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Found 3 results

  1. The Hunnie Couple Appreciation thread Byunghun & Minjung Proud parents of first son Lee Joon Hoo born on March 31, 2015. Wedding Ceremony August 10, 2013 Lee Byung Hun interviews: First issue of Saramu magazine (2006) As he does not like to be restrained, they asked him towards the end of the interview: "You are single now; maybe you like to lead a liberated life?" He shook his head and replied with a serious look: "I don't know what I will do, unless I am in love. I can only say, the "real me" and the "one working" in the movie is not the same. If the love of my life appears, I would be more gentle and loving than any other man. I believe I will be a very caring and affectionate husband. Men's Uno 2007 Love, to me now, need not be earth-shattering. Every night, before sleeping if I can hug the person I love, tell her some minor things about life, or doing nothing, and just enjoying the serene moment. The calm and peaceful feeling like water flowing slowly, the mutual respect, the unpretentious sincerity; it would be a rare kind of happiness.” Photo credit: BH Entertainment More wedding photos, clips and updates compilation at Lee Byung Hun-soompi // Lee Min Jung-soompi // Just Min Jung // EverythingLBH.com Let's be positive & considerate when posting and please abide the soompi forum rules
  2. T H E M A N S T A N D I N G N E X T 남산의부장들 Chiefs Of Namsan 2 2 J a n u a r y 2 0 2 0 1/22 * Opening Day with 257K Admission 1/24 * Exceeds 1.12 Million Admission 1/26 * Exceeds 2.6 Million Admission 1/30 * Exceeds 3.7 Million Admission 2/1 * Surpasses 4.0 Million Admission 2/8 * Surpasses 4.5 Million Admission 2/20 * Surpasses 4.74 Million Admission Why he pulled the trigger Chiefs of Namsan 남산의 부장들 2019 The inside story of Korean politics Director: Woo Min Ho (Inside Men, Drug King) Wikipedia // IMDb // KOFIC Starring: Lee Byung Hun as Kim Gyu Pyung Lee Sung Min as President Park Chung In Gwak Do Won as KCIA chief Park Yong Gak Lee Hee Joon as Chief Officer Gwak Sang Chun Kim So Jin as lobbyist Deborah Shim Movie Crank-in and Script Reading session on October 20 Source: Naver, English translation by mistymorning In the movie "Chiefs of Namsan", Lee Byung Hun's role is KCIA chief Kim Gyupyung (In real history, Kim Jaegyu), who did the central role in keeping the absolute power. Lee Sung Min is for the role of President Park, Gwak Do Won is for the role of former KCIA chief Park Yonggak (in real history, Kim Hyungwook who went missing in Paris). Lee Hee Joon will be upcoming new 2nd in the power order, the Chief Officer of the Presidential Security, Gwak Sangchun (in real history, could be Cha Jicheol), and Kim So Jin will be lobbyist Deborah Shim. Dir. Woo Min Ho revealed that "Some of these stories are very well known, but why these happened are not certain yet. I want to tell this tragedy of modern history and the other side of it in noir style, and deal with universal theme of the obsession for the power and its collapse. I will try to present good movie based on actors/actresses who chose this movie and their trust. " Representing actors/actresses, Lee Byung Hun said "I have trust in Dir. Woo Min Ho, I'm glad to work with him again after the movie "Inside Men". This movie will deal with multitude of genres including espionage, psychology, drama and action, and that inspires me and also put more weight on me as an actor. I am also looking forward to work with actors/actresses who I have never worked with. I'll try my best to achieve the finest work with all of us together." The filming of "Chiefs of Namsan" will go abroad in November this year to film in the United States and France to depict the 1970's Korea, espionage while focusing on 2nd in powers centered on KCIA and their rivalries in more realistic details. RELATED SITES SHOWBOX Facebook Twitter Instagram // Daum Gallery // Wikipedia Naver movie // Daum movie // IMDb // HanCinema // AsianWiki LeeByungHun soompi // Inside Men (2016) Box Office (KoBiz) Assassination of Park Chung-hee (Wikipedia) // Kim Jae Gyu MOVIE REVIEWS & RATING Yonhap News // Cinema Escapist // HanCinema // Beyond the Screen // TODAY Online Houston Chronicle ★★★★ (out of 5) Voices From The Balcony ★★★★ (out of 5) The New Paper ★★★★ (out of 5) Single Hand Review ★★★ (out of 5) Naver Audience Rating: Media Rating:
  3. EMERGENCY DECLARATION 비상선언 2020 AN AIRCRAFT IS FORCED TO DECLARE AN EMERGENCYWHEN AN UNPRECEDENTED TERROR OCCURS INFLIGHT An aviation term that describes the action of declaring an emergency to perform an unconditional landing when faced with a disaster and normal operation is no longer an option due to the captain's judgement. Song Gang Ho x Lee Byung Hun 4th movie together, with director Han Jae Rim Source: SBS NEWS, English translation by mistymorning [August 29, 2019] Actor Song Gang Ho and Lee Byung Hun will meet again in the new film from director Han Jae Rim (image above), titled 'Emergency Declaration' (Production: WooJoo Film, Co-Production: C-Jes Entertainment, CineJoo). 'Emergency Declaration' is air traffic term when during a flight, pilot encounters a distress condition which makes it impossible to fly anymore, declares emergency and let land control knows the plane needs to land immediately. This movie will be an air disaster drama , with high tension and colorful characters. Director Han Jae Rim debuted his first movie 'Rules of Dating' won 2005 DaeJong Award for new director and Blue Dragon Award for script, became hot star director in Korean Film. His next movie 'The Show Must Go On'(2007), a noir film won another Blue Dragon Award for the best movie, and with the film 'The Face Reader' showed his satire and sensual directing skills. Film 'The King' made people to call him 'The best story teller', with various filming methods and cheerful stories with deeper meanings. This meeting of Song Gang Ho, The most trust-worthy(to watch) actor in Korea, after the movie 'Parasite' which won Palme d'Or in Cannes Film Festival and 4th 10-million movie, and Lee Byung Hun, certified best actor, with Hollywood movies and loved for best acting in both films and TVs raises our expectation to the new level. This is 4th project they work together after 'Joint Security Area'(2000), 'The Good, the Bad and the Weird'(2008), 'The Age of Shadows'(2016). Fresh material and trust for director Han Jae Rim had made this reunion possible. The movie will crank-in May 2020. SongKangHo // LeeByungHun // JeonDoYeon KimNamGil // ImSiWan // KimSoJin // ParkHaeJun Naver movie // Asianwiki // IMDb // KOFIC // HanCinema // Wikipedia Forum rules
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