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[Movie 2020] Innocence, 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong


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Shin Hye-sun'Innocent' CGV Golden Egg Index 94%:wub::wub:

Article entry 2020.06.29. 10:10 AM
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[News reporter Hyo-Joo Bae]

'Innocence' maintains a high audience rating despite the fourth week of release.

The movie'Innocence' (Director Park Sang-hyun), released on June 10, is a lawyer who attempts to uncover the innocence of the murderer of the Makgeolli pesticide at the father's funeral home, the mother of the murderer who was suspected of the murder. '(Shin Hye-seon) is a pursuit of innocence that digs into the ugly truth that'Chu Mayor' (Huh Jun-ho) and the villagers tried to hide.

'Innocence', which revitalized the theater district in June, proved its firm performance power by showing off its steadfast audience mobilization and hot acclaim until the fourth week of its release.

The power to support the success of this'innocence' seems to come from the high satisfaction of the actual viewers who actually watched the movie.

'Innocence' shows the power to maintain the freshness of the CGV Golden Egg Index at 94%, an indicator that can vividly see the actual audience's comments even at the 4th week of its release.

Audiences pointed out that Shin Hye-sun, Bae Jong-ok, Heo Jin-ho's passion, and the immersive sensation that preserved the beauty of the drama and drama are all alive.

The overwhelming support of these spectators is the driving force

behind'Innocence', proving the power and performance power of the work at the same time, despite the offensive of new works.(Photo = Movie Stills) Bae Hyo-joo hyo@


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Hello. This was a promotion for Innocence now on pay-per-view. The director came on to promote it himself.

He explains why he chose SHS for the role (based on Secret Forest and how even as a newbie she could always hold her own even when working with veteran actors). At about 8:30 the lady host asks him whether there was anything she did which was even beyond his high expectations after selecting her for the role, and at 9:00 and at 9:20, he points out how she could control tears from her left and right eye, then from right and left! Did we all notice that?

Some other director's insights include how the word 'Innocence' on the screen at the end isn't the same word at the beginning - hint hint :phew: and at 17:00 the opening scene was done with a stable camera showing her confidence in the court room but the scene near the end was done with a hand-held camera, in line with the emotionally shaken state reflected in her face in juxtaposition to the Jung-In in the opening scene. Wonderful recap of a superb debut role by Shin Hye-Sun and a glimpse of all that went in for the production team to make it all happen, which magnifies the talent and dedication she and everyone brought to the game.



Also, the director said how when he was working on this script with the writer, he was taking care of his mother during the day and working at night, how a mother-daughter relationship was very much on his mind during the work, and how he would, during the week of Chu-Seok (Korean fall festival when everyone visits home and parents in the country-side), recommend viewing 'Innocence' with your elderly mother or father together.


Which reminds me, the song that a man sings at the very beginning and the same song Jung-In's mother Hwa-Ja sings with young Jung-In on her lap at the end is 'At the Flower Field'


a beautiful piece that added much to the movie once I heard this director's comment. :byebye2:





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