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Found 2 results

  1. T H E M A N S T A N D I N G N E X T Chiefs of Namsan 남산의 부장들 2019 The inside story of Korean politics Director: Woo Min Ho (Inside Men, Drug King) Wikipedia // IMDb // KOFIC Starring: Lee Byung Hun as Kim Gyu Pyung Lee Sung Min as President Park Chung In Gwak Do Won as KCIA chief Park Yong Gak Lee Hee Joon as Chief Officer Gwak Sang Chun Kim So Jin as lobbyist Deborah Shim Movie Crank-in and Script Reading session on October 20 Source: Naver, English translation by mistymorning In the movie "Chiefs of Namsan", Lee Byung Hun's role is KCIA chief Kim Gyupyung (In real history, Kim Jaegyu), who did the central role in keeping the absolute power. Lee Sung Min is for the role of President Park, Gwak Do Won is for the role of former KCIA chief Park Yonggak (in real history, Kim Hyungwook who went missing in Paris). Lee Hee Joon will be upcoming new 2nd in the power order, the Chief Officer of the Presidential Security, Gwak Sangchun (in real history, could be Cha Jicheol), and Kim So Jin will be lobbyist Deborah Shim. Dir. Woo Min Ho revealed that "Some of these stories are very well known, but why these happened are not certain yet. I want to tell this tragedy of modern history and the other side of it in noir style, and deal with universal theme of the obsession for the power and its collapse. I will try to present good movie based on actors/actresses who chose this movie and their trust. " Representing actors/actresses, Lee Byung Hun said "I have trust in Dir. Woo Min Ho, I'm glad to work with him again after the movie "Inside Men". This movie will deal with multitude of genres including espionage, psychology, drama and action, and that inspires me and also put more weight on me as an actor. I am also looking forward to work with actors/actresses who I have never worked with. I'll try my best to achieve the finest work with all of us together." The filming of "Chiefs of Namsan" will go abroad in November this year to film in the United States and France to depict the 1970's Korea, espionage while focusing on 2nd in powers centered on KCIA and their rivalries in more realistic details. Capture via Naver The original book "Chiefs of Namsan" is a book about KCIA and its 18 years of power. The book was sold 520K copies when it's first released on 1992. The movie is expected to crank-up in early 2019. Related sites SHOWBOX // Naver movie // IMDb // Inside Men (2016) // HanCinema //
  2. Mount Paektu 백두산 Baekdoosan 2019 Paektu Mountain or Baekdu Mountain is an active volcano on the China–North Korea border. At 2,744 m (9,003 ft), it is the highest mountain of the Changbai and Baekdudaegan ranges. Koreans consider the volcano and its caldera lake to be their country's spiritual home. This mountain is called Changbai Mountain in China. It is the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast China. [Photo by Kim Jin-hong Pulsenews] The modern Korean name of the mountain, Mount Paektu (or Baekdu), was first recorded in the 13th historical record Goryeosa. It means white-head mountain. In other records from the same period, the mountain was also called Taebaek Mountain, which means great-white mountain. The modern name of the mountain in Chinese, Changbai Mountain, comes from modern Manchu name of the mountain, which is Golmin Šanggiyan Alin or Long/Ever White Mountain. Similarly, its Mongolian name is Ondor Tsagaan Aula, the Lofty White Mountain. In English, various authors have used non-standard transliterations.[Wikipedia] Director: Kim Yong Hwa Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok A-list actors team up for $17 million movie 'Mount Paektu' By Dong Sun-hwa The Korea Times (October 24, 2018) Three A-list actors ― Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo and Ma Dong-seok ― will make a rare team-up for the big-budget sci-fi film "Mount Paektu." They recently gave final approval for their appearance in the movie, according to reports. Star director Kim Yong-hwa will guide shooting that begins next year with a 20 billion won ($17.7 million) budget. "Mount Paektu" will show covert operatives from the two Koreas struggling to prevent a volcanic eruption of Mount Paektu, a sacred 2,744-meter mountain straddling the North Korea-China border. Lee will play a North Korean agent struggling to prevent an eruption, while Ha is a South Korean agent on the same mission. Ma will appear as a scientist.
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