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  1. In most K-drama the husband is always showing a different face once he wants to leave his wife, this time we have a husband who is decent but his life was interrupted by a seductive woman, he will definitely fall for her temptation, but my questions will he became like the other husbands in k-drama who will mistreat his ex and became awful to her? or would he get divorced in a good manner and treat her respectfully out of guilt? because usually the ex turns into brainless manchild and makes it as if it is her fault for not keeping him "interested". Then he will start ruining her life once she moves on. But it is a good thing that if she got a job her line of work will definitely be cooking and not in medicine where when they work in one place sabotage is always in place. The main lead knows how kind and sweet she is but if his sister turned her into a monster and he believed her I will lose my temper. I hope he will be like the lead in "Happy Sisters", he knew her well to be her rock. By the way, why in K-drama the mother is always wearing a white headband and lays in the bed sick when something doesn't go her way?
  2. I really thought the husband will get swayed by greed and not that he will be tempted by her and fall for her. The little boy broke my heart when he got scared that he might lose his home again, I hope the wife family doesn't get in her way when she decided to be a single mother. Her mother for sure will ask her to give him back to the orphanage as if he is an object you bought and it needs to be returned or get rid of it, I hope she understands that he is her son and her responsibility and a commitment she made to be a mother. I'm still getting to know the drama so I didn't learn their names yet, but I hope things get more interesting.
  3. I almost lost my cool after seeing her dad and his mistress acting as the parent at the wedding and then sweet MiRi and SJ swooped in and made my day. I didn't like the fact that they weren't fairly punished nor the son-in-law of LX. Ms.Hong got off easily. I did enjoy 75% of the episodes but I expected more from SY and her threats to Ms. Hong to take her down and she never got the chance to do so but she actually helped her.
  4. When I imagined the minion being in the same prison cell as Ms. Hong I didn't expect her to do what she did not even in my wildest dream, I really thought she will do exactly what her other cellmate has been doing to her, but I didn't expect the abusive husband act from her, I really felt sorry for her but with smile (sorry but she did far worst to SJ and SY) but when SY showed her kindness I felt bad for her when she cried. By the way, the W.C in the cell is clean and new! What about the SY father and his mistress?. SY will live with SJ and the friend with her boyfriend, so what SD will get stuck with them?
  5. SJ dad went back to his old self after beating himself up yesterday, he was still nasty to her and as usual he only changs his attitude when he needs something from her. Han Na words to Ms. Hong was music to my ear and also Ms. Hong whining was amusing, she was crushed by the reality that she is not all that she is merely a worker at LX and nothing more. The minions where are they?
  6. SJs Dad is selling himself short he is not a piece of trash he is the entire dumpster site. The last part of the preview was the best, she told her as clear as the sun " Who would want a mother-in-law like you"
  7. I hate the fact that things don't get cleared up until the last week of the drama, episode 123 is the last episode and thing is getting cleared at the last moment.
  8. They extended the drama so I think we still have 5 episode left, it is 123 episodes they usually like to end the drama with the weekend. Did you not see the Instagram post in one of the previous post?. I'm not sure if it's real or just a dream but the pictures seemed we will have a happy ending
  9. I really would have loved it if her minion did this not a stranger as I said before. But the fight between her minions was like the fight between grade schoolers, not adults. Ms. Hong to the last minute she wants to give her son away to a gold digger that she paid her what she wants, it's usually the guy gives the money to the golddigger and the parent pay her off to stay away from her son and not give her money and ask her to marry their son. I can't stand the broken Ms. Hong act at all, she still can't keep her hand off her son business.
  10. SJ dad is still a menace as always, his words hurt SY so much that she passed out from exhaustion. Ms. Hong, she was so hopeful that her minions will be good and loyal till the end but they let her down so easily " We got no time for this" their faces tells is all. Now that Ms. Hong is out as villain it the son-in-law and his ex and his sister turn to try and steal LX group.
  11. Seeing Ms. Hong saying thank you for real because she gets to go to prison was funny
  12. I hope it is not some stupid dream or fantasy and it's a real joy.
  13. For the first time, SK feels her dad is by her side, for SY to get pregnant without SJ in the picture she might lose the baby to SJ father. SJ father didn't change his attitude toward SY, so for her to be a mother SJ must live and marry her and be the best father and husband.
  14. SK deserves better treatment from her stupid family, she is the only one in the entire family by SJ bedside while everyone else living their own lives, the minions finally used their brain and decided not to go to jail and they are fine with SH taking the blame for all of them, Ms. Hong going down into the crazy hole.
  15. I totally loved how SY ignored the bulldozer sister who always spills the beans and tell others to keep it secret, she only acknowledged SK and talked to her and ghosted the crazy one, SK is being the good sister, she was nice and supporting SY. The other one was demanding from SY to stay by his bedside and cry instead of going to her job telling "as if you're essential to the company", coming from the woman who has no job and doesn't look after the one child that she has and left her brother and didn't even stay with him like SK did and switched with SY. Seeing Ms. Hong on her knees in the preview is great.
  16. I think is waiting to be saved, he will do his job but he will root for his teacher, that's why he still acknowledges him as his teacher and helped him once.
  17. Mi-Ri I never liked spoiled characters as much as I like Mi-Ri, I don't know why but she is the kind of woman that deserves to be spoiled because her immaturity comes from a pure place and not because she is bad she is the best step-mother. Ms. Hong crazy running in circles was fun to watch and she is still lying her through teeth out, telling her son to shift all the blame and she will let him marry SY then on the next day she is planning his sham wedding, Han Na and her desire to use Ms.Hong to get out of debt is the best punishment for her, she wanted a rich heiresses as daughter-in-law and she will get exactly what she wished for and she will pay her to be defrauded.
  18. "Han Na" is the name of the dream girl of Ms. Hong and the way HN was disgusted by calling Hong mom was satisfying, she has debts she needs to pay it off and she is willing to suck up to Hong for that and Hong thinks she hit the jackpot and not the rock-bottom. SK moment with her brother and her confession to him is something her idiot father should have heard and her stupid aunt too and her adultery cheating husband. SK poured her heart out the only person who loved unconditionally. The other sister is still unchanged, she has a long way and a lot of growing up to do, she doesn't deserve that sweet small family she has. Hong still thinks she can win it all and still in denial and still clueless, but at least she is not hiding her abuse toward SY in front of her son anymore. SJ treatment is important he doesn't have a long time to live so for him to volunteer is the right thing to do, what does he have to lose if he is going to die anyway if there is no treatment and to ait for one is only manageable when there is hope, his father wants to control everything and he is also incapable of changing.
  19. SH is on his way to self-destruction and his mother is busy planning a wedding with the girl of her "dream" who is actually a gold digger.
  20. CY to be SY friend is the best thing SY did, I was screaming at SY to go crazy at her father and his mistress but no she was cold as a turkey . Then the mistress has the nerve to talk about SJ Ms. Hong got herself the best daughter-in-law someone who suites her perfectly. For SH to be the one who takes her out it is not I hoped things will go
  21. Or maybe SH will die as a result of his mother misdeeds and SY will visit his grave with baby SJ and I hope SJ too.
  22. So Ms. Hong wants to marry her son off to a girl that from the preview it seems she is not all that?. Or why the ex-wife is threatening her she seems to know everyone. The father never learns at all he always treats SY badly instead of being grateful for her, Mi-Ri has a very bad taste in men, I mean who chooses to be with a grumpy old man who believes his trashy family are royals and everyone is after his money, he is only good at setting and judging people. the last scene of today's episode will go as Ms. Hong pleases she is great and avoiding crises and bending the truth and altering the reality and misleading every idiot who will listen to her, so I hope her son follow through the phone call and not let his mother control everything. SK I want her to have a happy ending. For her, it is her dad to acknowledge her and I hope she gets is.
  23. SH believes he can save them all but it is impossible. To tell the truth I really couldn't sympathy with Hong when her actual rapist called her so casually telling her that his son looks like him, tried to feel bad I couldn't in her flashback when she was shivering I couldn't bring myself to do so or even fake it.
  24. I knew it, someone from her past has appeared in the preview, I wonder if he is SH father or someone schemed with her and either way he is back for more money, so now thing should go bad for Hong starting from next week. I hope tomorrow's episode will be her last win.
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