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[Drama 2020] The King: Eternal Monarch, 더 킹: 영원의 군주


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The King Eternal Monarch: Know Everything About Netflix Romantic Drama!




There are many korean actors but one of my favourite people is Lee Min-ho and here in this article we will discuss the romantic series which fails to attract in korean but is given love from the international fans and audience.

The King: Eternal Monarch is the 2020 romance drama which received 8.2 out of 10 on IMDB while 8.1 on MyDramaList from 10. The King Eternal Monarch is a South Korean series which is written by Kim Eun-sook and Hwa&Dam Pictures are the producers company along with its parent company named Studio Dragon and the series came to premiere on SBS TV and worldwide through Netflix.

This romantic fantasy drama follows the story of Emperor Lee Gon played by Lee Min ho and he is the emperor of Corea Kingdom and wants to cross the parallel world which is taken by Lee Lim or the uncle of Lee Gon and he killed his father when Lee Gon was a child and also tried to kill him but However he was saved at that time and now Lee Gon wanted to cross the other half of Manpasikjeok to go to meet the detective Jung Tae-eul who lives in another reality world of Republic of Korea.




Baek Sang hoon, Jung Ji-hyun and Yoo Je-won are the directors of this romantic fantasy drama which came in 2020 on its original network SBS TV and has a running time of 70 to 79 minutes per episode and consists of 16 episodes in its first season.

After that the drama premiered on Netflix and was loved by everyone. The King Eternal Monarch which came in its original language i.e. Korean maintained its position on the top list of the most popular dramas on Netflix in many countries and received mixed reviews.


The King Eternal Monarch: Release Date


This romantic drama by Kim Eun-sook premiered on April 17, 2020 and concluded on June 12, 2020 on its original network in South Korea with its 16 episodes. The series runs for 70 to 79 minutes and Jinnie Choi and Yoon Ha-rim are the executive producers of this fantasy drama.


The King Eternal Monarch: Cast and Characters






These are the cast members who contributed in this korean drama and these are-

Lee Gon or Lee Ji-hun is played by Lee Min-ho and he is the third king of Corea Kingdom.
Police Officer Jeong Tae-eul/ Luna, a criminal / Koo Seo- hyeong is played by Kim Go-eun.
Jo Yeong, royal guard captain / Jo Eun-sup is played by Woo Do-hwan.
Kang Shin-jae/ Kang Hyeon-min is played by Kim Kyung-nam.
Koo Seo-ryeong/ Koo Eun-ah is played by Jung Eun-chae.
Lee Lim/ lee Seong-jae is played by Lee Jung-jin.
Along with this there are so many other supporting characters who contributed in this series which is loved by everyone.


Where to Watch The King Eternal Monarch


You can stream or download this series on Netflix and on Amazon Prime through DVD Blu ray and on some other platforms which provide this series on the platforms.


The King: Eternal Monarch | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]





The King Eternal Monarch is a worth watching and romantic series to watch which received mixed reviews on IMDB and the popularity of the series is increasing which means the show is in demand by the audience. So we all are waiting to watch the new season which is not renewed yet. Till then, read and watch other shows on trendingnewsbuzz.com.



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January 5, 2022

Actor Woo Do-hwan finished military service





Actor Woo Do-hwan has completed his mandatory military service, according to his agency Keyeast on Wednesday.

Woo entered the military in July 2020 and was on vacation leave from Oct. 31 last year.

For the prevention of the further spread of Covid-19, Woo was immediately discharged after his vacation without returning to his base. 

Woo uploaded a post on his Instagram on Nov. 1 to thank his fellow soldiers. “Thank you for being my friend and family,” it read.
Woo earned recognition for starring in a number of drama series such as “Save Me” (2017) on OCN, “Mad Dog” (2017) on KBS, “My Country” (2019) on KBS, “The King: Eternal Monarch” (2020) on SBS and films “The Divine Fury” (2019) and “The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful” (2019). 

Woo will return to acting straight away, appearing in the upcoming Netflix Korea original series “Hunting Dogs.” The story revolves around three youths who enter the moneylending business and get swept up in crime.

Woo portrays one of the leads named Gun-woo, who becomes involved in the business to pay off his own debt. Other actors such as Lee Sang-yi, Kim Sae-ron and Huh Joon-ho have also been cast for the series. 

BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]



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5 Thrilling Time Travel Korean Dramas


The fantasy story presented in the Korean drama series is not far from unique and unexpected. How not, some fantasy-themed storylines from Korean dramas often make us as viewers shake our heads. Just look at dramas like My Love from Another Star, Secret Garden, Are You Human too?, Goblin, Hotel del Luna, Mystic Pop-up Bar , and other fantasy dramas with unique stories.

One of the fantasy genres that is not only unique but also drains your head is the time travel Korean drama or one that tells about time travel. Although time travel is not a new theme, the scriptwriter never runs out of story styles to bring up this one theme. Here are some thrilling Korean time travel dramas that you must watch.


#2 The King: Eternal Monarch

The two worlds depicted in The King: Eternal Monarch are the Kingdom of Korea and the Republic of Korea. Lee Gon, the king of the Korean Empire, managed to visit the Republic of Korea by opening the parallel world gate through his half Manpasikjeok. He comes to the Republic of Korea and meets Jung Tae Eul, a person whose name is on the identity card that Lee Gon brought when he survived death as a child.

The King: Eternal Monarch is played by Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, and Jung Eun Chae. The drama is written by Kim Eun Sook, a screenwriter who has written several popular dramas such as Descendants of the Sun  and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God .



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Soompi Forums Awards: The best k-dramas of 2021? Please vote!


Now is your chance to show your love for your favorite dramas of 2021. In the Soompi Forums Awards poll you can vote for the dramas you liked the most last year. :kiss_wink:

Which dramas will be the winners?



Your Event Organizers,

@partyon @confusedheart @agenth @Sleepy Owl

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January 12, 2022


11 best Korean drama tips even if the story doesn't make sense


A true fantasy story will never happen in the real world.


    Brilio.net - Of the various genres featured in Korean dramas, there are so many genres that many viewers are interested in following. Despite the years of release, the drama is still in demand and is being revisited. Indeed, if the story is in a drama, it usually makes no sense.

This absurd criterion falls into the category of dramas presenting fantastic stories that would never have happened in the real world. Although it sounds ridiculous, the stories presented are accompanied by interesting stories that amuse many viewers of the show.

Plus, dramas with this theme are endless creations, and they'll be replenished with other stories. Korean dramas like this can make dedicated viewers feel the fantasy created by Korean dramas... 


2. King: Eternal Monarch (2020).




"The King: Eternal Monarch" is a Korean drama that tells the story of Lee Ji Hoon (Lee Min Ho), who becomes a leader in the parallel world of Korea. The drama tells the story of Lee Gong (Lee Min Ho), the emperor of the modern Kingdom of Korea, trying to overcome the barrier into an alternate reality when the Republic of Korea exists as the Kingdom's successor.


He finds Detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), who is identified by his ID obtained at a turning point in his childhood: the murder of his father. Lee Gong's half-uncle, Lee Lim (Lee Jong Jin), who killed the previous king, Lee Ho (Lee Gong's father), hides and gathers troops, traveling back and forth between two parallel worlds.


Translation from malay google


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5 Popular Female Police Characters in Drama, Her Badass Aura Makes You Fall in Love


If you pay attention to Korean dramas from year to year, there are no ordinary storylines that are shown. Each title has a story strength to character that steals attention and makes you want to keep watching. For example, the female lead figure who always has her own badass side.


Of the many female lead professions that have been shown, the female police officer is the one who always steals the attention. Good at investigating cases and having cool self-defense skills that make their characters really stand out. Which one is your favourite, KLovers?




Talking about the female police character in the drama, Jeong Tae Eul really has to be on the list. Kim Go Eun managed to bring to life the character of a strict detective who tries to uphold justice and protect those around her.

In this drama, there are several scenes that show the strength of her acting when she has to fight or wield a weapon. Super cool, don't be surprised if her acting won praise in the drama.



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The Charm of Korean Actors with "Dear" Faces as King in Drama


Sierra Mutisari | Monday, January 24, 2022




Lee Min Ho




Lee Min Ho plays the role of the king / Photo: twitter.com/TitasofKdrama

Speaking of the hero king played by Korean actors in the drama, Lee Min Ho's name is definitely not left behind, Beauty. Often playing the role of Cassanova in various popular dramas, Lee Min Ho also played the role of the king in The King: Eternal Monarch.


He plays the role of Lee Gon, the king of the kingdom of Korea, who wants to find the man who saved his life, Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun). Unfortunately, Jung Tae Eul hails from the Republic of Korea in modern life, where the only way they can meet is through a gate that leads to a parallel world.


Lee Min Ho, who is truly known for his visual charm and undoubted acting skills, is considered very suitable for the role of King Lee Gon. Moreover, when he appeared in his royal attire, it made him even more charismatic!


Translation from indonesian google

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3 Recommended Royal Theme Dramas


Korean dramas often raise stories with the theme of the kingdom and the daily lives of its members. Apart from the theme, dramas about the kingdom also often attract attention because of the lineup of actors. Here are three recommendations for Korean drama series with a royal theme that must be on your watch list.


The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

The drama starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun is also not to be missed.  This time leap -themed drama  managed to steal the attention of many drama fans at that time. The story of the romance between a king and a working woman in modern times is very exciting and worth watching.


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7 most popular dramas with the best bromance stories, the latest being bad and crazy

Diane Purnamasari | Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Not only do stories about romantic couples excite viewers, Korean dramas also have a series of bromance stories from male characters that we are just as excited to follow. Bromance is a relationship between men that usually takes place in friendship, brotherhood, and rivalry also takes place.

Korean dramas show a lot of romantic relationships and you will be ashamed to miss them because the story is very interesting. Here are 7 recommendations for Korean dramas with interesting bromance stories for you to watch, beauties!


5. King: Eternal Monarch




The story of a king from a parallel country in Korea and his bodyguards is another highlight of Eternal Monarch. Don't miss this drama also starring Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan, both beauties. Although the relationship between them is king and bodyguard, it turns out they have been together since childhood.


This makes their relationship look like a friendship. Woo Do Hwan needs a strong position as a bodyguard to protect the king. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho, who sometimes does as he pleases, is a little fussy about their relationship.


Translation from indonesian google


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From Emmaik
January 12, 2022


Here is a small selection of two must-watch Korean dramas in 2022.


If you like dramas that combine fantasy and romance, these dramas are for you!


Here is the first drama: The King: Eternal Monarch




The King: Eternal Monarch is a drama released in 2020 and available on Netflix.

Broadcast period: from 04/17/2020 to 06/12/2020

Episodes: 16 (about 1 hour)

Genres: Action - Drama - Fantasy - Crime - Romance




In 2020, Lee Gon becomes the king of the Kingdom of Korea, but one day he tries to cross the barrier that separates the two worlds: the Kingdom of Korea and the Republic of Korea. In this new world for him, which is the Republic of Korea, where he is not a king, he meets a detective named Jung Tae Eul. It turns out that this woman is the only person he knew from early childhood, but she does not know him. Lee Gon is traumatized from his early childhood by his father's death, as he was killed by his brother; Uncle Lee Gon.
But will Lee Gon sit back or take revenge on his uncle with the help of Jung Tae Eul?


Main actors:

Lee Min-ho as Lee Gon
Kim Go Eun as Jung Tae Eul
Woo Do Hwan as Jo Yeon
Jung Eun Chae as Goo So Ryong
Lee Jong-jin as Lee Rim




The King: Eternal Monarch is a very interesting drama that is very well done. A very well thought out script, as well as a very effective cast. Lee Min Ho's performance is very realistic, the actor embodied the character of Lee Gon well. An up-to-date and aesthetic love story that is not necessarily the center of drama. A positive point, because the romance does not spoil the very essence of the story. In addition, each episode is full of surprises, ups and downs that the viewer did not expect. Despite these interesting twists and turns, I think you have to be very careful not to get lost at the end.


The King: Eternal Monarch | Official Teaser #1 | Netflix [ENG SUB]



Translation from french google


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Cop these beauty and makeup tips from your favourite K-drama characters


There is no denying that Koreans have the most exciting and indulgent skincare regimes. They not only master the fashion game but also nail the skincare game. And when it comes to their innovations in the beauty industry, we’re all on board with the K-wagon.


For those who wish to have dewy, flawless skin like their favourite K-drama character — or at least steal a few tips — here are some skincare and makeup tips from your favourite K-Drama characters to include in your routines.


Beauty and makeup lessons from K-Drama characters

Cop the luxurious LED masks

If you want to indulge in skincare, you should get your hands on the luxurious LED masks seen in The King: Eternal Monarch. The metallic mask uses light-based therapy using 1,026 LED lights to improve skin health, increase collagen, and kiss goodbye to blemishes.









10 K-dramas with best OST that you must add to your playlist


K-dramas are ruling the world right now. Not only do they present a magnificent plot but also give the best OST lineup. The songs that are inculcated in the dramas are apt for the setting and always breathtaking.


Mostly the OSTs are recorded by famous singers and K-pop idols who make the drama even more worthwhile. Listed down below are 10 K-dramas with amazing OSTs that you should definitely add to your playlist.


The King: Eternal Monarch

This is another fantastic soundtrack. Look no farther if you’re looking for a soundtrack that will transport you to another universe. The King: Eternal Monarch’s music is both atmospheric and exquisite, fitting nicely with the show’s regal tale. It’s an album that will make you feel as though you’re longing for a long-lost sweetheart. Hwasa’s “Orbit,” Zion.T’s I Just Want to Stay With You,” Gaeko and Kim Na’s-“Heartbreak,” young’s Onestar and Kim Jae-“My hwan’s You’re End and My Beginning,” and Gummy’s “My Love”.



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In love with most things Korean and can’t get enough of K-dramas? As the world celebrates Korean New Year (Seollal) Day, settle in with a steaming hot bowl of Ramen (noodle soup) and banana milk, a warm, comfy blanket, and pick your favourites from this irresistible list of the best Korean dramas on Netflix. 


The King: Eternal Monarch


Have you ever thought of the possibility of a parallel universe? Korean Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-Ho) seeks to seal the gateway between dimensions, while Jung Tae-Eul (Kim Go-Eun), a detective, races against time and parallel universes in hopes to protect the people and the one she loves.


The King : Eternal Monarch Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix




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The allure of Korean actors in royal robes, who looks the most like royalty?


Sierra Muktisari | Beautynesia
Wednesday, Feb 02 2022




Lee Min Ho in The King: Eternal Monarch / Photo: soompi.com

The rows of popular Korean actors in royal robes are amazing!

How many of you really like Korean dramas with a historical or royal background? In the dramas of this genre, many characters appear in Korean royal style in ancient times, both female and male.

Well, as for some Korean actors who look stunning in royal robes and look like the "aristocrats" of the last century. Interested in someone? Let's see more here!


Lee Min Ho




Unlike Korean actors who appear in traditional royal attire such as hanbok, actor Lee Min Ho actually appears in modern uniforms, making his appearance even more stunning.

In the drama The King: Eternal Monarch, he played a king named Lee Gon. He became king when he was very young, due to the death of his father at the time, who was killed by his uncle.

To avenge him, Lee Gon plans to hunt down his uncle until he discovers a new secret to the existence of parallel worlds. Besides appearing in his modern form, King Lee Gon also wears the traditional royal attire that you often see in dramas set in the kingdom!

Well, there are some actors in royal robes that make them give off a royal aura. Who do you like better?


Translation from indonesian google


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Some heavenly hanboks to look at as we celebrate Lunar New Year


9 cutest drama bromance stories that will dazzle viewers!


Ema Rahmavati
- February 2, 2022




GALAMEDIA - You can watch K-Drama aka drakor to know the love story of the main characters. However, sometimes a bromance between the male characters in a drama can replay the main love story.

We are equally interested in following the Brohman history of the male cast. Bromance is a relationship between men that usually takes place in friendship, brotherhood, and rivalry also takes place.

Korean dramas show a lot of romantic relationships and you will be ashamed to miss them because the story is very interesting. I do not believe? Watch the drama first, gang!


1. King: Eternal Monarch


The story of a king from a parallel country in Korea and his bodyguards is another highlight of Eternal Monarch. The series starring Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan is not to be missed guys. Although the relationship between them is king and bodyguard, it turns out they have been together since childhood.


This makes their relationship look like a friendship. Woo Do Hwan needs a strong position as a bodyguard to protect the king. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho, who sometimes does as he pleases, is a bit fussy about their relationship.


Translation from indonesian google


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12 Heart-Fluttering K-Drama Couples We Love Then and Now


February 03, 2022


K-dramas remain as South Korea’s most consumed cultural content export according to the study titled, Global Hallyu Trends 2021 by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, and its continued success is attributed to two factors: solid and well-structured storylines; and attractive actors. And we couldn’t agree more. 


Through the years, the Korean entertainment industry has been consistently giving us the most out-of-the-box storylines one could ever imagine. South Korean actors, writers, directors and producers are incredibly talented too, and as proof are several prestigious international awards that they have earned in recent years including the Oscar’s, Golden Globe and Cannes. On top of this, they seem to be exceptionally good at casting actors, and where the romance genre is concerned, they almost always come up with the most swoon-inducing pairs to grace the screens... 


While the list of notable Korean drama couples goes on, we have selected 12 of our all-time favourites in no particular order. Help yourselves and fall in love with them all over again.


9. Lee Gon and Jeong Tae-eul, "The King: Eternal Monarch" (2020)




Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun fans, relax! We acknowledge that many of you are rooting for Lee Min-ho-Park Shin-ye, Lee Min-ho-Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Min-ho-Son Ye-jin, Kim Go-eun-Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun-Ahn Bo-hyun, and so on and so forth. We can't blame you, after all, both are such versatile actors who would look awesome with anyone they are paired with, no matter the age or race. However, it was utterly difficult to move on from Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) and Jeong Tae-ul's (Kim Go-Eun) playful and blush-inducing romantic stint in The King: Eternal Monarch, which spans across two parallel worlds.


And if it's true that Kim Go-eun is the first lady to appear on Lee Min-ho's Instagram account, well, that says a lot.



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4 Recommended Dramas with the Best Sci-Fi Effects and Stories


For technology lovers, these 4 dramas can be an interesting spectacle!

In addition to the unexpected storyline, these kdramas also have a stunning effect.


The King: Eternal Monarch


The drama, starring Lee Min Hoo and Kim Go Eun, tells the story of the king of Corea named Lee Gon who finds a gateway to a parallel world to escape because his father was murdered when he was a child.

He then ventured into a parallel world and met the figure in a mysterious ID card.

Lee Gon and Jeong Tae Eul go on adventures and visit each other's worlds.





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Return of Lee Min Ho, 7 2022 KDrama Cast The King: Eternal Monarch


Major players almost all return, here




City Nurmala Sari
February 07, 2022


The King: Eternal Monarch is one of the most talked about Korean dramas of 2020. The reason is because the drama, which combines detective, romance and sci-fi genres, makes Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun a couple.

It is also confirmed that both of them have a new drama set to air in 2022. Not only Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, the five other cast members of “The King: Eternal Monarch” will also be returning to the drama this year.


1. Lee Min Ho




Lee Min Ho in Pachinko (instagram.com/actorleeminho)


In 2021, he did not act in the drama, Lee Min Ho will return to greet the audience only on March 25, 2022 in a new drama called Pachinko. An original Apple TV+ series will tell the story of Kim Sung-ja, who was born when Japan occupied Busan, Korea. Kim Sung Ja's character will be played by veteran actress Yoon Yoo Jung, while the younger version will be played by Kim Min Ha.

Kim Sung Ja is then told that she has fallen in love with a man named Ko Han Soo (Lee Min Ho). However, he finds out that Ko Han-soo married another woman when she was already pregnant with his child. Upon discovering this fact, Song Zha's position collapsed.


2. Kim Go Eun




Kim Go Eun (post.naver.com/BH엔터테인먼트)


In addition to Kim Go Eun reappearing as Yumi in the second season of KDrama Yumi's Cells, Kim Go Eun received an offer to star in a drama called Little Women. In the drama, which is about three sisters involved in a case against a powerful man in South Korea, Kim Go Eun will play a character named Oh In Joo.

Oh In Joo is considered the eldest of three sisters. Living in poverty since childhood, Oh In Joo's character is presented as an older brother who wants to protect his family with money. In Joo's only desire is to live like any normal person.


3. Woo Do Hwan






Woo Do Hwan (instagram.com/keyeastofficial)


Freshly released from military service on January 5, 2022, Woo Do Hwan confirmed his return to the acting world by starring in the Netflix series Bloodhound.

In the drama, this actor born in 1992 will play a character named Geon Wu, a talented boxer who won Rookie of the Year award. However, he left boxing and turned to the loan services business to pay off his mother's debt. In the loan shark world, he becomes the servant of loan boss Mr. Choi (Heo Jun Ho).


4. Jung Eun Chae





Jung Eun Chae (instagram.com/jungeunchae_)


On October 20, 2021, Jung Eun Chae was confirmed to be one of the main characters in the drama "Anna" along with Bae Suzy, Kim Jun Han, and Park Ye Young. In the original drama Coupang Play, Jung Eun Chae will play a character named Hyun Joo.

Hyun Joo is narrated as a woman who has lived her life putting herself above everyone else or feeling superior. He treated other people badly, but he wasn't bad either.

Hyun Joo is a character who has a strained relationship with Yoo Mi (Bae Suzy). Meanwhile, Jung Eun Chae will also reunite with Lee Min Hoo in the drama Pachinko.


5. Kim Young Ji






Kim Young Ji (instagram.com/demi_kimee)


Kim Young Ji has been confirmed to star in a Netflix series titled Somebody. The series will tell the story of a globally popular social networking app where users have to pay to subscribe to the service if they want to get more information. One app user turned out to be a serial killer.

In the series, Kim Young Ji was cast as one of the main characters named Mok Won, a police officer who has to investigate a mysterious murder case.


6. Kang Ki Dong






Kang Ki Doong (instagram.com/hunus_ent)


After playing Jung Eun Chae's assistant in KDrama 'The King: Eternal Monarch', Kang Ki Doon is ready to turn into Song Joong Ki's older brother in 'Conglomerate's Youngest Son'.

In the drama, he will play a character named Jin Hyun Joon, the older brother of a large family. Although he comes from a wealthy family, he does not receive financial support from his family.

But with the help of his younger brother Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki), he was able to establish and become the CEO of a music agency. Therefore, he loves and obeys his sister very much.


7. Sojin Girl's Day






Sojin Girl's Day (instagram.com/ssozi_sojin)


The idol and actress who once played a psychiatrist in 'The King: Eternal Monarch' in Sojin Girl's Day has been confirmed as the second female lead in 'Shooting Star'. In the drama, he will likely be involved in a love triangle with the roles of Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung.

Out of the seven cast members of The King: Eternal Monarch who will be returning this year, which drama are you looking forward to the most? Come on, write in the comments column.


Translation from indonesian google

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