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[Movie 2020] Innocence, 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong


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Yay! Finally a release date for Innocent - well the month anyway - March 2020. Thanks to people at Shin Hye Sun forum page for digging this up. March will be here before we know it, but with this news spring is in the air already. My dream is that someday, Hae Sun will star in a movie that is as universally popular as Parasite, so more of the world can discover her.

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Finally !!!!  Jung In will come soon. 


'Innocent' Shin Hye Sun, Bae Jong Ok confirmed released in March.







특히 다양한 작품에서 인상 깊은 연기를 펼치며 연기파 배우로서의 입지를 굳건히 다진 신혜선은 첫 스크린 주연작품인 '결백'을 통해 한국영화를 이끌어갈 대표 차세대 배우로서 발돋움 할 것이다. 


(googlet translation)

In particular, Shin Hye Sun, who made an impressive performance in various works and solidified her position as an acting actor, will emerge as a representative next-generation actor who will lead a Korean film through her first screen film 'Innocent'.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2019] Innocent, 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong-Ok - Premieres in March



Lifted from DCinside fan site.


Synopsis translated:


At (her) father's funeral, a murder case involving rice wine and pesticide(?)

Having lost her memory and cornered as murder suspect, (her) mom 'Hwa-Ja' (by Bae Jong-Ok)

Trying to reveal her (mom's) innocence is lawyer 'Jung-In' (by Shin Hye-Sun)

This is (her) story of uncovering the evil/sordid truth that 'Mayor Choo' (by Heo Jun-Ho) and the village folks' are attempting to hide - in pursuit of proving her mom's innocence.


아빠의 장례식장에서 벌어진 막걸리 농약 살인사건.

기억을 잃은채 살인사건의 용의자로 몰린 엄마 '화자' (배종옥)의

결백을 밝희려는 변호사 '정인' (신혜선)이 '추시장' (허준호)과 마을사람들이

숨기려한 추악한 진실을 파헤쳐가는 무죄 입증 추적극.


Other production details all updated on title page.



There will be press conference on Feb 6th at 11 a.m. at CGV Apgujeong theatre in Gangnam.

Thank you so much @immorethant for the Feb 6th announcement and much more, and to all my friends here!



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Thank you @meechuttso for the synopsis translation.  Love to see you again.  :kiss_wink:

After I read the synopsis, wow..really want to see it, not just only Jung-In has to prove her mother's innocence but has to deal with bad people from the village, and surely she will not get much cooperation from them.  There must be some shocking secrets that those people want to hide.  


Just want to add links in case there are more update information in the future for us to check.

http://www.kobis.or.kr/kobis/business/mast/mvie/searchMovieList.do?sMovLang=ko&sMovName=결백  , then select 결백 (or strange google translation 'white hands' ) from the search result.


Naver movie link --> https://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/basic.nhn?code=180378


Daum --> https://movie.daum.net/moviedb/main?movieId=126126  (this website got high quality pics :wub:



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5 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

First look at newly released posters!


'Innocent' Shin Hye-Sun's fierce-face in the rain, inside crime story full of curiosity





Translated from https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000239807


'(the) Innocent' portends overpowering immersion


While 'Innocent' (‘결백’) is gathering anticipation as the well-made 'pursuit after proof of innocence' movie, on Jan 29th the very first two posters were released.


'Innocent' is about a rice-wine pestice murder incident that happened at daddy's funeral; mommy 'Hwa-Ja' (by Bae Jong-Ok) accused (cornered) as murder suspect while having lost her memory; a 'pursuit after proof of innocence' story of lawyer 'Jung-In' (by Shin Hye-Sun), in trying to reveal her (mom's) innocence has to uncover the sordid truth hidden behind 'Mayor Choo' (by Heo Joon-Ho) and the village folk.


The first poster immediately grabs our attention with a powerful sense of immersion. Against the backdrop of multitudes carrying placards, "pesticide murder heavy punishment", 'Hwa-Ja' being dragged to the police, 'Jung-In' with her toughned face standing in assist (of her mom), and the "fabricated evidence, shattered memory, will disappear unless uncovered (revealed)" taglines all testify to her steely resolve to prove her mom's innocence and adds to its tenseness.


Then, too, in the second poster, we can catch in Shin Hye-Sun's intense face in the downpour her resolute determination to reveal her mother's innocence no matter what.


The inscrutable expression of 'Hwa-Ja', having lost her memory and cornered as the murder suspect, and the sharp gaze of 'Mayor Choo', a victim but one standing at the center of the great power surrounding the village, seem to signal their tense conflict.


Here, "Everyone utters - that mom is the murderer" - this traumatic indictment is plenty sufficient to arouse endless curiosity about the mom become suspect in rice-wine pesticide murder incident and the inside story which envelopes her.


'Innocent', as the new project by the producers of 2017 movie 'New Trial' ('재심' based on true (Ik-San) Yak-Chon murder incident which carried a heavy message against irrational (unchecked) powers), is gathering anticipation. Add to this Shin Hye-Sun embarking on a novel challenge in her first (silver-)screen starring work and collaborations with Bae Jong-Ok and Heo Joon-Ho, top-acting veteran actors, a well-made pursuit story full of explosive acting synergy in every scene is promised.


Releases in March (photo - Sony Pictures Entertainment Korea, Kidari-Ent)


News N Park Ah-Reum reporting, copyrightⓒ NewsN




Thanks @Ni Wen sweetie :)



‘결백’ 신혜선 빗속 강렬한 얼굴, 사건 내막 호기심 자극


'결백'이 압도적 몰입감을 예고했다.

'결백'이 웰메이드 무죄 입증 추적극으로 기대감을 모으는 가운데, 포스터 2종을 1월29일 최초 공개했다.

'결백'은 아빠의 장례식장에서 벌어진 막걸리 농약 살인사건, 기억을 잃은 채 살인사건의 용의자로 몰린 엄마 '화자'(배종옥)의 결백을 밝히려는 변>호사 '정인'(신혜선)이 '추시장'(허준호)과 마을 사람들이 숨기려 한 추악한 진실을 파헤쳐가는 무죄 입증 추적극.

첫 번째 포스터는 압도적인 현장감으로 단번에 이목이 집중된다. ‘농약 살인 엄중 처벌’이라는 피켓을 든 수많은 사람들을 뒤로 한 채 경찰에 끌려가
는 ‘화자’를 부축하고 선 ‘정인’의 굳은 표정과 ‘조작된 증거, 조각난 기억, 밝히지 못하면 사라져 버린다’라는 카피는 엄마의 무죄를 입증하기 위한
 그녀의 결연한 의지를 보여주며 긴장감을 더한다.

이어 두 번째 포스터에서 볼 수 있는 쏟아지는 빗속 신혜선의 강렬한 얼굴은 무슨 일이 있어도 엄마의 결백을 밝히겠다는 그녀의 결연한 의지를 엿볼
 수 있다.

기억을 잃은 채 살인용의자로 몰린 ‘화자’의 알 수 없는 표정과 살인사건의 피해자이자 마을을 둘러싼 거대 권력의 중심에 서있는 ‘추시장’의 날카로
운 눈빛은 그들 사이 감도는 팽팽한 대립을 암시하는 듯 보이며 긴장감을 선사한다.


여기에 ‘모두가 말한다. 엄마가 살인자라고’라는 충격적인 카피는 막걸리 농약 살인사건의 용의자가 된 엄마와 그녀를 둘러싼 사건의 내막에 대한 호
기심을 무한 자극하기에 충분하다.

'결백'은 2017년, 약촌 오거리 살인사건을 모티브로 부조리한 권력을 향한 묵직한 메시지를 전했던 '재심' 제작진의 새로운 프로젝트로 기대를 모으>고 있다. 여기에 스크린 첫 주연작품에서 색다른 도전을 펼친 신혜선을 비롯해 배종옥, 허준호 등 연기파 배우들까지 합심, 매 신마다 폭발적인 연기
 시너지를 발휘해 진심을 담은 웰메이드 추적극의 탄생을 예고하고 있다.

3월 개봉. (사진=소니픽쳐스엔터테인먼트코리아, 키다리이엔티 제공)

뉴스엔 박아름 jamie@

기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com
copyrightⓒ 뉴스엔. 무단전재 & 재배포 금지





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Eng sub by @immorethant our new SuperSubber!  Thank you!!



And 30-second trailer https://tv.naver.com/v/12124675?openType=nmp



6 hours ago, immorethant said:



"두고 보세요, 내가 결백을 증명할테니"  - Let's see,  I will prove the innocence.

대형 로펌 에이스 변호사이자 채화자의 딸 - Ace attorney of big law firm, daughter of Chae Hwa Ja (Bae Jong Ok's character).

안정인/신혜선  -  Ahn Jung In / Shin Hye Sun


'Innocence' poster released - Shin Hye Sun new faces. 



'Innocence' Shin Hye Sun, first screen lead actress...overwhelming presence  (http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2020020308512435389)


여기에 "두고 보세요, 내가 결백을 증명할테니"라는 대사는 화자를 변호하며 일촉즉발의 상황 속에서도 강한 카리스마로 진실을 추적하고자 하는 정인의 의지를 드러내고 있다. 

"Let's see,  I will prove the innocence" the dialogue here shows Jung-In's determination to seek out the truth with her strong charisma in order to defend Hwa Ja (her mother) in the volatile situation.


From Shin Hye Sun to Bae Jong Ok ,  'Innocence'  12 photo stills released...thrilling pursuit begins.



From Shin Hye Sun’s manager IG  (@hi.diidii)


The poster on the bus said the release date is March 5th (clearer pic in the previous post).


This is so cool. I just get to quote @immorethant 's hard work all day. :wub::wub::innocent:

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Trying to find 1st trailer (1.05 min) in full HD (1080p) quality to download :D,  even KidariEnt on youtube here still got only 720p quality.   'Innocence' is the only video in this channel. Really strange for a film distributor company. :sweatingbullets:  Actually from its website , there were many other movies that they previously distributed. But anyway, probably it's the real big movie of this company and the first lead movie for SHS as well,  so ... fighting !! :kiss_wink:  I wish both SHS and KidariEnt all success from this film.





And at last I found 1080p trailer at Naver TV (just uploaded today :rolleyes: ) 




(30 sec version in 1080p https://tv.naver.com/v/12124675)



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Still images
















From @kidarient.movie. IG  (reposted from Shin Hye Sun's thread).


Fans' comments after watching 'Innocence' trailer.





(My apologies for any incorrect translation, and my apologies for keep apologizing, although my head is not hard).  :sweatingbullets::rolleyes:


작년부터 기다렸다 = has been waiting since last year.   (I've been waiting since last decade too :D)

와 미쳤다 야 이거다 아거보러가저 야  3월영화는 이거다 이거야 = Wow, this is crazy(미쳤다 - crazy, awesome). Let's go to see this. The is March movie.




와 이거 보러 가자 ㅠㅠ 신혜선 진짜 좋아해 조연으로 조금씩 나올 때부터 엄청 좋아했었는데 오ㅜ앙 대박

Wow, let's go to see this ㅠㅠ I really like Shin Hye Sun. Like her so much since when she appeared little in supporting roles.  Wow daebak. 


진짜 예고편이데도 연기 개오진다 안면근육 쓰는 거랑 딕션 미쳐 언니 나 가져 제발. 

Even though it's only trailer, but the acting that flows out of facial muscle and diction is so crazy. Sister, please take me. 


딕션 진짜 귀에대고 말해주는거같아 ㅜㅜ 연기는 말모 언니 사랑해

Diction is so clear (귀에대고 말해 = like 'talking/whispering close/into ears - so it's like speak very clearly I guess).  Acting is no need to say (or 'you tell me' 말모 = 말해 뭐해) . Sister I love you.






미친 카리스마 Crazy charisma  오져버려 F**king cool (slang)


신혜서 배우늠 연기 미쳤음...배총옥, 허준호 배우늠도 ㄹ ㅇ 

Actress Shin Hye Sun's acting is crazy...Bae Jong Ok and Heo Jun Ho also ...indeed. 





배종옥 배우늠사랑해요... 

Actress Bae Jong Ok, I love you...


아 미친 음소거하고 그림만봐도 연기쩔러

Wow, only just looking at the picture makes me crazy and speechless. Awesome.




너무 좋아 소름돋는다 꼭 본다 3월 빨리 와ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

It's sooo good, gives me goosebumps. March please come quickly, hu hu hu.


내가 한국 영화 잘 안 보러 가는데 같이 보자  아 너무 궁금해

I don't go to see much of Korean movie but let's go see this together...ahh so curious about it.




Events from Kidari Ent (movie distributor).








결백을 주장하지만 매번 억울했던 당신을 위해!

Claiming that you're innocent, but it's you who receives unfairness everytime !

(SHS said) 이 억울함을 꼭 알리고 말거야!!!

I'm surely going to tell about this unfairness !!!


(From IG messsage)

누구나 억울한 사연을 묻고 살아간다..

Everybody lives their life with buried story of unfairness.

1st EVENT - '#프로결백러 출동!'  

말 한 마디 못한 채 지나간 억울한 사연을 댓글로 시원하게 남겨주세요!(~2/6)

1st Event 'Pro Innocencer' started ! 

Please leave comment about your story of unfairness that you've been through without able to say a word (until Feb 6th).


 속이 먹먹해져오는 억울한 사연 BEST 1명을 뽑아 '삼우실(@3woosil)’작가님의 컷툰으로 재탄생될 예정이니, 많은 참여 바랍니다!

One winner with the saddest unfair story will be selected to be illustrated by the cut toon (another type of web toon which is formatted for mobile viewing) writer '@3woosil'  (IG account).  Please participate a lot !. 


댓글을 남겨주신 분들 중 추첨을 통해 <#결백> 전용 예매권을 드립니다,(1인 2매, 총 10명)

There will be sweepstakes for everyone who leave comment, exclusive advance ticket for movie 'Innocent'  (2 tickets for person, 10 persons in total).




당첨자는 2/7(금) 개별 메시지를 통해 발표됩니다.

Winners will be announced/received message individually on Feb 7th.








2nd Event for 'Pro Innocencer' who eagerly waiting for the movie 'Innocence' , please gather here.


Please give heart (click 'Like') for 'Innocence' on Naver & GCV page (until Feb27) , capture screen and upload via SNS and put the link in IG comment with hashtag.


The lucky drawn winner will receive 'Innocence' advance tickets (10 winners, 2 tickets per winner). Announcement on Feb 28.


(SHS said "Let's go to give heart". )

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From Daum movie website, news of 'Innocence' ranked at 4th place for the 'most viewed movie news'. :w00t:

So glad to see her movie news rose among the top movie news like 'Harrison Ford returns in Indiana Jones part 5',  '1917', Parasite won at SAG' .


'Innocence' must be a hit !! :love:






And the trailer is also popular too. (인기 = popular 예고편 = trailer)




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Oh yes, this is the clip that I’ve been searching for long time. That showed Jung-In walking into the crime scene.  It was posted on an IG of crew team since Dec 16, 2018.  I posted IG link on page 1 but the original IG was deleted later (and I hadn’t saved it). 

credit @baidu_shinhaesun_bar for saving it :wub: Thank you so much.





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Shin Hye Sun Seeks The Truth In Poster For Her First Starring Role In A Film


Shin Hye Sun’s upcoming film “Innocence” has released stills and an official poster!

“Innocence” is Shin Hye Sun’s first time in a starring role in a feature film. She previously appeared in short films and in small parts in “A Violent Prosecutor” and “A Day.” Shin Hye Sun is more known for her roles in dramas, most recently “My Golden Life,” “Thirty But Seventeen,” and “Angel’s Last Mission: Love.”

“Innocence” tells the story of a lawyer named Jung In (Shin Hye Sun) trying to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor (Heo Jun Ho). Her mother, Hwa Ja (Bae Jong Ok), was accused of murder after the rice wine was poisoned at her husband’s funeral, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot defend herself.




Hong Kyung is also taking on his first screen role as Ahn Jung Soo, Jung In’s younger brother, who is on the autistic spectrum. This character will play a key role in uncovering the truth behind their mother being framed for murder.




Tae Hang Ho, who plays Jung In’s former classmate Yang Wang Yong, showed off a unique chemistry with Shin Hye Sun during their audition together. As the local police officer, he helps Jung In in her quest to uncover the secrets of her hometown.




Rounding out the cast by playing local villagers are Go Chang Suk and Park Chul Min. Go Chang Suk plays Jung In’s relative and explains why the villagers treated Jung In’s family with coldness. Park Chul Min plays a mysterious character who is connected to all the villagers and their secrets and helps Jung In with her quest for the truth.





“Innocence” premieres on March 5 in South Korea.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2020] Innocent, 결백 - Shin Hye-Sun, Bae Jong-Ok - Premieres on March 5th

2nd Trailer

All credit to @meechuttso for translation :love:

Referred to her quote in Shin Hye Sun's thread 


3 hours ago, meechuttso said:

Voice1 - 어머니가 정말로 결백하다고 생각하세요?
         Do you really think your mother is innocent?


          (모두가 말한다)
          (Everyone is Saying)


Voice2 - 막걸리에 농약이들었어?
         There was pesticide in the rice-wine?


Voice2 - 이런경우가 어대있댜 이런경우가?
         How can such a thing happen, just how?


          (엄마가 살인자라고)
          (That Mom is the Murderer)


Hwaja  - 전부다 지가 죽였슈
         I killed everybody

Jungin - 피고인

Jungin - 제가누굽니까?
         Who am I?

Hwaja  - 잘모르겄슈
         I am not sure.


          (Shattered Memory)


Jungin - 딸도못 알아보는 사람이 계획적으로 사람을 죽여요?
         A person who does not recognize even her daughter
           would commit a premeditated murder?


Voice3 - 제가보기에도 어머님이 누명쓰신거 같다요
         Yes to my eyes also it seems that your mother has been framed.


          (조작괸 증거)
          (Fabricated Evidence)


Jungin - 친입한 사람도 있는 거 같고
         Seems there were trespassers too.


Jungin - 수상한점이 한두가지가 아니야
         Too many suscpicious things to count.

Jungin - 누굴죽이기라도 했나요?
         (Why), is it like you were trying to kill someone?



Voice4 - 이번 사건 담당하게된
         I've been put in charge of this case

Voice4 - 홍성지청 신철민입니다
         I'm Shin Chul-Min, the DA from Hong-Sung


Jungin - 여러모로 이 사건에 관심들 참 많으시네요
         Giving attention to this case in a variety of ways

Jungin - 부장검사까지
         Even from the prosecuting director level

Jungin - 이 아저씨 자주왔어?
         Did this guy (Choo) come often?

Jungin - 이사건의 키는 추인이야
         The key to this case is (Mayor) Choo.


Mayor  - 딸내미는 계속 그렇게
         That daughter of hers just like that keep
Mayor  - 설치고 다니게 놔둘껴?
         Poking around you're going to let her?!!?

Jungin - 동네 사람들이 우리집 왜 그래요?
         Why are the village folk like that to our family?

Voice5 - 다 그 일 때문이지 뭐
         It's all... becoz of that incident, of course.


Hwaja  - 새끼는
         A baby

Hwaja  - 애미만 있으면 돼유
         Needs only to be by (his) mommy


Mayor  - 재판꼴이 개판으로 흘러가니께
         The trial is turning into a total fiasco so
Mayor  - 내가 바로 잡을겨
         I'm going to set it straight/fix it.


          (모두가 숨기고 있는)
          (Everyone is Hiding It)


Voice1 - 확실이 본인만 주전자에 막걸리를 넣었다는 거죠?
         You are saying for certain that you are the only one
           who put wine in the kettle?


Hwaja  - 우리아들 아무것도 몰라유!!
         My son, doesn't know anything!!


          (그날의 진실)
          (That Day's Truth)

Mayor  - 못이란 말이여?
         What the heck you saying?
Mayor  - 빼닐때가 있고 깊게 쑤셔 넣을때가 있어
         There's a time to pull it out and a time to shove it in deep.


Voice6 - 범인찾았어 범인!
         Found the perpetrator, the perpetrator!!


Jungin - 두고보세요
         (You just) Wait and See


Jungin - 내가 결백을 증명할게
         I will prove (her) innocence








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Please allow me to quote some translations of 'Innocence' publice announcement from our beloved  @meechuttso :love:

On 2/7/2020 at 2:26 PM, meechuttso said:

I just don't have the time to go thru all these, but here are 3 or 4 of SHS' comments transcribed since her somewhat stammering way of expressing herself are so adorable.


From the long one




At 13:50
MC: As I understand it, your character this time
    has a strong 'girl crush' factor.
HS: Um, a bit? How do I say this?
    Bulldozer... like an earth-mover, excavator feel.
    A bit, not one of those huge excavators but a slender one?
    A little bit sensitive looking excavator-like feel, I have.

MC: But you can also push with power too, right?
HS: Yes, yes.

  Reveal hidden contents

MC: 이번 캐랙터가 girl crush가 굉장히 돗보이는 인물인걸로 알고있어요
HS: 음 약간... 어떻게 표현해야되나?
    Bulldozer... 포크레인 같은 느낌인데
    약간...  너무큰 대형 포크레인이 아니고, 약간 날씬한?
    약간 예민해보이는 포크레인 같은 느낌을 저는 갔고있읍니다.
MC: 하지만 강렬의...밀고나갈수있는거죠...
HS: 네,네

At 14:20
MC: Now, Jung-In's belief in Hwa-Ja's innocence and her ability to
    stand up to everyone is coming from where, do you think?
HS: Ah, I thought about that at some length, and in fact
    Jung-In, in her heart, has no choice but to, on the outside
    really, as she gathers evidence and looking at the evidence,
    thinking mom must not be guilty, trying to prove her innocence,
    but deep down in her heart, she believed, 'mom is innocent', it seems.
    Apart from the evidence, so that,
    anyways, is her hidden impetus, I was think thinking...

MC: Her trust in her mom, that is the motivation?

HS: Yes

  Reveal hidden contents



MC: 자, 화자의 결백을 믿고 모든사람들과 맞설수있었던 정은의 원동력이 뭘까요?
HS: 아 저는 그걸 공곰이 생각해봤는데 , 사실은
    정인이도 속으로 어쩔수없이 (그러니까) 겉으로는
    정말, 증거들을 모으면서 , 그 증거들을 보고
    엄마가 무죄겠다라고 그런 생각을하고 결백을 밝히려고햇지만
    속마음으로는, '엄마는 결백하다'라고 믿고있는것같아요
    증거를 다 떠나서. 그래서 그것이
    어쩼든 숨겸두었던 그녀의 원동력이지않았을까라는...
MC: 엄마의 대한 믿음, 그것이 원동력
HS: 네



At 23:29
MC: Hye-Sun-ssi, how was it when you first read the scenario?
HS: Um I too, like senior-nim (BJO), read from start to finish in one breath.
    Read it in one breath and... not sure if I can say this
    My dad, I was like then at the time I was in the middle of another shoot
    had left (the script) on the eating table and gone out and dad read it.
    And when I came back home... 'Hye-Sun-ah, can you not do this (act)?', he said
    so from my dad's strong urging, too, I was able to gain assurance.

MC: Scenario that you fell for and one that your dad also fell for
    must be a movie that would be good for the whole family watch!
HS: (looking off into space as though a light went on in her mind)
    You're right! (laughing) Captivating for all generations

MC: It's the birth of scenario and movie that appeals to all generations!

  Reveal hidden contents

MC: 혜선씨 scenario 처음봤을때 어땠어요?
HS: 어으 저도 선배님처럼 처음부터 끝가지 한슴에 읽었어요
    한숨에 읽었고 ... 또, 이거말해도 될지모르겠는데
    저희 아버지가, 제가그걸 인제 그때 한참다른 촬영중이였는데
    식탁에 올려놓고 나갔는데 아버지가 이걸 읽으신거에요
    그래놓고 제가 집에들어오니까 ... '혜선아 너이거 하면안되겠냐?'고 말씀을 하셔가지고
    아버지의 강력추천으로 , 한번더 확신을 갔게됬죠.
MC: 혜선씨가 빠진 scenario이고 아버님도 함께 빠지 scenario니까
    온가족이 함께 보면좋은 영화네요
HS: (looking off into space as though a light went on in her mind)
    그러네요! (laughing) 전세대를 아우르는
MC: 전세대를 아우르는 scenario의 탄생이고 영화의 탄생입니다.


At 27:59
MC: Shin Hye-Sun, along with Heo Joon-Ho senior-nim and truly many others
    with Bae Jong-Ok senior-nim wrapped up work with them, how was it?
HS: Whoa... BJO senior-nim says 'I just need to focus on doing well',***
    I can't really grasp that because...
    She said earlier she watched over Hong Kyung-ee too, and in our
    first meeting when we discussed concepts and such
    At that time she was explaining regarding the script and
    at that time not just hers but me, and other characters' parts
    and their emotions she had explained to us, so I'd thought,
    'Ah, she's one with capability to lead other actors this way, too,' and
    'Hm, at the shoots I just need to trust and follow her'.
    And then when I actually got to the shooting, everyone was so, so, a bit fiercely...
    this could just be my own thinking but, really just like 'Innocent' this movie,
    everyone was on their own, all focused, each with focused energy acting out their parts!
    So I felt my own inadequacy too much, and so I learned much, and
    shoot, "I'm just still lacking!" is how I felt at the shooting location.


**  Because BJO felt all others are so highly qualified that she has to keep
    focus to do her part well in order to not be the one that brings down the work.

  Reveal hidden contents

MC: 신혜선씨는 허준호선배님을 비롯해서 정말많은 분들 ...
    배종옥 선배님과함께 이제 연기호흠을 맟츄셨는데 어떠셨어요?
HS: 어유... 선배님(BJO)이 '나만 잘하자라는 생각을했다'고 하신게
    저는 와닿지않는게요...
    선배님은 아까 경이(Hong Kyung) monitor도 해줬다고 했는데 저희
    처음 meeting 때가 있었어요 이제 concept 회의하고 이럴때에
    그때 선배님이 대본에대해서 말씀들을 해주시는데
    그때 선배님뿐만이 아니라 저, 그리고 다른 character에대한 그런 느낌들까지
    다 말씀을 해주시는거에요 그래서
    '아, 굉장히 다른 배우들도 이렇게 끌고 가주시는 힘이있으신분이구나' 라고 생각해서
    '어 현장에선 선배님만 믿고가면되겠다' 라고 생각했고요....
    그리고 실제로 현장을 가보니까, 다들너무, 너무 약간 치열 ...
    저혼자생각하고있을수도있는데, 진짜 '결백' 그 영화처럼
    다들 서로... 다들 자심, 자기혼자만의 그 치열함을 가지고 다들 촬영을하시더라고요
    그래서 저는 저의 부족함을 너무많이 느꼈고, 그래서 저도 너무 많이 배웠고
    그냥, '나는 너무 부족하구나!' 라는걸 느꼈던 현장이였어요.



And link for some interview translation from this article.  (my apology for any incorrect translation).





Group photos of 'Innocence' Team.  :relaxed:


















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February 7, 2020


Shin Hae-sun nabs first lead role


By Lee Jae-lim INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily // MaxMovie



In the upcoming film “Innocence” (translation), Shin Hae-sun plays as an elite lawyer working to prove her mother’s innocence in a murder case.


Due to her clear diction, Shin’s fans have long thought that she would be perfect for the role of a lawyer. The character is also the actor’s first lead role in a film. Shin admitted that the burden of responsibility is definitely heavier for the main role.


“It doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel any responsibility for smaller roles,” Shin explained at the press conference at the Apgujeong CGV, southern Seoul, on Thursday. “However, as I play bigger roles in drama series or films, I do spend more time looking over my acting as the responsibility [over my roles] grows larger. I feel that there’s so much that I lack, but the bar [that I set for my acting] is higher than ever.”


Jeong-in, one of the top forces at a big law firm, becomes an attorney for her mother Hwa-ja (played by Bae Jong-ok) when she is arrested as a suspect for the death of a villager in her father’s funeral. Agricultural pesticide was found to be mixed in makgeolli (rice wine), which led to one death and three people in a coma. While the rest of the town people firmly believe that Hwa-ja is guilty, Jeong-in comes to the rescue to prove them wrong.


With the help of make-up, Bae is almost unrecognizable as her character Hwa-ja, a frail old mother suffering from dementia unable to even recognize her own daughter at times.


But according to Bae, what drew her to the film was the gripping story.

“I actually saw a similar news about the agricultural pesticide [few years ago] and found it interesting,” said Bae. “I know that often in small towns in the countryside, families live in the same house for several generations, and wondered how complicated and twisted relationships between neighbors can get if their respective families have a history between them. That’s when the script for ‘Innocence’ came to me.”


“Majority of the mystery films so far in local cinemas were centered upon men,” director Park Sang-hyun pointed out. “This is a story about a mother and her daughter, and how the daughter finds out her mother’s heartbreaking secret during her investigation to save her mother.”


The film is expected to hit theaters on March 5.

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