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[Movie 2020] Innocence, 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong


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23 hours ago, rubie said:


“Majority of the mystery films so far in local cinemas were centered upon men,” director Park Sang-hyun pointed out. “This is a story about a mother and her daughter, and how the daughter finds out her mother’s heartbreaking secret during her investigation to save her mother.”


The film is expected to hit theaters on March 5.

Immortal @rubie thank you, and as always an honor to have you drop in. :wub:

Most everyone on this page are just rabid SHS fans and we tend to leave out the important other details that gives a balanced view of the story that isn't referring to SHS or mentioned by her. So it's really nice to have this story translated that gives a good big picture.



On 2/7/2020 at 1:49 PM, immorethant said:

Tomorrow (Sat 8) at 10.20 a.m. KST on KBS 2 , the program ''영화가 좋다'  (Movie is good) will broadcast preview of 'Innocence'.

Please stay tune. 




I noticed if I multi-quote whole posts from SHS page it gets deleted by mods here.

So I just repost instead of quoting.

From her Korean fan site:


By far the BEST trailer so far, and quite a tidbit of new scenes, lines - we'll have the whole plot, the counterpunch and conclusion all figured out soon at this rate.

Transcription and translation by @meechuttso key:

    Narr = Narration voice-over , AJI - Ahn Jung-In , CHJ - Choi Hwa-Ja , Capt - on-screen caption


시장님 오셨어오?
Voice: You've arrived, Sir Mayor?


한 농가의 장례식장에서
News:  At a funeral in farm house


고농축살충제가 든 막걸리를 마셔
News:  Drinking rice wine laden with pesticide


한 명이 사망하고
News:  One person has died and


경찰은 유력한 용의자로 거론되는
채 모 씨를 긴급체포 해
News:  The one most suspected of the crime, the police
       Have arrested her immediately and


밤샘 조사를 하고 있습니다
News:  Have been investigating through the night


N. 살인 용의자가 된 엄다
Narr:  Mom who has become a murder suspect


C. 결백 - 감독: 박상현 / 출연 : 신혜선,배종옥
Capt:  Innocence/Innocent
       Director: Park Sang-Hyeon
       Starring: Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong-Ok


N. 발길을 끈은 고향집에 다시찾은건, 이사건때문이었습니다
Narr:  The reason for return to hometown she had left for good
       Was because of this incident.


나, 누군지 모르겟어?
AJI:   Can't you recognize who I am?


CHJ:   Who are you??


재판장님께 구속 집행 정지를
AJI:   We plead the Court to halt her expedited arrest and booking.


딸도 못 알아보는사람이
계획적으로 사람을 죽여요?
AJI:   One who can't even recognize her own daughter
       Could kill a person pre-meditatedly?


N. 뭔가 석연치않음을 느낀 정인은
   엄마의 무죄를 밝히기로하고
Narr:  Jung-In, sensing something is afoot,
       Steps up to uncover her mother's innocence.


직계 가족이고요
AJI:   I am the (defense) attorney
       And her immediate family


N. 늦은바 사건현장에서 단서를 찾던 그때
   침입자의 공격을 받게되죠
Narr:  While belatedly casing the murder scene for clues,
       Becomes attacked by a trespasser....


침입한 사람도 있는 것 같고
수상한 점이 한두 가지가 아니야
AJI:   Seem there was a trespasser too
       Too many suspicious things to count


동네 사람들이 우리 집에 왜 그래요?
AJI:   Why are the village folks like that to our family?


다 그일때문이지 뭐
Voice: It's all because of that incident of course...


N. 정인이 집을 떠나있던동안
   대체 이곳에서 무슨일이 벌어지고 있었던걸가?
Narr:  While Jung-In has been gone away from home
       Just what kinds of things have been going on here?


아무 짓도 안 했어!
CHJ:   I didn't do anything!


지금 뭐 하는 거야, 수사 협조 안 하고!
AJI:   What do you think you're doing, obstructing investigation?


아픈사람 불러 놓고 뭐 하는 거야 지금?!
Mayor: Whut you tryin' to do dragging a sick person out here?


살인 용의자 찾고 있잖아
AJI:   Can't you see I'm trying to find the murder suspect?


N. 무죄를 입증하기위해 진실을 추적하는 영화 - 결백은
Narr:  'Innocent' - the movie about pursuit of truth
       to prove one's innocence - is

"내가 법정에서 증명해 줄게"
Defense Lawyer: "I will, at the trial, prove it for you!"

"너! 절대 살인범 아니라고"
Defense Lawyer: "That you! Are absolutely not the murderer"

N. 목격자가 살인범으로 등갑되는 부조리한 현실에 펀치를 날린 영화 '재심'의
   제작진이 다시 선보이는 '무죄 입증 추적극'이죠
Narr:  From "New Trial", the movie that smacked us with the
       irrational reality of a witness framed as the murderer,
       these creators' new "Pursuit of Inncence Proof" movie (is Innocent)
C. 2020년 다시 선보이는 '무죄 입증 추적극'
Capt:  2020's new 'Pursuit of Proof of Inncence' story.

확증 없이 심증만 가지고
이렇게 수사를 하는 건
AJI:   Without clear material evidence and only a suspicion
       Proceeding with an investigation in this way


엄밀한 표적 수사입니다.
AJI:   Is strictly an unfairly targeted investigation


N. Brown관 에서 활역한 배우 신혜선이
   날카로우면서도 섬세한 연기로 Screen 첫 주연에 나섯고
Narr:  (Brown tube) TV's big hit Actress Shin Hye-Sun :wub::wub::wub:
       (WIth) sharp-edged but detailed acting
       has appeared in her first starring role on Film


C. TV 드라마 '시철률의 여왕' :w00t:
   배우 신혜선의 첫 스크린 주연
Capt:  TV Drama 'Queen of Ratings' :w00t:
       Actress Shin Hye-Sun's first Film starring role


여가 어디레요오?
CHJ:   Where is this place?


N. 사건의 열쇠를 쥔체
   기억을 잃어버린 용의자로 변신한 배우 배종옥은
   묵직한 연기내공으로 극의 서스펜스를 높입니다
Narr:  While holding the crime's key
       became suspect having lost her memory,
       Having been transformed into (her), Actress Bae Jong-Ok
       With her solid acting acumen is raising the story's suspense.


C. 극의 suspense를 높이는
   배우 배종옥의 묵직한 연기내공
Capt:  One who raises the story's suspense level,
       Actress Bae Jong-Ok's solid acting 'skill from experience'


충청도를 위해 봉사해야죠
Mayor:  For the interest of (province) Choong-Chung-Do I must serve.


Village folk: Yes, of course


더 추해지기 전에
Mayor:  Before it gets more pathetic/sordid
        Why don't you stop it?


N. 배우 허준호는 인자한 얼굴뒤로 비열한 야심응 숨긴
   시장 열학을 선보이며 매순간 분위기를 앞도
   극에 완성도를 더하죠
Narr:   Actor Heo Joon-Ho, behind that kind-face hiding a sordid ambition,
        creating Mayor's role, overpowering presence every moment
        Adding to the story's degree of perfection


C. 두 얼굴을 가진 캐릭터
   이미지 변신을 예고한 배우, 허준호
Capt:   Two-faced character
        Image transformation anticipated, Actor Heo Joon-Ho


그 딸(네미) 하나 나타났다고
일을 이 지경으로 만들어?!!
Mayor:  Just becoz that one wench (daughter) showed up
        You've screwed up the situation like this?!!


N. 여론은 것잡을수 없는 방향으로 흐르고
   유릴한 목격자인 동생을 통해
   반전을 노리는데
Narr:   Public sentiment is getting out of control
            (flowing in uncontrollable direction)
        (And) through her younger brother, the only eyewitness,
        (She) tries to turn the table, but


증인석에 서면
누나를 꼭 보고 있어
AJI:    When you are in the witness box
        (You) must keep looking at me (your sister, noona)


본인 말고
Prosecutor: Other than yourself


주전자에 막걸리를 넣은 사람이 또 없어요?
Prosecutor: There isn't another who poured rice wine into the kettle?

몰라 몰라
Bro:    Don't know! Don't know!!


우리아들 아무것도 몰라요!
CHJ:    My son doesn't know anything!


Bro:    Mommy!!


C. 그녀는 과현
   무죄를 입증하기 위한 진실의 퍼즈?를 찾아 낼수 있을가요?
Capt:   Can she indeed
        Find the puzzle of truth that proves (her) innocence?


두고 보세요
AJI:    You just watch and wait


내가 결백을 증명할게
AJI:    I will prove (her) innocence

   무죄 입증 추적극
Capt:   Proof of innocence pursuit story


   결백 입니다!
Capt:   This is 결백 - Innocence!





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'결백' 진실을 둘러싼 신혜선·배종옥·허준호, 캐릭터 관계도 공개

'Innocence'  released Shin Hye Sun, Bae Jong Ok, Heo Jun Ho character relation surrounding the truth.




(google translation)


The movie 'Innocence' (director Park Sang Hyun) released a character relationship diagram that can see the face of the characters surrounding the truth at a glance.


'Innocence' refers to the murder of makgeolli (rice wine) pesticides at his father's funeral, and Jung In (Shin Hye-sun), a lawyer who tries to clarify the innocence of her mother Hwa-Ja (Bae Jong-ok) who lost his memory and was suspected of murder. An innocence pursuit that digs into the ugly truths to hide.


The open character relations are centered on Jung-in, a lawyer who traces the truth to reveal the innocence of her mother who was lost as a murder suspect. The main characters of 'Innocence' included Cheong-Soo (her brother) and Wang Yong who help Jung In .


The murder suspect's mother has no memory of the day, of course, and her brother, a witness, has an intellectual capacity of about 10 years old, so the situation of Jung-in struggling to reveal the innocence in the situation of not being able to testify properly can be seen at a glance. . In addition, the rough relationship with the Daecheon Mayor Chu In Hoe, who is a victim of the incident and obstructs the pursuit of Jung In and tries to cover the truth. Even when the villagers all accused her mother, the story of various characters like Wang Yong, who believes in her and is a reliable helper of Jung In will enrich the story.


'Innocent' will be released on March 5th. 

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Hello @meechuttso, thank you for the warm words, it's a pleasure to share related news updates here. Unlike drama threads, movie threads are often a lonely place.. so, no worries if you have fellow fans to share and talk about the upcoming movie. I've only seen a few of SHS' dramas (liking her in Five Enough, Stranger and Still 17).. she is steadily moving up from memorable supporting roles to a movie lead, really good for her!


Here's another update on the upcoming new movie. However, new movies released now are inevitably going to be affected by the current nCoV situation, we can only hope things will be under control and get better soon. 


February 11, 2020


Shin Hye-sun plays first lead role in 'Innocence'


Shin Hye-sun in film 'Innocence' / Courtesy of KIDARI ENT
Shin Hye-sun in film 'Innocence' / Courtesy of KIDARI ENT


By Kwak Yeon-soo The Korea Times

Actress Shin Hye-sun, who has dazzled audiences with her performances in both film and TV shows, is all set to take her first leading role on the silver screen.


In the upcoming film "Innocence," Shin will be playing lawyer Jeong-in working to prove her mother Hwa-ja's innocence in a murder case.


Hwa-ja (played by Bae Jong-ok), a woman suffering from dementia, is accused of mixing agricultural pesticide in makgeolli (rice wine) at her husband's funeral, which led to one death and three severe injuries. The motif of the film was born of a real-life story.


On taking the lead role, Shin said she has worked hard to live up to growing expectations of her.


"As I play bigger roles in drama series or films, the responsibility grows larger. I spend more time thinking about my acting and try not to compromise on the quality of my work," Shin said during a press conference held at CGV Apgujeong, Seoul, Thursday.


The actress shared that she chose to appear in the film partly because her father recommended it.


"Before okaying the project, I left the house one day with the script on the dinner table. My dad read it while I was out. When I returned home, he said I should take the role," Shin said.


Shin Hye-sun in film 'Innocence' / Courtesy of KIDARI ENT
Actress Shin Hye-sun speaks during a press conference to promote new film "Innocence" at CGV Apgujeong, Thursday. / Yonhap

The 31-year-old added she was attracted to Jeong-in's character, who shows a lot of strength and determination in difficult circumstances. "Such female-led legal dramas are not common these days, and my fans wanted me to play the role of a lawyer someday due to my clear diction," she said.


"Innocence" is director Park Sang-hyun's first commercial film.


He said of the films' main characters, "Most mystery or legal dramas are centered on male characters. I wanted to focus on the complex relationship between a mother and daughter instead of making it full of suspense and tension. Shin did very well in terms of expressing the daughter's mixed emotions after finding out her mother's secret during the criminal investigation."


Shin previously took small parts in "A Violent Prosecutor" and "A Day." She is better known for her roles in drama series, such as "Thirty but Seventeen" and "My Golden Life."


The film will hit local theaters on March 5.



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Not the best news to share, let's take it as a blessing in disguise with a silver lining waiting..


February 23, 2020


Film industry slump continues amid virus fears

By Choi Ji-won The Korea Herald


Snowballing coronavirus infections have continued to cast a pall over the film industry, with new releases delayed and events canceled.


Thriller flick “Time to Hunt” will tentatively postpone its release and cancel all promotional events, including premieres, the film’s distributor Little Big Pictures said Sunday in a statement. The company made the decision in response to the government’s call to refrain from mass gatherings.


“Time to Hunt” was slated to hold its first premiere event in Seoul on Tuesday, followed by its official release in local cinemas the next day. The film’s cast members -- including Choi Woo-shik, Lee Je-hoon and Park Jung-min -- and director Yoon Sung-hyun are currently attending the Berlin International Film Fest, where the movie received a special invitation for screening.


Another Korean film, “Innocence” (unofficial translation), has also called off all its promotional events, including media interviews. It is considering postponing of its release scheduled for March 5.


Korean documentary film “The Wandering Chef” and Spanish animation “Turu, the Wacky Hen” also shelved their opening dates due to coronavirus concerns.


Meanwhile, the outlook appears grim for films that have opened in theaters. According to Korean Film Council data, the number of cinemagoers in January recorded the lowest total for the month in eight years. The number of moviegoers who visited the cinema on Saturday dropped by half compared to the same day the previous week.


On Sunday, the number of confirmed cases here spiked to more than 500, following a large number of infections in Daegu.


By Choi Ji-won (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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INNOCENCE's Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok on Knowing Brothers.




INNOCENCE's Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok on Running Man.

23.02.2020 & 01.03.2020



INNOCENCE's Shin Hye Sun on SBS PowerFM radio interview




INNOCENCE's Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok on SBS Cinetown radio interview




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Song Ji Hyo Jokingly Gets Competitive About Film Release Dates With Shin Hye Sun And Bae Jong Ok

Feb 23, 2020
by J. Lim
Song Ji Hyo had everyone laughing on SBS’s variety show “Running Man” when she learned more about Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok’s upcoming film.

The February 24 episode of “Running Man” featured guest appearances by Shin Hye Sun and Bae Jong Ok to promote their upcoming film “Innocence.” While introducing what the film was about, they mentioned that it would be releasing March.

It was then that things clicked and HaHa asked, “Wait, are you going up against Song Ji Hyo’s film?” Song Ji Hyo looked shocked as she asked, “When is your film being released?” and Shin Hye Sun was flustered as she responded, “In March.”

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Moo Yeol’s new film “The Trespasser” (working title) is set to premiere in March as well. Realizing this, everyone tried to recover from the situation, with Shin Hye Sun clapping and saying, “They’ll both do well,” and the other “Running Man” cast members joining along and cheering for both films.

Song Ji Hyo then had everyone laughing when she looked directly in the camera and said, “Moo Yeol! Come on the show. Hey, come out here. Geez.”


Later on, Yoo Jae Suk tried to show support for Song Ji Hyo’s film but accidentally made a mistake. While wishing Song Ji Hyo’s co-star Kim Moo Yeol good luck, Yoo Jae Suk shouted, “Choi Moo Yeol, good luck!” and was quickly corrected by Song Ji Hyo. He looked embarrassed and said, “Moo Yeol, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you while I was trying to help.”


Both “Innocence” and “The Trespasser” are set to be released in March.


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From https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/404/0000267215


"Trembling"... Still Shin Hye-Sun's confession after 8 years
2020 Jun 07 5:03 pm


[enews24 Gong Hong-Joo reporting] A business card received from the actress before the interview. On the front is printed "Ahn Jung-In, Esquire". It was the card offered for this promotion interview by Shin Hye-Sun. Her acting being her business card, Shin Hye-Sun's resolve for her new challenge was memorable.


It's been 8 years since her debut. Receiving love from many for having steadfastly crafted her turf as an "actor's actor", Shin Hye-Sun has stepped up in her first film lead role through movie "Innocence". In the story, as ace lawyer at top law firm and Cha Hwa-Ja's daughter, Ahn Jung-In, for the duration of 110 minutes run time, with flawless acting she ably piques our curiosity for the 'truth'. Shin Hye-Sun's initiation as lead actress surpassed expectations.


"Watching it live, it felt more real so it made me nervous. Have to watch it like a movie, but wondering why I did that one scene in that way, I could see some parts that I wish could have done better. I can't quite put my finger on which part, but just a feeling that I should have done a bit better, that kind of regret. As for the movie itself, on the whole, it moved faster than expected, so I was satisfied with that."


Movie "Innocence" (dir Park Sang-Hyeon) is lawyer Jung-In (Shin Hye-Sun)'s 'chase for not-guilty evidence' story to uncover the sordid/evil truth which Mayor Choo (Heo Joon-Ho) and the village folk are hiding, to prove the innocence of her mother Hwa-Ja (Bae Jong-Ok), who, having lost her memory, has been cornered as the suspect in a murder case. A work based on a rice-wine pesticide murder incident in a remote country village, the country-side village backdrop was one of the points that drew Shin Hye-Sun to "Innocence".


"Takes place in a country-side. Against that backdrop the feel I got from Jung-In's character felt distinctive and interesting. The village folk wearing baggy pants and talking in country accents contrasted with Jung-In speaking English from the first scene, shows her working as a lawyer with a sophisticated style. Those points stood out and also felt fun. Plus scenery of my country-side family came to mind and peculiar feelings came over me. To me, the country-side had always given me warm and care-free feelings, but the scenario portrayed of this village sticks it to you, feeling suffocated and makes you want to run away. The overturned feeling of what was my country-side image is what I thought was interesting about it."


After having grown up in a nightmarish childhood, Jung-In is a character who had turned her back on such a family and lived fiercely alone. Trying to reveal her senile (demented) mother's innocence, fighting all alone (against great odds), this lawyer Jung-In's outward appearance and her confusing inner turmoil the closer she gets to the truth, (actress) Shin Hye-Sun portrays (untangles) with gravitas this narrative. But in order to breathe life into Jung-In's character, it wasn't easy to comprehend by herself, she tells.


"In fact it was difficult to comprehend her. One of the things that made me ponder (repent of) about this work was that I couldn't precisely understand this character. Why she would say or do certain things I couldn't exactly keep straight in my head, so at times it felt burdensome going into the shooting. Whether what was expressed through my acting in the movie is correct or not, I still can't tell for sure, and I don't think there's one right answer, either. As for me, I seem to get much material help through the actual shooting process. Through working together with the director-nim and actors, my comprehension of the character and the situation became more clear.


Of Jung-In's character, Shin Hye-Sun expressed, "felt like a fog over her", and "it may appear that right or wrong answers are clear for her, but on the inside that's not the case. While she may be an 'elite' now, she was a kid from poor country-side village; loves her mom and yet hates her too. On the inside she's complicated and noisy, but she gives off a calm exterior. Ambiguous like the fog, got from her a variety of feels like a murky noodle soup, so I tried to express those feels just so," she explained.


Perhaps due to the same legal backdrop, Shin Hye-Sun's Ahn Jung-In of 'Innocence' and Young Eun-Soo of 'Secret Forest', noticing where these two characters intersect is quite fun too. In fact, director Park Sang-Hoon, in studying drama 'Secret Forest' for casting Shin Hye-Sun, found her articulation/enunciation and range of emotions surprising. "After finishing the script, gave it to her right away and her casting was decided," revealing the back story.


"I think the director-nim saw 'Secret Forest' during script finalizing. Jung-In is a character with similarities with DA Young (Eun-Soo). If Eun-Soo is younger and gives off a well-to-do family daughter feel, Jung-In, is a kid from a dirt-poor village, studied with a steely resolve, in contrast. (Kind of) traumatized too, and sense of inferiority complex would have been stronger for Jung-In.


There were plenty of emotional scenes requiring much physical and mental energy expenditure, too. Shin Hye-Sun says, "night before emotional scenes I tend to be very nervous. Not sure what you'll think of me, but I practice my dialog in the bathroom a lot. There's a mirror, good lighting, so it's a good environment to muster up your emotions. So while preparing for shoots I tend to stay in the bathroom for a long time for practice," she confessed.


"But no matter how much I practice, there's a limit to preparing for emotional scenes. In the (jail) interview room scene, Bae Jong-Ok or myself, we intentionally did not look at each other's faces. The emotions might become too sympathetic. Then as soon as I saw her eyes, tears poured out. On the set, Bae Jong-Ok (honorific Sun-Bae-nim)'s persence herself is a big strength (to me). Timing-wise or emotion-wise, (she was) very helpful for my acting."


Movie "Innocence", at the end of being postponed twice due to Corona-Virus (COVID-19), is scheduled to open on the 10th. (Of this) Shin Hye-Sun says, "what makes me the most nervous is whether my acting can get someone to feel immersed or not. Unlike dramas, it's difficult to know such things, isn't it, with movies? In dramas, in a short time one can verify the resulting work and can see in real time reactions to my acting, so the wait is shorter for the next step, in contrast with long wait times for film. So I'm always nervous. Ultimately I want to do better, but whether what I did was correct, or was well-received by other people, that curiosity and the wait is long. So the time for self-introspection gets drawn out longer," she confessed also.


Shin Hye-Sun, through 'Innocence' has officially confirmed herself a screen actress. For her next work, she has confirmed tvN new drama 'Queen Cherin', and plans to continue her energetic work without rest. In her first historical drama work since debut, Bae Jong-Ok from 'Innocence' will also work with her this time too. Hinting at "a different relationship than in 'Innocence', a different kind of fun," Shin Hye-Sun's frank story telling continues.


"As I've lived, there's been almost nothing I want to do with a burning passion. But as for acting, it's different. My line of work is where I get to devote my soul and my body with a burning passion, and as I do, at times feel the 'catharsis'***. 'Just-do-it acting is good acting', some say, but I think it's the right thing to devote to studying the scripts carefully. So I plan to keep working to my utmost as I am doing now."


***Catharsis - construed to mean gratification, satisfaction, relief.



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Trying to post all the back-logged video clip links, but better yet,  please go see @immorethant's prodigious potpourri of posts in SHS thread.


Thank you soooo much @immorethant our best-Chingoo, for keeping us informed for these 3 long extra months of wait, and somehow we're almost here for the curtain call!!


Perhaps a blessing in disguise, perhaps one more stroke of genius timing typical of the career arc of SHS the actress, all of South Korea seems so eager to get back to the movies, and what better ambassador to greet them to the silver screen than Shin Hye-Sun, and the Bae Jong-Ok the Innocent, as if to tell the SK people, "welcome back, it wasn't your fault! you are all innOcent!!".


What drama! What history!! Maybe a movie theater outing experience like none other for everyone stampeding (with proper social distancing decorum of course) to the movies this week - may this movie and all who worked so tirelessly on it be remembered for a long time to come!




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Shin Hye Sun Talks About Upcoming Film “Innocence,” Portraying Mother-Daughter Relationship With Bae Jong Ok, And More

Shin Hye Sun Talks About Upcoming Film “Innocence,” Portraying Mother-Daughter Relationship With Bae Jong Ok, And More

Jun 9, 2020
by C. Lee
On June 5, Shin Hye Sun sat down to talk about her role in the upcoming film “Innocence,” working with veteran actress Bae Jong Ok, and more.

The actress, who started off her career with minor supporting roles in dramas “School 2013” and “Oh My Ghostess,” has risen to popularity through the KBS drama “My Golden Life.” Now, she is taking on her first starring role in a film. Shin Hye Sun commented, “It was very burdensome, and I was really nervous.”

She then added, “I’m doing what I’ve dreamed of ever since I was little, and I’m taking on a lead role, so I can only express how I feel with the words, ‘This is really nice.'”

“Innocence,” which premieres on June 10, will tell the story of a lawyer named Jung In (Shin Hye Sun) trying to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor (Heo Jun Ho). Her mother, Hwa Ja (Bae Jong Ok), was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband’s funeral, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot defend herself.

Shin Hye Sun commented on the similarities between her role as Jung In in “Innocence” and her character Young Eun Soo in the 2017 drama “Stranger,” who both work in the legal field and desperately try to save their parents. She said, “As soon as I saw the film scenario, I thought that I couldn’t help it if there was a similar feeling since the characters themselves are similar and the person acting the role is the same.”

Shin Hye Sun continued, “I tried to create differences through the details. Eun Soo is a lady from an aristocratic household while Jung In is someone who comes from a poor home environment and has studied like mad. I think that Jung In has a greater inferiority complex and sense of trauma.”


Although “Innocence” claims to be a film about the pursuit of a mystery, the story does not flow as urgently as expected. The process of revealing the secrets is rather calm, and the focus is on the history of the characters rather than the current conflict. In the second half of the film, the relationship between Hwa Ja and Jung In comes to the forefront. The director of “Innocence,” Park Sang Hyun, had initially planned to write a story about a mother and daughter but by chance encountered a story about a murder by poisoning and combined the two stories to complete his film scenario.

Shin Hye Sun remarked, “Like the title of the film, Jung In’s goal is to prove her mother’s innocence, but after reading the scenario, that was not all. The film involves several things including the story of a mother and daughter, the emotions between them, and Jung In’s unexpected decisions.”

She continued, “I had a hard time at first because I couldn’t really understand Jung In’s emotions. Toward the second half of the film, her emotions become a little different, and that didn’t work out well for me. But as I filmed with Bae Jong Ok, I began to gradually understand my character more.”

Shin Hye Sun elaborated on her experience acting alongside veteran actress Bae Jong Ok, whom she had met for the first time. “At first, I felt pressured, but after we started filming, she seemed like a real mom to me. I received both physical and emotional help from her, and I thought several times that I need to model myself after her innocent passion.”

She added, “Bae Jong Ok mentioned a few months earlier that she wanted to try comedy next, and I got to meet her again right afterwards in the tvN drama ‘Queen Cheorin’ (literal title), which is strongly comedic in nature. That was interesting, and I think it fits her well.”

Next, Shin Hye Sun talked about how she chooses her roles. She said, “It’s good if the whole project itself is fun, but since I am still a newbie, I can’t look at every little detail of the project. I have mainly chosen works that seem fun for me and will make my passion burn.”

“Innocence” was previously set to premiere on March 5. However, its premiere was postponed due to COVID-19 and was scheduled for June 11 until the date was finally set for June 10. Shin Hye Sun commented, “Rather than feeling bad that the premiere was postponed, I only wish that [the pandemic] would already pass.”

As a final thought, Shin Hye Sun advised, “If you are going to see “Innocence,” I hope that you always wear your mask and practice social distancing.”






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Netizens Are Praising Shin Hye Sun’s Stellar Acting Ability in Her New Film “Innocence”

“Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth.” – Netizen



6 days ago

Shin Hye Sun made her long-anticipated comeback through her new film, Innocence, and netizens are raving about her stellar acting ability in the film.



The film is about a woman played by Shin Hye Sun who fights to prove her mother’s innocence after she was wrongly accused of killing someone at her father’s funeral.


She acted alongside veteran actors,Bae Jong Ok and Heo Joon Ho, greatly raising the anticipation among viewers.


And they certainly didn’t disappoint.


Following the release of the film, netizens took to online communities to rave about Shin Hye Sun’s stellar acting in the film.


Some of the comments include,

Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good. I got so into it.

The supporting actors were very good. I’m going to watch it one more time.

I got really into it especially because it’s based on a true story. Shin Hye Sun’s acting was amazing and I was tense throughout the whole film.

This is the first good film I’ve watched in a while. I got really into it, and Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so good that I almost cried with a fist in my mouth. I strongly recommend it.

Stellar performance by Shin Hye Sun. It’s even more chilling on the big screen! I support you!

– Netizens


It was definitely worth waiting for, not to mention the acting of the amazing actors!

I really look forward to Shin Hye Sun’s acting.

Shin Hye Sun’s acting is so good!

– Netizens


Netizens are praising Shin Hye Sun and the rest of the cast of the film so strongly that international fans are hoping it becomes available overseas as well.


Congratulations to Shin Hye Sun and the film for a successful premiere!



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