo Bella, and Kim Seol Ah will have in the drama. Yoo Bella has become a carefree troublemaker due to an unexpected accident, Kim Seol Ah appears one day and claims that Moon Seung Jo is her father, and Moon Seung Jo is sitting at the center of their attention.





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Shinhwa’s Eric + Go Won Hee Go Straight From Their 1st Meeting To Living Together In “Eccentric! Chef Moon”

Mar 5, 2020
by E. Cha

Channel A’s upcoming drama “Eccentric! Chef Moon” has shared a new glimpse of the chemistry between its two leads!

“Eccentric! Chef Moon” is a heartwarming romantic comedy that will follow the unusual love story of Yoo Bella, a world-famous fashion designer who has lost her memories (played by Go Won Hee), and star chef Moon Seung Mo (played by Shinhwa’s Eric).

Although Yoo Bella was once a highly-driven and successful designer, an unexpected accident causes her to transform into an accident-prone klutz who is unable to remember her past. After she moves to the countryside, she meets chef Moon Seung Mo and embarks on an unexpected journey of growth, love, and development.

Intriguingly, Yoo Bella and Moon Seung Mo wind up moving in together immediately after their first meeting—piquing viewers’ curiosity as to how the couple first met and what leads them to end up living under the same roof.

On March 4, the upcoming drama released several new stills of its two leads looking adorably domestic at home. In one photo, the couple exudes a relaxed chemistry as they share a conversation over tea; in another, Yoo Bella closely watches Moon Seung Mo as he shows off his cooking skills in the kitchen.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1386595wpp/shinhwas-eric-go-won-hee-go-straight-from-their-1st-meeting-to-living-together-in-eccentric-chef-moon



Rom-com Unique! Chef Moon releases still cuts of Eric and Go Won-hee

by tineybeanie


New still cuts of Channel A drama, Unique! Chef Moon, feature headliners Eric (Oh Hae-young Again) and Go Won-hee (Perfume) as two people at the center of an unexpected romance.

In a small village with clear night skies, an accident-prone world-renowned fashion designer (played by Go Won-hee) takes a tumble and loses all memory of her past life. After a fateful first meeting in the countryside with Eric, a rising star chef who runs a pop-up Korean restaurant, Go ends up living in his home after their meet cute. As our amnesiac fashionista and successful chef live together, they mature in love and success while healing each other of past scars along the way.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/03/rom-com-unique-chef-moon-releases-still-cuts-of-eric-and-go-won-hee/

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