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[Drama 2019] Everybody say Kungdari, 모두 다 쿵따리


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MBC Drama

Everybody says Kungdari

Resultado de imagen para 모ë ë¤ ì¿µë°ë¦¬

Network: MBC

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 99

Airdate: July 16th - November 29th, 2019

Airtime: Mon-Fri @ 7:50 KST

Writer: Kim Ji Hyun

Website: HERE




New Yorker, who enjoyed the New York life, was involved in an unexpected incident and was banished from the United States. He was once a mythologist in the financial markets of New York. However, two people, Han Seo Ho who is trying to develop a natural remedy to fix his daughter 's disease, 'A delightful rural drama depicting what's going on




Park Si Eun as Song Bo Mi



Kim Ho Jin as Han Su Ho



Seo Hye Jin as Lee Na Bi



Kang Suk Jung as Mung Jan Su



Lee Bo Hi as Jo Sun Ja



Character Chart:














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She is chasing a man and builds a love story with him on baseless ground, she looked down on people and snooped around what a classy woman. Then instead of going back to the house she does her business in the woods with nothing to clean herself up and she sees herself classy, but being trapped in a minefield is hilarious

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Why they never make it the lost child find his home first instead of the evil people find him first and stand on his way, I mean it still can go on if they tried to push him out instead of pushing him away if it is about money mostly.

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The grandfather stealing the cousin cloth was funny :joy:, but the mother not recognizing the girl that she wants to get rid of is weird, she never saw her picture at all?

The doctor obsessing over the lawyer is creepy, ask him out or move on. She is not a teenager girl to have a secret crush.

Bo Mi should come clean to the lawyer instead of trying to handle it alone on her illegal status.

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The cousin was so kind being generous towards the two kids, the lawyer guy is not a lawyer:dizzy:, anyway the grandfather is funny and the little boy is cute, he told him his grandfather hate strangers in his land but did he listen. But how is she planning to send her back to the US.


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The worst case of abandoning a child I saw in K-drama, this step-mother is from hell blaming a little child for her crime, the funny thing she and her daughter are the same, one is an adulterer and the other one chases unavailable man when she is still married, her husband will cry river of blood when he finds out he abandoned the actual heiress.

The doctor is basically a stalker she reminds him of his daughter to keep him on a short leash so he wouldn't look at other women and she found her soulmate in the cousin. The aunt and her husband are thieves and they got what they deserve but their son paid the biggest price.


But how can they just deport her if she has no country?

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On 7/19/2019 at 1:46 PM, howa said:

So she took the fall for some jerk, she should have said something when he didn't show up at the police station, wasn't he "a victim" because of the accident and "a witness".

precisely this part intrigues me, is it just to tell us that the guy is a bastard or a murderer? maybe this accident story will come back later in the drama, otherwise I do not see why the writers tells us about it every time

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Bo Mi saw her flyer inside her stepmother car and she tried to delay her escape so did that never raise a red flag for her?. I do hate evil character but I hate the good stupid ones like the doctor more than them. Sadly Bo Mi is grateful towards the wrong person.

Did he really do that or it was part of the script :fearful: especially when he wiped it on her bag.



Finally after 11 episode she wore her own cloth and something different.


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