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[Movie 2020] Innocence, 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong


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On 12/16/2018 at 3:09 AM, immorethant said:

So the film shooting was already started ? 

Thanks @immorethant . This and the other posts you found are by the cameraman, I think.


Since you're so hard at work doing all these web searches, let me add my tidbit too. Here,

He wishes he were 3cm taller and 10 years younger - LoL, he must be crushing on oori-baby badly - I hope she reads his post !


The location (as I have alluded to earlier on SHS thread p88 and p85) is 보령 (Bo-Ryong), in the 충청남도 (Choong-Chung-Nam-Do) province. Probable location where the heroine, Jung-In,-grew up and where her mom still lives. She probably came back from Seoul to the country-side after finding out her mom's a murder suspect.



Another shooting location was also disclosed some time back.

The poster says this is Sam-Jeon village (Samjeon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea) not too far from the tallest building in SK. Just for grins, here's the street view of the actual  location (서울 송파구 삼전로10길 13) on that IG post. :ph34r:B) LoL.


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53 minutes ago, Ni Wen said:



홍경, '결백' 출연 확정..신혜선 남동생 호흡 [공식입장]


From the Google translation, I understand that the brother of 신혜선 is casted :lol:

신혜선... that's about the only three Korean words I'm familiar with :P


Thank you @Ni Wen you are busy and I'm a step behind you all day! Good!



Let's give this rookie one more exposure. He's got good little bro visualz. :)


I updated the top page with couple cast member and role names, including this Hong Kyung fellow and his Jung-Soo role. He's a devoted son, in contrast to Jung-In, who left her house and mom long ago. :thumbsup:

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So this IG post from couple of days ago says the filming is going on near Bo-Ryeong (mentioned as location on top post page 1), in another village called Chung-Yang (청양).


The poster says "lots of celebrity cars, but too shy to ask for autographs." Says when asked, SHS wasn't around, but others like Park Chul-Min were there near the local hardware store.


That's all folks. @meechuttso relaying some fan anecdotes.


@kokkuri33 if you want to visit, you can visit nearby the 'Alps Village'

where you can catch small fish which they deep fry in a batter for you, eat chestnuts you roast yourself, and eat sweet potatoes baked in special ovens. Looks fun to do in cold weather.:ph34r:


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Dx5KbCkU8AE4zLd.jpg:largeHola Fans. Someone posted this from the set of "Innocent" to SHS fanclub. Bae Jong-Ok looks so happy here, and Shin Hye-Sun, I didn't recognize her at first as the actress - I thought someone had dug up her old middle school pics. Love it! And I don't know if this obvious group pic was taken at the beginning or the end of the shooting, but I hope they're wrapping it up! :w00t:

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Coffee trucks sent by Shin Hye Sun and 'Innocent' movie fans :kiss_wink:
*** Here is what written on the print-out canvas ***
믿고보는 배우 신혜선  
영화  [결백]
모든 배우, 스탭 여러분 응원합니다!
Support for trustful actress Shin Hye-Sun and all actors and staffs of 'Innocent' movie !
영화  [결백] 배우, 스탭분들 끝까지 힘내세요!  화아팅!
To actors and staffs of 'Innocent' movie, keep doing your best till the end !  Fighting !
From Bae Jong Ok fans.
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At first I think the shooting is already done, but I found this news that there will be traffic control at Cheongju Miwon area near Yongkok reservoir for 'Innocent' shooting today (Feb 28, 2019).   The news also mentioned that film is scheduled to be premiered this fall:lol:








The section where traffic is controlled by shooting film "Innocent", which is the supporting work of Cheongju Film Commission, is located at 88-1, Jongam-ri, Miwon-myeon, where the Yongkok reservoir is located, and 403 at Miwon-cho.


The movie "Innocent", scheduled to open this fall, is a story about a mother who can not recognize a person due to dementia and is identified as a suspect in the case of a poisonous murder case.. This film is starring actress Shin Hye Sun's first screen, which has attracted attention with her strong acting power and audience rating queen in various dramas. Actor Bae Jong-ok is cast in the suspected speaker 's role as a mother of Jeong-in and suffering from dementia, and the expectation of two actors' acting is rising. 


The director and crew of the movie 'Innocent' said, "I hope you will also enjoy the scenery of Cheongju in the movie." "I will put my top priority in this part of traffic control shooting to minimize the safety and inconvenience of citizens." 

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I think this is from 'Innocent' staffs , they took photos together from today's shooting at Yongkok reservoir.






Re-post @Ni Wen 's post from SHS thread. (Many thanks :wub: )


Shin Hye Sun and Tae Hang Ho with 'Innocent' makeup staffs

(original IG post here --> https://www.instagram.com/happilee_makeup__/  )






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Latest still photos from 'Innocent'









'Great actresses gathering'  Shin Hye-Sun x Bae Jong-ok,  Movie 'Innocent' cranked up.





Shin Hye-sun said, "I've been shooting almost every day for three months, and it seems like time has passed really fast. I've been working really hard and I want to be able to communicate a lot to the audience."


Bae Jong-ok said, "I feel heartache to leave all the actors and staffs which we worked so passionately together. I was so anticipated and curious to know how good piece of work it will turn out to be."


Huh Jun-ho said, "I am very grateful to the 'innocent' team, and I think I have met a piece of gem among myriad works."


Hong Kyung, who acted as the younger sister of Shin Hye-Sun, said, "I had a lot of worries about acting, I was honored to learn a lot while working with various staff members. "


Lastly, director Park Sang-hyun, who directed the film, said, "I shot in the cold weather and all actors and staffs suffered so much. I was happy to work with the best actors and staffs, I will do my best to finish it with a good work. "

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Today is December 17, 2019. With only 14 days left in 2019, I'm wondering where the movie Innocent is. I'm sure it was supposed to be released this year but I'm beginning to think we will have to wait until 2020. I'm getting antsy waiting to see Shin Hye Sun acting again.

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I just have little time for a quick update of Innocent movie, hope it will be finally released this year. :rolleyes:



[In expectation 2020 ③] 韓 movie, challenge continue!

2019년 유독 빛났던 여성 서사의 흐름은 2020년에도 이어질 전망이다. The flow of female narratives that shone in 2019 is expected to continue in 2020.

(next paragraph그를 변호하게 된 딸의 이야기인 신혜선 배종옥의 '결백'(감독 박상현),

The mother who was accused of a murder case, Shin Hye Sun's Bae Jong Ok's 'Innocent' (director Park Sang-Hyun),




The last paragraph said “키다리이엔티는 '결백' 등을 선보일 예정이다. Kidari ENT will show 'Innocent’ ***


*** The irony is that the production company name is 키다리 Kidari entertainment and pronounces the same as 기다리 which means ‘waiting’ :sweatingbullets: so it’s not the good choice for a company name and bad omen for us audience that have to wait more than a year for this movie. :P 





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I'm happy to see posts from you, immorethant, connected with Shin Hye Sun and the movie Innocent. Your post above is the first thing I've heard about Innocent in a long time. Although the news is scant, it still gives me hope but also gives me reason to frown a bit. I don't know much about how the film industry works, especially in Korea, but I was surprised by the thought that no cinema wants to show this movie because it's not produced by a big name company, and that you hope somebody will give it a chance. That's just sort of sad but it could explain why the film hasn't been released yet.


I'm shocked because for me anything involving Shin Hye Sun's acting is Golden, Number One, Triple AAA.  She's that good. I go over the top sometimes in my praise for her because my instincts force me to.  I'm at a loss sometimes why many other people can't see what i see.  In my world, just having the name Shin Hye Sun attached to a movie, would guarantee its overwhelming success. In the real world, outside my bias, it seems money from big time producers is the supreme consideration, while creativity, artistry and storytelling are secondary. As far as i can tell, zero money has been invested to date in promoting this long overdue movie.


Of course money is important and although I may be naive, I would have thought that this situation, if true, would have been known by all involved from day one. If it was known then it could be that the talent, as opposed to the financiers, would carry on with the movie out of sheer passion, probably because its an important story. If that were the case I'd be very proud of them.


The msn article in immorethant's post above, which was translated into English when I read it, also mentioned the upcoming movie Collector that also stars Shin Hye Sun. They also listed her as the movie's executive director. I don't know if that's true or bad translation or what.  I suspect it's simply a mistake but if accurate, what does an executive director even do as opposed to the actual director?  Perhaps they meant to say executive producer, which, if true, would raise the stakes for Shin Hye Sun considerably. If I'm not mistaken, executive producers typically arrange financing for the project, likely including their own financial investment. As a result, it could also lead to additional creative input, perhaps behind the camera.  Collector is produced by Siren Pictures but I don't know if that is a big name company or not. In any case, maybe SHS is exploring a whole new connection to her industry beyond acting.  Anyway, it sounds like a very interesting movie and i hope it doesn't get delayed like Innocent.





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4 hours ago, Man-O-Man said:

The msn article in immorethant's post above, which was translated into English when I read it, also mentioned the upcoming movie Collector that also stars Shin Hye Sun. They also listed her as the movie's executive director. I don't know if that's true or bad translation or what. 

A little correction,  if you don't mind, because the google translator got mess up here that SHS is executive director.


Actually in Hangul it said "기존 제목이 '도굴'로 알려졌던 이제훈 조우진 신혜선 임원희 주연의 '컬렉터'(감독 박정배)는 ...."

means "The movie 'Collector' (directed by Park Jung Bae) formerly known as 도굴 (Tomb Robbery) starring Lee Je Hoon, Cho Woo Jin, Shin Hye Sun, Im Won Hee ... "   (lots of co-stars because it's the heist movie, which in this genre of movie, they will work in a team of different skills and there must be scenes that describe skill of each member and the main lead will have to contact them or to persuade them to join the team,  I really want to know what is skill of SHS's charactor 'Se Hee', probably a sexy thief who is good at creating distraction and stealing things and hearts :rolleyes:).




Althought this is the debut work as a film director of Park Jung Bae who used to direct commercial work, but the screenplay of 'Collector' was written by Hwang Dong Hyuk who wrote/directed the movie 'The Fortress' (2018) that won Baeksang Award Best Film and it was also produced by Siren Pictures that produced 'The Fortress' and will be distributed by big company like CJ & M.  So in overall, I think 'Collector' looks more easier to be sold and perhap it may be released earlier than 'Innocent'. 




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Whatever it is, I just hope Innocent gets its due release. It is Hyesun's first ever lead role in a woman empowered film and there's nothing more than I wish for this movie to be released and shown to movie goers and proving Hyesun's mettle as a worthy movie actress.


My only wish in 2020, please let Innocent be screened soon! I'll be waiting patiently no matter how long it takes!

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