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[Drama 2021] Sisyphus: The Myth, 시지프스: the myth

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The past cannot be changed.

Therefore, no matter how much you cry, it may be irreparable.

If you're regretful and irresistible, remember a little happiness, like her BTS giant banner.

It may be a faint light that illuminates life.





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JTBC Drama Sisyphus: The Myth Network: JTBC Genre: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi Episodes: 16 Airdate: February 17th, 2021 - Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:00 KST Write

Whoa...we’re 2 eps in and we’re already solving it all.   Go us!  

@nrllee @bedifferent @Sleepy Owl   http://m.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=228384   Found this while browsing twitter. Read it with Google translate. At the last the producti

[IF Jepty] If it's me, Junhyuk X Taesul X Junghyun
What if we go fishing together?!  (Take Jepti too~!)


google translate



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Park Shin Hye Net Worth 2021: How Much is 'Sisyphus: The Myth' Star Making?


Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye Net Worth
BY Annie Dee Apr 18, 2021 09:47 AM EDT
Park Shin Hye was born in Gwangju, South Korea in February 1990 and at the tender age of 16, her big break came. (Photo : Park Shin Hye Official Instagram Account)


If you are a true-blue kdrama addict, then you would have come by Park Shin Hye's work. The actress, whose latest projects include the Netflix sci-fi thriller "Sisyphus: The Myth," the zombie-thriller "Alive," and the mind-boggling horror movie, "The Call," certainly made binging on Netflix interesting. 


All these projects in just a span of one year and she has been acting since 2006. Do you wonder how much she's worth? 



Park Shin Hye Net Worth 2021: 'Sisyphus: The Myth' Star Made How Much?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Park Shin Hye is now valued at around $8 million. Being one of the most known actresses in South Korea, this figure is not surprising, and is designed certainly to go up further.


She is making USD17,000 per episode on average for her shows.


She does not only act, but she sings too. She's been in the industry for a total of 17 years now, and the whole journey has proven fruitful.


Park Shin Hye was born in Gwangju, South Korea in February 1990 and at the tender age of 16, her big break came. Her acting debut came in 2006 but it was in 2009 when she truly became a household name.


In 2009 she starred as Go Mi-nyu on the television series "You Are Beautiful." and everyone noticed her acting prowess.


She then starred as Lee Gyu-won on the TV series "You've Fallen for Me" in 2011 and the year proved really busy for her, because before the year ended, she also took on the role of Xiao-Zhi on the series "Hayate the Combat Butler."


The pandemic hits and her acting career remained soaring.

Park Shin Hye in Sisyphus Garnered Pandemic Love


Right in the middle of a pandemic, people stayed home and enjoyed greatly what Park Shin Hye offered them in "Sisyphus: The Myth." Many said she is perfect for her role, looking legitimately someone who can kick RickRoll'D and time travel.


The actress has taken on so many roles throughout her career, and yet she never has played a character so audacious as Gang Seo-hae in this most recent show. She proved she can.


Apart from this drama, one of her latest projects was the movie shown on Netflix.   




full article: dlvr.it/RxwThR

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Sisyphus The Myth #13 #Netflix Tue,Ap 20


Top10 18,Eur. countries from Ap15
#2 HK,Taiwan
#4 Greece,Morocco,Philippines,Romania,Sweden,Turkey,Vietnam 
#5 Finland,Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand
#6 SK
#7 Cyprus
#8 Israel
#9 Slovakia(N)
#10 Norway





via @1marisone



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Fan: (when filming Sisyphus) Was there any injuries during the action?

Shin Hye: Yes. Thank you very much. Of course light bruises and bruises?
I rubbed it a little, and there was something like that, but I had never been seriously injured.
In order not to get hurt, I practiced with the martial arts team a lot and filmed in a more tense state.







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K-Dramas You Need To Watch: 


If you're looking for the next Korean drama to watch, you have come to the right place. Read through the article to get to know this week's hottest K-drama that you should watch!

Are you ready? Here are the hottest K-dramas according to Good Data Corporation:





https://hwangzo.tistory.com/129   E15-16 https://hwangzo.tistory.com/131 


#2 "Sisyphus: The Myth" (JTBC)


Park Shin Hye's time travel drama aired its final episode on April 8th. "Sisyphus: The Myth" recorded 4.363% ratings nationwide and 4.878% in Seoul. Although the drama has ended, it is worth watching, especially if you enjoy sci-fi and time travel.








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Opening Title Sequence of JTBC channel, it is very beautiful.

Many stories of  Sisyphus The Myth. Have care The design is well designed with a origins that are relevant to the story. And a small hint to the viewers







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 CHO SEUNG WOO wore  Vans Core Classic Slip-On Checker Board Slip-On [₩ 59,000]

210413 Sisyphus Making








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[Behind the scenes] Park Shin-hye x Jo Seung-woo Jerry's, a busy chord who struggles with just eye contact.







cr: DRAMA Voyage

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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On April 22 Data)

Laure Apr 22, 2021

Are you a Netflix user? If you are using the platform, you would know that there is plenty of Korean content with dramas and TV shows.

Netflix offers different content in each country. Dramas, TV shows, and movies that are available for viewers in Korea are not the same for other country's viewers. Also, a program might be available in your country at a different time from its release in Korea.

Netflix Korea has a top 10 ranking of daily popular content on its platform. These are the most popular Netflix programs of the day in Korea based on April 22 data (retrieved on April 22, 09:50 am KST, data of April 21).

10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On April 22 Data)

10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On April 22 Data)


1. "Beyond Evil"

2. "Vincenzo"

3. "Navillera"

4. "Night in Paradise"

5. "Love and Monsters"

6. "Law School"

7. "Knowing Bros"

8. "Steel Troops"

9. "Couples Who Want To Get Hot Again 2"

10. "Sisyphus: The Myth"







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I love the design of this character!

I imagined Shin Hye as a Warrior fighting dragons while defending her prince


Seo Hae  Fanart by @zeedeveel00






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Sisyphus – The Myth


How far are you willing to go to fix something that you regret doing in the past? This is the question that drives most of the characters in Sisyphus – The Myth, the latest Korean drama currently streaming on Netflix. Sisyphus, the king of Corinth (aka Ephyra) was punished for cheating death twice by being forced to roll a large boulder up a hill for eternity.


Since the boulder was enchanted, it would roll down just before he reached the top, forcing him to roll it back up again, making the punishment unending. This is exactly what happens in Sisyphus – The Myth, after a nuclear war destroys the normal way of life in the Korean peninsula, and an uploader gives people the ability to travel back in time.


Though everyone knows exactly what happens, they still take the opportunity to travel back in time, to fix a few things they regret doing in their past, with the hope that they can alter the future. What they do not realize is that the future is already set.


For Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye), the reason for traveling back in time is different. Having lived in a bunker with her father for fourteen years, she decides to travel back in time, with the hope of stopping the war from happening and in the process saving her mother from dying.


Thanks to a message she leaves to herself in her journal, she knows exactly what she is supposed to do in order to save the world. All she has to do is find Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo), and stop him from developing the uploader, while protecting him from the people trying to kill him.


However, traveling through time and changing something that has already happened is easier said than done. After all the future has already happened, but they just don’t know it yet. So try as they might, the events that are supposed to happen will anyway happen.


What makes Sisyphus worth a watch is the screenplay and brilliant performances by the entire cast. There are many interesting characters in Sisyphus, and I really loved how each character fit into the narrative. They all have a reason to want to travel back in time, despite knowing that the chances of survival are only five percent.


Their regrets are such that they are willing to risk their lives with the hope of fixing their past, however Sisyphean it might be. Of the many characters the ones that leave a lasting impression are Park Heong-do (Sung Dong-il) as a convenience store owner / broker dedicated to helping time-travelers, Choi Hae-sun (Chae Jong-hyup) as the restaurant worker who helps Seo-hae when she first arrives and shows up whenever she is in need, Jung Hyun-gi (Go Yoon) as the former cop and new Control Bureau agent who wants to kill Seo-hae because he believes she killed his mother, and Sigma / Seo Won-ju (Kim Byung-chul) as the mysterious person who starts the war and is responsible for everything that is happening.


While these actors do leave a lasting impression with their performances, the actor that stole the show for me personally was the boy that played the younger version of Seo Won-ju. He was just brilliant.


So, if you are in the mood for a sci-fi, dystopian, time-travel, kind of action drama that makes you reflect on your own life, or if you just want to see the amazing Park Shin-hye in action, then definitely give Sisyphus – The Myth on Netflix a try



cr: https://mymoviespotlight.wordpress.com/2021/04/08/sisyphus-the-myth/

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Sisyphus: The Myth bids goodbye with numerous unanswered questions; Are the plot holes too obvious?

"Sisyphus: The Myth" broadcasted its final episode on Thursday, April 8 although it doesn't feel like the end.
Written By Pinkvilla Desk 128516 reads  Mumbai  Updated: April 9, 2021 03:59 pm


 The impeccable, three-dimensional acting skills of the cast couldn't stop the downfall of the series.

Episode 15 presents us with more of Sigma's past that is quite reminiscent of "Joker" but one that can manipulate time. We also witness a transition of the character. Kim Seo Jin and Kim Seung Bok go their separate ways. It was expected if Han Tae Sul is what is spoken about the most between the couple. They had decided that the end would be leaving us in tears, whatever the reason. Choi Jae Sun sacrificed himself for Kang Seo Hae. That is something worth crying over as the series met its end. Jung Hyun Gi, finally, realised that he has been used as a pawn. He storms to The Control Bureau but how that ended was not shown.


The story completes full circle. We get back to the time before Kang Seo Hae was sent back in time. There was a confrontation with Sigma that resulted in her being drugged and then uploaded to the sent to the past as soon as she woke up. With some added details, it gave the moment a much needed weight. But back to the present, we realise that it was Sigma's plan all along to make the leads fall in love with each other. So whatever we have seen so far was a puppet show set up by a single person.



In the very first episode of the series we witnessed how quick on his feet Han Tae Sul can be and how he could fix anything. But if you have forgotten that in the journey so far, the final episode will remind you. That guy is a mad genius. He uses time, with his "where-when" dialogue, to shoot Sigma. Then begins the loop and we see how all this came to being. But we did miss an element - Kim Seung Bok. “Save the world or save the girl?” has been a consistent tagline of the series. But knowing Han Tae Sul, he found his own way. Why not “save both”? He therefore promptly sacrifices himself.


Everything comes to a standstill. The missiles that are about to hit Korea disappear, Mr Park and his team smile at each other and disappear, Agnes and the orphans disappear. The war did not happen. Everyone was saved.

We are back to the plane ride but this time with Kang Seo Hae accompanying Han Tae Sul. No trouble in paradise. Or is there? We cut to Seo Gil Bok and a diary with various names and words that relate to time travel and our key characters. Is Sigma really gone?


The visual effects, soundtrack and general action scenes have been pretty good throughout Sisyphus: The Myth. The moments in the post-apocalyptic future have been fascinating to watch. It really had been enjoyable to watch at times. The greatest downfall has been the writing. Despite some nice ideas, the show has completely butchered its landing and execution. Nothing here makes any logical sense, especially when you break it down and examine each of the different characters’ journeys up until this point.


In fact, unanswered questions are the key ingredient here. Was Sigma’s real motivation just that he hates Han Tae Sul and wants his life? How did Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hae not get stuck in a time paradox at the end by shooting Sigma dead? Why waste so much time with The Control Bureau, if none of their characters get their comeuppance? 


Have you been watching Sisyphus: The Myth? Did you like the ending or are you also exasperated at the plotholes? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!




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Just finished watching and confused with ending..read lots of different opinions all very convincing. Main 3 theories are

1) HTS on the plane is hallucinating still and GSH is not real

2) they both are dead and going to heaven or only HTS is dead and going to the afterlife

3) happy ending in general..GSH is really there ...the people that believes this point out the differences between the very 1st scene and the last scene as well as some other pointers..here is the link to the explaination 



What are your thoughts. Has the writer or producer or director or any of the leading actors give it away much like Michael Caine gave away in the ending of inception with the spinning top eventually will stop?


Seems to me they are setting up for season 2 so if their purpose is to leave on a cliffhanger then they should return but this time finish it off for good with no cliffhangers. 








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