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  1. Thanks. This does make sense..I feel more sense then those who suggest it is a hallucination as a hallucination just doesn't make sense since Tae sul said many times to find him before he shot himself and Seo Hae also acknowledges she will find him before she disappears. I guess the one wild card is the fact that Tae San has woken up , the blue prints do exist and it is possible he will create the uploader to bring his brother back. He did say earlier in the series he is willing to do anything to make sure Tae Sul is safe. This allows the creators of the show to have a sequel if t
  2. Here's another one for the theory that seohee is real on the plane..any thoughts? https://giaallana.com/2021/04/10/sisyphus-the-myth-another-ending-theory/
  3. She needs to come out and tackle this head on and address it herself and not through her agency. The fact she hasn't said much herself is giving fire to those who believe she is guilty. There are those that think she is guilty based on knowing men who were the victim of abuse and said the actor was doing exactly what a victim of abuse would do. So let's see what happens. He didn't mention her at all in his apology which is something to not look over... Again until more info comes to light we can't say much, but if more people come out and say they were bullied by her..t
  4. This person has a very good explaination if why they think seohee is real in the lasyt episode plane scene and it all seems to make sense. https://youronly.one/snoworld/시지프스-sisyphus-the-myth-2021-explained-logically-2021100/ Thoughts?
  5. Just finished watching and confused with ending..read lots of different opinions all very convincing. Main 3 theories are 1) HTS on the plane is hallucinating still and GSH is not real 2) they both are dead and going to heaven or only HTS is dead and going to the afterlife 3) happy ending in general..GSH is really there ...the people that believes this point out the differences between the very 1st scene and the last scene as well as some other pointers..here is the link to the explaination https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2021/04/14/sisyphus-ep-16-my-final-take/
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