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[Drama 2020] The King: Eternal Monarch, 더 킹: 영원의 군주


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Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho: Their most romantic scenes in K-dramas to send your heart fluttering again


JULY 06, 2021




With such charismatic and gorgeous stars, it's no wonder that romance is the biggest genre in Korean dramas.

If you, like us, rewatch your favourite dramas again and again just to savour the achingly beautiful scenes once more, here are some of the best romantic scenes in recent hit series starring oppas Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Lee Min-ho, Song Joong-ki, and Park Seo-joon.


The King: Eternal Monarch


Episode 12 — Emperor Lee Gon and his cavalry save Tae-eul

Lee Min-ho fights his way to save Kim Go-eun | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 11 [ENG SUB]




Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) gallops in on a white horse with a sword, telling his cavalry: "Protect her! She is the future queen of the Kingdom of Cornea."

He jumps off Maximus, slashes the baddies who stand in his way, and grabs an injured Tae-eul in his arms.

Yes, the secret princess/queen-wannabe inside us is absolutely swooning at this old-fashioned romantic gesture.



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Netflix: This is the most popular Korean drama in world history that every fan should see.


The K-Dramas phenomenon continues to grow as K-pop and platforms like Netflix allow fans to enjoy new releases. This is the most popular drama




What's the most popular Korean drama in history? South Korea is conquering the entertainment scene with K-pop and drama, setting the benchmark for Asian dramas. Netflix relied on these productions, it even created several original adaptations, this is the world's most famous drama.

The streaming service has enabled the globalization of drama, be it Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese and Korean. Song Kang, Song Joong Ki, and Lee Min Ho have become the highest paid actors thanks to some of the series aired on the platform.

Most Popular Korean Drama in the World

Korean dramas have boomed through various titles such as Boys Over Flowers, but with Netflix coming up and offering its catalog, its popularity became a phenomenon, and in 2020 it had its biggest premiere thanks to Lee Min. Ho and The King: Eternal Monarch.

"The King: Eternal Monarch" is the most watched Korean drama on the platform worldwide, even after being critically acclaimed as one of the worst dramas of 2020.


The King : Eternal Monarch Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix




However, Lee Min Ho's career with actress Kim Go Eun has boosted the popularity and ratings of the K-drama. The plot revolves around Li Gong, an alternate world monarch who, after traveling through the forest, crosses a portal that takes him to the real world. There he will meet a detective who suspects his identity, since there is no record of their existence, but together they discover that their fate is not accidental.

The King: The Eternal Monarch is one of the most popular dramas of 2020; However, the production was accused of plagiarism and recreation of Japanese-style palaces, but it managed to position itself as the # 1 Netflix drama. and the most viewed so far.


Translation from spanish google


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10 Popular Korean Drama Songs Recommendations from Davichi


Davichi is a singer duo from South Korea that was formed in 2008. This duo consists of Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung who are under Stone Music Entertainment. Since their debut, this group has often filled the soundtrack of South Korean dramas. Uniquely, most of their soundtracks are sad, so they really support tearful scenes in Korean dramas. Here are ten recommendations for Korean drama soundtracks from Davichi that can make listeners cry.


Please Don't Cry


This ballad song is here to support the fantasy drama starring Lee Minho and Kim Goeun, The King: Eternal Monarch, which can be watched via the Netflix streaming app.



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Riding the K-Pop Wave: How Hallyu Made Brazil the Third Largest Consumer of Korean Dramas during the Pandemic


As K-pop becomes more popular in the West, the reach of Hallyu, as the South Korean cultural wave is called, spurred by both major entertainment companies and the government and touches several other areas, such as gastronomy, technology and information, fashion. and beauty, cinema, and something quite common in the streaming era: serials that are commonly referred to as dramas when produced in East Asian countries.


In particular, in this case, Korean dramas, citing TV series from South Korea, are increasing Brazilian interest in streaming platforms. The content is diverse across the country and can be found on apps such as Netflix, Viki, and Kocowa (a term for Korean Content Wave, which is Korean Content Wave.


A survey by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism conducted in 18 countries by the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange between September and November 2020 found Brazil to be the third fastest growing Korean drama audience since the pre-pandemic period. Malaysia came first and Thailand came second. Brazil is followed by the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.

A total of 8,500 men and women aged 15 to 59 were interviewed living in the following countries: China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Vietnam, Australia, USA, Brazil, Argentina, France, UK, Russia ... , Turkey, UAE and South Africa...




South Korean government report lists three K-dramas most beloved by Brazilians in 2020


In Brazil, some TV shows stood out as the ones that attracted the most viewers in 2020 ...


And the third was "King: Eternal Monarch", a thrilling romantic adventure starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. All three are available in Brazil via Netflix ...




The survey authors said it is the only official survey to measure Hallyu's overseas reach in order to identify trends in consumer perception of South Korean cultural content by country. They explain that the proposal is to find a preventive policy direction to create a sustainable Hallyu ecosystem in an external market.


Translation from Portuguese google


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Woo Do Hwan, head of bodyguard, King: Eternal Monarch, takes off in SBS drama starring Lee Min Ho


Reinaldo Ezra Nazhario Aprilian
- 12 July 2021 08:56 WIB


Woo Do Hwan reveals King Eternal Monarch is revealing his acting skills




Ponorogo Terkini - Woo Do Hwan, a rookie actor born in Anyang, South Korea in 1992, who grew his name through the SBS drama, The King: The Eternal Monarch. In the drama The King: Eternal Monarch, Woo Do Hwan co-starred with K-Drama King Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, who are famous in the Goblin series. King: Eternal Monarch for Woo Do Hwan is essential to his career in the acting world. Aside from the opportunity to make him popular, the SBS-produced drama is his last job before military service.


“If I look back, I was happy to play two different characters. I was able to show two different sides of myself in one drama. I had to work with a great cast and crew, so I feel very supportive when I joined the army. " Apparently Woo Do Hwan during a photo shoot with Elle quoted by Ponorogo Latest.


Woo Do Hwan is grateful for joining the military or military service when he enlisted the support of so many people. He also admitted that he prefers to work hard and succeed because he cannot turn back time. Woo Do Hwan hopes that after serving in the military, he will become more mature and tough.


The SBS drama "The King: Eternal Monarch" tells the story of Emperor Lee Gong, played by Lee Min Ho and detective Jung Tae Eul - Kim Go Eun. These two live in a parallel universe where Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the other Korea is akin to a modern republic.


Woo Do Hwan plays Jo Young, who is the head of Emperor Lee Gong's bodyguard, and Cho Eun Seb, a civil service official at the National Police Agency's civil service office. Woo Do Hwan played a dual role in the drama, playing a maximum of two different characters.


As Jo Young, Woo Do Hwan must exude an aura of coldness and aloofness. Meanwhile, in the role of Eun Soba, the actor needs to change the character of the cheerful person. His acting skills are increasingly evident in Episode 7 "The King: Eternal Monarch", when two characters collide in one shot.


While the ratings for The King: Eternal Monarch in Korea are expected to be spectacular, the exploit drama made by SBS is indeed trending internationally.


Translation from Indonesian google



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5 Most Romantic K-Drama Scenes That Make Hearts Pounding




The King: Eternal Monarch in episode 12, Emperor Lee Gon and his army save Tae-eul

Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) rides a white horse with a sword, telling his cavalry: “Protect her! She is the future queen of the Korean Empire.” He jumps off Maximus, slashes at the baddies that get in his way, and grabs the injured Tae-eul in his arms and hugs her tightly. This romantic scene really makes anyone flutter with the old-fashioned romantic atmosphere in this korean drama.








Stylish must-haves from favorite K-drama female leads


One of things that make Korean drama series exciting is the unique and chic fashion style of the characters. Every episode delights with accessories and apparel worn by the stars that make audience go to Google real quick to find out where to get the pieces or how to achieve the look. Here we list down some of the many stylish items female leads of K-dramas that premiered in 2018 to 2021 worn, and the exact item (for those who want to get the same look) or similar and affordable alternatives (for those who want to sport an “inspired by” look).


Jeong Tae-eul’s trench coat (The King: Eternal Monarch)




Fierce detective Jeong Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun) in the Netflix hit series keeps it cozy and professional with her winter coats in warm and cool neutrals. Her style is marked with layering and lots of sweaters, jackets, cardigans, blazers, and a memorable brown trench coat.



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Woo Do Hwan: Find out who are his brightest characters on his 29th birthday

Entertainment Desk

Published on: July 14, 2021




Woo Do Hwan: Find out who are his brightest characters on his 29th birthday

Although rising star Woo Do Hwan has been serving mandatory military service in the 15th Infantry Division of the South Korean Army since July 2020, this does not prevent his fans from celebrating his birthday and enjoying his most memorable works. in the most varied and successful K-Dramas. As you will remember before enlisting, he was very present on the screens working on different K-Dramas one or more times a year.


1. The King: Eternal Monarch

Before enlisting in the military, actor Woo Do Hwan stood out in 2020 alongside Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun in the K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch where he played a dual role as Eun Seob and Jo Young, for the one that received rave reviews. It was a millionaire blockbuster with a budget of more than 25 million dollars that tells the story of a brave king from a Korea from another dimension who fights against dark forces to save two worlds


2. My Country
The historical K-drama My Country aired in 2019. Woo Do Hwan plays Nam Seon Ho and shares a screen with actor Yang Se Jong. The story takes place in Korea at the end of the Goryeo period until the beginning of Joseon, and revolves around two friends who will face each other due to differences of opinion about the future of their country.


3. The Great Seducer

The Great Seducer, also known as Tempted, was released in 2018. Woo Do Hwan works alongside Moon Ga Young (True Beauty). It tells the story of Kwon Shi Hyun, a rich and handsome boy who only looks for women he likes to play with. His plan was to play a game of revenge and not have anything serious, until love hits him and he begins to realize what he needs in his life.


4. Mad Dog
Mad Dog debuted in 2017 with actor Woo Do Hwan as part of a very talented cast led by veteran and famous South Korean performer Yoo Ji Tae, as Choi Kang Woo, a former detective who now works as an investigator for insurance companies. He leads a team trying to uncover the truth about life insurance fraud. Do Hwan appeared on screen as the character Kim Min Joon / Jan Gebauer (29, code name Dr. Kim).


5. Save Me
Also aired in the 2017 K-Drama Save Me, Woo Do Hwan plays the character of Seok Dong Cheol and shares the screen with the famous Seo Ye Ji. It tells the story of Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) and her family as they move from Seoul to Muji-gun, a suburban city that is dominated by a religious cult called Goseonwon, which is apparently peaceful, but as the plot unfolds the violence it hides will be revealed.



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Synopsis King Eternal Monarch: A romantic drama between two parallel worlds, featuring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun


Rudy Hamdani
- July 15, 2021




For you lovers of romantic Korean drama, it seems that the drama titled "The Eternal Monarch King" is worth watching or including on your list over the weekend.

No, this romantic genre drama is played by famous Korean actors, if not Lee Min Ho.

Read also: Lampore's film in Flying Cage: there is Dion Viyoko and Unique Priscilla

The name Lee Min Ho is not only in South Korea, but also in Indonesia, he also has quite a lot of fans due to his good looks and acting.

The King Eternal Monarch himself is a romantic Korean drama with a different story. The meeting of the two worlds made Lee Min Ho meet with Kim Go Eun.

Here we present a quick overview of The King Eternal Monarch that you deserve to watch, as reported by kalbarterkini.com from matamata.com.

At the beginning of the story, this Korean drama begins with the death of the King of Korea by his half-brother, Lee Lim.

Li Ming plans to kill at night, and when the atmosphere is very quiet, he is helped by his followers, all dressed in black.

Li Lim tried to take Manpasikjok away from the King of Korea and his son that night when a very fierce battle began, but since the king was alone, he died immediately.

Apparently, at that moment Mangasikjok split into two parts: one part was taken by Li Lim, and then he escaped, and the other was taken by Crown Prince Li Gon, who saw how Li Lim killed his father.

At that moment, he found a lanyard for a police card with the name Jung Tae Eul.

Later, the king's son, Lee Gon Manpasikjok, discovered that his father's property was capable of opening doors to parallel worlds.

After the king died that night with a very heavy heart, Li Gong's fate became the king of Korea at a young age when he held Manpasikjok without knowing his power as the king's inheritance.

The story continues, Li Gong grows up to be an intelligent, handsome and charismatic king and is known as a brilliant mathematician.

One day, he chased something related to Jung Tae Eul's lace, which he continued to chase.

He also ran into the forest and found a door that is called the door of the parallel world. Unexpectedly and no one knew about it, Lee Gon apparently entered the Republic of Korea in a parallel world and found the figure of Jung Tae Eul.

On his journey through a parallel world, he discovered many things different from what was in his kingdom. Of course, this surprised him and interested him very much.

So how will Lee Gong and Jung Tae Eul's story continue? Will he meet Li Lim who killed his father?

For those of you who love Korean dramas, or maybe you like Lee Min Ho's Lee Gon figure, you can watch the movie "King Eternal Monarch" at home with your family.


Translation from Indonesian google


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Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun: The King: Eternal Monarch book ending touches fans


In case there was any doubt about the end of The King: Eternal Monarch, the novel confirms the fate of Tae Eul and Lee Gon. 

The novel version of the drama 'The king: eternal monarch' confirms the vows that the characters Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun exchanged.

It has been more than a year since the Korean drama The king: eternal monarch arrived to show a love story through parallel worlds. Despite the elapsed time, fans of the couple played by Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun couldn't help their excitement with a snippet of the story that went viral.

After the television series culminated on SBS and Netflix , the producers released a two-volume novel version. These books add more details to the adventures of King Lee Gon and Detective Jung Tae Eul , who fall in love while investigating a portal that connects their worlds.

Although it has only been published in Korean, foreign fans of the K-drama have translated the story from fragment to fragment.

The king eternal monarch. Story created by Kim Eun Sook adapted to novel by RHK publishing house. 




Recently, the narration at the end of the book went viral on social media, especially in Lee Min Ho's fan community on Facebook . What was written in this version confirmed that Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul's last words at the close of the drama carried the weight of a betrothal.

At the end of episode 16 of The king: eternal monarch , the protagonists managed to overcome in their own way what could leave them separated on both sides of the portal. This is how they meet again every weekend and promise each other exclusivity.


Translation of the book by @ 01thebetween on Twitter

Tae-Eul and Gon held hands tightly and walked an old street from 1960, when they weren't even born. In the crowded streets there were groups of students in uniform and posters advertising a movie at the cinema.

Tae Eul wore a white dress with black dots and Lee Gon a cream-colored suit. Together, the two of them fit in perfectly wherever they went. The two reverently made vows to each other, as a declaration of marriage.


No matter what door opens ahead in our lives.

Even if our moments together make us sad at times.

My love, please don't exhaust yourself.

This is how we have decided to love the destiny that chose us.

Today, only today and forever.




If you want to recommend The King: Eternal Monarch to a friend or rewatch the series that brought Lee Min Ho back after his military service , Netflix is the official platform that presents its full 16 chapters.


In addition to the original language version, Netflix added the Latin Spanish dubbing so that other audiences can enjoy the romance and fantasy story.



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On 7/18/2021 at 1:58 AM, syntyche said:

Although it has only been published in Korean, foreign fans of the K-drama have translated the story from fragment to fragment.

Since it was less of a hit in Korea than the rest of the world, I hope they'll publish an English translation! 

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Netflix: 3 Korean Dramas Starring Lee Min-ho That Will Make You Fall In Love


Lee MinHo is one of the most popular Korean actors and Netflix has worked with him; here are the k-dramas that you can see on the platform


One of the most popular Korean actors internationally is Lee Min-Ho . Many of his k-dramas have crossed borders and have even been dubbed in different languages, such as Spanish. Now thanks to Netflix , his followers can enjoy his work, as his best dramas are in the platform's catalog. 


Meanwhile, his previous work can be found on Netflix, including his latest Korean drama "The King: Eternal Monarch," which was launched in 2020 on the streaming platform and marked his successful return to television after completing his military service. 


The King: Eternal Monarch

Netflix cast Lee Min-ho to star in one of its original Korean dramas. This is a fantasy story about parallel worlds. In one world lives Lee Gon, the emperor of the Kingdom of Korea, while in the other is the detective Jung Tae Eul, who together with the king solves a series of crimes that involve the two worlds. 





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Very Popular Dramas That Could Have a Second Season


The King: Eternal Monarch


The reason why it is believed that it could have a second season is because the ending left some aspects unresolved and, in other cases, it was not the expected closure. As for the protagonists, many wanted to see them happily ever after, but the resolution that was given to meet each weekend was not satisfactory. Also, Jo Young and Na Ri was expected to become a secondary couple, but that fell through. 






10 K-Drama Like Tale Of The Nine-Tailed To Watch


The King: Eternal Monarch




Last but not least, we have The King: Eternal Monarch. The drama is sci-fi and shows us the story of the parallel world. Jeong Tae Eu and Lee Gon are both from parallel worlds and are totally unaware of each other’s existence. Lee Gon is the third Korean emperor of his generation, while Jeong Tae Eul is an inspector and defeats the criminals. The drama is quite interesting and holds an air of mystery throughout. The drama can also be watched on popular global streaming site Netflix along with subtitles. 



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Reviews of <Gothrock> ideal for family outings from kids to adults, where tradition and time ripen together. This is an organic fermented food farm that has been carefully grown for over 30 years. This is widely known as the location of the drama "The King: Eternal Monarch".



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Here Are 10 Of The Most Iconic K-Drama Trios Of All Time

They say good things come in threes!


Even though K-Drama viewers are often interested juicy romances or shocking plot points, there’s no question that the backbone of every good story is the well-established dynamic of its main cast!

Quite often, it’s a group of three that ends up rising to the top of fans’ favorites by the final episode of a show’s run.


So, let’s take a look at 10 of the most iconic K-Drama trios of all time (in no particular order!):


6. The King: Eternal Monarch


Even across two parallel worlds, the connection between characters Lee Ji-hun, Jo Eun-sup, and Kang Hyun-min is undeniable!





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5 K-Dramas To Watch If You Love Strong Female Characters


Put these K-Dramas on when you want to see girl power in action!

There’s a huge variety of strong female characters in K-Dramas, from quick-thinking lawyers, to self-made CEOs, and everything in between.

Here are 5 K-Dramas to watch if you can’t get enough of strong female leads!


1. The King: Eternal Monarch




The King: Eternal Monarch tells the story of Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho), the emperor of the Kingdom of Corea in an alternate reality. When he first comes to our reality, he meets police officer Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun).




Kim Go Eun as Jeong Tae Eul in The King: Eternal Monarch | IMDb
Jeong Tae Eul is extremely brave, and she isn’t afraid to face villains head-on by herself. She’s also highly skilled in taekwondo. Jeong Tae Eul’s no-nonsense personality and intelligence make her incredibly interesting to watch.




Although it can be difficult to follow the jumps between the different realities at first, The King: Eternal Monarch is worth the watch!



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Stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic and binge on these trending Korean series on Netflix


The King: Eternal Monarch

The film marks the return of actor Lee Min Ho on the small screen after years of hiatus. The King: Eternal Monarch belongs to the genre of adventure, fantasy mixed with romance.



The film's content revolves around King Lee Gon on his journey to teleport between two parallel worlds to prevent the devil from attacking the human world. Although this topic is not new, it is enough to attract viewers with eye-catching action scenes, top-notch effects and famous actors (Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan ...).





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The King: Eternal Monarch


This is what happens in "The King: Eternal Monarch"
A contemporary Korean emperor enters a parallel world through an enigmatic portal, in which he encounters a spirited female criminal investigator.


This is how you can stream "The King: Eternal Monarch":
In our film and series details you can find out which streaming service you can stream "The King: Eternal Monarch" with or watch online. With one click you come directly to the provider. Stream now




Translation from German google



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5 Romantic K-Drama Scenes of The King: Eternal Monarch, etc, Make Hearts Pound


When watching Korean dramas , surely some of the things to look forward to are romantic scenes from the characters.

Whether it's a kiss, a hug, a declaration of love or just showing concern.

The scriptwriter or director always knows how to make the audience's heart flutter with sweet scenes.

One of them that happens quite often is a sweet scene under an umbrella with a light drizzle.

Here are eight moments of Korean drama when the main characters are romantic. Which is KLover's favourite?


The King: Eternal Monarch in episode 12, Emperor Lee Gon and his army save Tae-eul


Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) spurs a white horse with a sword, telling his cavalry: “Protect her! She is the future queen of the Korean Empire.”


He jumps off his horse Maximus, slashes at the baddies that get in his way, and grabs the injured Tae-eul in his arms and hugs her tightly.


This romantic scene really makes anyone flutter with the old-fashioned romantic feeling in this korean drama.





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