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Kim Jaejoong Birth Name: Han Jae Joon

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Kim Jae-joong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://forums.soompi.com/en/discussion/174943/official-jyj-kim-jaejoong-김재중-thread/p1 (Singer Kim Jaejoong thread)

http://forums.soompi.com/en/discussion/355679/official-the-jyj-thread/p1 (JYJ thread)

Former Stage Name: 영웅재중 Hero / 英雄在中 Young Woong Jae Joong


Profession: Singer / Composer / Songwriter / Concert Director / Actor / Entrepreneur / Art Director / Designer / Model


Birthday: 01/26/1986

(Actual birthday: February 4, 1986) Birthplace: Chungnam, South Korea

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: O

Talent Agency: CJES Entertainment

Associated Acts: (past) TVXQ (From Dec. 2005- Mid 2009)/

Current group: JYJ (From late 2009 to present)


Update: Kim Jaejoong has enlisted into the Korean Army on 3/31/15...

He will be discharged in December 30, 2016.


Jaejoong's message to fans and to Yuchun/Junsu prior to enlistment...

English subs via theyoungestmim


Original video



Updated December 30, 2016

Kim Jaejoong has been Honorably Discharge from the Korean Army...Looking forward to Actor and Rocker Jaejoong...

Return of the King
Welcome Back Kim Jaejoong



Details and more pictures/videos here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 12/26/16- 01/01/2017 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2016/12/jyj-news-week-of-122616-01012017.html?spref=tw







[banjun Drama (2005)

Vacation (2006)


Sunao Ni Narenakute (2010)




[SBS] Protect the Boss (2011)

Protect The Boss

Protect%2BThe%2BBoss.jpg    images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSFUK5fbiBtU_C32bzlyHU



[MBC] Time Slip Dr. Jin (2012)

Time Slip Dr. Jin




[MBC] Triangle (2014)








KBS2 (air date: January 9, 2015)

Fridays from 9:30-11:10PM (Two episodes a week)

[Drama 2015] Spy 스파이 k-dramas & movies


Spy (Korean Drama) - AsianWiki

Spy » Korean Drama




Updated: 6/23/2017

Manhole: Wonderland Feel

Sharing & Discussion for KBS Drama #ManholeWonderlandsFeel on Soompi Forum: https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/403126-upcoming-kbs-drama-2017-manhole-%EB%A7%A8%ED%99%80/ 

New Drama starts in August 2017

Co-star: UEE

#JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong And #UEE Confirmed As Leads In Upcoming Time Slip Drama soompi.com/2017/06/23/jyj


On June 23, it was confirmed that JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and UEE have both been cast as leads in KBS’s upcoming time-slip drama called “Manhole” (tentative title).
KBS’s “Manhole” is a comedy drama about a man who goes back in time to stop a marriage from happening in the present. Kim Jaejoong will be playing the lead male role of Bong Pil, who is a character that has been studying for the civil servant exam for three years and is the neighborhood’s token unemployed person. He’s an immature character who doesn’t feel the need to grow up and depends heavily on his father, who is a postmaster.
UEE will be taking on the lead female character of Kang Su Jin, a character that has built a metaphorical wall between herself and Bong Pil for 18 years; however, as her marriage date draws closer, her feelings waver as she begins to see Bong Pil’s love for her in a different light.
“Manhole” is set to begin airing after “Queen for 7 Days” comes to an end.





Will Continue to Update





Taegeuki (2004...Extra)


Heaven's Postman (2009)

Heaven's Postman




Jackal is Coming (2012)

Jackal is Coming





Drama Awards


Date Awards Category Work Result
2010-07-08 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Best Supporting Actor for Spring Season[54] Sunao ni Narenakute Won
2011-12-31 SBS Drama Awards New Star Award[55] Protect the Boss Won
Best Couple Award(withWang Ji-hye) Nominated
2012-04-26 48th Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actor (TV) Protect the Boss Nominated
2012-10-02 5th Korea Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor Dr. Jin Nominated
2012-12-30 MBC Drama Awards Best New Male Actor[56] Dr. Jin Won
Popularity Award Nominated
2013-05-09 49th Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actor (TV) Dr. Jin Nominated
Most Popular Actor (Film) Jackal is Coming Nominated
2014-10-01 7th Korea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor[57] Triangle Won


photo 81af8d2ajw1ekxnhkggq7j20kd0uk77o.jpg



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jaejoong's own acting thread? oh yea, i'm sooo coming in here lots. XD

i hope he does more acting tho. i'm rooting for him to be a big success with Heaven's Postman. can't wait to watch!!

altho i wonder if this thread will be closed cause jaejoong didn't really debut into acting did he? i hope the mods won't close it tho. XD

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oh i can't wait for Heaven's Postman!!!!

i wanna see how his acting improved. :)

i bet he practiced a lot based on how much more tired he looks compared to the other members :(

im also afraid this will be closed. and reopen when the movie comes out. not sure though :X

but we definitely need this thread!!! as a big jaejoong fangirl, i would tend to spazz at DBSK's main thread and that wouldnt be nice of me.

and people might get annoyed. lol, but yeah....

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WOHOO~! I am actually pretty excited to see he has a thread now - great idea! having this thread means a cleaner dbsk thread and MORE updates about the drama xD

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

영웅재중, 그가 예능프로에 출연하지 못한 이유

1년 7개월의 공백을 깨고 성공적으로 복귀한 남성그룹 동방신기가 최근 밀려드는 예능 프로그램 출연 요청에 몸살을 앓고 있다. 그런데 유독 멤버 중 남다른 유머와 끼를 자랑하는 영웅재중이 좀처럼 예능프로그램에 출연하지 않고 있어 궁금증을 자아낸다.

영 웅재중은 지난 10월9일 방송된 KBS 2TV '해피투게더' 이후 예능 프로그램에 거의 출연하지 않고 있다. 시아준수, 유노윤호 등 다른 멤버들이 왕성한 활약을 펼치고 있는 것에 반해 멤버 중 예능 감각이 남다르다는 평가를 받는 영웅재중만 유독 예능프로그램에 출연하지 않는 것이다.

이에 대해 최근 기자와 만난 영웅재중의 측근은 "대중들이 많이 인식하고 있지 못하지만, 내년 한국과 일본에서 방송될 드라마 촬영 때문"이라며 "영웅재중이 첫 정극 연기에 도전한 탓에 다른 것에는 신경 쓸 겨를이 없다"고 털어놨다.

영웅재중은 4집 '주문-미로틱'의 인기가 급상승하던 지난 11월초 한효주와 함께 한일합작 드라마 '천국의 우편배달부' 촬영에 들어갔다. '천국의 우편배달부'는 일본 유명 드라마 '롱베케이션'의 작가 기타자와 에리코가 극본을 맡고, KBS 2TV '미안하다 사랑한다'의 이형민 PD가 연출을 담당한 작품이다. 내년 상반기 SBS를 통해 방송될 예정이다.

이 관계자는 "영웅재중이 연기수업을 꾸준히 받아왔지만, 작품은 처음"이라며 "생각했던 것과 실제 연기를 하는 것은 많이 다른 듯, 뜻대로 잘 안 된다며 영웅재중이 스트레스를 많이 받고 있다"고 말했다. 물론 이는 영웅재중의 연기에 대한 남다른 열정 때문이다. 더욱이 동방신기 멤버 중 가장 먼저 연기 신고식을 치른다는 점에서 책임감의 무게도 남다르다.

이 관계자는 "영웅재중이 예능에 남다른 감각을 갖고 있는 것은 사실이나, 지금은 연기에 집중할 때"라며 "다행히 많은 분들이 배려를 해주신다. 좋은 연기로 보답 하겠다"고 기대를 당부했다.

<저작권자ⓒ '리얼타임 연예속보,스타의 모든 것' 스타뉴스>

if anyone could translate, please do. i'm too busy atm T_T

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Guest JoongBoXiahJang

Love him. I think he will do his best, but man I am going to go crazy when I see him doing those eyes of his. I don't think I can watch his skinship ect scene. But I will support him lol. I will get use to it eventually.

hwaitin' Oppa

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That was a good idea to make this thread. Otherwise, once Heaven's Postman starts being promoted and all that. Boy, will the thread be flooded.

What are everyone's views of his acting skills so far?

Watching him in the dramas from All About DBSK Season 2. I seriously had to laugh during their Behind the Scenes cause he's the king of NG's especially with that flower pot hitting his head. I think it would be fun to act along side him cause I have a feeling when the camera's just on you with him facing opposite you, he'd be the type to pull stupid faces to make you laugh.

And when he was on Golden Fishery. HAHAHAHHAAH. that's all I can say.

But I'm really anticipating Heaven's Postman. =) I haven't watched Korean dramas in ages, but his will be an exception in a long time.

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

That was a good idea to make this thread. Otherwise, once Heaven's Postman starts being promoted and all that. Boy, will the thread be flooded.

What are everyone's views of his acting skills so far?

I definitely think his acting is better than any singer part-time actor out there. and it's not just because i am biased. Most of the things i've seen him in are like, happy shows like on Banjun. And to me it kinda seemed like he wasn't acting at all (all TVXQ members for that matter) coz we all know Jaejoong is like the happiest person in the world so it looks so realistic to me (except for the plot LOL ).

There's certainly a lot more room for improvement, everyone does. I can't wait till Heaven's Postman is released :D It'll be the only korean (and japanese) drama that i've picked out for myself and not have been influenced by other people XD

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Guest usaFangrrl

I am looking forward to HP. I think Jae could be a great actor and I hope he isn't too hard on himself. I can see him feeling bad if his acting isn't the best. He is such a perfectionist. He is also the first one to admit that he NG'ed and apologize to everyone.

He needs to remember his days when he was in middle school and his friends made fun of his singing and he practiced everyday until he got to where he is now.

He won't be as good as someone who is a professional actor, but I do think he will be much better than what we have seen in the past. He has been revealing his true personality on tv shows recently, I think that will help him with acting.

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JaeJoong acting !

That is totally freaking awesome B)

Han Hyo Joo gets JaeJoong's kiss ! :tears:

She's so lucky D:

Hope JaeJoong does well in Heaven's Postman.

Can't wait until this comes out ! :w00t:

When it first comes out, I bet the place will be flooded with fan girls ;)

Good luck JaeJoong ! :lol:

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Guest lovejae

The only thing that makes me feel uneasy is that he is burdened and worried so much because of this.

Of course he doesn't want to let the fans and the members down, and ppl are having high expectations about his first drama, so he have to try try try harder.

It must get him tired to death.

Except for that, I'm super excited about this drama (still considering if i should watch the kissing scene though ><)

Hope it will expand DBSK's popularity in both Korea and Japan

As for his acting: many NGs proved that he was still shy and unnatural in acting, but yet he did very well.

I can't tell much because his roles in Banjun drama were mostly in ...stunning emotion in my opinion, and they were humorous dramas :lol:

This time the charater seems to have a wide range of emotions, I believe he will take it more serious and do his best.

I just want him to know that us fan love him no matter what, so he might feel ease with the pressure.

Our lovely postman, our love, our angel :wub:

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

Han Hyojoo Interview (talking about Jaejoong)

What is your first impression of Jaejoong in your roles?

Very much the key things, his small face. That is because there was a snowfall (laughs) But i made a lot of mistakes. I met him for the first time and since then he didn't give much of an "idol" impression. We didn't become friends that fast, but i felt he was thinking about the same thing. I gave him a call and said "the honorifics are just for the story" and that way, it gave the blessing for our friendship.

You have a kissing scene, Jaejoong-sshi's fans might not like to see that (t/n: might hate to see)

- I'm afraid to death (affectionately). But i can't help it, it's not about that, It's the smoke (laughs). My homepage has been accessed by many of Jaejoong-sshi's fans. They say "You need to take care of Jaejoong oppa. Jaejoong oppa is a good man" and "Don't make NGs on the kissing scenes"

source: dnbn

translation: tvxqslave@soompi

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Thanks, tvxqslave for the gorgeous jaejoong's postman pic. I also can't wait to see the movie. But I'll have to skip the kissing scene.

About him being the king of NGs, it's because of his personality of random and funny wittiness.

He sure can make everyone around him burst into laughter.

Have they actually finished filming heaven's postman?

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Guest Shortyyy126

if jaejoong was my postman, i would wait on the porch everyday for my mail. :)

but on a more serious note, jaejoong's past banjun dramas and whatnot haven't showcased any acting abilities, to be honest. 'The Way You Are' (part of the Vacation series) was probably the only film that you could judge his acting on. some scenes were really awkward while others were portrayed well (ie the fighting scenes... i reckon he should do more action films lol, cause he looks so darn hot when he gets beat up ;D). the hospital scene where he called out "umma, umma" was touching, but i felt that it wasn't powerful enough. of course at that time i didn't have much expectations, since it wasn't an official movie or drama, but just a side thing. but now it's different; it's as if he's officially debuting as an actor through this film, even if it's only an episode long. though i do not have high expectations for him, i'm still hoping (crossing my fingers AND toes) that he would give us a mindblowing performance, so that people will recognize him as a potential actor and not have thoughts like "he's just another pop idol turned actor".

anyway, i can't wait for this to air! i'm dying to watch the kissing scene (i'll probably die when i do watch it... lol), and i simply can't wait to see his gorgeous self as a postman. :D

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