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[Movie 2020] Call, 콜


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#Parkshinhye # 朴信惠
Actress Park Shin Hye
The release of the movie Call has been delayed.
The situation caused by the Corona 19 virus
I hope you get better soon
Best wishes to all of you for your safety and comfort.

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Park Shin-Hye Showcasing How To Use A Surprise Element At The ‘Call’ Press Conference

8 days ago 



Park Shin-Hye's Outfit at 'Call' press conference on February 17, 2020


Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you are a color person or not, as human beings we all need a bit of color to help us brighten the day or simply stand out from the crowd. 


South Korean actress Park Shin-Hye showcased the perfect way to rock a fashion peek a boo moment on February 17th at the ‘Call’ Press Conference. She created a laidback sexy suit look using Fendi‘s red blouse as the element of surprise. 


Park Shin-Hye’s Outfit at the ‘Call’ Press Conference on February 17, 2020

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Park Shin-Hye's Outfit at 'Call' press conference on February 17, 2020






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[Single] Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Seong-ryeong and 'Know Your Brother' Appeared in three years


Enter 2020.02.27 14:00



[Joy News24 Park Jin-young Reporter]


Actor Park Shin-hye finally appears in 'Know Your Brother'. Together with Jeon Jong-seo and Kim Seong-ryeong, they will release a sense of entertainment.

As a result of coverage of Joy News24 on the 27th, Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo and Kim Seong-ryeong participate in the recording of JTBC's entertainment program 'Know Your Brother'.

The reason why the three people appeared in the 'Knowing Brother' is to promote the movie 'Call', which has been breathing together.



'Call' Kim Seong-Ryung Park Shin-Hye ,Jeon Jong-seo will appear in 'Knowing Brother'. [Photo: Reporter Jung So-hee]



'Call' is a mystery thriller that tells the story of two women who live in different times, past, present and on a single phone call. Park Shin-hye will play the role of a woman Seoyeon to change the past, Jeon Jong-seo a woman Yeongsook to change the future, and Kim Seong-ryeong will play a role as Seoyeon mother trying to protect her daughter.


Although the release of Call was temporarily delayed due to concerns over the spread of Corona 19, the three members will appear in the 'Knowing Brother' and release the entertainment hidden in the publicity for Call's promotion.


In particular, Park Shin-hye's appearance in 'Know Your Brother' attracts more attention due to Lee Hong-gi's bowling defeat. When Lee Hong-ki appeared in `` Knowing Brothers '' in 2017, he played `` Park Shin Hye '' and lost bowling with his brothers.


Lee Hong-ki called Park Shin-hye during the break, explaining the situation before and after, and laughed. Since then, interest has been focused on whether Park Shin-hye will appear in 'Know Your Brother'. Finally, three years later, Park Shin-hye's 'Knowing Brother' appearance appeared.


Park Shin-hye, who first appeared in 'Knowing Brother', shows what kind of entertainment she will show with Jeon Jong-seo and Kim Seong-ryeong, and what kind of chemistry is with the brothers.



Joy News24 Staff Reporter Park, Jin Young neat24@joynews24.com
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