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[Movie 2020] Call, 콜


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La imagen puede contener: una persona




☎ A phone call broke the taboo, a killer wakes up.
#Call #Main Trailer Now Naver's First Release!
<Call> Search on Naver GO!
Will be released on NEW SNS tomorrow
Please look forward to what event will come


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Director   LEE Chung-hyun
Genre   Thriller
Cast    PARK Shin-hye, JUN Jong-seo, KIM Sung-ryoung, EL
Production Company    Yong Film
Rating    N/A
Release Date    2020. 3

Two women living at different time zones are connected by a phone.


When 28-year-old Seo-yeon loses her cell phone on her way to visit her sick, estranged mother in a rural area,
she digs up a decades-old cordless phone from the junk closet of her childhood home.
Suddenly, she gets a call from a woman named Young-sook asking for her friend.
Seo-yeon hangs up thinking the woman has the wrong number,
but later learns that the call was coming from the same house 20 years ago.



☎ http://its-new.co.kr/en/movie/works/detail.aspx?lang=en&seq=1081




via  @GJWiJu
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[Video] New Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Call"

2020/02/13 Source




New trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Call"


Trailer 2


"Call" (2018)

Directed by Lee Chung-hyun

With Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Sung-ryung, Lee El, Park Ho-san, Oh Jung-se,...

Started filming: 2019/01/03
Started filming: 2019/04/02

Seo-yeon (Park Shin-hye) comes back home after a long time. She connects an old phone that was in the house and speaks to a stranger named Yeong-sook (Jeon Jong-seo). Seo-yeon realizes Yeong-sook lives in the same house, but they are 20 years apart, and they become friends from then onwards.

"It's little things like these that change a person's life".
Then one day, Seo-yeon and Yeong-sook make a small choice that will change their lives in the time they are in. Yeong-sook saves Seo-yeon's father, who had previously died 20 years ago, and Seo-yeon tells Yeong-sook her future 20 years later.
However, after Yeong-sook finds out her terrible future, she turns reckless and starts to threaten Seo-yeon!

If you could change your past, what would you change?

Release date in Korea : 2020/03



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