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[Movie 2020] The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들


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January 18, 2021 


‘The Man Standing Next’ Director on Following ‘Parasite’ as Korea’s Next Oscar Contender

Woo Min-ho's political thriller hopes to become the second straight Korean film to win Best International Film

Jeremy Fuster | January 17, 2021 @ 8:03 PM



The historic victory of “Parasite” at last year’s Oscars has put Korean cinema under a brighter spotlight than ever before. Now “The Man Standing Next” director Woo Min-ho is hoping his political thriller will follow in the footsteps of the first non-English Best Picture winner as South Korea’s selection for the 2021 Best International Film category.


Woo and star Lee Byung-hun spoke with TheWrap about their new film based on the presidency of Park Chung-hee, who was assassinated by the director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) in 1979. Set during the final weeks of Park’s iron-fisted reign, “The Man Standing Next” follows high-ranking officers inside the KCIA, as they fight for power after discovering that one official has fled to the United States and testified in Congress on the KCIA’s illegal operations.


For Woo Min-ho, watching Bong Joon-ho and “Parasite” win four Oscars last year was akin to watching the Korean national team win the World Cup; never did he think that his film would be the next to follow in those footsteps.


“I did not expect us to be selected…I’m very happy and surprised,” Woo told TheWrap. “With luck, I really hope that we can move on to the next step.”

“Our film is very different from ‘Parasite’ in terms of genre and material, but this is a true case from history,” Lee Byung-hun added. “It deals with the ’70s and the society and culture of Korea at that time. I believe this is a new kind of Korean film that American audiences can see, and I’m very happy with this.”


The biggest mystery surrounding the Park assassination is why KCIA director Kim Jae-gyu assassinated the president, something that “The Man Standing Next” tries to explore. Woo and Lee did extensive research into the assassination and even interviewed KCIA officials when preparing to make the film. But when it came time for Lee to step in front of the camera and play Kim Gyu-pyeong, the fictional KCIA director based on Kim Jae-gyu, he still tried but couldn’t come up with his own theory on what the motive was.


“When acting, I wanted to make sure through my performance that I didn’t come to one answer or one conclusion,” Lee said. “It’s not very clear if the incident was spontaneous or it was for the greater good…so I wanted to make sure there was no clear answer.”


Source: TheWrap 



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January 25, 2021


The movie "The Man Standing Next" topped the mini theater chart, a chart for small Japanese releases.


It was released in 30 theaters across Japan on January 22, 2021 and is doing well. Perhaps the interest in the new work of "Lee Byung Hun (Byeonsama)” and the favorable reviews in Japan worked together.




Source: ExtMovie 

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January 29, 2021 

For your consideration for Best International Feature Film: Posted by Variety with message from Lee Byung hun to the international audiences. Good luck The Man Standing Next!!  :wub: 



Very insightful Q&A with Director Woo Min Ho and Actor Lee Byung Hun. Moderated by Film critic Pierce Conran and interpreted by Sharon Choi. 



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February 10, 2021




Winners Of The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards

Feb 9, 2021
by J. K

The 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards celebrated some of the biggest stars and films in the industry!

The ceremony was held on February 9 at Paradise City in Incheon, and Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Yeon Seok were the MCs for the event for the third year in a row. The nominations for the awards were chosen through a survey of film industry experts and ordinary moviegoers about Korean films that were released between October 11, 2019, and October 29, 2020.

The Best Picture trophy went to “The Man Standing Next” while Im Dae Hyung was named Best Director for “Moonlit Winter.” Yoo Ah In won the Best Actor award for his performance in “Voice of Silence” and Ra Mi Ran won the Best Actress trophy for her work in “Honest Candidate.”

Check out the full list of winners below!


Best Picture: “The Man Standing Next”
Best Director: Im Dae Hyung (“Moonlit Winter”)
Best Actor: Yoo Ah In (“Voice of Silence”)
Best Actress: Ra Mi Ran (“Honest Candidate”)
Best Supporting Actor: Park Jung Min (“Deliver Us From Evil”)
Best Supporting Actress: Esom (“Samjin Company English Class”)
Best New Director: Hong Eui Jung (“Voice of Silence”)
Best New Actor: Yoo Tae Oh (“Vertigo”)
Best New Actress: Kang Mal Geum (“Lucky Chan-Sil”)
Best Screenplay: Im Dae Hyung (“Moonlit Winter”)
Best Cinematography and Lighting: Hong Kyung Pyo (“Deliver Us From Evil”)
Best Editing: Han Mi Yeon (“Beasts Clawing at Straws”)
Best Music: Dalpalan (“Samjin Company English Class”)
Best Art Direction: Bae Jung Yoon (“Samjin Company English Class”)
Best Technical Achievement: Jin Jong Hyun (“Ashfall” – visual effects)
Best Short Film: Lee Na Yeon, Cho Min Jae (“The Thread”)
Popular Star Award: Yoo Ah In, Jung Yu Mi
Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film: “Ashfall”

Congratulations to all the winners!



Also, the short lists for oscars 2021 has been released. Unfortunately, TMSN didn’t make it to the list. :criesariver:


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February 10, 2021


Winners of the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards Include Yoo Ah In and Ra Mi Ran!

by willow zapzee.net

Film The Man Standing Next has won the grand prize at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards. Yoo Ah In and Ra Mi Ran each won the Best Male and Female Leading Actors Award.


Credit: SBS

Aired live on the 9th, the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards presented the Best Film Award to The Man Standing Next. “I really did not expect this,” said director Woo Min Ho as he rose to the stage. “Well I actually anticipated a little for the director’s award, but I did not prepare for this at all. The Blue Dragon Film Awards is amazing. This is the second time after winning the Best Film Award for Inside Men. I always win this award whenever I work with Lee Byung Hun,” he jokingly said. In his winning speech, he also said that “The Man Standing Next was a film where actors played a huge part. Thanks to their great performances, [I] am able to receive this award.”


Credit: SBS

The Best Male Leading Actor Award went to Yoo Ah In, who demonstrated great acting skills throughout Voice of Silence. He made his speech saying, “I recently talked about stage fright with Lee Byung Hun. Even being the great senior he is, he said that he gets nervous when he’s on this particular stage. He says that this stage is pressuring. I was able to reflect on myself after hearing him talk.” The actor continued, “I learned a lot from the seniors who are here right now, and you all mean honor to me. They have been paving the road for a long time so that I can grow my dream. I would like to thank you once again for this opportunity.”


Credit: SBS

Ra Mi Ran won the Best Leading Actress Award after making a solid presence as a top actress in Honest Candidate. Winning her first best actress award, Ra Mi Ran made her acceptance speech. “I was grateful for even being nominated because it’s a comedy film. Why are you giving me a prize and everything?” she said bursting into tears. Furthermore, she said, “I once won the Blue Dragon’s Supporting Actor Award and at that time I jokingly said that I would greet everyone with the Leading Actor Award next time. And I won the award right after being nominated. Perhaps our film has been more meaningful as we provided smiles last year, which was such a difficult time.” She concluded as she said that something unbelievable has happened. “I’m so thrilled to receive an award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.”


Following is the list of winners for each category:


Best Film: The Man Standing Next
Best Director: Lim Dae Hyung for Moonlit Winter
Best Leading Actor: Yoo Ah In for Voice of Silence
Best Leading Actress: Ra Mi Ran for Honest Candidate
Best Supporting Actor: Park Jung Min for Deliver Us from Evil
Best Supporting Actress: Esom for Samjin Company English Class
Best New Actor: Yoo Teo for Vertigo
Best New Actress: Kang Mal Geum for  Lucky Chan-Sil
Best New Director: Hong Eui Jeong for Voice of Silence
Best Screenplay: Lim Dae Hyung for Moonlit Winter
Best Short Film: The Thread by Lee Na Yeon and Cho Min Jae
Best Cinematography and Lighting: Hong Kyung Pyo for Deliver Us from Evil
Best Editing: Han Mi Yeon for Beasts Clawing at Straws
Best Art Direction: Bae Jung Yoon for Samjin Company English Class
Best Music: Dalpalan for Samjin Company English Class
Technical Award: Jin Jong Hyun for Ashfall
Popular Star Award: Yoo Ah In, Jung Yu Mi
Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film: Ashfall


Source (1)

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April 30, 2021 

The man standing next, an elegant and complex thriller (Woo Min-ho, 2020)



In 1970, South Korea was under the total control of President Park, also responsible for the organization KCIA, one of the administrative branches of government. In this tessiture 'The man standing next' is presented.

Director Woo Min-ho presents us with 'The man standing next' a sober film and very balanced in its forms, although not so much in its script. To be able to enjoy it, of course, you will need to know a little about the semi-recent South Korean history, since the facts and characters they present to us are tremendously real in some aspects and very fictional in others. This mixture of true and fantasy elements makes the film even more complex, so we will have to be very attentive to how the action develops so as not to miss anything.


To get into the subject we must first know who the protagonists are, since, unfortunately, it does not present them with the depth and clarity that perhaps it should to reach a wider audience and less versed in the history of the Asian country.
Lee Sung-min gives life to President Park, a character based on Park Chung-hee, the third president of South Korea, who was also the father of Park Geun-hye, the eleventh president of South Korea.
Lee Byung-hun is Kim Gyu-pyeon, our protagonist, and perhaps the most 'invented' character of all. It will be, of course, based on Kim Jae-gyu, a South Korean intelligence officer.
Kwak Do-won will be Park Yong-gak, former director of the KCIA in the film, his royal parallel being Kim Hyong-uk, who on June 22, 1977, testified before Fraser's committee about the Koreagate scandal and the activities of Tongsun Park. This event is perhaps around which we can say the plot revolves, or at least part, to a large extent.
Lee Hee-joon will be Kwak Sang-cheo, key antagonist of our protagonist, the head of the president's security team, inspired by Park's loyal bodyguard, Cha Ji-chul.




The presidency of Park Chung-hee, who first came to power in 1963 using the newly created Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) to support his campaign and impose its constitutional reforms, was tumultuous and highly questioned by the international powers as well as by the Korean citizens themselves, who on more than one occasion took to the streets thus showing their rejection of Park Chung-hee's way of acting and governing. The Man Standing Next presents the events that occurred during the last weeks of his mandate.


When we find a very unknown story, at the same time complex, we quickly get lost in a mixture of historical events that are interconnected with each other, but that are not presented in that way. It is 1979 and the power of Park (Lee Sung-min) is absolute thanks to the support of the KCIA, which suppresses any support from the opposition. Kim (Lee Byung-hun) is designated as his new second in command and head of the intelligence agency. Soon you will find a reality that you cannot ignore. The president, dazzled by the power, almost dictatorial, with which he has, is not able to respect or listen to the people who govern, and soon, international pressures will make a change in power necessary to be able to maintain peace in Korea and plunge the nation into an incipient globalized world that demands minimums in terms of rights and duties of the citizen. The gaze is on the government and for now the cut does not pass


When 'The Man Standing Next' starts you realize that you will be hooked the 114 minutes that the tape lasts. It is a story of spies in the purest CIA style, or rather KCIA, because Korean subtlety is left, and much, seen in that section. We have the feeling that we are watching different movies depending on what time, and perhaps this is one of the few things we can blame him. The changes of locations, which take us to Europe, Washington DC and back to Korea, where without much prior notice a large number of necessary but poorly thought-out characters and discursive elements are introduced, make the feeling that you have missed something very important for the development of the plot begin to quickly begin to escalate.



You see the same in a motorized chase through the streets of a beautiful Paris as through a forest left by the hand of God somewhere in the South Korean nation. To that we must add the scenes at the KCIA headquarters, the interiors of the Blue House and some other place, which of course you do not locate spatially even if your life depends on it, and that is when you realize that, if this part had been polished more, you would have enjoyed much more than you are doing with this film.


If you like conspiracies, political thrillers and good cinematographic invoice, you will enjoy every minute of footage of 'The man standing next', since it is impeccable in that sense. It is also surrounded by a halo of mystery, emotional intensity, betrayal and sense of duty so clear that you can almost advance your hand and touch them. You should definitely see it if you check all the boxes mentioned, and maybe you should leave it for when you are more versed in the genre if you have only seen a few of the style before.


The masterful interpretation of the entire cast is very remarkable. The feeling that everything is about to explode and shatter never goes away. Lee Byung-hun is the best example of Miguelangelo terribilitá that you will find in recent cinema. His alleged impassivity breaks the surface of his skin and shows us a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown whose consequences are expected tremendous. You will be fascinated by the brutal action scenes, by his pathos and enormous credibility.

Source: Magazinema 

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