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[Drama 2020] Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon, 유별나! 문셰프


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Channel A

Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon


Network: Channel A

Genre: healing romance, comedy

Episodes: 16

Director: Choi Do-Hoon

Writer: Kim Kyung-Soo, Jung Yoo-Ri

Release Date: March 27th - May 16th, 2020

Runtime: Fri & Sat @ 23:00 KST

Production Company:


OST: part 1유주Yuju- Back and Forth

part 2 Aancod (안코드) - Getting good

part 3 MJ (ASTRO)- Spring Day (Love)

part 4  Colde- Love in That Place

part 5 The Ade - Flutter

part 6 Damons Year - 남겨진 기억 (Remaining Memories)

Part 7 Lee In -Just Like that


Official site:http://www.ichannela.com/program/template/video_detailPage.do?publishId=000000189071&subCateCode=050218




Moon Seung-Mo (Eric) is a popular chef. Due to the sudden deaths of his parents by fire, he moves to Seoha Village. His peaceful daily life suddenly changes there with the sudden appearance of Yoo Yoo-Jin (Go Won Hee).

Meanwhile, Yoo Yoo-Jin is a world famous fashion designer. She works under the name of Yoo Bella. One day, she has a car accident. The car accident causes her to lose her memory completely and she ends up in Seoha Village. She acts very eccentric there and becomes a troublemaker. Due to her behavior, she picks up the nickname “Yoobyeolna” ("What an eccentric"). (Asianwiki)



Eric Mun as Moon Seung Mo

Go Won Hee as Yoon Yoo Jin

Cha Jung Won as Im Hyun Ah

Jang Jae Ho as Kang Joon-Soo

Ahn Nae-Sang as Im Cheol-Yong

Gil Hae-Yeon as Jang Sun-Young

Choi Kwang-Je as Bang Da-Hoon

Joo Jong Hyuk as Choi Gun-Woo

Lee Seung Yeon as Han Mi-Young

Cha Chung-Hwa as  Pi Gon-Sook

Song Young Jae as Grandpa Bong-Doo

Ko Do-Yeon as Seol-A

Kim Jung- Hwa as Yoo Hyo-Myung (cameo)



Character descriptions

Kim Seung Mo is a chef who cooks only with organic ingredients while the present culinary world is filled with food made with problematic ingredients.

Yoon Yoo Jin lives life her own way, bold and brash,





















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Shinhwa’s Eric In Talks To Make Drama Comeback After 4 Years

Oct 4, 2019



Shinhwa’s Eric is reviewing an offer to make a small-screen comeback!

On October 4, news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that Eric is confirmed for an upcoming drama called “Vacation in My Own Way” (literal title). It is a romance drama that tells the story of Yoon Yoo Jin, a woman who does everything in her own way, and Kim Seung Mo, a man whose entire life is a vacation.

The report stated that Eric is confirmed for the role of Kim Seung Mo, a chef who cooks only with organic ingredients while the present culinary world is filled with food made with problematic ingredients.

In response, a representative of Eric’s agency T.O.P Media revealed that Eric is positively reviewing an offer for the drama, but nothing has been confirmed. If Eric accepts the offer, it will be his first drama in four years since tvN’s “Another Oh Hae Young” in 2016.








Go Won Hee In Talks For New Drama Along With Shinhwa’s Eric

Oct 29, 2019




Go Won Hee may be uniting with Shinhwa’s Eric for a new drama!

On October 29, news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that Eric and Go Won Hee will be starring as the leads in Channel A’s upcoming drama “Vacation in My Own Way” (literal title). The drama tells the story of Yoon Yoo Jin, a woman who does everything in her own way, and Kim Seung Mo, a man whose entire life is a vacation.

It was recently announced that Eric is in talks for the role of Kim Seung Mo, a chef who cooks only with organic ingredients while the present culinary world is filled with food made with problematic ingredients.

According to the new report, Go Won Hee received an offer to play Yoon Yoo Jin, a world-renowned fashion designer who goes by the name Bella. She has become an icon of fashion as she did many collaborations with global fashion brands. She returns to Korea after hearing that a garden, which holds special memories of her grandfather, is being demolished.








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Shinhwa’s Eric And Go Won Hee Confirmed For Upcoming Rom-Com

Nov 5, 2019
by M. Dang



Shinhwa’s Eric and Go Won Hee have been confirmed to be leading a new drama!

On November 5, media outlet News1 reported that the two actors will be starring in Channel A’s upcoming drama, “Vacation in My Own Way” (literal title). The drama will be a healing romantic comedy that follows the love and growth of a reckless world-famous fashion designer named Yoo Yoo Jin, who has lost her memories, and star chef Moon Seung Mo after they meet in Seo Ha Village.

Eric will take on the role of star chef Moon Seung Mo, who runs a pop-up Korean cuisine restaurant. After losing his parents in a sudden fire, he moves to Seo Ha Village, where he meets Yoo Yoo Jin. He will show chemistry with Yoo Yoo Jin, who abruptly enters his life and disturbs his peace, as they bicker continuously. The project is Eric’s first drama in four years, and viewers are already anticipating what charms he will bring to the screen.

Go Won Hee plays world-renowned fashion designer Yoo Yoo Jin, who is active under the name Yoo Bella. Formerly an edgy and chic designer, Yoo Yoo Jin turned into an extremely quirky and clumsy person after a car accident, earning herself the nickname Yoo Byul Na (meaning “eccentric” in Korean). Viewers are looking forward to seeing how Go Won Hee will bring the role to life after previously displaying her fresh and unique acting in dramas such as KBS’s “Perfume” and JTBC’s “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.”





November 5 2019

Eric & Go Won-Hee cast in Channel A drama series “Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon”


Eric and Go Won-Hee are cast in new Channel A drama series “Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon.” The romantic-comedy drama series is set in the rural town of Seoha Village. Eric will play popular Chef Moon. He moves to Seoha Village after his parents die in a fire. Go Won-Hee will play fashion designer Yoo Yoo-Jin. A car accident causes her to lose her memory and she ends up in Seoha Village.

“Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon” first airs March, 2020 in South Korea.









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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon, 유별나! 문셰프 - Eric & Go Won Hee - Premieres in March 2020
3 hours ago, jongski said:

I've been wanting to see the lead actor after watching him in Oh Hae Young/ Another Miss Oh. I laugh much watching that. I'm not fond of rom-com but when writing, story, and acting is good. I watch.


I am familiar with both the leads. I saw Eric in Spy MyeongWol and Discovery of Love and Go Won Hee in Parfume. I am not too fond of rom com as well but sometime I need to watch a light drama. I like to laugh but the writing has to be good. There are romantic comedies that have a good writing so I am watching those dramas without effort.


I have a question. Are dramas from Channel A translated? That`s my worry.

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@larus Thanks for making the thread!!  I shall contribute. :)


I used to watch a lot of k-dramas but I haven't for the last few years... I haven't watched anything with Go Won Hee but she's been getting lot of praises... I look forward to this one.   I really hope this drama gets subbed.  Like you, I'm not sure if people sub Channel A dramas...


191116 "Unique! Chef Moon" Official Scrip Reading



Source: youlin825



From Go Wonhee's IG






191116 "Unique! Chef Moon" Official Scrip Reading



Source: origi72



Eric with the cute little actress :)



Source: lee_6038




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I wonder if she plays sister to Eric's character (the Eric-nim to oppa one lol)


191117 Shinhwa’s Eric with a Cast Member at “Unique! Chef Moon” Scrip Reading

So kind Moon Jung Hyuk oppa~
He has such a nice personality
Even the selfie manner :thumbsup:(t/n: meaning he put his face closer to the camera so her face looks smaller. You know Koreans love small face )
(I can’t believe he’s going from Eric-nim to oppa :lol:)

The photo is posted today but it was from yesterday script reading




Source: youlin825
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr




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Jang Jae Ho is joining "Unique! Chef Moon" cast






They are filming today. I see the little girl who wore the same yellow tracksuit at script reading.

This blue rooftop house reminds me of 3 Meals A Day's house... :)






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Looks like they have been filming a lot in Danyang since the filming began.



191126 From Eric's Stylist's IG Story


This was at filming set in Danyang.  They were were goofing around lol













 Source: kky86912 + Translation by EricMun.tumblr


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Choi Kwang-je is cast for "Unique! Chef Moon".  He'll play Eric's best friend.





191206 Shinhwa’s Eric Spotted at “Unique! Chef Moon” Filming Site

Met Eric-nim in person ♡
#Unique! Chef Mun #Filming site #Hang in there_we’ll win
#Eric-nim #Physical #Perfect #So handsome
#oh, poor photo quality……ㅠㅠ

t/n: from the comments, that was at Jeokseong-myeon Gamgol village in Dayang-gun







Source: jung_dah_eun
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr




I said it before, I feel Chef Moon character will be the country pumpkin kind based on the plot and character descriptions. From a healing drama to he likes organic ingredients, hates MSG and the drama is also sponsored by Danyang to promo their local products & tourism... Go Won Hee plays a high fashion designer, Chef Moon must be the country pumpkin kind for the character contrast eh?  If you expect a cool sassy Chef Moon llike Jamie Oliver of The Naked Chef, u might be in for “disappointment” XD :tounge_xd:


From the above pics... looks like we're really having our country chef huh? Partly the poor quality of the pic and partly how he looks hella young there, I couldn't recognize him at first lol








^^ Just want to add, those 2 photos are not from the current drama.  They're old photos from 3 Meals A Days and Invincible Youth



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191211 Choi Kwang-Je: “I’m Happy to Work With Shinhwa’s Eric In A New Drama. I’m Grateful He Takes Good Care of Me”


Actor Choi Kwang-je expressed his gratitude to Eric.


Choi Kwang-Je confirmed his appearance for Channel A miniseries ‘Unique! Chef Moon’ as Bang Da-hoon, a painter and a close friend of Moon Seung-mo (Eric). He will play a generous person who fully embraces Moon Seung-mo, who was devastated because of his parents’ sudden death in a fire.


In a recent interview with Herald POP at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Choi Kwang-je expressed his feelings about working with Eric.


Choi Kwang-je said, “I wanted to be in the series because of Eric. In the drama, my character is really close to Eric’s character and I am really close with him during filming. We are having so much fun.”

He added, “I think I meet a really good brother after ‘Pegasus Market’ drama. I’m feeling confident because Eric is taking good care of me.”


Choi also said, “I remember one day Eric asked me to take a selfie with him. Eric said he enjoyed watching ‘Pegasus Market’ with his wife (Na Hye-mi) and she wanted to see me (Kwang-je). So I happily took a selfie.


Unique! Chef Moon’ is a healing romantic comedy drama about star chef Moon Seung Mo (Eric) and a world-famous fashion designer Yoo Bella (Go Won Hee). Yoo Bella lost her memory in a car accident and moved to Seoha Village. She was known as the troublemaker at the village. There, she met star Chef Moon Seung-mo who went back to Seoha Village after the sudden death of his parents. Yoo Bella’s appearance abruptly disturbed Moon Seung-mo’s peaceful daily life. The drama is scheduled to air in March.


Source: Herald POP
Translation: EricMun.tumblr




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 191215 Shinhwa’s Eric Spotted Filming #UniqueChefMoon

You shine brightly when you do what you are good at
#Drama #Eric #MunChef #Actress KwonKiSun

Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr





191225 Goo Won Hee's Management Update


I think the photos were taken during the drama filming in Danyang







191228 Shinhwa’s Eric and Go Won Hee Spotted Filming in Danyang


A poster didn’t post a pic but he/she shared this comment:

They were filming something
#Eric #so handsome #Celebrity is celebrity :thumbsup:
#milky white #Small face #what a handsome
#Shinhwa #Eric #Mun Jung Hyuk
Filming at Danyang market

Source: kimmiae712



















Source: bongbong_72, replay1234anaver.com_, skyday1
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr




Go Won Hee looks so tall in some of the pic.  Funny how the camera angle plays tricks :)

I wonder if Designer Yoo Bella is protesting something or she is promoting for Chef Moon's restau :lol:






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1911229 Shinhwa’s Eric Spotted on Choi Kwang-je’s IG update: Last Filming of 2019

… Last filming of the year…

2019, the last shot
#Chef Mun Seung-Mo (#Eric)
#Painter Bang Da-Hoon (#Choi Kwang-Je)

Thank you all for your hard work in 2019
#Unique Chef Moon #bromance #sincerely




Source: 88rhkd
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr

t/n: Choi Kwang-Je plays Eric’s best friend in “Unique! Chef Moon” drama





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Another photo of Eric & Go Won Hee (behind the picket lol) when they were filming at Danyang market on Dec.28th




Source: zaawoo + via EricMun.tumblr





200113 [HD] Unique! Chef Moon’s First Script Reading with Shinhwa’s Eric & Go Won Hee


The first script reading took place on November 16th, 2019


They look so cute!!!!!!! :)













Source: Topstar News + Via EricMun.tumblr




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Synopsis & Character Relationship Chart


I like the plot. It sound like a lot of ruckus will happen with Yoo Bella's appearance at the village

And then there's a 7-year-old girl.  It's nice seeing Eric playing dad for the 1st times :)


I'm really curious of the relationship chart... Any one can help?






Unique! Chef Moon (2020)

Starring: Shinhwa’s Eric Mun, Go Won Hee

Star-chef Moon Seung-mo (Eric), who was on his way up as the blue chip of the culinary industry with his own Korean cuisine, suddenly moved to the countryside.  Following the wish of his late parents, who died from a fire, he opened a restaurant in Seoha Village in Chungchong-namdo.  He was very ambitious at first but it was far too rural.  Life in Seoha is so quiet. However an incident occurred and broke up the peace.  A lady, named Yoojin (Go Won-hee), was found with her fur coat on the mountain.


Everyone was surprised by the stranger’s appearance but accepted her to the community. Seung-mo, who is living alone, is put to be in charge of her care. He nags her to leave soon and tries to send her back quickly.  But this woman doesn’t remember anything, her name, age, address, nothing. And so, Seungmo starts an obligatory life with her.  She is very annoying, never appreciative for anything even though she is a house guest.  She doesn’t even look at the food he makes, just eats the junky food.  


His stress level is about to reach the roof, but another house guest appears.  This time, it’s a 7-year-old girl (Go Doyeon) who claims he is her father.  “Me, the father?” he’s stunned and doesn’t know what to do.  His life with them has already begun.  Seungmo, Yoojin and Seungmo’s daughter, could Seoha form a happy family?


Source: tpnsad @ blog naver
Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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Shinhwa’s Eric Is In Perfect Sync With His New Role As Star Chef In Upcoming Rom-Com

Jan 20, 2020
by L. Kim



Shinhwa’s Eric is returning to the small screen as star chef Moon Seung Mo in Channel A’s upcoming drama “Yoo Byul Na! Chef Moon” (literal title).

The drama is romantic comedy that follows the growth and romance of a reckless world-famous fashion designer named Yoo Yoo Jin (Go Won Hee), who has lost her memories, and star chef Moon Seung Mo (Eric).

Moon Seung Mo is the only son of the famous Korean gukbap (rice with soup) restaurant Poong Sung Ok and a star chef who promotes Korean food to the world. Although his words and actions are harsh and firm, he has a warm heart.

On January 20, Channel A dropped the first stills of Eric as Moon Seung Mo. His character is focused on cooking with a serious look on his face. Eric has previously showcased his real cooking skills on tvN’s variety show “Three Meals a Day.”





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